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The Second Sight – Episode 38

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®20+ SNVL


I turned, still on my knees, and grabb£d h£r @r0vnd th£ [email protected]¡$t.

I pressed th£ side of my h£ad t!ghtly, violently, desperately aga!nst h£r tvmmy. I was trembl!ng badly, and h£r cool f!ng£rs touch£d my face and neck, and th£n $h£ took my h£ad and pressed it gently aga!nst h£r warmth.



It’s okay, Yaw. Everyth!ng is f!ne.

I h£ld h£r for a long time until my h£art stopped pound!ng and my $h!very!ng stopped, and th£n I got to my feet s1©wly.

I couldn’t look at h£r, not with©vt h£r see!ng j√$t how deeply I had come to ¢ar£ for h£r.

I reach£d ©vt, patted h£r right ch£ek tenderly.



Yaw –



No, Nicole, not now!

I said as gently as I could, and hurried away from h£r.

I went straight to my room and locked th£ door, and th£n I did th£ most sanest th!ng my h£art was tell!ng me to do.

I knelt by th£ side of my b£d, clasped my [email protected] !n front of me, closed my eyes… and prayed as I had never prayed before.

I opened my h£art ©vt to th£ Almighty Creator above.

I ₱0ured ©vt my fears, my soul, my wants, my weaknesses.

And th£n, quite exhausted, I fell unto th£ b£d and slept.

But th£re was a calm warmth !n my h£art s!nce that day.

Bonner filled !n th£ days by teach!ng me how to use th£ awesome power I was suddenly endowed with. After th£ ma$$ive shock had worn off, and after my soul-bar!ng prayer, I wearily accepted th£ fact that I was different, and that somehow my life had altered its course. Noth!ng would be th£ same for me aga!n.

I could not even live a normal life.

I didn’t want to dwell too much on what would happen to me because I knew that somehow, despite th£ power I had, my life would never be completely happy. I was limited by it, and would spend every s!ngle day of my life try!ng to live with it, to ¢©Πtr0| it.

Th£ fact of th£ matter was that I didn’t believe any human should be given that much power. !n itself it was a lethal weapon that could lead to self-destruction.

I was beg!nn!ng to understand why so many Unbl!nds had [email protected]||en by giv!ng !n to th£ most basic of s!ns and thus allow!ng h0l£s !n th£ir oth£rwise impenetrable armours.

We all knew th£ Legion had come for Anderson, and had been s¢ar£d off by my pres£nce. At least that was how Bonner put it, but I didn’t buy that completely.

I had seen those eyes, and th£y hadn’t looked s¢ar£d to me. That vile th!ng had been prepared for a confrontation, and somehow I knew deep d©wΠ with!n me that soon it would turn its fury on me and try to usurp my !nfluence and th£n m©v£ !n for th£ kill.

Two weeks dragged by after th£ deaths of Andoh and Bruno.

My days were spent always close to Anderson, but it wasn’t a particularly [email protected]!$factory arrangement for me because Bonner told me that if th£ Legion was s¢ar£d enough it could leave Anderson alone for weeks, months or even years, and wh£n I was not @r0vnd it would come [email protected]¢k.

I didn’t want to spend ages as th£ spiritual guard of a pastor who had lost h¡s mettle. I could grow old j√$t $h£ph£rd!ng h¡m @r0vnd, and I didn’t like that.

I rem!nded Bonner of th£ demon which had tracked me d©wΠ to my h°tel room !n Jackson Peak. I told h¡m how somehow I had been guided by th£ strange power with!n me to track it d©wΠ to Samantha Gaisie and dealt with it.



And your po!nt is?



I th!nk I should go ©vt th£re and look for th£ Legion. I th!nk it is pretty useless follow!ng Pastor Anderson @r0vnd. You said it yourself. Th£ Legion could be ©vt of Portville right now, not !ntend!ng to come [email protected]¢k pretty soon. If I do have th£ powers you’ve been espous!ng, th£n I th!nk I can track it d©wΠ and put all of us ©vt of th¡s misery.


True enough. I’ve thought ab©vt that myself, but right now th£ congregation needs Paul. h£ has to prepare for th£ Christmas conventions. h£ needs to see th£m, and receive th£m wh£n th£y visit. For th£ last couple of months th£y have had to do with junior pastors, and already we’ve h£ard tales of th£ir impatience and th£ir worries. You kill a church that way, son, if you allow th£ flock to thirst and hunger for a leader. No, please stay with Paul. h£’s only confident wh£n you’re @r0vnd, a sad fact, I know, but that’s how it is. You have to be patient. Th!ngs will work ©vt f!ne. If, and th¡s is a strong if , m!nd you, th£ Legion does not put !n an appearance by th£ time th£ conventions are over, you can go after it.


But do you th!nk th£ Legion could come before that?

h¡s gaze was direct and strong and unwaver!ng.



It hasn’t left, son. It is still h£re. It will make its stance h£re because it s£nsed your fear th£ last time you met. It is stalk!ng you now.

And that was that.

It wasn’t really a surprise to me because deep d©wΠ I knew it, and had unconsciously accepted that !nevitability. I was rapidly and unequivocally approach!ng that f!nal cataclysmic explosion … and I was horrified.

And th£n th£re was Nicole.

Th£ feel of my face aga!nst h£r flat, firm belly had been like an !ndelible mark on my face.

If th£ days were bearable it was because $h£ was th£re. I loath£d th£ morn!ngs wh£n $h£ had to go to work, and craved th£ even!ngs wh£n $h£ returned home.

Sometimes $h£ came straight to th£ church wh£re I would be with h£r fath£r, and sometimes I met h£r at home.

Th£re were times wh£n $h£ was unreasonably late – wh£n I a$$umed $h£ was with that !ncorrigible Andrew Okai – and I would fret with childish jealousy.

I had almost come clean with h£r one day wh£n we had been togeth£r !n th£ garden, one sweet tangible night wh£n I had almost cru$h£d h£r aga!nst me and confessed my !nner crav!ngs to h£r.

I had felt a little awkward !n h£r pres£nce, with h£r so close and me remember!ng how soft $h£ had been, how lovely, how so eth£real $h£ looked.

$h£ had taken me ©vt briefly on some even!ngs, show!ng me some of th£ delightful sights of Portville. $h£ even took me ©vt one weekend to some of h£r favourite spots wh£re $h£ had frequented as a child.

One night, after everyb©dy had gone to b£d, I had been feel!ng stressed ©vt.

I had tossed !n b£d restlessly, my soul a reluctant spirit that refused to be stilled. F!nally I had gotten up, ₱v||ed on a pair of jeans and a cardigan and walked ©vt.

I was now !n th£ room Andoh had occupied, which was almost directly opposite th£ master b£droom of th£ Andersons.

It had been Bonner’s arrangement, and we had all accepted it. Three doors d©wΠ th£ hallway was Nicole’s b£droom. I could see fa!nt golden light seep!ng under h£r door unto th£ dark hallway.

I wondered if $h£ was still up or had [email protected]||en asleep with©vt turn!ng off h£r lights.

I had wandered d©wΠstairs and found myself f!nally !n th£ garden.

I entered one of th£ summer huts and sat d©wΠ on a comfortable chair. It was a h*g£ circular cane chair with a soft hollowed cushion !n it. I stretch£d ©vt, and as th£ cold seeped !nto me and th£ air ¢ar£ssed my face I found myself relax!ng, my anxiety melt!ng s1©wly.

I closed my eyes and found sleep lull!ng me !nto a comfortable place. I allowed myself to be ¢ar£ssed, welcom!ng th£ envelop!ng cocoon until …

Jasm!ne … th£ scent of jasm!ne.

h£r .

I fought my way up from th£ nice place my bra!n was now dwell!ng !n, and opened my eyes drowsily.

$h£ was stand!ng th£re, wear!ng a h*g£ latex coat that hid whatever $h£ was wear!ng underneath. Th£ garden b√|b cast a soft glow on h£r awesome features and as I stared up at h£r $h£ looked like an angel.

We stayed like that for a long time; $h£ stand!ng th£re star!ng at me wordlessly, me ly!ng th£re and gawk!ng.


(softly, gently, pa$$ionately)

You’re beautiful.

h£r expression was !nscrutable, and for a while longer $h£ stood th£re star!ng d©wΠ at me.

F!nally $h£ m©v£d forward, dragged one of th£ cane chairs next to m!ne, took off h£r coat and sank d©wΠ gently !nto it.

$h£ was also !n jeans and a h£avy sweater. $h£ curled up !n th£ chair, j√$t !nch£s from me.


For a moment I found it [email protected] to breath£.

I was overwh£lmed by th£ effect $h£ had on me. Th£ tension b£tweeΠ us was as electric as it was totally exhilarat!ng. Th£ ach£ !n my h£art was such that I wanted to turn and sweep h£r !nto my arms and never let h£r go.

Th¡s feel!ng was not like any I had ever had.

With Ela!ne I had been m©r£ attracted by h£r !ncredible physical beauty, and a great urge to flaunt h£r, m©r£ as an a$$et than anyth!ng else.

Own!ng a woman like Ela!ne would have brought its perks and egos, m©r£ of a shoulder-high tempo, but with th¡s lady, I was beg!nn!ng to understand a wh0l£ set of long!ng, need!ng, want!ng and crav!ng for permanency.

It was k!nd of bad, because recently it seemed $h£ was always on my m!nd, and my h£art j√$t craved to be merged with h£r.

I trembled, but it was not from th£ cold.

And th£n $h£ m©v£d, one of h£r [email protected] reach!ng ©vt and tak!ng m!ne. I curled my f!ng£rs @r0vnd h£rs.

Th£ touch was … powerful!

No words, no oth£r gestures, no oth£r b©dy contacts. j√$t our !nterlaced f!ng£rs, t!ghten!ng @r0vnd each oth£r, relax!ng, t!ghten!ng, clasp!ng, hold!ng, mov!ng.

And as my h£art raced I knew…I f!nally knew!

Th£ monster I had ran from all my life, th£ evil I had dreaded and conv!nced myself I would never be a victim of … had f!nally found me. I was lost. My h£art and my days would be for h£r forever, if $h£ wanted th£m.

What was that feel!ng? An overwh£lm!ng urge to be by h£r side for eternity, to hold and ch£rish, to protect and ¢ar£ss, to make h£r happy forever, to see h£r smile all th£ time.

Ela!ne would have been a trophy…

Nicole was a life…

That was a most dangerous moment because j√$t th£n I almost swept h£r !nto my arms and confessed what I felt for h£r.

If it was love, th£n for th£ very first time !n my life I was !n love. I had stared !nto h£aven, and I was Add¡¢ted.

It would be h£r … for eternity.

!n th£ harsh light of th£ morn!ng however I realized that what I felt for h£r was pretty hopeless because $h£ was for anoth£r man – a m©r£ suited man, if I should be frank with myself.

Okai had two normal eyes; h£ck, th£ only abnormal th!ng th£ guy would ever see was h¡s own shadow … plus, h£ was an h£ir to an empire, and probably a very romantic k!nd of guy. h£ would always be home, pres£nt wh£n $h£ needed h¡m.

h£ wouldn’t be look!ng over h¡s shoulders all th£ time, or shudder with fear anytime h£ saw demons party!ng !n town. Th£ Unbl!nd’s life, I was f*st beg!nn!ng to realize, was a [email protected] and lonely one, and I j√$t couldn’t tie h£r d©wΠ to it even if, !n th£ most remote of chances, $h£ agreed to be with me.

I stared reality !n th£ face: $h£ and I had no future togeth£r.

If I really loved h£r, th£n I would have to spare h£r that horror. $h£ couldn’t go d©wΠ th£ same path h£r moth£r had trodden. Like an exotic bird h£r true beauty and strength could be seen wh£n $h£ was soar!ng free !n th£ sky, and not conf!ned by th£ sharp edges of a cage.

As pa!nful as it was, as unbearable as th£ consequences might be, I knew that th£ best th!ng to do, if I really wanted h£r to be happy !n life, was to leave th£ waters untouch£d.

h£r life would follow its chartered course – th£ one $h£ was obviously used to – which would !nvariably end !n marriage to Andrew Okai.

So we h£ld [email protected], and later walked [email protected]¢k to th£ house hold!ng [email protected], and parted with deep looks at each oth£r, but we were both silence, probably com!ng to th£ same conclusions.

I watch£d h£r walk to h£r room, and I entered m!ne, and my h£art had never been so lonely.

Oh, Love…how bitter can you be sometimes!

Anoth£r Sunday came by.

It was time for church, and I smiled a little ruefvlly as I got dressed. Who would’ve thought a day would dawn wh£n go!ng to church to really worship and praise that div!ne God above would fill me with such t!ngl!ng anticipation and urge?

But it had really happened.

Th£ hours I spent with Bonner and th£ literature h£ forced me to read revealed th!ngs I had never known ab©vt God. Not very long ago I had thought th£

Gospel was some sort of nons£nse spewed ©vt by crazy zealots.

Not so now; I knew better, and I appreciated th£ silent little truths that had always confused me but which I had never really paid any h£ed to. Truths like how th£ world came to be, who created th£ absolutely wonderful sea that stretch£d from cont!nent to cont!nent?

j√$t believ!ng that th£ world evolved sounded good, and put to rest a wh0l£ lot of crazy questions that oth£rwise would have driven mank!nd mad.

Now it made perfect s£nse, and I craved to learn m©r£. Each day at church was a revelation. I came to realize that I loved th£ worship sessions th£ best.

Th£y were moments of great bliss, similar to climb!ng a hill s1©wly and th£n crest!ng it and f!nd!ng a wealth of breathtak!ng grandeur $pr£@d below. I loved th£ highly-charged songs, th£ deep meditation and th£ total proclamation of th£ might of an unseen powerful figure above.

Nicole rode with h£r moth£r and broth£r !n th£ir Lexus whilst I used my Chrysler. Anderson was !n th£ [email protected]¢kseat whilst Bonner, as always, sat !n front with me.

As usual I h£lped Bonner !nto th£ seat, and j√$t as I closed th£ door Nicole approach£d me from th£ ma!n house.

$h£ looked absolutely stunn!ng !n a simple white dress – th£ type that looked so elegant and simple but !n truth were quite expensive pieces of art – and h£r hair was ₱v||ed [email protected]¢k !n a ponytail, expos!ng th£ amaz!ng planes of h£r face which was proof of th£ perfect symmetry of h£r features.

h£r makeup was slight, but th£n aga!n $h£ didn’t really need makeup. $h£ was one of those few women who were naturally beautiful, and always dazzled wh£th£r th£y were wak!ng up from a deep slumber or dress!ng for a great function.

$h£ [email protected] me a h*g£, black sh!ny Bible.


(softly, smil!ng)

I th!nk it is time you owned your first Bible, Yaw Boat.


Thanks a lot. I really appreciate th¡s.

I took th£ Bible, revel!ng !n th£ t!ngl!ng ₱1ea$vre of h£r f!ng£rs touch!ng m!ne as I took it from h£r.

It was a perfectly normal th!ng to do, I guess, one Christian giv!ng anoth£r a gift, especially a Bible.

Th£re was noth!ng to it, really, but it meant a lot to me.

It meant so much to me that it k!nd of caused one of those pa!nful lumps !n my throat – th£ k!nd of lump you got wh£n you watch£d a tear-jerker of a movie with th£ girls and you didn’t want th£m to see you were dy!ng for a good cry – yeah, and I felt all confused and suddenly s£ntimental.

For a moment our eyes met, and locked. Space was undef!ned and time stood still. It was a charged moment that threatened to sweep us along with its powerful tides.

I wh¡spered – or tried to wh¡sper – h£r name, but th£n $h£ stepped [email protected]¢k and put a gentle [email protected] on my right upper-arm.

$h£ h£ld it th£re for a moment, no gripp!ng touch, j√$t h£r lovely little [email protected] on my [email protected] big arm. I wanted so much to take h£r [email protected] and klzz h£r palm and th£ |ns!des of h£r elbows, or some silly th!ng like that.


Jasm!ne is h£r!

h£r perfume was a gentle ¢ar£ss that dulled my resolves, and for a wild crazy moment I feared I might give everyth!ng away.



Let’s go to church, Yaw.

And with that $h£ turned and walked to th£ Lexus.

I wanted h£r [email protected]¢k!

I wanted h£r that close, that sweet. I wanted to undo h£r ponytail and let h£r hair flow free, and I wanted to hold h£r close and bury my face !n th£ crook of h£r neck and shoulder for hours.

I ¢ar£fvlly got !nto th£ Chrysler.

Already th£ Lexus was ₱v||!ng ©vt. My [email protected] were not quite steady as I reach£d !n th£ [email protected]¢k to put my new Bible on th£ seat. I jabb£d at th£ ignition two times before I got th£ key !nto it.


(with a chuckle)

If you love h£r that much j√$t go ah£ad and tell h£r so.

I swirled on h¡m, startled.

h¡s l!ned face was calm and know!ng as h£ looked at me.



What !n th£ name of d!¢kens are you talk!ng ab©vt?



Oh, come off it, you pretender! Everyb©dy can see you love h£r. Stop delud!ng yourself and admit you’re !n love with h£r.

I could feel th£ h£at ris!ng up @r0vnd my neck as I looked furtively !nto th£ driv!ng mirror, try!ng to see how Paul Anderson was tak!ng it all.



For a s£nior man of God I must admit you do have a one-track unclean m!nd. You should know $h£ and Andrew Okai are go!ng to get married.


Bonner gave me an odd look and shook h¡s h£ad, h¡s expression one of contempt.


Birdsh*t. Andrew Okai is a pampered little sissy who can’t clean h¡s own dripp!ng nose even with th£ hide of an elephant.

I looked at h¡m, startled, and th£n I h£ard Paul Anderson laugh!ng softly !n th£ [email protected]¢kseat.

I jo!ned !n after a moment, and before long we were all guffaw!ng with such mad !ntensity that after a moment it began to s¢ar£ me.

For that particular po!nt !n time th£ Legion was forgotten, and all th£ horrors took [email protected]¢kstage. What prevailed was th£ hilarity of an ancient pastor us!ng a curse word to describe h¡s fellow human be!ng, and it triggered off a b©vt of ¢ar£free abandonment and a total period of mirth |ns!de th£ car.

I had never h£ard Paul Anderson laugh, and th£ deep pleasant tones of h¡s voice !n laughter was a moment of triumph, albeit a little one at that, but still a triumph over th£ constrict!ng fear of th£ Legion.

Maybe h£ felt it too, because h¡s preach!ng !n church that day was with a different spirit, and it reach£d ©vt to th£ h£arts of th£ congregation.

I h£ard from snippets of conversation how th£y describ£d h¡m that day. Th£y were happy – and relieved – that th£ir pastor was [email protected]¢k with a ‘new ano!nt!ng.’

Perhaps th£ only sore po!nt that day was Mrs. Shirley Okai, Andrew’s moth£r.

Th£ old hawk had somehow gotten it !nto h£r ancient h£ad that $h£ could get me if $h£ tried [email protected] enough, and $h£ seized every opportunity to make a ₱|@y at me.

It seemed $h£ had !nformed three or four of h£r equally ancient friends, and to see th£m all sitt!ng !n a row with th£ir false giggles, flutter!ng eyelids and shaky voices th£y believed were s€×y, was someth!ng rath£r terrible to behold.

Not that th£y were that old; no, !n th£ past I had b£dded women who could have been twice th£ ages of Shirley and h£r cronies. Th£y dressed well, and had aged well. Th£y were th£ type of women who pretended to be Christians because th£y wanted th£ respect that went with it.

Alone however, th£ir lives were different, filled with one obscene episode to th£ next. That sickened me, and that was what made Shirley Okai so repulsive to me.

And yet $h£ would not give up; h£r hara$$ment was consistent and sometimes so blatant that I felt utterly nervous @r0vnd h£r.

Sometimes I was sorely tempted to cut h£r d©wΠ cruelly and burst h£r little bubble – that was someth!ng th£ old Yaw Boat would have done with©vt th£ least compulsion – but I was aware that do!ng that would’ve marred th£ excellent relationship $h£ enjoyed with Anderson and h¡s wife, and of course Nicole.

I had tried on several occasions to be firm with h£r, but it seemed $h£ didn’t know how to give up, and $h£ only always came [email protected]¢k for m©r£.

Th£re was th¡s wonderful garden j√$t beh!nd th£ ma!n church build!ng. It was a beautiful garden, and th£y had done a great job keep!ng it neat and mature.

Th£ feel!ng one got upon enter!ng it for th£ first time was an overwh£lm!ng s£nse of blissful peace, and th£reafter a sublime feel!ng of be!ng welcomed.

Th£ flowers were exotic and th£ir comb!ned scents were gentle fragrances that seduced one’s s£nses and provided a gently ¢ar£ss!ng touch on th£ bra!n. It had a small pond that was always kept clean, and which often had h*g£ white ducks swimm!ng !n.

Most Sundays I always wandered !nto th£ garden after church. Th£se were occasions wh£re Anderson and Bonner for one reason or th£ oth£r would be !n a closed-door meet!ng with th£ir church elders and m!nisters.

That Sunday th£ old man told me th£y were meet!ng to discuss Andoh’s death and a date for h¡s burial – among oth£r matters, of course.

I went to th£ garden, partly because I knew th£ Legion could never strike Anderson !n th£ house of God, def!nitely not wh£n h£ was surrounded by so many good Christians.

I sat d©wΠ on a narrow wooden bench fac!ng th£ pond and watch£d th£ ducks.

I ₱u$h£d all thoughts ©vt of my h£ad and enjoyed th£ day. Th£ atmosph£re was serene and peaceful.

On th£ opposite side of th£ pond two aged men were sitt!ng on th£ gra$$, sipp!ng orange juice through tall straws.

Beh!nd th£m was th£ h*g£ swimm!ng pool which had a sort of metallic barrier @r0vnd it; Nicole had !nformed me that th£ barrier could be electronically lowered.

No one ever swam !n that pool; it was reserved for baptismal rites.

After a moment I became a little tired of watch!ng th£ ducks and breath!ng !n th£ wonderful sight of th£ garden, and I tilted my h£ad [email protected]¢k on th£ bench and gazed lazily !nto th£ sky.

Far !nto th£ skies !ndist!nct birds soared majestically, and for a crazy moment I was a$$ailed by a poignant urge to be free of all my troubles. I wanted to soar high !nto th£ clouds and never come [email protected]¢k to earth.

Many m!nutes later, wh£n I was beg!nn!ng to doze, my nostrils were suddenly a$$aulted by a h£ady k!nd of perfume, strong enough to be a man’s, and th£n, quite suddenly, I felt slender arms go!ng @r0vnd my neck, and th£n $h£ leaned over my startled face and planted w€t slobbery l¡ps on m!ne.

Mrs. Shirley Okai was on th£ scene.

My first reaction was one of great annoyance and !nstant revulsion. I wanted to ₱v|| h£r d©wΠ unto my knees and give h£r a good spank!ng.

Th£ feel!ng was so strong that I found my right [email protected] travel!ng upward, catch!ng hold of one of h£r arms and t!ghten!ng on it.

I had known a girl once, a long time ago, wh£n I was !n secondary school sixth form.

I couldn’t remember h£r name, but $h£ had been a real ugly one. h£r sk!n had been bad, h£r face worse, and h£r b©dy as lean and straight as a beanpole.

$h£ hadn’t h£lped h£rself any by h£r constantly scowl!ng face. People had sort of given h£r names, bad ones, and secondary school life had been an awful experience for h£r – or so I thought.

To me $h£ had looked really !nnocent, and I had pitied h£r, and tried to be h£r friend j√$t to make oth£rs [email protected] off h£r.

$h£ had been !nnocent, until $h£ got me !nto h£r apartment on one pretext or th£ oth£r. Maybe $h£ had conv!nced me to h£lp h£r ©vt on th£ delicate issues ab©vt a h¡story topic.

I had been a good student, and h¡story had been one of my best subjects, and I had been a sort of authority on it. I had felt sorry for h£r somehow, and had followed h£r !nto h£r apartment.

$h£ had locked th£ door and rem©v£d th£ key, but I hadn’t been both£red because I could’ve broken h£r !nto two with a snap of my f!ng£rs.

$h£ had offered me a dr!nk, and before th£ gla$$ was half empty I had known $h£ had done someth!ng real bad with that dr!nk.

My vision had started blurr!ng, and my words had been dragged ©vt as if someone had stuffed wool !nto my m©vth. I hadn’t been completely ©vt, though, and I had actually seen h£r dragg!ng me to a b£d and haul!ng me on it, and !n my drool!ng slurr!ng condition I had wondered at th£ extreme strength $h£ had packed !n those sk!nny arms.

$h£ had taken off my cloth£s and tied me up, securely, $pr£@d-eagled on that damn b£d, and I hadn’t been able to do whit ab©vt it.

$h£ had done a lot of stuff with me that night. Funny th!ng was, my bra!n and b©dy rejected h£r, even !n that k!nd of stupor, but that s!ngle part of me that mattered most had responded to h£r gentle touch£s and ¢ar£sses.

n*k*d, $h£ had looked even worse, and I had noticed that $h£ had not looked at my face through©vt th£ wh0l£ sordid experience.

Whatever $h£ had laced my dr!nk with might have been someth!ng awfvlly powerful, because I stayed !n that semi-coma condition for a long time. Time and aga!n $h£ had concentrated on that part of me, gett!ng it [email protected] enough, th£n straddl!ng me and rid!ng h£rself to h£r obscene ₱1ea$vre.

Even wh£n $h£ was !n that !ntense state of [email protected] $h£ had ¢©Πtr0|led h£rself. h£r b©dy would go rigid, $h£ would throw h£r h£ad [email protected]¢k with h£r eyes closed, grasp h£r non-existent br£@sts and tremble violently, lett!ng no sound emerge.

$h£ would th£n get up, sit on th£ b£d and look at my deflated 0rg*n, never tak!ng h£r eyes off it, wait!ng for a few m!nutes, and th£n beg!nn!ng all over aga!n.

At last, wh£n $h£ was quite tired, $h£ had opened th£ door, untied me, and had left th£ apartment quietly.

Somewh£re !n th£ morn!ng th£ drug had f!nally left my b©dy, and I had gotten up groggily. I got dressed and left h£r apartment.

No one had known ab©vt it, and I hadn’t seen h£r aga!n until a week later. $h£ had gone ab©vt h£r bus!ness as usual, as ugly as always, as scowl!ng as ever but by th£n I had realized that mixed with my revulsion of h£r was a certa!n level of fear.

To be cont!nued…

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