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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 23 & 24

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 23 & 24


The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 23

Time: 12am.

Location: Green Life Road.

Cole was on the wheel, speeding towards the location given to him by Agent Matt. There were four Police vans tailing behind him, maintaining a high speed such as his, with their sirens blaring away loudly.

Cole’s phone suddenly rang in the side pocket of the trouser

he wore. He hissed, bringing out his iPhone 8s. He didn’t want any distraction, not now that he was on the run to catch the perpetrator. He checked the caller, using his right hand while his left hand was on the wheel. It was SA Amidu.

He let out a sigh, dragging the green icon.

“Hello”, he spoke into the phone.

“Hey Cole. Where you at?”, he heard Amidu ask at the other end of the dial.

“I’m at Green Life Road, any problem?”.

“Yeah. I found three dead bodies”.

“What? Where?”, Cole asked alarmed.

“In a taxi car parked in the middle of Malatama road.”

“Holy sh*t!”, Cole wheezed painfully. “We just left there not too long and nothing was in the car except fireworks”.

“Maybe the attacker came back to dump the bodies”, Amidu suggested.

“Wait, did you identify them?”, Cole asked thoughtfully.

He heard Amidu’s muffled breath over the phone before he spoke up.

“Sadly no, but the medics are on their way here already”.

“Wo! Wo!! Wo!!!”, Cole exclaimed when he saw the hilux van parked in a distance away with two men clad in black, hurriedly getting out of the van and in a flash, they were out of sight.

“Holy hell!”, Cole weezed again. Immediately stepping on the brake pedal, bringing the car to a halt.

“What’s that?”, Amidu asked alarmed.

“The suspects just got away”, Cole said, hurriedly alighting from the car.

“What? Ahn! Am coming over”.

“No, no. Stand down and keep overwatch, I got this”, Cole said, looking back at the other Police vehicles. They had leveled up with him and had also pulled to a stop. They came out, brandishing their guns as they approached Cole for orders.

“Alright, if you insist. Just keep me updated”, Amidu said and the call ended.

“We are gonna split up”, Cole said, turning to face the agents who had assembled, waiting to take orders.

“Everyone must be in formation and in good strategy. Now, be on the move. Lets go catch the bad guys”, he ordered and they ran into formation, splitting up.

Cole ran as fast as his legs could carry him when he spotted one of the men hiding behind a fence which enclosed a storey building. He stopped, wheezing hard like an old machine spewing smoke. He saw the man right on time, pulling the trigger. He quickly ducked and hid behind one of the houses, pulling out his gun and filled it with cartridges.

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Then, he peered out and shot twice at his target which his target also ducked then, returned his shots. This continued for a while with the exchange of gunshots of both men and the agents.

Alexandra guards could have disappeared into the night but they were not well equipped with weapons. It was just only a matter of time before they did realized that they were out of ammo and the shooting seemed to seize from their end.

“Put your hands up in the air”, Cole ordered, stepping forward when he realized they were out of ammunition. The men exchanged glances thinking

of what to do next.

Cole sensed foul play and he shot them both on the leg, making the men go down clutching their knees. He handcuffed them and they were bundled into one the vehicles they brought.


Riggs Alexandra cocked the gun and pulled the trigger of the revolver in her hands. She shot thrice at the trio who she laid at the backseat in the head. She watched as blood spilled away from their heads before she proceeded to join Agent Matt who was watching from the car.

“Let’s get da hell outta here”, She said immediately she hopped in and reignited the car engine. The car responded to life and she took off with great speed, driving away from the taxi car. They sped past a car which was also on high speed.

“Whose f****ng car is that?”, She asked, looking at the car as it sped away.

“It should be one of the agents. No commercial car could be working late at this hour”, Agent Matt replied.

“Oh!”, she shrugged and a smile curled up over her lips.

The intercom suddenly came on and a ruffled voice sounded before it became clear.

“We got the bad guys, Agent Matt”, Cole voice sounded in the speaker.

Riggs Alexandra and Agent Matt casted each other a surprised glance.

Time: 3am

Location: Rainbow Town.

(Alexandra’s main residence)

Alexandra sat on a couch meditatively. She gulped a breath and opened her eyes. The past hours was hell for her, she had narrowly escaped the police giving her a hot pursuit. Her mind suddenly drifted to her guards who she had left in the hilux waiting for an order to go after their attackers. She dipped her hand into ear to activate the earwig but unfortunately, it was disconnected. She stood up alarmed and hurriedly climbed the stairs which

spiraled up into another set of rooms. She opened the door which enclosed a computer room. There were several desktop computers lined in a row with the master computer embedded on the wall. Each computer had a swivel at the front for sitting purpose.

Alexandra drew a swivel at the front of a computer and sat on it. She had left the system running, which gives out any alarm if the need be. She refreshed the homepage twice before she started operating. She opened the GPS tracker app specially made for the guards. She had designed a tracker for the guards which worked in cohesion with the heartbeat and it would only stop working if their hearts stop beating. This way she was able to monitor the movements of the guards.

She stared blankly at the screen for some moment before what she saw materialized in her brain. There were two green arrows pointing vertically at a location which was beneath it. The main location shown was Port Harcourt but that wasn’t what caught her attention. It was the name of the place they were. ‘Headquarters of the Department of State Services’.

Just as she read it out aloud, a message popped up on the monitor of the computer she was operating. It read; ‘Oh sorry namesake. We got your guys.’

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 24

Time: 8am

Location: Rainbow Town.

(Elliot Alexandra main residence)

Elliot Alexandra slouched on the sofa in the living room, her right leg placed on the glassy table in front of the sofa and her gaze was strictly fixed at the large TV screen hung on the wall. She was watching the 8am news show which showed a lady in her late twenties casting the news. She had read out the headlines of the news and has begun casting out the details.

Alexandra waited patiently for the newscaster to move from the trivial news she was casting to the consequential one she was expecting.

Soon, the newscaster flipped the page of the paper she was reading and began reading out another news article.

“Early this morning at Malatama road, three dead bodies were found in a stolen taxi car which belonged to a driver whose name is withheld for safety reasons. The bodies were identified as the sons and daugher of the Nigerian Minister of Finance, Mr Bamidele Williams who was reported to be missing since ten hours ago with ten of his security officers found dead in his compound. Two suspects were arrested immediately after the abduction and has been taken in for questioning.”

Alexandra suddenly switched off the TV with the aid of the remote in her hand. The newscaster had mentioned that three bodies were found in a taxi car which she used and dump on Malatama road with fireworks to distract the cops chasing after her. She didn’t kill any of the man’s children, but had kept them in the hostage house and now they are found dead in the same taxi car she dumped. She needed no soothsayer to tell her who was behind this. She knew it was her f**kin’ namesake, killing to set her up. She was indeed playing games with her and and its high time she stops winning. She balled her hand into fist as her eyes went red and bloodshot. The remote cracked and broke into pieces under the grip of her hand.

“Damn it!”, she yelled with venom in her voice. Her guards were now in the police custody and all she could think of was prison break.


The Senate President; Muhammed Salisu was seated comfortably in a long sofa in the large exquisite living room which had beautiful art works and pictures of him and the executive president all hung on the brown painted wall. He was wearing a flowing white Yoruba attire called ‘Agbada’. He had a very deep frown on his fair skinned, wrinkled face and his leg tapping the white tiled floor noisily. One could guess he was in his late sixties as he had a grey, balded head with a grey, brusque moustache over a long goatee beard which suit his physique. He had just finished hearing the 8am morning news. Hence, the reason why he had a frown on his face. He picked up a phone amongst the three phones lying on the sofa beside him and speed dialed 2 on the dial pad of the phone. It began ringing and he placed the phone to his ear.

“Hello”, a feminine voice said at the other end of the dial.

“What’s this am hearing? Your job is to protect us and our children after which you bring her to us but you’re not doing any of these!”, he attacked, yelling into the phone.

“What DA heck? C’mon slow down man!”, the feminine voice retorted. It was Riggs Alexandra.

“I’m not slowing down! I’m not. . .”

“Shut up your f**kin’ mouth!”, She bawled angrily cutting the man short. “You f**kin’ spewing out sh*ts from your f**kin’ mouth. Are you out of your godamn mind?”.

The man swallowed hard as Riggs Alexandra shrieked over the phone. He opened his mouth to talk but nothing came out. He was obviously too stunned to talk.

“I’m down here doing my job and all you could f**kin’ do is spit out bullsh*t! Ain’t gonna take sh*ts from you anymore, got it?”.

He nodded his head. “yes, I get it”.

“Good. Now, listen up”, she said. “The f**kin’ girl is damn pretty smart. I had her followed by men but she f**kin’ got away and killed the man’s children in the process but I got her f**kin’ guys”.

“Yeah, I heard it in the news. So what’s the plan?”, the man asked.

“The plan is damn simple. Agent Matt gonna handle the f**kin’ guys and keep overwatch while I stand down here at my base. She’s gonna come get her guys and work in straight to my trap. Got it?”.

“Yeah”, the man smiled. “Seems like a good plan to me.”

“Good. So, do not f**kin’ disturb my peace again coz ain’t gonna pick up any damn call. I’m gonna hit you up when necessary, got it?”, she said and hung up the call immediately.

Mr Muhammad Salisu heaved a sigh as he dropped the cell phone back on the sofa. They had hired an arrogant and bossy assassin who’s disrespecting him and his organization. She had always proved to be a hard nut to crack and always have the say in everything but deep down, he knew she was the best for the job.

Time: 9am

Location: DSS Tower

Cole paced his office continuously with mixed emotions. He was sad, angry and grief-stricken. He had gone to check the bodies found in the taxi and on getting there, Funmi and her two older brothers lay dead and motionless at the backseat of the taxi with bullet holes in their foreheads. The memories came flashing back, playing like a film strip. He saw himself at the scene, standing as he fixed his gaze at the love of his life. Tears came rushing down his eyes as he stood numb before realization hit him over again. Slowly, he went down and slumped to the floor but all that was hours ago and now, he’s trying to make sense of what happened. It felt like a dream to him, one that is hard to believe but deep down, he knew it was the reality and he hate to admit it. Just in a twinkle of an eye, the love of his life is gone. Just like that!

He punched the wall so hard that blood began to trickle down his knuckles but he wasn’t perturbed about it.

Memories of her flooded his head again but he immediately shut them out of his head. He doesn’t want to feel the excruciating pain to the extreme. Not now that he had nothing to channel the anger at but pretty soon, he would. He swore under his breath to kill every one that has a hand in her death even if it’s to change him into a monster! Even if it’s to the point of death!

“Death?”, he muttered, now sobbing with snot dripping off his nose. What is life without her? Who is he without her?

Life is nothing without the one after his heart in it. Life is cruel without his happiness in it. She’s his everything!. Now, she’s gone and he’s gonna hunt down every one of them to the last of his breath. He walked with heavy steps back to the chair and sat heavily on it. Its time to become someone else, to become something else.

Ding! The elevator door clicked open and Agent Matt stepped out, heading towards the interrogation rooms where suspects are being interrogated. He pressed his right thumb against a small screen sized panel situated beside the iron door. It began scanning then, flickered success on the screen. The door slid open and he stepped in, walking towards the chairs in front of an iron table. He drew one of the chairs backward and sat comfortably in it. He raised his head up to look at one of Alexandra guards who was seated on a stool implanted in the ground, his two hands handcuffed to the table demarcating them.

Silence brewed for a moment before the ringing of his phone pierced the silence like a sword. Agent Matt stood up, bringing out his phone from the side pocket. He checked the caller, it was the Senate President.

He became alarmed as he looked up at the security cameras in the room. He quickly ran to all fours, disconnecting the wires of the cameras and afterwards answered the call.

“Hello sir”, he spoke into the phone, walking to the extreme end of the room.

“What’s up kid?”, a ruffled voice sounded in his ears.

“I’m fine”, Agent Matt replied.

“Fool!”, the senate president cussed. “I’m not asking of how you doing, am asking of how the job is going!”

“Okay, i now get it sir”.

“Is your boss playing games with me?”, the senate president suddenly asked.

The sudden question seem to take Agent Matt by surprise as he kept mute for awhile before he spoke up.

“No sir, its been strictly business”, he replied.

“Do not lie to me kid!”.

Agent Matt swallowed a lump. He knew its time to choose who to work for; his arrogant boss? or the Famous? He knew its gonna be hard for him if he’s to snitch on his boss and she would be more than glad to waste bullets on him. The thought of that made a chill run down his spine.

“C’mon talk to me kid!”, the senate president shrieked when he got no response from him.

Agent Matt was jolted back to reality. He had to be decisive and his decision was;

“No, she’s not playing games with you sir.”

He knew the famous can’t offer him protection only the faceless could do that. Hence, his decision made up.

“You sure about that?”.

“Yes sir, I’m her right hand man and I know her plans. She’s gonna get the girl pretty soon sir!”.

“If so, that’s good to hear but always give me heads up on any of your plans, am I clear?”

“Crystal clear sir”, he said and the call ended.

He trotted back to the man who was watching him all the time he was on call. He settled back into the chair, cleared his throat and spoke up.

“Who do you work for?”.

Silence answered back. The man kept looking at him with an indifferent look on his sleek white face. He obviously couldn’t comprehend what was being said as he didn’t understand English.

“I said who do you work for!”, Agent Matt yelled angrily with a high pitched voice.


Amidu began walking down the hallway as he stepped out of the elevator room. He stopped by a door at his right, the same one Agent Matt went through. He stretched out his hand and placed his right thumb on the small sized panel. The door slid open before the scanning started and Agent Matt stepped out of the room with a forlorn look on his face. He looked Amidu up and down and then spoke up.

“I’ve been looking for you”, Agent Matt said.

“I’m here now, any problem?”, Amidu replied hoarsely.

“Oh! Not really”, Agent Matt flashed him a brief smile. “You’re spotted at a crime scene of the case you’re off which is against the protocols of this organization. I hereby suspend you for two weeks as written in the law book of this force”.

“What?”, Amidu squawked.


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