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The unexpected love episode 6

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✍️. ..

Esther is a very emotional girl but

physically strong that even Jennifer cannot

handle her beating if they are to test their

physical abilities. But at this moment,

Chester was only seeing the emotions in

her eyes that made his heart sank into his

stomach. From the way she looked, he

thought, if only he could do magic or

abracadabra for Wisdom to fall inlove with

Esther, he would have done it immediately

but he couldn’t, and the whole thing

rendered him speechless.

“Won’t you say anything?” Esther broke the


“Do you really want me to tell Wisdom that

you love him?” Chester wanted to be


“No, i want you to use your influence as his

best friend and make him understand that i

love him indirectly”

“Oh, now i understand. Don’t worry, i will

do that”

“Thank you” she smiled.


Wisdom met Tochi at Mr Anuma’s office

with her own list too. But she was standing

at the door.

“Good afternoon, senior” Tochi prostrated.

“Why are you standing outside?”

“Mr Anuma isn’t in”

“Where is he?”

“In principal’s office”

Wisdom looked around. He knew he

couldn’t just keep the list on his table, so

he looked at Tochi and stretched the list to


“Hold it, i will be coming back. My friends

are waiting for me”

Tochi gently collected the paper and he

rushed out. But he suddenly stopped and

turned when he heard Tochi murmured.

“What did you say?” he asked.

“I didn’t say anything senior”

“But you soliloquized”

“Hey! Senior when did you become Mr

Anuma again. I don’t know the meaning of

solilo…” she forgot the full pronunciation.

“I demand to know what you said now!”

Wisdom cut out a flower as a cane and

began to tie the branches together. Seeing

that Tochi confessed.

“Senior, i said you want to go and meet

your friends, that means me, standing here

is your enemy”

Wisdom stared at her, the more he looked

the more her beauty enters into his eyes,

mind and body. He threw away the cane

and said, “Kneel down”


“I said kneel down!”

Tochi gradually went on her kneels and

raised up her hands, then Wisdom left.


Just as Wisdom was walking back to Esther

and Chester, Jennifer and Calista met him.

Esther could see then from afar.

“I want to wait for you to close the

classrooms today” Jennifer told Wisdom

with her hands on his shoulder.

“Why?” he asked.

“So that i will be able to let the cat out of

the bag”



“Is unfortunate that i have other things to

do after closing the classrooms. We shall

talk tomorrow” he disengaged her hands

from his shoulder.

“Okay, see you tomorrow then”

They departed.


Esther exhaled deeply when Wisdom finally

came leaving the annoying Jennifer as she

thought. She smiled at him again.

“You always smile for no reason and i like

that” Wisdom told her.

“I don’t know how to control it and thank

God you like it” they giggled.

“Mr Anuma isn’t in his office, so i think you

can go instead of waiting for me”

“No, Esther will go while i wait for you

today” Chester said and gave Esther an eye

contact which shows that he wanted to

carryout their plans.

“Yes, is true” Esther supported. “Buy!” she

added and left.

Only few students remained nd it was only

remaining a classroom 2 be closed by

Wisdom, then he said, “Guy, d girl isn’t bad




“I told you! So you are now admiring her”

“No, bro”

“That’s good, you should go for d person

that loves you”

“Like who?” Wisdom looked at him.

“Like Esther, i think she loves you”

Wisdom remained quiet looking at him.

“Esther is quite good but i don’t have any

feelings for her. How did u even know she

loves me?”

“Bcoz she always talks about you every


“Don’t worry, guy, we are just friends”

“Think about it oh, guy” Chester shook

hands with him and left.


Mr Anuma arrived at his office and saw

Tochi kneeling down.

“Desmond” he called. “Why are you on your


“Senior Wisdom told me to do so”


Before Tochi answered, Wisdom appeared,

then Mr Anuma turned to him.

“Caleb” he called. “What can warrant a

juvenile like you who should juxtapose with

elegant students like Tochi to put her in

such nefarious condition?”

Tochi began to smile when the grammar

scattered her head. Even Wisdom also

smiled, so he had no option but to explain

what happened.

“Sir, she soliloquized after i gave her an


“She did?”

“Yes, sir”

“You should have pardoned her.

Sometimes your punishment should be


“Okay, sir” Wisdom answered smiling even

though he didn’t know the meaning of

justifiable. “You can stand up, Tochi” he

added, then collected the list from her and

handed it to Mr Anuma.


Only Tochi and Wisdom remained in the

school. As they left the office quietly,

Widow asked, “Which road are you taking?”

“That road” Tochi pointed at it.

“Then we can go together. That’s the same

road i want to follow”

“You mean two of us?”

“Yes, any p?”

“No oh, no p”

They stared at each other.

“Wait let me get my bag” Wisdom said and


Wisdom was still in his classroom when Mr

Anuma drove out and saw Tochi standing

alone, then he whined down his glass and

adjusted his eyeglass.

“Desmond!” he called. “What are still doing

standing like an evacuee. You can see the

weather is hundred percent egreglous”

Tochi smiled because she always enjoys

his grammars.

“I’m waiting for Wisdom, sir” she replied.


As Mr Anuma wanted to whine up the

glass, Tochi interrupted him.

“Sir!” she called smiling, and Wisdom saw

her through the window how she was so

conversant with Mr Anuma.

“Any problem, Desmond” Mr Anuma asked.

“Sir, i want to be like you oh”


“Yes sir. I enjoy your grammar”

Mr Anuma smiled. “For you to be like me,

you have to become a Lexicographer” he


“Ele ngini?!” Tochi asked in igbo language

holding her ears closer to Mr Anuma and

Wisdom smiled from the window.

“Lexicographer!” Mr Anuma repeated.

“Nna sir, this one is too much”

“Just make use of your oxford dictionary

my dear, sixth edition and above” Mr

Anuma concluded and drove out, then

Wisdom came out.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes” Tochi replied.

“Let’s go, the weather is bad”

They began to walk briskly towards the

narrow lonely road. The more they walk,

the more the weather changes. None of

them said a word but only thought of how

unbelievable it was for both of them to

walk home together. Tochi occasionally

glanced at him with the corner of her eyes.

And sometimes if their eyes catch together

they will smile.

Just at the middle of the road, rain began

to fall and there was no nearby buildings.

“Oh Lala!” Tochi exclaimed. “Senior is

raining oh” she added.

“I know!”

“What are we going to do?!”

Wisdom raised his head and saw a tree

that serves as a shelter.

“Let’s go to that tree and stay under it!


Tochi couldn’t run due to her bag and

Wisdom collected it from her, then she

stared at him in surprise

“Why are you looking at me? Run!” Wisdom

shouted again before she realised herself.

They finally got to the tree partially wet and

Wisdom saw Tochi breathing heavily with

her hands on her kneels trying to regain

lost energy.

“I’m tired” Tochi stood erect.

“Sorry” Wisdom said without looking at her

but she stared at him.

“Can i have my bag?” she demanded.

“Sure” Wisdom handed it to her and they

looked at each other straight into the eyes.

“I never knew you are this good” Tochi

broke the silence. “You have been so mean

to me lately”

Wisdom smiled, he kept his bag and began

to unbotton his shirt.

“Such is school life, though I’m sorry for

being so mean to you” he apologized, then

Tochi kept quiet. She dropped her bag too

and placed her hands across her shoulder

gazing into the sky. Wisdom noticed that

she was battling with cold, then he brought

out a jacket from his bag and covered her

shoulder without her knowledge. Tochi

became speechless, she also watched him

clear the ground and told her to sit.

Without hesitation, she gradually sat down

and Wisdom sat beside her with just a

singlet, then they stared at each other…

Esther wore a jacket and a jean trouser at

home. In her room, she walked towards the

window and held the metal protector

staring at the heavy rain. She couldn’t stop

thinking about Wisdom. “Chester don’t

disappoint me” she thought and brought

out her assignment book.

On the other hand, Jennifer was already

doing her assignment. She didn’t put on

anything but just a pant and bra. One could

see the shape of her p—y through the white

pant. She suddenly kept her pen and raised

one of her legs up. “Is time to tell Wisdom

my mind since he can’t just notice it” she

thought and grabbed her pen back.

However, Calista had done her assignment

already. She wore a bumshort and a red

top. She couldn’t stop thinking of the way

Chester shouted at her at school, then she

became heartbroken and blamed Esther for


Moreover, Melody walked in2 her room

wearing a long fairy gown without a bra.

Her n—–s were visibly seen but she didn’t

mind bcoz she was the only one at home.

She wasn’t thinking of anybody but the

good deed Wisdom rendered to her

couldn’t get off her memory. His handsome

face appeared to her each time she closed

her eyes.

Finally, at Chester’s resident, he couldn’t

just stop thinking about Esther’s very

statement: Just make Wisdom understand

that i love him, please!


Tochi was carried away by Wisdom’s

muscular body. So she became shy to look

at him.

“Why did you pull your cloth?” she asked.

“To allow it dry” Wisdom replied and they

became quiet again.

“Thank you very much for your kindness,

senior” Tochi broke the silence.

“You’re welcome. But you can stop calling

me that”

“Calling you what?”


“But you are my senior”

“Under a tree?” they smiled.

Tochi struggled to rest her back on the tree

comfortably. When Wisdom noticed it, he

placed his hand across her shoulder and

said, “Rest in my arms”



Tochi smiled and slept off in his arms…..🙈

Shey u dey grab😁😁

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