November 29, 2021

Truth or dare episode 53 – 54


🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🍭Episode Fifty three🍭

~Audrey POV~

We eventually unlocked from the intensed kiss, I took my eyes away from his face, timidly.

I realized my hands were rested at his nape and I wanted to withdraw, but he held them firmly causing me to glance at him. His emerald eyes invaded mine strongly, telling a lot of emotions that are running across his face.

I gulped down, hoping my heart won’t fly out of my chest soon.

“I’m waiting” He breathed, his eyes not leaving mine.

I folded my lips.
Of course I’m feeling on top of the world right now, his outburst still marvels me. I never knew my Duffer could be so courageous to say all that.

I smiled at his loving face-even my heart and I will definitely conflicted each other if I say no to him. Also, this guy standing before me has completely turned me into someone else, I become powerless each time I’m around him.

“Uhmmm… Aaron” I began, with a fulfilled smile glimmering on my lips.

“Yes, darling” He raised his brows, smiling sheepishly.
He pushed me closer to himself and we both giggled.

My phone buzzes on the table, interrupting me.

“Ugh” He groaned. I poked his chest before turning around to pick the phone.

It’s Kwan.

I picked the phone after the third ring.

📞”Hey, Kwan”

📞”Where are you Audrey, your mom has been looking everywhere for you” She said frantically.

I glanced at sulking Duffer and chuckled softly.

📞”I’ll be there shortly” I told her and hung up immediately.


picked my shimmering silver purse and threw my phone inside.

“Come on Aaron, let’s go” I gestured at him to come forward and he frowned.

“No, I’ll wait here” He pouts.

“Are you sure?” I raised my brows. He nodded and sat on a chair.

“Okay then” I shot him a sweet smile before finding my way out of the canopy.

I got outside and breath out softly, grin not leaving my face- I’m so happy right now.

“You kissed?!” Hazel shouted and I quickly covered her mouth with my palm.

“Keep it low, girl” I cautioned, removing my hand from her lips.

“You and Min jun kissed?” Kwan also asked, like she just heard wrong.

I only nodded, placing my hands on my cheeks as the memory came flooding in.

“Audrey, are you for real?” Ryan asked this time.

“It’s the truth, girls” I rolled my eyes and without seeing it coming, they jumped on me.


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I’m so happy for you” Hazel and Ryan said at the same time before disengaging from the hug.

“So tell us, how was it?” Kwan asked, beaming with smiles.
My cheeks flamed up immediately.

“Oh my goodness, she’s blushing really hard” Ryan says with a big smile.

I closed my eyes, remembering that moment he’d took my lips into his mouth.

“It was incredible, girls” I opened my eyes, smiling widely.

“Whoa…” They chorused.
“It lasted for how long?” Ryan asked and they all kept quite, staring at me.

“I don’t know, but he withdrew first- actually, I never wanted such sweet moment to come to an end” I told them before folding my lips.

“Oh my.. she’s really in love, isn’t she?” Hazel teases, nudging my arm playfully.

“Girls..” I called, looking at their faces and it says ‘tell us already’

“He asked me to be his girl” I told them and they all jumped on each other, happily.

“What was your response?”
“What did you tell him?”
“You said yes, right?”

They all asked at the same time, their eyes piercing into mine for answers.

I shook my head negatively, and I watched as their shoulders dropped.

“I was completely speechless back there, all thanks to Kwan’s call”

“So what are you saying Audrey, you don’t love him to be his girl?” Kwan asked, with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“That’s not the case, Kwan” I breath out, ruefully.

“Would you tell us the case then?” Ryan demanded.

“He still needs to know the truth” I told them.
Ryan and Kwan exchanged a glance before nodding their heads in agreement.


truth?” Kwan asked them.

“It was actually a Truth or Dare game” Hazel spoke up, pushing her hair back.

“Yes, Audrey was dared to go and tell Min jun she loves him” Ryan added.

“So we think Min jun believed it” Hazel said again. I just watched their mouths as they talks, speechlessly.

“Why are you just telling me this?” Kwan queried.

“So it was only a dare all along?” I heard his voice and I trembled on my feet immediately before turning around.

“Min jun, you’re.. here?” Ryan stuttered, but he only stared at me, without saying a word.

“When did you get here?” I managed to ask, walking towards him.

“Don’t come any close” He said harshly and I halted my steps immediately.

“Just listen to me, Aaron” I said pleadingly, tears welling up in my eyes already.

“So it was just a dare, you never loved me? He asked calmly, but I caught a glimpse of water in his eyes.

“Just allow me to explain myself, please” I begged, walking closer to him.

He turned around and ran off.

“Aaron!” I shouted after him, but he didn’t stop.

“Listen to me, please” I cried, crouching to the floor.

🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🍉Episode Fifty four🍉

~Audrey POV~

I sauntered into the exclusive hall, with Chelsea held closely to my chest.

I kept looking at everywhere in search of Aaron, but he’s no where to be found.

“Attention everyone” The MC says into the microphone in his hand, and everywhere became silent.

“It’s time for the celebrant to cut the cake” He announced and everyone cheered, glancing at my direction.

“Come on, Audrey” Hazel pulled my hand towards the stage.

Kwa young made to collect Chelsea from me as we walk, but I shook my head.

She’s also here with her dad.

“Just put on a smile, Audrey” Ryan urged me and I just gave a nod.

“We’ve been searching everywhere for him since you went home to fetch Chelsea, yet we can’t find him” She says as we climbed the stage.

I only nodded-my heart has been debilitated already, a single word from me right now would lead to tears.

“Whoa, whoa, you’ve got a cute pet” The MC complimented and I just forced a small smile.

“Come stand here” He instructed.

I stood before the magnificent birthday cake, and the piano started playing a birthday song which everyone sang along with.

“Audrey’s mom should come over here before Audrey could cut the cake” The MC said, after the birthday song had stopped.
I glanced up and saw her approaching the stage with Kwa young’s dad beside her- a sweet smile glimmered on her face.


“I want to be alone, guys” I told them and took a step forward, but only for Kwa young to blocked my way.

“What has suddenly came over you, Audrey?” She questioned calmly, looking like she’s going to cry soon.

“You were been perky earlier, but all of a sudden…”

“Let her be, Kwa young” Hazel chipped in and dragged her out of my way and I felt glad.

With a fake smile plastered on my face, I cut the cake and took pictures with everyone. I wouldn’t like mom to start getting worried- so I did everything my best.

I stood at the edge of the massive blue swimming pool, with my fingers dug into Chelsea’s fur.

It was just a while ago, I was indeed happy and fulfilled.
I was elated by the fact that the first guy I have a thing for reciprocated it. The only guy that successfully made me lose my guards, the only guy that knows my key and when to use it… Aaron.


Audrey, don’t push me away, I want to always be around you lately*Can’t we just leave our past behind us and enjoy the beautiful part of life?*I’ve been starting to see the world in whole new view, and I don’t want you to be left behind, psycho*I want you right by my side always, since you’re not letting go of my heart*I love you, Mi cha*

Hot droplets kept rushing out of my eyes as his words reeled through my head.

“I’m so sorry, Aaron”
“I should have let you know beforehand” I cried loudly.

Chelsea barked in my hand and before I could turn to see who was at my back, I was already pushed into the enormous pool.

Oh my goodness, what?

I can’t swim.

“Help!” I screamed, trying to get hold of Chelsea but I couldn’t- the huge water has grabbed it from me.

“Chelsea” I yelled, splashing the water all over.
“Somebody out there, help!”

After a short while I felt all the energy leaving my body, that I couldn’t even lift my arm anymore.

Safe Chelsea, please

Jin POV;

I got to the hall entrance and stopped running. I breathe in and out as I walked in, searching for Soo with my eyes.

Jeez. Where’s she?

I finally saw her on the dance floor, swaying her flat ass to the guy she was dancing with.


I picked our purses on the table before I went to her.

Unknowingly to her, I grabbed her arm and pulled her forward.

“What was that for?” She barked through the loud music

“We need to get out of here, Soo” I told her, restlessly.

“Are you out of your mind?”
“I’m just enjoying the party” She freed her arm and wanted to go back, but I quickly caught her wrist and started dragging her out.

“Let go of my hand, Jin”
“Are you mad?” She fired, but I didn’t stop.

We got out of the building completely, before I finally let of her hand.

I breathe out with relief and tucked the loose strand of my hair.

“Have you gone mad?” She thundered.
“Why would you do that?”

“Shush girl, if we are to stay one more minute in there, then my secret might be exposed” I said to her and her face crumpled up.

“What do you mean?” She murmured.

I leaned closer and whispered softly into her ear.

“What?!” She yelled and I nodded with a victory smile on my face.

“That was expensive Jin, you shouldn’t have done that” She tutored and I went wild.

“She kissing Min jun wasn’t expensive?” I thundered.

“Don’t even try to lecture me cause you know very well I won’t listen, she should die in there for all I care, she got what she deserves”

Soo sighed before making a facepalm.

“Taxi” I stopped a cab and moved closer to where it halted.

“Are you coming or not?”

•Jordan POV•

I let my eyes traveled everywhere, but I can’t find anyone that looks like her.

Where’s she?
Isn’t she supposed to be dancing here too?

Luckily I saw one of her friend standing at a corner- I guess she doesn’t know how to dance like others.

Without wasting time, I walked up to her figure.

“Hi” I greeted and her face turned to a wide smile.

“Hi Jordan, you’re late” She said, jovially.

She knows my name when I don’t even know hers.

“You’re Audrey’s friend, right?” I asked her instead and she nodded.

“Yes, I’m Ryan” She introduced as she stretched her hand forward.

“I’ve been looking for her around, but I can’t find her” I told her, ignoring the palm she had stretched towards me.

“Uhmm.. are you sure?” She itched her nape, embarrassedly.

I rolled my eyes and turned away- she’s absolutely not helping matters.

“Wait” She said behind me, but I didn’t stop.

I got outside of the hall and I can still hear her footsteps behind me.

“You can go back” I turned to her and said.

“No, we’ll look for her together” She said adamantly.
I scoffed and continued walking.

“So you didn’t notice her absence earlier?” I asked dryly.

“She told us she wanted to be alone and we all respected her decision” She explained, sadly.

“Why would she want to be alone on her own birthday?” I asked her again.

She glanced at me and didn’t say a word.

We both approached the swimming pool.

“Whoa.. this is so large” She said, beaming.

“You have not seen something like this before?” I asked, irritatedly.

“It’s actually my first time” She replied ecstatically, running towards it.

Is she kidding me now?

“Look, there are beautiful lights beneath it” She grinned and turned to it again, but this time with a puzzled look.

She moved to the edge, looking down at the pool like she had found something inside it.

“If you splash into the pool, forget it I won’t carry you” I told her sternly, walking up to where she was.

“It’s Audrey!” She screamed, pointing into the pool.
I ran to where she was standing and looked down at the pool, I saw a yellow fabric and a tiny creature.

“It’s really Audrey, Jordan” She said tearfully, and made to jump inside the pool.

“Just stay back, I’ll get her”
She nodded curtly, tears welling up in her eyes.

I removed my shoes and socks before jumping into the pool.

I swam downward and saw her floating lifelessly, I carried her and with all my might, I swam up.

“Audrey, open your eyes” Her friend crouched down and says, immediately I lay Audrey down at the edge of the pool.

“Hurry, go get someone”I coughed out some water as I talked.

She nodded and quickly ran off.

I delved into the pool again and picked the soaked creature and dropped it beside Audrey.

Oh my.. it’s a dog.

I rushed out of the pool and carefully pressed my ear to Audrey’s nose.

Panic gripped me immediately- she’s not breathing.

Holy lord!

What will happen now?😥

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