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Truth or dare episode 60 – finale

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🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

•Episode Sixty•

🥀Audrey POV🥀

“Wake up, sleepy head” Kwa young voice echoes in my ear. I groaned, turning to the other direction- bringing the duvet more closely to my head.

“Just get up already, will you?!” She shouted, pulling the duvet from my body.

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“What’s your problem Kwa young, don’t I get to sleep peacefully in my own bed again?!” I yelled, with my head up but my body was still lying on the bed.

“It’s 8:00am, Audrey” She said, glancing at the wall clock in my room.


She grimaced lightly and scoffed.
“Are you suffering from amnesia now?”

“What do you mean?” I murmured and just then, reality lingered through me.

“Shit!” I exclaimed as I quickly jumped off the bed.

“Why didn’t you wake me?!” I yelled as I scurried towards my closet to pick my dress.

“I just did” She replied, drily.

How could I have forgot a day like this? I thought as I opened the closet.

“Min jun is waiting for you downstairs” She announced. I turned my head to face her, abruptly.

“Tell me you’re kidding me” I bit out as my heart plummeted. Isn’t it funny, despite how long we’ve been together, I’m still not used to his unannounced visits.

“I was kidding you” She slung me a mischievous grin and my fist clenched in anger.

“You’re so dead this morning”
She ran out of my room before I could get her, laughing hysterically.

“Don’t you dare step a foot into my room again, do you understand?” I barked as soon as I stood by the door, holding the doorknob.

“Why are you getting worked up over this, sister?”
“You’ll definitely see Min jun at school today, isn’t it?” She reminded, a smirk on her lips.

“Just get out of my sight before I lose my temper”

“Whoa, calm down sis” She laughed.
I rolled my eyes and shut the door- foolish girl.

“Hurry up and take your bath sis, I had mine already” I quickly opened the door on hearing that from her.

“How could you had your bath before me, you’re not the graduand, are you?” I peered my head out and asked her in a mockery voice.

“Whatever” She rolled her eyes and started walking away.

“Someone is pained” I tucked my tongue at her, chortling.

“You wish!” She yelled as she headed for the stairs.
I stopped laughing and closed the door again- silly girl.

Kwa young and I became best of friends and now, we’ve turned to super sisters. Though, I must say she’s one annoying sister at that but I always give it back to her in her own coin.

I picked the small picture frame of Hazel, Kwan, Ryan and I on the nightstand. My mouth curved to a big smile as memories of that day reeled through my head. It was indeed a memorable day for Aaron, it was the day his Mom and Dad came back together as one again, officially. And I hope nothing gets to separate them ever again.

My eyes fixed on Hazel in the picture, she has graduated some months ago, but she’d promised to attend our valedictory ceremony, nevertheless. I carefully returned the picture frame to its position on the cabinet.

I hope she keep to her words, I miss her so much… I thought as I dashed into the bathroom to have my bath.

I walked into the dining room and all eyes settled on me.

I smiled as I went to peck Dad cheeks.

“You’re looking stunning, my dear” Dad complimented, smiling widely.

“Thanks Dad” I said as I bent to kiss Mom’s cheeks too.

“I’m sure Min jun will be lost of words immediately he sees you” Mom joked as I sat down beside the sulking Kwa young.

We all laughed for a moment at Mom’s joke. I turned to face Kwa young who was glaring at the food in front of her on the table.

“What happened to my sister?” I glanced at mom and dad with raised brows.

They both chuckled softly.


been asking her too before you came in, but she wouldn’t say something- so we concluded she just wanted to be silly like she always does” Mom says, and she and dad erupted in laughter.

I tightened my lips in a line, refusing to laugh.

“Come on baby girl, don’t mind them”
“Now let’s eat” I proffered a fork to her but she’s not taking it.

I sighed and brought my mouth to her ear.

“Do you want me to tell Daniel the truth?” I whispered softly and she quickly lifted her head to look at me.

“You can’t do that, Audrey” She pouts, giving me her puppy eyes.

“Then let’s eat, you wouldn’t want us to be late on my valedictory day, would you?” She nodded curtly, and collected the fork from me.


“Whoa… What did you tell her that changed her mind in a blink?” Dad asked, amazed.

I chuckled as I slice my steak into pieces.

She has a huge crush on Daniel- her classmate, she doesn’t want him to know about it. So ever since I found out, I threatened her with it each time I wanted her to obey my orders. Well..I’m sure Daniel also have a thing for her, she’s just too blind to notice it.

“It’s a secret, Dad”I winked and he frowned instantly.

“You’ve started hiding something from me?” He asked, eyeing me suspiciously and I laughed.

He regained consciousness three months after he went into a coma. The cops couldn’t trace who’d shot him and after several months to no avail, Dad let go of the case.

I forgave him and we became super close friends, we shared gists, advises and lot more. Mom got jealous most times. Honestly, I’m glad I could forgive him, the Joy of having a father is unlimited.

“We need to hurry” Mom’s voice snapped me out.


♠Min jun POV♠


was combing my hair when someone suddenly barged into my room.

“You moron, untill when are you going to learn how to use a simple courtesy?” I sparked as I threw the comb at him which he caught.

“You’re looking good, bro”He smiled broadly as he walked towards me.

He stretched forth the comb me, I ignored him and went to pick my smartphone on the bed.

“I thought you weren’t done combing” He murmured as he kept the comb on the dressing table.

“So, you’re ready?”


We both left my room and walked through the hallway, heading for the stairs.

Jordan and I stopped dead on tracks immediately we saw them, they were both circled in each other’s arms, dancing to no song in particular.

“I’m envious of this people, I really can’t wait to get married too” Jordan said, watching them with pure adoration.

I smiled as I stared at him, unknowingly to him.

He has really gone through a lot, he had lost his Dad six months ago, he was thoroughly miserable and at some point, he had wanted to commit suicide. Thank goodness I caught him in the act on that fateful day.

After three months he lost his Dad, a lawyer appeared and read out his dad’s will to everyone’s hearing. His Dad willed almost all his properties to him while the rest was for mom; but mom obviously doesn’t need any of it cause she has gotten more than enough. In his Dad’s will, he had pleaded to mom that she should take good care of his son, he also stated that he trusted mom anyways.

“Come on boys, let’s go already” Dad’s voice jolted me out of my thought.

“Stop it Aaron, you’re distracting me” I warned him sternly.

“Is it a crime to stare at Mine now?” He leaned over and whispered huskily.

I shut my eyes as my whole body vibrated on the seat. I despise my body for always reacting to his words so badly.

We were the last students on seat, others have collected their prizes and certificate- including Kwan, Ryan and Jordan.

“Since Busan Foreign High School has come into existence, it has never provided two bests in a year” The principal spoke into the microphone and everywhere became damn silent, as they listened to him.


a short moment, I could feel his breath fanning against my cheek and I sighed softly before turning my head to face him and surprisingly, his lips landed on my lips. My eyes dilated and I quickly darted my eyes around to see if anyone didn’t see that. I turned to him again when I was sure nobody was looking.

“Will you compose yourself?”
“The principal is giving his speech and you ought to listen” I said seriously, with a non smiling expression.

“But I can’t help it, not when you’re looking so breathtaking” He said, innocuously. I felt my heart fluttered and for some tensed moment, our gaze locked.

“Audrey Jung and Min jun Lee” We were drove out from our thought immediately.

I took in a deep breath as I sat properly.

“That was close” He winked cutely and just when I wanted to smack his head…

“Please come up” The principal said and we quickly rose to our feet.

We got to the stage and there was a standing ovation, as everyone kept clapping their hands.

“The best female student of BFHS 2019 goes to Audrey Jung” The principal announced and there was another round of applause. I smiled as the principal dropped the medal on my neck.

“Congratulations dear” The principal shook hands with me after he’d given me the certificate.

I left the stage and went to my family, Kwa young was the first that jumped on me.

“Congrats sister”

“That’s enough Kwa young, you’re choking me” I complained and she finally let me go.

“I’m just so happy for you” She grinned, brushing my hair back with her fingers.

“I’ve always knew you won’t disappoint me” Mom said as tears stung her eyes. I slowly moved into her warmth embrace.

“Thanks for believing in me, mom”

“That’s enough hugging, I’m also standing here” Dad groused. I disengaged from the hug and went to his arms too.

“I’m so glad to be your father, my dear”
“Congratulations” Dad cooed and I smiled widely as I pulled away from the hug.

“I have a little surprise for you, by the way” He announced.
“Really?” I beamed.
“Yes dear”

“Congratulations, Audrey” I heard at my back and I turned around to see Aaron’s mom and dad with Aaron himself- I smiled at him, he was also wearing a gold medal as mine.

“Thanks Aunt, thanks Uncle” I pecked their both cheeks softly.

“Come here, my boy” Mom says referring to Aaron and I watched as he grinned before going into her wide opened arms.

“There would be a party in the house this evening, and I’m inviting you all” Aaron’s dad said. Mom and dad shared a brief glance.

“Maybe some other time, Chun cha and I has somewhere to be as soon we leave this place” Dad explained.
“But Kwa young and Audrey will surely be there”

“Awww.. congratulations Best” Kwan and Ryan jumped on me from nowhere.

“Thanks girls, where’s Hazel?” I questioned, glancing at their faces.

“Here I am” I heard her voice behind me. I turned around swiftly and ran to her.

“Oh my goodness Hazel, is this really you?” I asked herwith brightened face, she has become so pretty.

“We’ll be waiting for you in the car, Audrey” Mom said after they all exchanged pleasantries.
I just nodded and they walked away afterwards.

“Of course, baby” She chuckled.

“Here, meet my boyfriend, Jake”
“Jake, meet one of the best person in my life, Audrey” Hazel introduced, and we both exchanged pleasantries- I must say her boyfriend is cute.

“You’ve got eyes, Hazel” I teased and she smiled proudly.

“I’m personally inviting you both to our house party” Min jun said after exchanged of greetings.

The driver drove into the compound and headed straight to the garage. He pulled up to a halt and we all came out one after the other. Dad stretched out a mobiliser to me as soon as we came down- I became confused.

“That’s the surprise I have for you, sweetheart” He pointed forward and I took my eyes to the direction he’d pointed to- my eyes dilated in surprise immediately, right before me was a black sport car.

I screamed with excitement for a while before jumping on Dad.

“Dad, are you for real?” I asked him, my heart bubbling with joy. I pressed the car mobilizer and the car beep, I gleefully ran towards it to check it out, with Kwa young running after me.

I opened the car door and slid into it, checking out every single thing with great happiness.

“Aww.. you’re the best Dad ever” I went to him and kissed his cheeks again.

“And what about me?” Mom asked, obviously jealous.
Dad and I laughed.

“Of course you’re the best mom in the whole world” I told her as I pulled her for a hug.


“Don’t talk to me” Ryan yelled at Jordan and we all became stunned as we all exchanged glances.

“What happened to them?” I asked Aaron in a whispered voice.

“I don’t know either” He shrugged.

“Just talk to me already, what have I done wrong?” Jordan asked pleadingly as all eyes fixed on them.

We were all settled in the garden at Aaron’s house. Everyone was present, including Hazel and her boyfriend.

I just shared the news with them a while ago, they were all happy for me and we all agreed to go and continue the party in my house after we leave this place.

“You didn’t reply my goodnight text last night” Ryan finally said what Jordan did wrong, and everyone erupted in a whole heartily laughter.

“Are you for real right now?” Seo yun asked her amidst laughter.

Jordan kept suppressing his lips in a tight line, obviously fighting back the urge to laugh.

“I’m sorry babes, I was very tired last night that I slept off” Jordan apologized, pouting like a kid.

“Am I forgiven?”He gently took her hand and asked, staring intensely into her eyes.

“Say yes baby!” Kwan and Hazel screamed.
She carefully pulled him for a short but passionate kiss and which he reciprocated quickly.

“Awwww” Everyone chorused.

“Have you forgotten I was here, Ryan?” Kwa young narrowed her eyes at Ryan.

“Well, let’s say I just thought you how to kiss” Ryan said and everyone laughed.

“I’ve watched Min jun and Audrey kissed countless times, so yours is not new” Kwa young retorted with an eye roll and we all chortled.


“Let’s kiss too baby” Seo yun teased, bringing his lips closer to Kwan.

“Stop it, Seo yun” Kwan cautioned, blushing really hard.

“Don’t be ridiculous and do it, not like it’s your first time” Hazel smirked as she talked. Kwan rolled her eyes before getting on her feet. She glanced at me before walking away with Seo yun running after her.

“Uhmm.. she doesn’t want to do it in our presence!” Ryan yelled after her.

Aaron took my hand and stood up after a short while.

“What’s it, Aaron?” I asked, curiously.

“Guys, we’ll be right back” He said to everyone.

“Enjoy yourself, best” Hazel says as she winked at me.

“Just a reminder, Min jun” Kwa young said as soon as we started walking out of the gathering. We stopped and turned around.

“Don’t impregnate my sister yet, please” She said with an impassive look. I gasped while everyone busted out in laughter.

“We are working on it already, Kwa young” Aaron winked at her and started pulling me along with him.


Aaron and I both sat on the golden sand, watching the gentle wave on the ocean.

Suddenly, he held my wrist and clamped a bracelet to it. He took his hand away and I grazed my hand through the gold bracelet which ‘MINE’ was bold inscription on it.

“You know, even though I never said this to anyone before” He begun and I just stared at him.

“I’ll forever be indebted to Hazel and Ryan for they are the reason you are Mine” I chuckled softly on hearing that. All thanks to Truth or Dare game though.

He carefully made me stood on my feet and we both went closer to the ocean.

He wrapped me around his huge arms, and at that moment, everything had disappeared and all I could see was his dazzling eyes- staring down at me like I’m the most paramount thing that matters in his life.

“I want to always love you, Mi cha” He said huskily.
“I don’t want to imagine life without you, I can’t just..” He said breathlessly and I pressed a finger to his lips, shushing him.

“Even in the next life, you’re permitted to love only me and me alone” I told him as a matter of fact, pushing myself closer to his chest.

“I love you, Audrey” He said sincerely, my heart melted immediately as I watched his eyes and at that moment, I realized life without him in it would be meaningless.

“I love you more, Duffer”

“I love you most, psycho” He shot me a dashing smile.
His hand went to my waist and slowly, he dipped his head forward and gently took my lips into his mouth.

Absentmindedly, I wrapped my hands around his neck as we fed on each others lips.

Minutes later, none of us was willing to break from the hot and passionate kiss. This was definitely not our first nor second kiss, but this was undoubtedly the best kiss so far.

Some moments passed, I felt water beneath my legs and I wanted to pull away but he held onto me tighter causing me to smile in between the kiss.

Loving him less would be a great crime.


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