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Twins battle episode 3 – 4



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Episode: 3

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There is no need for that Mr Gael; a very handsome guy said

He was putting on a casual wear
But that’s what i need; Mr Gael said

Am one of the biggest share holder in this company, so you better listen to me if you don’t want me to pull out my share ; handsome guy said

No need for them to go [email protected], we are doing the shoot like this; Mr Gael said

Me and lina breath a sign of relief

I smiled at the handsome guy, he also smiled back at me, he has an open teeth

We were through with the shoot, we put on our dress and walk out of the dressing room

Lina look at the guy that saved us, come let’s thank him; i said

Okay, she said and we walk over to him

Hi mr handsome; me and lina said together and we laughed

How are you beautiful twins; Mr handsome said

We are both fine, thank you for saving our ass back there if not for you everyone would have seen our [email protected], we are grateful;lisa said

Is nothing gorgeous, i just have to do what is right so there is no big deal; he said smiling at me

My name is lisa and this is my younger sister lina; i said he took my hand and kissed the back of my hand, he also did same with lina

My name is Wesley;he said

Thanks again i said to him

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We went outside, we couldn’t find our mom, it was only the driver and bodyguard that was there

Were is our mom; lina said to the guard
She yet to come out from the company; he said

Okay that’s good lets go ; lina said entry the car i joined her in the car

Are we leaving mom behind;i said
Yes lisa we are leaving her, i don’t think she’s the one that gave bath to us; lina said

She’s the one that gave bath to us lina i know she has never been a good mother to us, but please let’s treat her like our mother; i said

Lisa she might be your mom but not mine, today is gonna be the last day she will step does her stupid feet into our house

Am tired of her madness, she sized all our property, we didn’t say a thing, she pushed us into having s£x with old man we said nothing to her

But today she just crossed her limit for her to tell us to go [email protected]; lina said

Any decision you take am with you ;i said
We hugged each other

We got home my mom was not at home

Lina dragged me to my moms room, we packed all her belongs into a suitcase
We called the bodyguard to take them out

My mom walked into the house when the guard was taking her suitcase out

What’s happening here why are you taking my belongs outside;she said

Mom we no longer want you in our lives, from this day onwards you don’t have a daughter neither do we have a mother

All the money you took from us you can use that to start your life; lina said

Am still your mother you ungrateful brats my mom said slapping lina

I slapped my mom back, how dare you hit my sister, have been tolerating you in this house, but not any longer SUSAN
Guard!!! I shouted

All the guard ran in

From this day onwards this woman over here is ban from entry this house, anyone that will let her into my house is already fired now throw her outta my house right this minute;i said

They dragged SUSAN out of the house

BY success


It has been a week since we send our mom out of the house, things has been going well for the both of us

But we really need a assistant, we can’t handle everything

Lisa i got a call from Mr Gael secretary; lina said entry the sitting room

What did she want;i said

They want to discuss some issues with us about the last shoot; lina said

Okay, when are we going; i said

Today like right now, i already looked for a dressed for you; lina said

Okay thank you, i said going up stairs

I was through dressing up, me and lina went to the Gael company

We discussed about the contract and all that, it was time for us to go home

On our way coming out from the office we ran into Wesley

Hi me and Lina greeted him
Hello beautiful how are you doing;he said

We are fine; lina said smiling
That’s good to know, please lisa can you spare me a second; he said

I looked at lina she was looking at me

Okay;i said, we moved to a far end

Hmm lisa can i take you out on a date;he said

His he like asking me out on a date, nobody have ever asked me out on a date before, i smiled i nodded my head in a shy manner

He laughed, are you shy;he said
No, am not shy, i said

So are you going out on a date with me; Mr handsome said

Yes ; i said smiling

Okay can you give me your number;he said smiling

I searched my bag and i gave him my card
Thanks be expecting my call; he said and kissed me on my forehead and left

I smiled into nothing in particular, i walked to lina

What took you so long; lina said in a angry tone

We were discussing and what’s up with that angry tone;i said she just walk away without replying me

I meant her outside already seated in the car, i joined her in the car, the driver drove off

On getting home she went to her room and i did same

I took my bath and went down stairs to cook

I cooked macaroni, chicken and salad soup

Lina i shouted, she came down in few minutes

We started eating, without saying anything to each other

Hmm lina am going out on a date with Wesley and I would like if you will tag along; i said

She smiled yes i would like to go with you;she said still smiling

My phone ring, i like at it, it was an unknown number, i picked the call

Hello beautiful, is me Wesley;he said
I find myself smiling

Am coming to pick you up by 7:pm ;he said

Okay i will be waiting for you;i said he ended the call and i faced my food

We were done eating lina watch the dishes
I checked the time and it was 6:24pm

Lina when you’re done with the dishes go dress up, he his coming to pick us by 7:pm ;i said and went to my room

I put on my dressed and did some makeup on my face, lina came into my

She use her hand to point her face, i smiled cause i know what she meant

I did her makeup, we heard the door bell
I think his here, i will go get the door lina said and ran away


I opened the door and it was Wesley, i smiled at him, he also smiled back

His just too handsome, and i think am having feelings for him

He came in and sit on the couch i sat beside him

Lisa came down stairs she smiled at Wesley,

Let’s go; Wesley said taking lisa hand
They walked outside and i followed them from behind

We got to a fancy restaurant, is our first time eating in a restaurant, i smiled even if am not happy

A waitress brought the order and we started eating

Would you like to take chicken soup;Wesley said to lisa

Yes i like chicken soup they are my favorite; she said

He served the soup for her she smiled

Am i invisible for him to notice me,
Lisa i think am not feeling fine am going home i said standing up

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