Under The Moon Light

Under the moon light episode 51 – 52


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( Taming His Stony Heart)

BY : Noel Innocent

Chapter Fifty One: THE BALL 1

Today is not how I wish it to be and why is that, is all because Verdun haven’t talked to me, the preparation to the ball is already taking place, am happy I will get to see Elinor, I have a lot to tell her but at the same time am also sad, what should I do to make Verdun forgive me, I know I shouldn’t have said that ” give me the black dress ” answering the maid my gaze didn’t move from the window.

Verdun is standing while talking to Edward and pointing out something to him, his eyes are still red not blue, why haven’t it change back to its normal colour, does that mean he is still angry ” luna, that will be a odd colour for a colourful ball”

” I said black so find a black dress” I half growl, am not in the mood for any light colours today, when Verdun turn our gaze meet but he didn’t smile nor did he frown, he look emotionless and remain right there, staring at me.

The moment I smile he furrow his brows then walk away, my heart break the more, is more likely for me to get a high blood pressure from what he is doing, I said I was sorry, I know I cross the line and he didn’t expect that form me but this is my first mistake, he should find it in his heart to forgive me.

” the dress is here luna ” nodding I turn around to look at the maid, she has brown short hair and blue eyes, must be a lycan.

” you can leave ”

” alpha Verdun said I should help you in your makeup ‘ she is very bad in girly things’ were his exact words ” looking at the maid I frown, how could he say such a thing, am very good in my own makeup, I don’t need someone help!

” leave, I will take care of it ”

” but….”

” I said leave ” watching her leave I exhale before putting on the black dress, it looks like am going to a funeral but you can’t be too sure, Verdun might kill someone tonight, with his eyes red, it means he can get angry easily so God help anyone who provoke him.

Applying a natural makeup, I put on some lip gloss then stare at my reflection, my green eyes look a bit dull ” Luna, we have to go, your carriage is waiting ”

” what about Verdun ”

” he already left “Nolan sound unsure ” he said something about not being able to share one carriage with yo….oh and you’re looking stunning tonight my Luna ” smiling Nolan step in and the ride to the ball started, looking out through the window I smile as we pass through beautiful places.

The city in bligor have always been amazing and fantastic, I wonder how Elinor is doing how?? Is she still planing to Mary Lord Norman or she has run just like I told her to ” we are here” the coachman mumble while Nolan help me down from the carriage, I stare at the huge building fill with different lights, ladies and gentleman moving in while some are leaving.

If the outside is this beautiful how will the inside be like? ” shall we?” Looking at Nolan eagerly, he nod his head and we move into the beautiful palace, stepping in I smile, the chandelier placed at the ceiling is so huge and beautiful, people of different colour are everywhere, the waiters moving round to serve.

My gaze move around to find the only person I wish to see and it did, Elinor look shocked to see me, her red hair rolled into a donut with pin, wearing a beautiful blue dress but her eyes look dull and sad, she gasp out of surprise and the next thing happening is both of us walking towards each other ” I miss you!!” We both cried while hugging, when last did we touch? Its been weeks, she withdraw a little then cup my face in her hands ” are you doing okay? Is alpha Verdun still being harsh and wicked to you??”

Sniffing I shake my head ” everything is okay, it is you I am worried about, are you sure about being with Lord Norman?Do you love him?”

” it doesn’t matter ” she look so sad, when I hold her wrist she hiss in pain which got my attention to that area, marks, red marks cover her wrist, my gaze move to her neck, different mark which she try to hide.

” he hits you ??”

” only when necessary Betty, mama did say woman should submit to their husband ”

” he is not your husband yet Elinor and submission isn’t slavery ” I had to bite my lower lip to keep me from shouting, the music are being played right now, people moving to the dance floor ” do you want to leave?”

” Betty….”

Cutting her short of words I mumble ” yes or no ” she remain quite, I know a lot of things are going through her head this moment.

” yes” she nod as tears drop ” I want to leave him, I want to go far away ” holding her hands I pull her to a corner, Norman must be looking for her.

” tell me what he did to you”

” he locks me up in the mansion, doesn’t allow me to talk to anymore, he gets off by raping women, he force me every night, flogging and hitting me in all the worst places ” Elinor cry placing her head on my chest ” I got pregnant and he killed the baby, he killed my child ” I couldn’t help but to cry, how can she be going through all these ” he plan on announcing that we are getting married today ”

” it won’t happen ” growling my gaze move to Edward, he shoot me a confuse look but came anyway ” help her, take her away, lord Norman shouldn’t know ”

” this is Norman bride, isn’t it ” when Elinor rise her head and look at Edward I watch him frown then step back, he look at me ” are you sure about this”

” yes, she needs to leave. Far away” Looking at him he shake his head

Lord Norman will soon find out if we are not fast ” don’t worry Luna, she is safe with me” Edward hold her hand and walk into the darkness, maybe they is a road there.

Moving back into the ball I pick a drink from the waiter, Norman eyes finally met mine and I smile at him, lifting a glass to him, he smile back completely clueless as to what is happening.

I will kill him myself for what he did ” you shouldn’t stare at him with such anger Betty” hearing that voice I frown ” it will make your pretty face look eyesore ” turning around I stare at a smiling Jones, wearing a red suit, looking good, his grey eyes fill with mystery.

” why are you talking to me?” Averting my gaze he chuckle.

” come on Betty, why are you avoiding me” looking back at him he smile ” we know each other and you very well know how I feel towards you ” not saying anything he purred ” let me have this dance ”

The word about to come out was no but when my gaze land on Verdun dancing with Stella of all people I frown ” of course” was my reply and Jones didn’t waste anytime in taking me to the dance floor, he hand placed on my waist, mine on his chest.

” give me your right hand” doing as he said a smile appear on his lips ” so obedient, I like it ” blushing we dance gently, he kept saying things I should listen to but I just couldn’t, my gaze is on Verdun, he finally stop dancing, moving to my direction I swallow, he look angry and what is that in his eyes? Jealousy?

” you have danced enough for one night Betty” he still call me Betty which only means he is still annoyed with me ” come ” holding my hand Jones didn’t try to stop him or me as he pull me to a dark corner, pining me to the wall ” do you derive pleasure in angering me Betty??” He growl ” what is it you like in different men body, you wish for Jones death too?”

” you danced with Stella but I said nothing” growling I frown ” do you wish for Stella death ”

Verdun chuckle ” you are so weak that Stella will break you Betty” clenching my hands I look at him ” what is it, have I hit a nerve”

” no”

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🌹 the 🌹


( Taming His Stony Heart)

BY : Noel Innocent

Chapter Fifty Two: THE BALL 2

Verdun remain still while she kiss him, he didn’t respond to the kiss, not because he was angry but because if he did he won’t be able to stop and Betty will find it hard to breath once again, cutting from her hold he furrow his brows, she look so sad that he is heartbroken, if you are to ask if he is still angry the answer will be no.

Why is his eyes still red, no idea ” Betty ” moving my hand to her face I frown, I can’t find it in me to call her amor, it seem difficult, my wolf side hate her being this weak, he is forcing himself to be this close, lycans has always hated weak creatures and it look like she is getting weak day by day ” you will go to Bennett after this ball ” surprisingly she nod her head ” I know what you did concerning Elinor, Edward will take care of her, she has her journey and you have yours ”

” how long will I be gone?? Are you still mad at me ” dropping my hands from her face I smile,they is hope in those beautiful green eyes and this black dress is beautiful.

” am not ” shaking my head I purred ” but I need you to be trained, my constant being with you while you’re in this state is bad and I don’t want anything to happen to you” moving close I kiss her forehead ” I don’t know how long but I promise to visit ”

” why did you dance with Stella?” She ask, jealousy in her voice ” I mean I was waiting….” Placing my finger on her lips I shh her up, she look up at me confused and angry.

” do you trust me amor ??” She nod ” Stella and I have an unfinished business, I will not marry her, even if you hear such news you have to trust that I will not leave your side ”

” what do you mean?”

” do you trust me”

” yes”

” then that’s all that matters, you believing I will never betray you ” holding her hand I pull her with me out of the dark corner and the stupid ball ” where are we going? The ball is still going on ” she rush her words as she try to meet up with my swift movement.

” you are going to Bennett tomorrow, I want an alone time with you” stopping I look down at her ” do you have any objections ” watching her blush she shake her head ” good, now stop talking and move ”

I have known the palace in bligor like the back of my hand, living here for three thousand years wasn’t a joke and right now I am glad I find this place, an old abound house but thankfully it has a bed, stepping into the house I shut the door then watch Betty from behind.

I could smell how nervous she is ” don’t be, I said I won’t touch you didn’t I??” She nod her head ” look at me ” turning her head to her side our gaze meet ” I want you to train hard amor, if you don’t I won’t be able to be with you ” this made her turn around, all her attention on me, eyes wide open.

” what do you mean ”

” have you heard that lycans hate weak creatures” she nod ” with each day that pass by, that you’re not training you keep getting weak, so weak my wolf is afraid that its inner energy will finally kill you” she remain still but I watch her clench her hands ” look at me ” she swallow then did as I said ” I don’t want to leave you but I have to, you have to do this on your own and I have things to finish ”

” like Stella ” she growl nodding her head ” is fine Verdun, is not like I can stop you or anything, am too weak and I need to train, I understand that ” she smile ” you haven’t mark or touch me so if you decide to do anything with Stella is fine too ”

” amor ”

” am lying?”

” stop it ” grabbing her hand I push her to the wall and pin her there ” nothing will happen between me and Stella, you don’t have to be jealous”

” why haven’t you mark me?”

” the bite might kill you ” frowning I look at her ” do you think I don’t want to mark you, do you know how many night I have dream to give you my mark, steal our fate together? Do you know how it hurt for me to know that you are still walking untouched and any creature can try to claim what’s mine ” moving back I run my hands through my hair, trying to wash off the anger.

” your eyes ”

” I know, they are red”

” no, its back to blue ” looking at Betty she smile ” I understand you Verdun and I promise to work hard, I will become so strong you will be proud of me and then you can finally make me yours”

Watching her I open my arms wide as she run into them, the air from the window swirl around us, her intoxicating scent fill my nostrils ” but why Bennett?”

” amor”

” okay okay” smiling I tighten the hug, I will miss her so much, no body need to tell me before I know that from tomorrow a lot of things will change, things we both won’t like ” just promise me that your loving side won’t change, I want you strong but I love this gentle side of yours ”

” I promise ” and with that I kiss her, kiss her like my life depended on it.

Knox walk into the ball, his eyes moving round but his little life force is no where to be found ” what now sir??” Zarin his loyal assistant ask ” it look like the Luna didn’t attend the ball ” Knox nod his head gently before taking a glass of wine.

” she did” smiling he took a sip ” maybe we miss her presence but I hope she keep enjoying what she has, it won’t last ”

” I do feel that we should be careful, Verdun isn’t someone to be joked with after what happened to Deccan ”

” hmm” looking at lord Norman he nod ” I suppose so but then I know how to kill Verdun, the plan to finish off Deccan with the help of Verdun wasn’t bad but now I need a solid plan to kill Verdun, he is nothing but a half breed” smiling Knox lift his glass to Norman which he did same ” a half breed that made a deal with Lucifer ”

I was confuse as to how Verdun got so strong but after going to the witches coven, going back to the past and seeing almost everything I know what to do, how to finish him but not now, I will want him to enjoy his life more.

The deal with Lucifer was not easy to listen to, I still need to find out what Verdun must not do and trust me when I do, he and his little mate will die.

” what will we do about Jones sir, as a Dracula I still believe he is hindering you from being the strongest ” zarin mumble, his words fill with meaningful content.

” I believe so ” my gaze travel to him, those grey eyes of his met mine, how can a vampire not have red eyes, they is more to him ” just like Verdun killed Deccan, he will kill Jones….I will make sure of it” with that Knox turn around and out of the stupid mess Norman call a ball


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