Under The Moon Light

Under the moon light episode 53 – 54


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( Taming His Stony Heart)

BY : Noel Innocent

Chapter Fifty Three: LEAVING VERDUN

normanly I would have fallen asleep by now but the idea of me moving to stay with Bennett is still horrible to my ears, why not Madeline? The truth is that am scared of that witch, she frighten me a lot ” what are you thinking?” Hearing Verdun voice I turn to the other side of the bed to face him.

” I don’t like Bennett ”

” hmm”

” why not Madeline ”

” Madeline is not strong enough to protect you amor ” Verdun exhale ” last time Knox was able to carry you out of her territory so easily but Bennett is a full blooded witch, the strongest I have encountered ”

” she called you an old enemy ” furrowing my brows I look at him ” Darius called her your ex, am confused Verdun. How did you meet her ”

” you don’t want to know ”

” tell me ” I insisted, he gave me a confused expression but I don’t care, I want to know all I should about who will be training me.

” okay ” he sit up, leaning on the head board of the bed, eyes closed ” I once fought with hazif, wounded and left in the woods to die and luckily she was passing by so she saw me, helped me, treat my wounds and we…” He stare at me ” we talked and fucked, at that time I couldn’t get enough of her, I wanted her so freaking much and that’s how the relationship begin, she fell for me, I didn’t expect that to happen because in my side it was only lust and when I started feeling tired of her, I slept with one of my maids”

” then she left you?”

” not really” he shake his head ” she killed the maid and threaten me if I ever leave her side she will do same to me, she was obsessed and I was getting tired about it ” Verdun exhale ” Elizabeth later showed up and I couldn’t think of anyone else but her, Bennett left after we fought, she won though but later left with hatred for me ”

” how did you convince her to train me ”

” I threaten her, if she don’t do it I will kill her ” he shrug ” don’t worry about her trying anything funny with you, I may not be there but I have eyes watching after you, you will be safe ”

” okay ”

” now go to bed, the ball must have exhausted you ” he tuck the hair behind my ear while I stare at him, I should be worried about Elinor but I know Edward will keep her safe from all dangers.

Lord Norman already send guards to look for his bride and the whole bligor is shaken but I can feel that she is safe.

” do you want me?”

” what?”

” do you want me ?” I watch him frown then cover his mouth for awhile before dropping his hand ” what are you talking about amor ”

” you said earlier that if you bite me I might die but that doesn’t mean we can’t make love ”

” I thought you said you want it on our wedding night” he give me a inch brow ” tell me what’s bothering you amor, you don’t have to do what you don’t want to”

” am scared ” looking up at him I couldn’t help but to cry ” I heard that once a lycan make love with his mate, other ladies won’t interest him anymore and we haven’t done that, am going far away from you, what if…..” He place his finger on my lips, shutting me up.

” shh” cleaning my tears he pull me to his body, my head resting on his chest ” please trust me amor, I will never betray you, I don’t need to make love to you before remaining fateful, trust me nothing will happen between me and other women ” looking up at him he kiss my forehead ” even if you heard of such silly news don’t believe it, I have eyes on you alone ”

” okay ” they is nothing more to say, I just lay on his body and sleep, knowing that tomorrow will change a lot of things in my life


Waking up the next day was easy, I did yawn and stretch but what I saw outside the window got me thinking if Bennett still feel for Verdun, I watch how close they stand as they talk but she did nothing usual expect slapping Verdun on the face and surprisingly Verdun slap her back which send her to the floor.

This should be humiliating for Bennett but instead she smile licking her lips, her lips part and she said something I couldn’t hear, Verdun turn around after that but by that time I already hide away from the window.

Breathing I rush to the bathroom, did the necessary, put on a dress, Pack the needed cloth in my bag then out of the room to where Bennett and Verdun are glaring each other ” hi ” mumbling Bennett scoffed.

” oh please, stop with that nice face of you, it piss me off ”

” you do not talk to her in such manners ” Verdun growl and she chuckle

” you ask for my help, deal with it ” she frown ” let go Betty, seeing your mate face piss me off” before I could follow her Verdun pull me into his arms, I don’t want to cry, I shouldn’t but I did, I can’t help it.

Inhaling his scent I sniff ” I will miss you amor, so much ” looking up to meet his face he clean my tears before crushing his lips down on mine, I gasp giving him the opportunity for our tongue to meet, we shudder together.

” enough with that disgusting treatment, Betty hurry up!” Bennett growl, from her voice you will know she is annoyed but Verdun didn’t break the kiss, instead he deepen it, his hand cupping my arse and pulling me closer, people must be watching.

Biting my lower lip he rest his head on my forehead, our gaze remain on each other while we try catching our breath, he use his finger to rob my swollen lip, then cares my face. Leaving Verdun is hard and he is making it difficult.

” go on, take care of yourself okay ” he finally mumble, taking a step back i nod my head then fasten my step to catch up with Bennett, they is no carriage??” Looking at her, she didn’t even spare me a glance.

” we will walk ”

” am not good in walking a far distance, I might faint or worse die ”

” I will like to see you faint myself ” her gaze finally met mine ” its a far distance, set up your mind to that, if you’re in a war in a forest, your inner energy reduced, no power to high jump or whatever you dream walkers do you have to use your human ability ”

” I….”

She cut me off ” start running ”

” what??”

” I said start running and if you stop I will fuck you up ” I start running but she is always at my side, her legs not touching the ground, I thought am coming to train my inner energy not exercise to lose weight, the little I have!

The bags are weighing me down, my legs are starting to hurt but I can’t stop, Bennett will definitely do something to me if I stop, my breathing is getting difficult ” don’t stop”

” I can’t!! ”

” seek help from your inner energy, push your self pass your limit, keep going and don’t stop ”

” when should I stop ” the words barely leave my mouth before I fall down trying to catch my breath, Bennett look down at me.

” so weak” she shake her head ” as your punishment, no meal today ” and with that, she touch my arm making us vanish to where my training begin.

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My stomach grumble for the third time today, Bennett seriously didn’t give me any food yesterday and today am made to keep running round a field, a very huge field, I thought this training is to improve ones inner energy so why is it like am reducing it with each step I take and whenever I fall it feels like am drowning, that witch must have set that.

” you are slowing down Betty” hearing her voice I roll my eyes ” do that one more time and I will make sure your leg burn ”

” this isn’t training you know ” I mumble, try catching my breath because it feels like any minutes am going to fall and die.

” I told you to push pass your limit, I don’t care if you lose consciousness, what I care is for you to keep running, run as fast as any paranormal creature do. Dream walkers aren’t slow ”

” we are only good in high jumping ”

” wrong Betty ”

I keep running but I move my gaze to Bennett, holding a very huge book then sitting down, umbrella covering her from the sun, table at her left side where juice is place. I hate this witch ” you know nothing about your people Betty ”

” oh and you a witch knows a lot of things?”

” I do Betty ” she smile ” I have lived for thousands of years, watch your clan forget it powers and hide in bushes, scared of other people stealing their life force when they have the power to fight back ”

” oh please, you know nothing about us, you are just lucky to be blesses with power ” growling I know I have reach my limit, it feels like my chest is about to burst, I might die if I keep this on but then if I fall I will drown, I need energy, even a little bit to keep moving, to not stop.

” that’s it Betty, pass your weak self, seek for your power, grab it from yourself “after she mumble I fall, don’t blame me, this is all new to me and am supper stress. I couldn’t breath anymore because am literally drowning in water.

Looking up I gasp at the bright light ahead ” swim out Betty, I don’t feel like wetting my body ” hearing that witch voice I frown, am too weak to move and if I don’t I will drown and die, maybe that witch will be happy.

Closing my eyes I use all my energy to move my hand and within no time am swimming, swimming towards that bright light, I had no idea where the energy coming from but I can’t stop until I reach that light.

When am close I suddenly find myself laying down on the field, coughing and trying to catch my breath, touching my body I discover am not wet ” that’s good for a start ” Bennett didn’t smile just looking emotionless ” get up ”

I tried but end up falling ” I can’t, help me up ” this got her laughing real hard and am perplexed as to why she is laughing, if she won’t help she could just say so.

” help you, a Luna shouldn’t say that to anybody, when you get up, you get to eat, meet me in the dining room ” and with that she left me in the field, I don’t think I can ever get up from here.

” do you need help?” Hearing that voice I open my eyes to stare at Jones, he isn’t smiling ” is that witch angering you ” why is Jones here? How did he find me? What should I do with him? Why won’t he just leave me alone?

” go away Jones, I don’t need your help ”

” you heard that ” Bennett growl ” how dare someone like you trespass into my dimension, are you nuts Dracula? ”

” you do not talk to me in such manners Bennett ” Jones and Bennett are standing one inch away from each other now, Bennett doesn’t even look scared one bit.

” what will you do?” She inch her brows high ” bite me?”

” you very well know your blood is disgusting ”

“I suppose so” she nod ” now scram ” all it took us a slight movement of her fingers before Jones is taken by the wind, far far from here ” get up now!!!” When she yell I had no idea where the strength came from but I did as she ask ” look at me ” swallowing I look up at her, I don’t like this lady at all.

” I do not like when one of your many lovers come to my place, warn them ”

” I had no idea he was coming and he is not my lover ” I growl annoyed

” did you just rise your voice at me?” She step closer, I didn’t flinch but keep looking at her face ” yes I did” this Bennett keep surprising me, she isn’t angry but smiling.

” it is good for a Luna not to be scared of anyone, I like what you did but this should be the last time you do such a thing with me. Understood? ”

” yes ”

” good, now follow me ” walking behind her I smile when we step into the house and the meal greeted me, rushing to the table I didn’t wait for her to join before digging in, the chicken soup taste so good, surprisingly she stand there watching me till am done ” that’s fast, I have been thinking the best way to train a dream walker, I have been studying the history of dream walkers and where it all began from, they eat brains that’s why the soup you just ate is fill with human brains” the moment the words left her mouth my whole face turn pale ” am a witch, training you will need some assistance so we are traveling back in time, back to the time where dream walkers still believe in their power ”

” you mean now??”

” yes now, I still need to find out a lot of things, I have no idea why your inner energy should reduce from entering Verdun head when that’s dream walkers main power, walk into dreams and mind of people with the slightly touch” Bennett seem to be talking to herself and the realization that I ate a human brain is sending me out of the edge slowly ” you should also be able to copy your enemy moves but to see you this weak is still surprising, what happened to you years back to reduce your inner energy this much ” her gaze met mine and I know she is waiting for an answer

” no idea ”

she move towards my direction “get up, we have to go now, the clock is ticking ” standing up I watch her lips move but no sound coming out of her mouth, eyes turn white and suddenly the whole place fill with smoke, covering my mouth I cough at the bad smell

When everything clear up I stare at the village we are in, children running around, flowers everywhere, you will know they is peace here ” come, they is no time to waste, need to find out why you are this weak and what must be done ” Bennett mumble moving forward while I walk behind her.

” I have news concerning the painting alpha ” Edward mumble looking at his alpha, since Betty left it seem like he has gone back to his rough and cold way, any slight mistake from his servants guarantee death ” Betty brother has been found, here is the file concerning that ” he turn around, those blue eyes has lose its life once more.

” hmm, good work Edward ” he mumble, he drop it on the table beside him while he stare at the stars ” I find it really hard to sleep these days Edward, just like before, those nightmares won’t stop coming, I thought they have come to their end but never knew it was because amor stood by my side ”

” she will return soon ”

” yes I know she will ” Verdun mumble ” what is Stella decision ”

” she has decide to give you what you want but in return you give her one more night of pure pleasure, those were her words ” alpha turn and look at me, he isn’t surprise but angry, why is he angry? I did nothing wrong but to deliver a message

” what nonsense ” he grunt


Will Verdun to it?

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