November 29, 2021

Unwanted twins episode 13 – 14



( We don’t need a female child)

By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)

Episode 13

Writer p.o.v

Officers arrest her senator Cole said. But why are you arresting me, what have I done Mrs Clara asked. Oh you wants to tell me you don’t know why, you will know why when you get there senator cole said.

This is crazy you know, you can’t just come back and arrest me Mrs Clara said. Officers what are you waiting for senator cole said.

But sir this is family matter you can settle it amicably without the cops one of the cops said.

Are you crazy did you still need your teeth and your jobs. Because any other words from you. I will order my guards to break all your teeth.

Senator cole said angrily. We are sorry sir they chorus. Madam this way man they said. Cole you mean this, you are arresting me for real this is unbelievable Mrs Clara said.

Leo mansion

Leo has gone back to pick Dora. Look here I don’t accept visitors in my house. you going to my house it because of my wife okay. Don’t touch anything that’s mine, and don’t cross my path if you wants to stay long in my house. Leo said.

Nora was outside waiting for them, she’s happy she finally found her self a sister.

Let do some introduction about Nora.

Nora was the ex president only child before there death.


has always wish to have a sister before the death of her parents. All the properties her parents left behind she can’t control all.

Now she’s happy to have someone as brilliant as Dora as a kid sister. Back to presence

Welcome my dear Dora said. How are you. Are you okay,what did you wants to eat. Nora wants to kill Dora with questions.

Darling you don’t even greet me leo said. Am sorry am so happy nora said.

Am okay ma Dora said smiling at her. Norah took Dora in and show her, her room. Wow this room is very big and beautiful than my former room though my former room is not bad she said.

Police station

Cole why did you arrest me Mrs Clara asked. Oh you don’t Know, since you wants to kill my daughter. I will watch the cops hang you to death you animal.

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Cole you mean you arrest me because of our daughter. Clara don’t dare use the word our she’s only my daughter.

Because you lost that right since you start to suffer her. And your lost the right to be a mother since Dan death senator cole said and walked out of the station.

The next day.

Senator cole went to visit Dora at Leo mansion.

Dora are you sure you’re okay here. I have arrest your mother and she’s going to rot in jail so there’s no problem for you in the house again senator cole asked.

What dad why did you arrest her? You shouldn’t have arrest your wife because of me.

But she hurt you, yeah I know but am not happy with that. What can I do to make you happy senator and asked.

Are you sure you will do it Dora asked? I have only two things Dora said. Go on anything for my daughter senator cole said. Release mummy and divorce her she don’t deserve you.

And the last one you won’t like it, but if you don’t do it I wont be happy Dora said. Am listening dear. marry madam silver Dora drop the bomb shell.

What did you think will be senator cole reaction.


( We don’t need a female child)

By Aishat kemisola (Three star )

Episode 14

Writer p.o.v


madam silver Dora drop the bomb shell. What!! Are you okay senator cole was surprised to hear that from his daughter. Nora was also surprised cause she’s sitting on the dinning. Pretending as if she don’t hear them.

She wants to make sure senator cole is not talking her with him. Yes Dad can you do that for me. I don’t need money, I don’t need your company. I only need that to makes me happy, she said faking tears.

Dora stop crying now. But how did you expect me to marry your mother friends is not proper what did you want the world to say about me senator Cole asked.

So dad what the world will say is better than your daughter happiness Dora said. No you’re getting it wrong my dear. What if silver doesn’t like me senator Cole asked.

Just agree to marry her and leave the rest to me Dora said. What’s this girl up to senator cole think. Okay I also have my conditions, I will marry silver on one condition. Which is Dora asked.

You come back to the house senator cole said. Norah cough as senator cole say that Dora stand up to get her water sorry ma Dora said.

Please don’t go Norah whisper to her. But, no but please Dora I Know you are a good girl I really need you here Nora said. Fine I won’t go she said and went back to her dad.

Dad that house remind me of Dan and the pain I pass through in the hand of mum so am sorry I can’t come back Dora said.

Fine I will think about it senator cole said. Yeah am getting somewhere thank God he’s going to think about it. I pray this my plan went well she said to herself.

The next day

Senator cole has released Clara from prison he is doing that because of Dora if is left to him Clara will rot in jail. Were is my daughter Mrs Clara asked senator cole.

Woman don’t asked me any question moreover you caused this. We aren’t married again you just sign the divorce papers.

Senator cole said he will release Clara only if she sign the divorce papers. She don’t have a choice cause she doesn’t want to go to jail. I just need a favor from you I wants to know were my daughter is,

am also tired of the marriage Clara said. Fine she’s staying with Leo now and am sure she doesn’t want to see you senator Cole said and get into his car.

Who are you Nora asked Clara, is Dora here she asked. I just asked you a question here you can’t just walk into my house and asked of my sister Nora said. Sister Mrs Cole said smiling.

Tell Dora her mom is here she said. Mum what are you doing here Dora asked her mum. Am here to take you Clara said.

Take me to were Dora asked to stay with me of course. Oh you mean I should come and Leave with you Dora asked. Never over my died body will I leave with a witch like you.

Dora don’t get me angry get into the car and let’s go Mrs Clara said angrily. Why the noise leo said getting down from his car. Welcome baby Nora greet. This is Dora mum and she come to forcefully take her Nora said.

Then let her go Leo said. Nora baby she goes know where you have to help me here don’t let her take her away Nora said.


no but baby do this for me and I will be very happy. Am doing you a big favor and you don’t know Dora said.

What favor leo asked. Did I said that loud she asked. Yeah so I need an explanation. No am only joking forget it she said.

Madam she said she’s not going with you what’s your problem she’s an adult let her be I don’t want to see you around her again leo said and went in.

Guards carry her out if she don’t wants to go out.

Dora p.o.v

Mum left not without giving me the look of we Shall meet again.

Am not even bother about her, my problem now is how to convince madam silver to marry my dad. They will make a perfect couple.

Hello mum I said.

My darling how are you how are they treating you there madam silver said. Mum am fine I need a favor from you and I will like to see you were can we meet I said.

Just come to the house madam silver said. Let me go and get ready to go.

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