Vanity Episode 34

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When Eddysongs got home he called Esi over to have a discussion with her.

Eddysongs: My dear so have you been hearing from your sister because I hærdly hear you talk about her or even see you trying to communicate with her on phone. Is everything alright between you 2ladies and don’t try to hide anything from me with the answer you will give me.

Esi Haizel: Well the truth is that I have been avoiding her calls because I knew she was going to make noise on the car Nana Yaw gave to her and that might make me jealous since her car is far better than mine.

Eddysongs: Women you have a serious problem on this earth, is this even a case, you got your car first before she got hers and moreover she didn’t even buy it with her hærd earned money like you, she got it on merits and you are aware of that. Okay I will get you the same car with a higher spec than hers and the estate agent will come and pick you out this afternoon to check on your house. I hope that is settled? Now get in touch with her and invite her over for some drinks and snacks, you women are always unpredictable.

Esi Haizel: You can say all you want baby boy but I know what my Adjoa can do and I was just avoiding that so please understand me, I will get in touch with her as soon as possible and hopefully invite her over for lunch, I believe you are okay with that?

Eddysongs: My dear if you do that I will get you another mindblowing surprise.

Esi Haizel: Your wish will be granted Mr lover boy, I will call her immediately and invited her over. I miss her though and I can’t wait to see her.

An agreement was reached between the 2 lovers and Esi decided to make a move towards that, she places a call through to her friend so she invites her over. She calls serverally before Adjoa eventually answers her phone, she tries to apologise to her friend with a lot of excuses and even told her that she bought some stuffs for her when she visited Dubai, Adjoa promised to be there the following day in the evening because she equally missed Esi.

The following day Adjoa Wusua pays a courteous visit to Lawyer Ayibontey’s residence as she promised him the previous day and it was a great reunion, unfortunately Nana Yaw couldn’t go with her because he had to also go for a review at the hospital. Lawyer Ayibontey introduced Maame Afua’s mum to her and told her the long story as to how he denied his pregnancy 36years ago and how they met at the hospital after when he was invited over to give her blood, he went further to break the news of her pregnancy to Adjoa and she felt bad because she taught lawyer was the one responsible which she saw as a taboo in the society, but her fears didn’t come to live when lawyer with a loud laughter told her that he wasn’t responsible for the pregnancy and that he wanted her to take a guess as to who is the guy responsible for the pregnancy, she had no clue so lawyer told her the name of the man who was responsible and she was really amazed, someone we deceived some few ago now coming in as a son-in-law, hmmmm it’s a small world we live in.

Lawyer Ayibontey took time to give details of the story of Maame Afua and Chief Supt. Ansah Akoto to Adjoa for a clearer understanding and as he was done, she also took the opportunity to tell lawyer about Nana Yaw, how they got together and the herculean tasked they had ahead of them, she told lawyer about the snakes, the fraternity and the man who came to threaten them the previous day.

 Lawyer Ayibontey took some information down as Adjoa was narrating her story and after listening to her, he asked some couple of questions which Adjoa answered to his satisfaction, he later volunteered to assist Nana Yaw and Adjoa Wusua to come out of their predicament, he later requested to see Nana Yaw personally so he could feed him with some needed information that will help him resolve the issue at hand and he wanted to see him as soon as possible, to Adjoa she was surprise because this was not a verbal dealing which she knew lawyer to be good at but this was spiritual related issue, well she knew the man infront of her to be credible who didn’t just open his mouth to talk so she obliged and told him that she will bring him to his office the following day so he goes ahead with his plans. Lawyer Ayibontey then asked her about Esi and Adjoa told him about the sour relationsh¡p she and Esi had been going through ever since her car and building doc-ments were handed over to her, she told him how she had been avoiding her calls and how she suddened called back to apologise and ask for a reunion. When she was done talking, lawyer gave her some lessons about women and how jealous they are naturally, he stressed on the fact that she should becareful as to how she now communicates with her friend, she should know the limit to the things she will open up to her friend since he was sensing pure jealousy here in their case.

 Adjoa asked permission to take leave and promised to passby lawyer’s office the next day with Nana Yaw, as she left the residence of lawyer she called Esi to inform her of her coming and immediately the call ended she also called Eddysongs to inform him that Adjoa called that she is on her way coming to their place, Eddysongs happily told her that he was also rushing to the wine shop to get some drinks they were going to use for their comeback celebration.

What will happen next?


Eddysongs quickly rushed to the wine shop bought drinks and passed by a pesticide shop to get some poisonous chemicals, when he was questioned about what he wanted to use the chemical for, he told the person selling that some animals were worrying him at his farm and he wanted to eliminate them for the troubles they have been causing him, the seller in return recommended a very poisonous medicine for him saying that the medicine was so powerful that when it even touches the tongue it could cause death to the person or animal that tasted the medicine, he was really happy and even paid double for his purchase.

 He drove home quickly even before Adjoa got to his residence, he freezed the drinks in the freezer and in no time Adjoa Wusua joined them in their beautiful house, it was a great reunion and they had a lot of things to discuss, Nana Yaw served them with one of the drinks he bought but Adjoa rather requested for food first because she was very hungry, Esi told her to join her in the kitchen for them to dish out the food she had prepared and Nana Yaw also decided to freshen up and join them later when the food was served, he went in quickly freshened up and wore a sleeveless top and came down to the dinning table, the ladies were not done yet so he also arranged the glasses they were going to use to take their drinks and that was when he decided to put his evil plans into action, he poured some of the chemical into one of the wine glasses and surprisingly it was colourless and scentless, he smiled at himself as he did that knowing very well that Adjoa wouldn’t see the next sunrise.

All so soon Esi and Adjoa walked to the dinning table with the food Esi prepared, Eddysongs tried to be a gentleman by helping Esi to sit at a safe place leaving Adjoa to sit at the s₱0t he had placed the poisoned glass, he quickly went to the fridge to get a fruit juice and came to serve everyone, Adjoa quickly wanted to drink her’s but Eddysongs told her to wait so he proposes a toast before they drink.

Eddysongs said a lot before he ended his long toast, as Adjoa took the glass to her mouth to drink her juice, her phone started ringing and as she checked it was Nana Yaw, she quickly dropped the glass and answered the call without even taking a sip of the juice.

Nana Yaw: Sweetheart where are you now?

Adjoa Wusua: Am with Esi in Eddysongs house.

Nana Yaw: Doing what there my dear, you know who we are dealing with and you still walk into their snare territory just like that?

Adjoa Wusua: Well we are about to eat lunch together and talking to you the food has already been dished out and if not for you call, I should have been doing justice to my food now. (She picks her glass to sip her drink)

Nana Yaw: Did I hear you say, you are about to do justice to your food? Have you forgotten we are fasting and you there telling me you are………….

Adjoa Wusua:(drops her glass again when she was reminded of the fast they were embarking upon and some of the juice poured on the dining table) Oh my God, I totally forgot about that ooo my king, please forgive me and thanks for calling on time.

Nana Yaw: Do you mean you haven’t taken anything in,side your mouth yet?

Adjoa Wusua: Yes please.

Nana Yaw: Good, please leave the place now so they don’t try to convince you to take anything from their house, I have a feeling something is not just right at that place. Am waiting for you in the house so we do our afternoon prayer together, please don’t keep me waiting for long, take care of yourself and remember I love you!!!!

Adjoa Wusua: Love you too baby boy. (call ends)

Eddysongs got up from his seat with a tissue in his hand and came over to where Adjoa was sitting and helped clean the juice that poured on the table, Adjoa saw clearly the tattoos on his arms for the first time. Sorry guys but I have to rush home, an emergency just popped up, Nana Yaw needs my attention right now in the house so please let’s make it next time

Eddysongs: Oh but you haven’t taken your food or drink, at least a sip from your glass and a scoop from your plate will compliment our efforts, even if you don’t want to eat if it will take much of your time, you can empty your glass of juice within 10seconds.

Adjoa Wusua: You don’t know how bad I feel walking away from the palatable food infront of me without even taking a scoop of it and the sweet scented juice in the glass, I was just reminded of a fasting am embarking upon and if not the call that came in, I would have destroyed everything I started weeks ago, I owe you guess a treat when am done with my fasting, I will see you later and thanks for inviting me over. I really appreciate your love and attention, Esi I will come for my stuff later. Enjoy your lunch (she blows a k-ss in the air to them and takes leave from their house), she walks back to the house again and took the wh0le container which had the remaining juice in it and said, I will drink the rest of the juice when I break the fast this evening. Love you guys plenty plenty and runs out of the house.

In Eddysongs head (what nonsense did I just see here in my house, who does Nana Yaw think he is to spoil my orchestrated plan just like that, ahh I had this girl corned at one side and just when I taught everything was done, he ruins my glorious moment with his stupid call, now how do I get this stupid girl again the next time?). Esi Haizel had been calling Eddysongs for long but he was faraway in his thinking world, when she taped him before he came back to normal. She asked if everything was okay and he smiled and said yes he was okay, Esi then with a fulfilled mentality asked for her mindblowing surprise and the kind of eye Eddysongs watched her with was enough to make an ice block melt even if it was in the freezer, he also stood up without even taking a scoop of the food, she asked where he was going but never got a reply from him which made her worried, Eddysongs left the house to God knows where and Esi started throwing up, I believe you know the reason why she had started throwing up?

If God be for us who can be against us?

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Let’s learn to serve and worsh¡p him with faith and in truth, problems, crisis and difficulties may come but God will always see us through.

Adjoa Wusua has escaped her first murder attempt unknowingly, will there be any assassination or second attempt on her life or she will die by  herself?

Last days are very dangerous!!!!!



To be continued…….

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