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Water mate episode 18


Mystery Mate Series present: 💦


🧜 Water Mate 🧜

🌺🍃 Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel 🍃🌺

🌊 Chapter Eighteen 🌊

🧜 Suzanne’s standpoint 🧜

The sun was out, my body was weak from using my new power, healing so many vampires, having Finn drink so much from me and take a huge amount of my healing energy, getting him cleaned up and suffering s£xual mental harassment and staying up all-night to watch him. It wasn’t just healing, his system changed, causing him to scream in pain and hurl out the poisoned blood. Which meant more cleaning for me.

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I was so exhausted, my eyes hurt so bad and my body was itchy. Normally I had never drained so much energy since I saved Sandra’s mother, it had been a while. Finn was still unconscious, I took the liberty to give him the final cleaning and changed his clothes and bedcovers then cut myself so he could feed to keep his strength up. He owes me big time.

After making sure he was okay, I bathed, changed into a royal gown sent to me and went out to answer the calling of Casmir who said he needed to talk to me. I went to Finn’s office, Casmir, Axel and another vampire was there discussing. Immediately I walked in, they stood up and bowed.

“Milady, thank you for answering my call,” Casmir started to speak first, “please sit.” He ushered me to the big red chair. I sat down slowly, gazing at them with suspicion.

“Casmir, what is this about? I have to attend to my sick mate.”

“Yes, but as the law says, when the king is out, the queen must take over from him and attend to all his duties.” Casmir spoke as he took his seat.

“I am yet to be the queen, I haven’t even mated with that jerk yet, so why me?”

“If you don’t do it, then Lord Bancroft would be the one to take over the duty and that man is a crook and bloody bastard. His Majesty strictly told me that if anything should happen to him, I should pass his seal to you and make sure you handle his affairs with my assistant. I know this is a lot to ask from you, especially knowing that right now you are exhausted, but you just have to help, we beg you.”

“Milady,” the other man called with a bow of his head, “there are so many issues to solve, issues the king had been dismissing due to nonchalance and of course, you and his illness. I hope you can assist the poor out there and do what he refuses to do.”

“I cannot make any decision without my mate, we might not be in good terms at all but he is still the king and as much as I hate it, my superior. I cannot disrespect him, but I will see what I can do. What do I need to do first?” I asked with a smile. They all smiled, glad I agreed.

“There are some small paperwork you need to go through, sign, fill, and of course make. You need to set the months budget, order of the army routine, a new security strategy, tend to the affairs of the nobles, the businesses, the problem with the reduction of human transport by the human agency…”

“Bloody hell! I thought you said small!”

“Most are in the paperwork.”

“Axel, you are the assistant general of the army, I hereby give you permission to make up the plans and submit for approval. You have three days to come up with something good for me, clear?” He bowed in agreement. I looked at the guy and arched a brow.

“What is your use?”

“I manage the king’s sea affairs, including his business like the exporting and importing of goods and slaves. Anything that deals with his sea business, I handle it.”

“So what do you want from me?”

“There have been short supply of provisions for the sea workers and reports on illegal trade going on in our port and territories, this must be dealt with.” I messaged my temples.

“I’ll get back to you, I need time to think. Casmir, can I have breakfast first? I’m extremely exhausted and hungry, something seafood and a lot of vegetables, I’m going to need it.”

“Oh, of course, I will get Lida on it immediately.” They all stood up to leave.

“Axel, how’s my sister?” He froze, something was wrong. He turned around and cleared his throat nervously. “Axel?”

“If Her Majesty don’t mind, Sandy is still recovering from last night’s drama.”

I sank back on my chair, already knowing what he had done. “How long will it take before she fully becomes a vampire?” His mouth gaped open, he wasn’t expecting me to figure it out. “Axel?”

“Two to three days the most.”

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“Good, take that time to be with her and while you are at it, get my new plans ready, I don’t need you slacking for nothing. The kingdom is vulnerable right now and need a new protection. Also, I need the full data on all well trained vampires, the semi trained ones and the newbies. I need their age, strength and the numbers of the ones that have special abilities, add it to your plan. If you have an assistant, you can get him or her to do that.”

“Yes Milady.”

“You are dismissed.” He bowed again and left. I let out a heavy sigh, I need comfort. After resting for a while, I went back to Finn, checked his healing progress then went looking for Claudia, I couldn’t find her anywhere.

I walked to the kitchen to get Lida to tell me where she was, she knows almost everything. Immediately I threw the doors open, all the maids and cooks gossiping in the kitchen froze. I held up my dress and walked into the kitchen majestically. They all bowed, holding their trembling hands.

“Where is Lady Lida?”

“Here!” Lida shouted as she ran into the kitchen from another door. She bowed in respect, a knowing smile on her face as she glanced at all of them. “Do you need anything Milady? Your breakfast is being prepared.”

“Any idea where my sister is? Claudia?”

“Miss Claudia disappeared from the castle the morning you disappeared, she has not been seen since then.”

“But I saw her yesterday, she was the one who warned me of the attack when I was coming in.” I argued. She looked at me confusedly.

“I don’t know, the king is the only one who has knowledge of her whereabout, Miss Sandra couldn’t get him to spill it out, he almost killed her.”

I tapped my foot, something was wrong. But with the present duty in front of me, Claudia would have to wait, she can take care of herself anyway. “Alright, I have one more order.”

“I am here to serve you Milady,”

“Please, don’t call me that, Florry is fine by me.”

“That would be difficult as it is against the law to address a royal without their title or with their names, especially my future queen.” With the tone of finality she used, she wasn’t going to call me by my name anytime soon.

“Alright, at least call me Lady Florry…”

“That would be belittling you to the standard of common nobles, you are royal milady and I really can’t call you anything less than that. If you want something other, Princess Florry or Princess is the least I can do.”

“Fine, do whatever,” I huffed, “here are your orders but first some questions. Are there any house service organizations here?”

“Yes, but it is only available to others, the castle has their own workers and royal service where all nobles and royals get their house workers. Why is that?”

“I will not risk the life of my mate, myself and unborn children under the hands of disrespect servants who don’t know their place,” I growled, the maids and cooks gasped knowing I was referring to them. “You know the good ones among them, you know the ones loyal to their king no matter who his mate is. Lida, I need you to do not just the king and the castle a favour, but help me as the woman who stood up for me even when she didn’t know me, who was loyal to the human she didn’t know. I want all dismissed and sent out of my house!”

A loud cry swept through the kitchen. Lida glared at them to shut up. “Give them their wages in full, for the next one month and have them either sent back to the royal service, or fired for life. You know the ones that are to be fired and the ones to be sent back, make sure Maria is fired and banned from my castle, along with the one who wanted to eat my heart…” I averted my red eyes to Mrs. Lawrence’s daughter, her blood stiffened at my command.

Mrs. Lawrence ran in that moment and once her eyes fell on me, her face went pale. I forced her daughter and Maria to their knees, causing them to cry out in pain. “I should kill the both of you,” I smirked evilly, walking closer to Maria. I was going to strike fear into their hearts, I was no human. “A human is frail and weak you said…” I let only my index claw out and ran it along her chin.

She was already shivering with fear, tears running down her cheeks as small sobs left her mouth. “And you,” I turned to the daughter. Mrs. Lawrence couldn’t move, she just stood there with tears in her eyes, she knew her daughter did wrong. “What makes you think I can’t rip your heart out and feast on it? Do you know what I am? No, just like everyone else, you believed I was human. I wouldn’t blame you, I made it so, but that gave neither of you no right to disrespect and insult me! I am his mate, not anyone else.”

I ran my eyes around for the other one, when I found her hiding behind another girl, I smirked. She screamed in pain as her body forced her out. “Lady Kaede will kill me, huh? The same one I healed or the one who was helpless on the floor. I should have let her die, but again, I can’t do that.”


“Lida, don’t. I would end you by ripping your heart,” I said to Mrs. Lawrence’s daughter, “but I won’t. Not just because I don’t kill people for reasons as pathetic as that, but because your mother is a good woman and have served this castle with diligence and loyalty. For her sake I will let you leave with your life, but I don’t want to see you near my home again or I will end you.”

“Yes Milady.” They chorused. I turned to Mrs. Lawrence with an apologetic look.

“I plead for your forgiveness, for disrespecting you and doing this, but I must. I hope you will still stay and continue your loyal and diligent work to the royal household.” I smiled as I bowed to her, a respectful bow.

I loved what I did, I showed them I could be a real demon but a respectful sweetheart. She was shocked for a few seconds, before she realised what happened and went on her knees. “Please, never bow to me again or the king will have my head, please don’t ever bow to me.”

“Will you stay?”

“My loyalty will forever remain with my king and his queen.” I lifted myself up and spun on my heels, about-facing Lida.

“Let that be a warning to you all, remember I easily slayed the demon vampire even the king’s ancestors couldn’t. I can easily slay you.”

Finn will be so proud of me.

“Lida, the new cooks are to be brought to me for inspection as well as the maids. The other maids that work in the castle are free, you know who to chase out and who to not. Except if sent, no maids or cooks is allowed above this floor, do not disturb my work or my mate’s healing process, any slight shock would ruined everything. I will kill anyone who puts him through anymore pain.” I found myself whimpering at the end, remembering all he must have gone through because of me.

“Lida, you know what to do, please hurry with the food before I eat someone.” I said jokingly. She smiled, a glint of pride in her eyes.

“Knew you would be a great queen.” She blunted out. I laughed a little and headed back to Finn.




“You have got to be kidding me!” I shouted after Casmir slammed a tower of files in front of me. “You said small!!!”

“Trust me, this is nothing compare to what he handles,” I whimpered and sank down on the chair, “come on, you can do it, I am here to help.”

“What can you do!” I cried, “I get to read everything!”

“I know some that you don’t require to read, I already read them all and know…”

“No,” I wasn’t going to take that risk. “Better get started.”

He smiled and dropped the first, opened it and gave me a feather.

REQUEST FOR A NEW SCHOOL… Was written boldly in Italian writing.

“Blood Lake province requires a new school to host their growing children. A large number of humans came to live in the town, surrendering to be vampires so they were turned. With the new numbers, more things need to be built.”

“Why let themselves get turned along with their entire family?”

“Because the king will surely care for them one way or the other, better than dying of poverty. He dropped six more files, all from the same province requiring more health centres, work opportunities, securities, blood transport etc.

I went through all the files one by one with his help, most were disturbing, few made me feel like crying from how boring it was, ten made me doze off. I didn’t seal all, just the minor. I noticed the main problem Finn was facing was blood reductions, schools and more warriors. I stood up after going through everything and went to the large board. I mapped out my plans, my ideas and the possibilities, then I went through our budgets and cut out all the unwanted things and added the needed. I rearranged it to suit my plans and we still had much to spare.

We could also demand money from the nobles as it was their job to assist. I also planned to have my island of golds and precious stones shipped to me. Yes, I had a small underwater island where I kept the treasures I found and the ocean gifted me, but never told my sisters. Only the ocean knew where it was, it kept it there for years before gifting them to me. Now I was going to be queen, it was my duty to assist my mate financially, I didn’t need the money anyways. I would have given my sisters, but my instinct kicked against it.

I guess this was why.

After three hours of planning while Casmir watched me in awe, I dropped the chalk and returned to my seat exhausted. I drank my glass of water quickly and sighed.

“Wow, this is brilliant milady!” Casmir gushed out. “This could solve all the problems quickly.”

“I am worried about the blood one though, I will need to speak to Finn about it first, but assemble a council meeting, I need to share my ideas as it is important. Also, I will be attending the conference to assure the people that everything will be okay, the attack shook them, right?”

We had no idea that while Stephan was inside, his other warriors were attacking the main city and closer provinces. They all died after I killed Stephan.

“Badly, I will prepare for it immediately.” I nodded.

“What time is it?”

“Already pass sunset.”

“I need the nobles here at 9am and the conference at 2pm. I will take the remaining time to check out the available lands for the new building sites, we are going to be doing a lot of building.”

“I will get on it right away, anything else?”

“Get me a list of lands you know will be good, even if it’s claimed already,” I pushed my chair back and rocked it. “Tell that sea guy to get me the names of every ship sailing in and out of the port and send men undercover to board every ship and check out it cargos. I want women on the streets and in the port, get the information out of the men, do you have women who can do that?”

“We have females warriors who will be delighted.”

“Great! I need someone to secretly get the sales record of every noble and rich fools, place spies at each of their buildings and get me the info. I will also instruct all sea creatures to look out for me.”

“Sea creatures?” He gasped. I ignored him.

“Are we done for the day?” He nodded. “Well then, I am off to faint.”

I stood up, gathered my dress into my hand and headed out. Guards bowed to me as I walked passed, being a queen is fun and exhausting. When I opened the bedroom, I was shocked to see Finn’s eyes open, though he hadn’t moved much, just sat on the bed. He was stronger than I thought.

“Oh my scales! Finn!” I shrieked and rushed to him with my speed. I threw my arms around him, immediately breaking into tears. Good thing my amulet didn’t let it turn to pearly diamond…

Hey! Diamonds! I could cry more and gather my tears for more money.

“I thought I would lose you for sure, I’m so glad you are alive,” I cried as I held him with all my strength. He chuckled lowly, holding me to himself. I pulled back, though his hands remained on my waist. “How do you feel?”

“Like a vampire with bones made of stones and metal, I can’t walk and anytime I talk, it feels like my breath would fail me.” He spoke with so much pain.

“Don’t worry, it will heal soon and I will take good care of you, just let me wash up first. Do you want something to eat? Drink?”

“No, I don’t feel like. How was your day? I heard you filled in for me as queen and got most of my workers fired.”

I grinned sheepishly and played with a lock of my hair, “they asked for it. You owe me, there was too much work to do, I’ll tell you when I get back.”

At the end, I used my mermaid strength to carry him to the bathroom so he would be with me since he insisted. He felt so embarrassed that I had to do that but I didn’t mind. I bathed as I told him about my ideas and plans I mapped out, everything I would do including the blood issue. I didn’t mind the way he gawked at my [email protected], his system was too weak to hype up so I was safe, plus he couldn’t walk. After bathing, I changed and helped him back to the room where we discussed the rest plans as I massaged his stiff bones.

He told me his scientist and that of the Human protection agency were working on a pill, one that would dissolve into blood once put in a reasonable amount of water. It was a great idea but I was still going to do mine as an addition, that is if my plan works.

“I will be going out tomor…”

“No.” He cut me off before I even finished.

“You don’t need to fear, Casmir would be there and I have powers, remember?”

“Oh yeah, about that, you are a fish!”

“Finn!” I yelled, slapping his chest which I was massaging.

“Why didn’t you tell me?! Seriously! Mermaid!”

“I am not a mermaid, honestly I am more than that. I have a tail, yes, but not a mermaid. It’s easier to say I am to save the explanation, but I will when you get better.”

“Why not now?”

“Because by the time I tell you what I am, I will tell you why I left and that means you slamming me to a bed possessively and forcefully claiming me. It won’t work either way but whatever, I’m going out tomorrow.”

“My mate lied to me, poisoned me with her blood, came back and killed a powerful vampire because she might be a fish, healed me and many and now is acting queen. I can’t be with her to protect her, I just watched her bathe and now she is sitting on me and I still can’t get any bloody er£ction! Did I forget to say I am paralyse and can barely move my hands!”

“So the point is that you are upset because you can’t get me laid.” I said as a matter-of-factly, staring at him plainly.

“Hell yes! Do you know how frustrating it is?! I need you so bad but I can’t feel myself. When I get better, I will so deal with you mercilessly, punish you for this suffering.”

“No one asked you to drink my blood and almost kill me,” I murmured.

“Nobody told me a mate’s blood is poisonous and I am sorry.” He apologised and huffed.

“I’ll be fine and you too, promise. I will tell you everything, every little detail love, but when you get better.” I assured him. He sighed.

“I know you killed Stephan and all, but I am still your mate and must protect you, go with my hippogryph, I will feel better if he is with you.”

“You have a hippogryph?” I gasped, I’ve always wanted to ride one. “I’ve always wanted to ride one!”

“He will love to meet you, but he is a little weird though. Step away from him if his eyes turn black, his name is Knight.”

“I know a female, that stubborn Stormy who won’t let me ride her. She likes me, will always come looking for me every two months, but won’t let me ride her. She would probably come thundering down here in search of her master who she won’t listen to any moment from now.” I complained.

Finn smiled, “Knight would be glad to hear this, tell him when you meet him.”

“Why?” I asked puzzledly.

“You’ll see.” He smirked. He forced his hand up and pinched my nose.

“What was that for?”

“For coming back to me, thank you. Eventually, you are already the best mate and queen a king could ask for.”

That did it, I can never be mad at him, not anytime soon.





To be continued.

A true queen indeed.

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