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When love doesn't make sense episode 9


When Love Doesn’t Make Sense (episode 9)
A Break-up is definitely not a pleasant experience; especially if you truly loved that person with all your heart. No one wants to go a day, weeks or months without speaking or seeing the person they truly love. When I said those scary words “It’s Over” to Gary, he was utterly shocked and dumbfounded because he didn’t see it coming at all. Matter of fact, Gary initially felt I was joking and probably didn’t mean those devastating words that left my lips, but his fears were confirmed when all efforts to get me to take back those words back proved abortive.
“Baby you can’t be saying things like this, you are upset and I get that but please don’t make serious decisions at this moment because it’s clear that we both aren’t in a good frame of mind. Please sit down let’s talk this through; please babe, let’s talk” Gary said with tears in his eyes. At that moment, I honestly didn’t know what to do. A big part of me wanted to walk away but another part of me wanted to stay back and listen attentively to what he had to say.
While still figuring out my next course of action, Gary held my hands very tight and I looked into his eyes with sadness in my heart and tears in my eyes. I could see the devastated state of his heart when I looked into his reddish eyes. Deep down in my heart, I truly didn’t want to let my man go because I genuinely loved him with all my heart and wanted him alone. However, I wasn’t willing to be a rebound to someone all in the name of Love. Never!
After Gary suggested that we talk things through, I finally agreed by sitting down where he wanted me to sit so we could talk properly. “Talk, I’m listening” I soberly said after sitting. “Ok babe” he responded and sat down too.
The conversation of a lifetime was about to begin and I was ready for whatever the result would be. After we settled down, Gary tiredly looked at me with tears in his eyes and before I knew it, he started crying.
As I watched Gary cry, my heart gradually became soft but I tried my possible best to hide my feelings and emotions. After about two minutes of being mute, he finally broke the silence; “Babe, who have you been talking to? Please tell me who told you about this” he curiously inquired.
There and then, I realised that I hadn’t told Gary that it was his mum who called me, so I felt it was best I told him about that since we were having a conversation. “Your mum called and told me everything, I am still shocked as to how she got my contact information or did you give it to her?” I soberly said. The shock on his face at that moment convinced me that he didn’t believe my story. “My mum? You have got to be kidding because my mum is still yet to find out about us. She would be the last person to do a thing like this” He said with total assurance.
At that moment, I was shocked even more than ever and didn’t know what or whom to believe. While I was still trying to digest what Gary said, he requested for the number of the person that claimed to be his mum so he could investigate the matter. I went to my phone call log and found the number, then showed to him afterwards.
One look at the number and Gary could already tell that it wasn’t that of his mum. He immediately dialed the number on his phone but no name showed. The phone rang for a while before the call was picked. He quickly put the phone on loud speaker so I could hear their conversation.
“Hello” Gary greeted, “Hi” the stranger replied. Without wasting time, he continued; “Please can I know who I am speaking to? This is Gary” he said and before we could get a reply, the person ended the call.
After the call ended, Gary shook his head and looked at me. “Babe I know I did wrong by keeping this sort of secret from you but I am definitely sure whoever revealed this information to you blew everything out of proportion. To be honest, I hadn’t spoken to Letisha since you and I took our relationship to the next level. It’s true that I was going through a tough time in my relationship with Letisha when I met you but that doesn’t mean you didn’t steal my heart the very first day we met. Please forgive me and take back those words you said earlier because I seriously don’t know what would happen to me if you walked away from my life” he soberly said.
As we conversed further, my heart gradually began to get soft and every anger I was feeling vanished little by little. Regardless of the fact that Gary was gradually convincing me to give our relationship another chance, I still felt hurt and betrayed.
As my heart gently began to melt, Gray drew closer to me and laid his head on my laps. He sobbed gently and my heart began to beat very fast. The tears in my eyes didn’t want to cease anytime soon because I was touched by what was happening at that moment.
Before I could figure out how to console Gary, who was crying gently, he lifted his head from my laps and dropped a Big shocker; “Marry Me Sonnie”.
End of episode 9 😉

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