When Love Is Not Enough 2

When Love Is Not Enough 2 -Episode 8

Episode 8.


Michelle drove down to the hotel that Katie was lodging with Timothy.
She asked him to stay in the car first while she go in to meet Katie.

Michelle called Katie that she was at the reception.
Katie asked her to come to ceramic B. She was directed to Katie’s room.
On her way up she looked into the hotel bar and saw a man, who looks like she has seen him before.
The guy looked at her and return his look to the football match playing on the television screen.
He has two bottle of drinks and also a half peanut bottle right in his front.

He was a good looking man with broad shoulders.
Michelle continued until she got to Katie’s room.
Katie opened the door for her and she entered

“Katie… you got everyone worried, you could have come down to my place…you know how much I love having you around. But I guess you needed a quiet place. You value your privacy. I totally understand… how have you being?

“Just living everyday at a time until I get off from here. I really needed time to chew all that recently happened. Tim did the unexpected. it was just unbelievable that he could do such to me…he took me for granted and never consider my feelings. How could he buy a car for his ex, still made her his personal assistant. I caught them together doing some rubbish stuffs. I understand that the girl was more into him than he was into her but he conceded to her wishes. Pleasing her more than he has ever done to me. The same girl humiliated me. babe there are things I can not condone. you know me way back in school days that I don’t take rubbish from anyone. I only tolerated Tim because he was my husband. When he turns me down in bed, when he says he was not ready to have children despite how much I wanted babies, when he refused to buy me a car, Givenchy bag that I have always wanted and all I needed to do was to understand, tolerate and try not to nag since he complains I nag too much. But it was a big slap on my face to catch him in a shocking position with his ex and was more shock that he personally got her a car which I don’t care what his reasons are but Tim humiliated me by doing all that… They pointed a dirty finger at my face and I decided to bite it off for them.

“Katie, Tim is so sorry. He has not being eating because of you. and as for the lady, she almost died. She is still in the hospital and if she has died you would have being tagged a murderer. Probably locked up in prison… This will not be a case of safe defence it will be purely a cold murder. And at the end you will regret your actions for allowing your anger to dictate for you…

They talked and Michelle even revealed that the Mira was still the same Mimi that entangled with James.
Katie was surprised to discover that.

“Oh mine. babe, which means the beating was worth it after all. The beating was both for hurting you, making you to miscarry your unborn child, causing trouble between you and James and for humiliating me and getting involved again with my husband. It was as if she didn’t learn her lesson with you. She mingled with the wrong person this time around. I don’t even have time to batter words with the stupid wh-re…I just go straight to the business of the day. beat the pr-stitute spirit out of her body… hahahaha…

Katie laughed and Michelle joined in.
Katie later said.

“I’m glad she survived, although she deserves to die after her numerous sins. But I don’t want to be a murderer. Anyway I got an important gist babe. Do you know I’m presently in the same hotel with Pascal…

“Is it Pascal your ex? Wait a minute… he must have being the guy I saw at the hotel bar watching a football match. I knew I have seen that face before. His pictures use to occupy your gallery. You constantly used him on your social media display picture. I know I haven’t met him in person but I can’t mistake his face after seen so many of this pictures with you… what is he doing here and why are you in the same hotel with him. Katie, you went back to him…oh mine. Don’t tell me you went back to Pascal, that guy played with your emotions…

“I did not go back to him. Is just a mere coincidence that we are lodging here together and Pascal is a changed person. He has changed…no more the same arrogant, cheating and boastful Pascal but I don’t trust him…

Katie told Michelle everything including the gifts that Pascal offered her.

“I’m tempted to take it Mich, he is giving me all the things that I have always wanted. Timothy denied me everyone of it and the sad truth is Pascal is good in bed. Sometimes I just imagine him make out with me. Don’t look at me like that Mich. Is true…I complained to you that I’m s€× deprived because Tim hates touching me…

“Katie, Tim doesn’t hate touching you is just that he is…is. uhmmm…I mean Tim just wanted work hærd and give you everything you have always wanted. He devoted much into work and I assure you that he regrets it. He is still your husband and will do better if you will just come back home. Tim loves you and has learnt his lesson. Please forgive him. We remain grateful to you and him for working so hærd to restore my marriage. God used both of you with doctor Ken and is quiet surprising that the same thing that almost tore me and James apart is coming to destroy your home. Please don’t let it. Most things can also be avoided if you will get serious with God. I know you are not the praying type but you and Tim really need God in your marriage. Katie don’t tell me you have slept with Pascal already…

“No, I haven’t but i miss good s€× babe. Tim is not giving me what I want yet I never contacted my ex or any man. I still try to manage it all and I never knew that Tim was busy mingling with his ex. Staying late at work and misbehaving whenever he was home… This is not fair that I have to end up with a selfish man who only cares about himself, his work and also his ex. You need to see the beautiful car and mouth watering cheque that Pascal is offering even a shopping spree where I get to buy the bag that I have always wanted. I know Tim is a handsome man but not handsome in bed. But Pascal is handsome both in bed, in pocket and in look. I don’t know why I can’t get the full package in Timothy. Babe I wish I can have it all. This Pascal gifts is so tempting…I have being thinking of it for days.

“Katie don’t take it. He may not mean any harm in offering those things but me and you knows he is a gambler. Once the money finishes he will start calling you to lend him some of yours with the promise to pay double when he hits another win. What if he never wins…. for how long do you want to be loaning him money to gamble. Is high time he quit those game thing and invest his money to yield fruits because there’s no future without investment. Don’t accept it… let him take his gifts. Katie I promise you that Timothy will buy you a car and everything you have always wanted. Tim was there for you when Pascal dumped you and refused to take your calls. you said he is a changed man, I agree with you but you are now married and is his lost. I have come to understand that in marriage everyday is not honey moon. Somedays you wonder why you married your husband while some days you thank God for having a man like him. Love is not Just enough. understanding, prayer, submission, respect and sacrifice is required to make a good home and also making God the centre of your union. I know Tim will treat you better than before, make love to you the way you have always wanted and will never keep anything from you but you have to try no matter how hærd it maybe to forgive him if he confesses a sin to you…

“What else did he wants to confess that I don’t know already. I already caught him in the cheating act and I destroyed the car he bought for his ex. Babe, there’s nothing he will say that will surprise me again. I have seen it all. And if i have to return to him is going to be with a condition of making babies. I’m a woman and time is running so fast… is it until I grow gray hair before he remembers that we are supposed to have kids. I want to get pregnant, bear my child, nurse him or her and watch my baby grow. Tim took an injection which is preventing us from bearing children. If I return to him he is going to neutralise whatever he took. If he tries any rubbish again I’m leaving him straight up. I won’t be able to tolerate pain, sadness, s€× deprived, loneliness or disrespect from Tim. And is until I become pregnant I will totally let it all go.

Katie later agreed with Michelle to go home.
Michelle couldn’t tell Katie the huge secret that may cause more problems. She left it for Tim to do so and hopes he will do it soon without delay and it will not get out of hand.

Michelle informed Katie that Timothy was in her car.

“I asked you to come alone Mich, You shouldn’t have bring him here. He will come here and start acting like the victim. You know like a child beaten by his mother and i have no choice than to start petting him…

Michelle laugh, Katie joined in. Michelle later said.

“Show some respect young woman. He is your husband and no escaping for you. You signed forever with him and the forever is just starting and you are already shivering. running away to hide and cry in a hotel will not save you. You automatically becomes his mother. Correct him when he tries to go astray, care for him when he feels weak and tired…

Katie laughed again as they walked out of the room together.

“God will help every woman. Seriously… who will now care for me or don’t I deserve all the warm and care. Tim will say I’m nagging anytime I try to correct him but that will not stop. Infact this Time around is me and him and the children we are going to have…. like you said we just started another batch of marriage. I miss him though and hope I didn’t injure him much. I was really upset that day thank God that no life was lost. Aaah…but Tim hurt me so much. It still hurt whenever I think of it. but there is wisdom in your words.

“James hurt me too in the past but you talk some senses into me so that makes two of us.

Timothy was tired of staying in the car. He decided to come to the hotel bar to wait for Michelle to return with feedback from Katie.

He saw people sitting at the bar, there was this particular young man watching football with all concentration.
 Tim took a seat beside him. his heart was troubled as he kept looking out for Michelle or any sight of Katie.

Pascal was there watching his football and did not pay attention at first to the man who sat beside him.
Other people lodging in the hotel also came to watch downstairs instead of their quiet rooms.

Immediately Michelle and Katie was passing. They both look in,side the bar.
Timothy stood up and gently walked up to them.
Pascal saw Katie and quickly went to meet her.

Timothy was shock at same time afraid when the stranger started talking to his wife.

“Hey Katie…you decided to come down. I have being sitting here and hoping to see you. Are we still going for the shopping.. you did not get back to me again yesterday. Your car key and cheque is still with me. We should be cruising round town… I don’t like you locking yourself all the time in your room. I just want to be here for you if you need to talk… because I truly care Katie.

Timothy bent his head, he took a step back. It was bette if he doesn’t hear more than he has already heard.

Katie smile and said to Pascal.

“Hi Pascal…have you met my friend, Michelle. The only bossom friend I have. I always mentioned her to you back then… can you remember…?

“Uhmmm…Not really. I can’t remember Katie. I used to have alot of things occupying my mind then. I hadly pay attention to details…

“Very true Pascal. any details that is from me was never to be taking serious because you were Just playing games with my heart and I was loving you as if my life depends on it. Isn’t that so unfortunate…

“Katie, I have repeatedly apologies for my past sins. You are the reason I came down to this city to make up for my past fault. I love you Katie but that won’t really matter much because you won’t believe me no matter what I do or how many times I say it…I just wish you will accept the gifts from me because is from a sincere heart. Without you I won’t be who I am today…

Katie nodded. She looked at Tim who quickly looked away in shame and move back again.
Katie went to stand beside him.
Timothy was confused and didn’t know what to do. He bent his head as Katie turned to Pascal and said.

“Pascal, please meet my husband… Timothy Coleman. He was there for me when you kicked my ass without mercy. He was there the day you finally called and insulted me and he shared in the insult too. Timothy was a shoulder I cried on. Michelle shares in all my secrets and hurts from you. They were friends but turned out to be family. I’m not judging you Pascal. Is just a soft reminder. I’m glad you have finally made it. Remember to treat people better now, don’t take anyone for granted because you may never know what tomorrow Will birth. My husband did something that hurt me and that’s why I’m in this hotel to heal up and return back. And now is time for me to go…I will be leaving tomorrow. Getting ready to be a mother soon and Tim will be a father so we need to go and prepare for that…

Timothy looked at Michelle who looked back at him. Timothy heart started racing the moment Katie mentioned making babies. He cleared his throat severally. He looked at Pascal who’s eyes was fixed on Katie’s l-ips as she talks.

Timothy felt a pang of jealous as many thought crosses his mind.
He wish Pascal will look at somewhere else and stop looking at Katie’s mouth.
He breathed deeply looked at his wife before looking away.

Katie started walking out after speaking with Pascal.
She walked Michelle and Timothy to the car.
Michelle went in,side the car while Tim stood with his wife.

“Kat… Katie… uhmmm… I’m sor….

Katie interrupted him.

“You are sorry…I know. Stop saying that. When I come home you prove it to me. Both in bed and in all your actions. I just want you to make up for those times you cling to your laptop and allowed me to lay alone in bed, sulking until I sleep. If you chose your laptop over me next time I will smash the laptop into pieces. And any unfortunate lady that dares plays roughly with you please make sure that you remind them the kind of wife you got, example is the downfall of Mira, Mimi or whatever her name is. None of us will forget that in a hurry. Now, let’s get serious Tim. No more “I’m not ready for babies”. I won’t take that from you. is time to start making them because I can’t wait to be a mother, I’m tired of waiting. Come and pick me up tomorrow. We can even spend sometime in my room together when you come. Don’t be worried about my ex, I did nothing with him and is just a mare coincidence that we lodged in the same hotel. We never planned it and as for the gifts he is offering. Accepting them may make you feel humiliated and Michelle said something in,side my room that also makes alot of sense so I’m not accepting them. I will not humiliate you because you humiliated me. you will definitely get me my own car. you better work hærd towards achieving that. see you tomorrow Tim.

Katie turned and saw Pascal watching her. She called Tim who was about to enter the car to stop.
She went to him hug and k-ssed him fully on the l-ips.
 Waved goodbye at Michelle as she drove off with Tim.
She try to walk pass Pascal, he stopped her.

“I’m not a bad person Katie, being in this hotel for a while now was because of you. I’m not leaving anytime soon. I’m hoping you will change your mind and accept the innocent gifts from a sincere heart. I know you love and respect your husband which is good. You have always being a faithful lover. I wish to have a woman like you someday, who will adore and sing my praise to any man interested in her. Katie you are a good person and you deserve the best. even if you checkout of the hotel I will still stay for sometime, hoping and waiting that you will come for your gifts. And I’m also enjoying the city…is so cool.

Katie nodded before walking back into her room.

Timothy asked Michelle if she told Katie anything concerning his infertility. Michelle replied that she didn’t because is his duty to do that.
Michelle promised to keep praying for him and Katie.

The following day Tim drove to the hotel to take his wife home.
He stayed in his car for over thirty minutes thinking.
He took some recommended drug which he got from the hospital to help his condition, it will help boast up his urge for s€×. he put it in his mouth chew and swallowed it. He hide the drugs again. Relax back in his car seat.

Katie called, asking him if he was still coming. Tim told her he was already in the hotel and will be up to her room soon.

Katie smile. She quickly change over to her lingerie.
She dressed s€×y for her husband.
She wants them to spend good time together in the hotel before leaving.

Tim was slowly counting his step as he walked to ceramic B where his wife was eagerly waiting for him.

To be continued

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