Wrong Romance

Wrong romance episode 19 – 21


Wrong Romance ?
…. Episode 19…..
Just then my mind flashed back to nancy’s advice. Is this the opportunity I have. What If nick finds out.
Well I didn’t murder anyone, its just lunch I said to my self.
Ok we can go for lunch I replied. I know he must have wondered why I accept to go with him but i don’t care.
I entered his car and we zoomed off for his restaurant.my heart was beating fast that if you can hear it you can easily dance to it.
We arrived at classic town and went to the restaurant section.
We sat together facing each other while Gabriel called one of the waiter.
He wishpered into his ear and he left without asking me what to eat.
Only God knows what he told him.
So tell me how did it happen, nick asked.
How did what happened?
I mean how did the store got burnt overnight nick asked again.
Please can we not talk about that now.
Oh alright he replied.
Just then, the waiters walked in carrying different trays. One was dropped in front of me while the other for Gabriel. With different kinds of drinks.
It was like a feast table, due to the kind of drinks that was set in our table.
I opened my plate and it was fried rice and jellof rice together and a big lap of chicken which can be used to serve two people.
“Hope you like it nick said with a bit g smile on his face.
“Yeah sure I replied.
“Ask for anything you want if that’s is not enough this is my restaurant, feel free.
Everyone was just staring at us, while some where hailing him, with big names like odogwu.
We started eating and I didn’t look at his face throughout because I was really shy.
Later that day he drove me home and I make sure he didn’t drop me in front of my apartment to avoid being seen by those gossipers who won’t mind their business.
I got to my apartment and fell on my bed. I can’t believe am really doing this, upon all the promise I made to myself and nick not to go for Gabriel is what am now doing now.
Well atleast am not dating him, I just want his money that’s all then get married to nick as usual.
The next day I went to visit nick. I knocked on his door

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for a long time before he finally opened.
We hugged and kissed as usual. What took you so long to open the door I asked?
Am so sorry I was sleeping and didn’t hear you that’s why.Nick said
Alright have you eating M?
Yeah, sure I ate yam and egg.
O didn’t see you yesterday what happened nick asked.
I was scared, what if he had seen me yesterday.
Hmm nothing I just decided to let you rest, without disturbing you thats why I didn’t come.
Alright then, hmm baby I’ll like us to fix a date for our wedding please, nick said.
Wedding, uhmm babe I think that should be put to a halt first until you recover other things. I don’t want to put you in more expenses now because of our wedding. Am here for you. I said.
Hmmmmm OK if you say so… Nick said.
week later?
I was already enjoying life with Gabriel, although we are not dating, but I made sure nick didn’t know about us.
My plan was to eat his cash and move to nick just like Nancy did. But was always watching his steps to avoid regrets.
I was in my apartment chatting with nick on WhatsApp when Nancy and perp barged in.
“Hey why didn’t you guys know, this is my room not a market place where you can walk in as you like.
“Sandra am very disappointed in you perp said sitting down on my plastic chair.
What do you mean I asked looking at perp.
I thought you love nickbso much, why going around town with Gabriel she asked in a angry manner.
Is that why you bardge into my room like that I asked
Help me tell her, madam Mary amaka Nancy said.
See perp lemme tell you, I love nick. So much, buy that won’t make me suffer all because of love, and about Gabe am not dating him and just enjoying life with him that’s all since nick is now broke.
Sandra are you not ashamed, I know I do telk you to go for Gabriel but not now, if you want to leave him you should have left him when he was still rich not now when he needs you very much. Perp said
See perp if you came here to tell me about my relationship please use the door and never return.
Wait Sandra I should do what perp asked.
She said you should use the door madam Mary and don’t return Nancy said.
Just then perp got angry and left my house without saying a word leaving me and Nancy.
Just then my phone rang, it was Gabriel, I picked the
call and he told me he will take me out by evening and I should get ready by 4pm.
I was really happy so was Nancy, am still going to party, for a long time now.
By evening Gabe came to pick me uup and we left to have fun.
The next day as usual I went to see nick, that how I do it so he won’t suspect one day for Gabe one day for nick.
I got to nick house and I wanted to hug him as usual but he pushed me aside.
What was that for I asked.
Just start talking where you went to yesterday night. Nick said
I was dumbfounded has he caught me….
?Wrong Romance ?
…. Episode 20…..
You better start talking where you went to last night nick said.
I was dumbfounded has he caught me, or is he trying to find out?
Speak now or else, nick yelled. That was the first time nick has ever yelled at me.
Oh yesterday I was in perp’s place. I said as if nothing happened.
You where at perp place, so you have started telling lies abi, nick said. Am going to ask you for the last time where we’re you yesterday nick asked again.
I said I was at perps place why all this this questions I replied frowning my face.
But before I knew what was happening I received a hot slap on my cheek which made me fall down on the chair.
That was the first time nick has ever slapped me, the slap was so hot and painful that tears begin to run down my cheek.
My parents have never slapped me light that before. Nick you slapped me I said in tears.
And I will do that again if you do not tell me where you and that prostitute you call a friend went to yesterday.
I became furious, that I didn’t care what was about to happen.
Fine I was with Gabriel yesterday I replied bravely without a grain of fear.
That statement made nick’s eyes widened. I knew it he yelled out. I knew that you have already gone deeper than I thought.
You call yourself my fiance and you are going around with another guy all because of money.
Hey hey hey I interrupted what is it, why all this fiance this fiance that. Haven’t I done enough, have I not showed you my love enough besides am not even dating him and you are shouting.
See I appreciate all you’ve done for me fine, not all this, ever since your store got burnt have you ever taken me out, have you bought me anything new, have you even paid for my transport I spent in coming here. Do you even know how I feed now, No tell me I said bravely.
Now that I have moved to greener pasture and you are shouting.
Wait Sandra are you talking to me like that nick asked with his eyes red.
I don’t care, my parents haven’t slapped me like that and you have already slapped even when we are not even married, excuse me I said carrying my bad and matched out of his house while he was busy calling my name.
I knew it must be perpetual’s hand work. And she is going to pay for it I said a I walked out of the house.
I went to perp house and luckily she was about going out and I caught her I gave her the same slap nick gave to me.
. So you have the guts to report me to nick abi I said as I gave her another slap.
We fought in her compound if not for her neighbors I would have thought her a bigger lesson than I wanted.
I was like a mad woman that day, I didn’t know what came over me, I got and sat on my bed reversing all that happened earlier.
Just then my phone rang. It was my dad, I picked the call…
Me: papa good afternoon
Dad: what is good about the afternoon ebere
Me: I don’t understand you papa.
Dad: so I sent you to school to learn and you went around flirting with men like a harlot.
Me:papa why all this na.
Dad: you got engaged by nicholas and I accepted, who is the guy you are now moving with eh ebere.
Me: papa nobody (I pretended as If nothing happened) .
Dad: so ebere you are now lying, Nicholas is the only one I regard as my son in-law no one else. Why can’t you realize you are throwing away diamond and picking stones.
Me: papa its my life, and that’s how I want to leave it.
Dad.:you re an idiot, I regret having a daughter, because of his condition you are flowing someone else, you are a disgrace ebere. As a matter of fact I caught you off as my daughter don’t come to this house except you go back to your rightful husband.Ewu(goat).
Me: see papa if its Nicholas that is telling you all this don’t mind him oo
Phone hangs….
Hello papa hello
All this people should leave me, Its my life I want to enjoy it..
? Wrong Romance ?
……. Episode 21…….
I was angry and threw my phone at the edge of the bed.
Quitting nick wasn’t part of the plan oh. All I wanted was to eat gabriels money and move to nick.
But that slap He gave me changed the topic. Even my father have never slapped me like that before.
How does he want me cope when my parents can barely send me a dime.
I can’t be a wife material hundred yards, two yards Is enough biko I said to myself and lyed down.
My phone rang and it was Nancy.
?Nancy:babe why did you beat up Nancy like that?
?me:I won’t I beat,did you know what that little brat did?
?Nancy:what did she do?
?Me:she have the guts to report me to Nicholas, about me and Gabriel.
?Nancy:eh eh, I knew we should no have trusted that girl. Anyways Gabe will be taking us out to the club today an he insist you join us.
?me: am in a very bad mood today am not sure I cam make it.
?Nancy:see no excuses today, you are coming with us and am the one who is gonna pick you up by 7pm or 7:30.See you later.
Phone hangs.
Ever since I started following Gabriel I have never gone to club with him because I don’t want nick to find out, but how that the secret is opened today is gonna be different.
Today is gonna be my first time with him
By 7:30pm I was already set for the party, I wore a short red pencil gown with a strip at the back, and black heels.
Nancy finally arrived by 8pm and came to meet me inside.
Nancy was dressed like a semi harlot.
What are you wearing I asked.
Dress of course, she replied, please don’t comment on my dressing because I love it this way.
But nancy you’ve never dressed like this to a party before I said.
I guess people change, and enough of all this talk let’s go she said and went out while I followed her after locking my door.
We got to the party and met Gabe and Desmond waiting for us.
They sat together leaving two empty seat which nancy and I later occupied.
The table was filled with different kinds of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, and alcoholic wine.
Well welcome ladies Gabriel said you can ask for anything and get settled.
They started drinking while I stared at nancy in amazement as she removed one stick of cigarette lighted it and started smoking. O never knew this girl has gone wide.
Babe why are you not drinking Gabriel asked.
Nothing actually, its just that I’ve never smoked or drink anything alcoholic before I replied.
Just then they all started laughing including nancy.
What’s funny I asked?
They still continued laughing until Gabriel finally said You are not serious right?
Of course I am I replied.
You are at this age and you don’t drink or smoke you are really funny Gabriel said.
Well girlfriend since you haven’t done it before then you have to give it a try. There is a first time for everything girl.
Nancy said as she finished a glass filled with an alcoholic wine of which I don’t know the name.
She filled another glass cup with the same wine and handed it over to me, here try it, it’s not bad nancy said.
I looked at Gabriel and Desmond who where telling me to try it. My dad or nick have never smoked or drink in front of me but here I am doing it.
Well atleast its not bad, I collected the glass from nancy and sipped a little from it and dropped it on the table.
I tightened my mouth and my cheeks folded due to the taste of the drink.
Now how is it Gabriel said. Well you get used to it. Now try the cigarette Gabe said.
No I can’t, I just can’t I replied.
Why Gabe asked.
Because smokers are liable to die you.
They all started laughing again, why haven’t I did since am young Gabe said.
See you need to shine your eyes and start leaving a morden life like us. Not all those stupid fairly tales.
Here try it, you won’t die, its just to satisfy the body Gabe said.
He lighted the cigarette and handed over to me. Nothing will happen to you I promise.
I collected the cigarette and looked at their faces and then sipped it.
I quickly throw it on the table and quickly coughed out a huge smoke.
I almost fainted because of hard coughing. They where petting me and also laughing at me while Gabe was using his hands to rub my back.
That doesn’t feel good at all I said still coughing. That’s how it is for the first time nancy said.
?In this life☝ always beware of bad friends ?

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