The challenge episode 1 – end

Written by Amah’s Heart & Victoria Bassey
(Read to the end)

I only decided to visit without his notice, I never informed him that I will be around by 8:45pm because I knew that he will be home then.

I have being promising to come see him but kept failing on purpose because deep down I knew exactly what he was after.
But my love for him was undiluted, i couldn’t hold back in fear any longer.

Although i was scared of going intimate with him but if that will make him love me more and make our relationship stronger then I just have to do it.

I called him after work to inform him that i was home, I never mentioned that I was coming to visit him and ready to spend a night at last with him.

I lied to my people that I was having a night class and left that evening.

Dan didn’t sound very bright when I called him that day but I was not bothered because I know he was probably tired and will brighten up when he sees me.
I was very sure of it, what I didn’t know is that a huge scary surprise was waiting for me
Something I never expected.


I got to his house and the door was slightly opened. I still knocked since he wasn’t expecting me and it will be rude for me to just push open the door and let myself in. I knocked for for three times and waited but Dan didn’t answer the door so
I assumed that maybe he slept off and forgot to lock the door since it was already past nine pm.

I pushed opened the door and got inside while still calling his name. The room was dark and I had to turn on my phone touch light since there was no NEPA light. By the time my sight adjusted to the brightness of the room what I saw made me gasped for breath, I almost passed out because of fright, God who did this to Dan? Who killed Dan in cold blood?

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Dan was lying lifeless on his three sitter cushion with his throat sliced. Blood waa dripping from his slit throat to his chest and his singlet was soaked. I couldn’t move or say a word and was just telling myself to hurry up and get out of there before I implicate myself, already it was too late. I heard his favorite neighbor and friend calling him from the door, Danny abeg borrow me your lighter. He has entered the room already as he was speaking and only to see me standing there frozen.

Part 2.

When Malaki Dan’s neighbor entered the room, I was still transfixed and at a loss of the next action to take, so I immediately lowered my phone light and just greeted him

“Good evening”
while trying to act normal. He replied by asking “who are you? I didn’t say anything but tried to leave the room.
He stood by the door blocking my way and was asking me who I was since he wasn’t seeing my face clearly in the semi dark room.

I told him that we should both go outside before I can answer because I felt the room was too hot.
Malaki immediately grapped by blouse and was asking me what I was up to and where was Dan?

He quickly removed his phone from his trousers pocket and turn on the phone torch lights while continuing calling “Dan, where you dey?
The moment his eyes fell on the cushion and he saw Dan lying there lifelessly, he screamed


“…woman don finally kill Danny ooo
Woman don finally kill Danny oooo.
Everybody make una come ooo
This asháwó don kill Danny ooo…”
He kept screaming in pidgin English.

It was still like a dream to me. Everything was happening so fast.
I was dragged outside.
The next thing, Malaki started raining blows on me and within seconds three of their other neighbors had joined and there was commotion everywhere.

“Hold her, don’t let her run…” One said

“Ashäwó your cup don full…” Malaki said

I was beaten everywhere. My bag was snatched from me.
“..Let’s strip her naked..” Malaki shouted as he kicked me hard with his leg.

Oh my God!!!
Is this what my life has turned out to be within a twinkling of an eye?
Is this how my life will end in a disgraceful manner?

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I was crying and pleading but no one paid me any attention.
Nobody was ready to listen to my plea or even care to know that I was innocent.

Before I knew it my blouse was torn and my jeans pant forcefully removed from my body, within minutes I was totally naked.
More blows and beatings was on me and someone was trying to put a long stick into my private part and I was being recorded.

By this time many people from the street had joined them. My strength was failing me due to the whole beatings.
My eyes were blurry, I know I was going to pass out any moment.
I decided to use my last emotion and strength to sent a silent prayers to God for help.

I cried out to God with the little strength left in me
“Oh Lord… God please help me and give me a second chance and I will serve you for the rest of my life, I promise. Forgive me please and save my life..”

I kept on repeating this prayers as I wait for either miracle from God or for the light and the little life in me to fade off

Part 3 (final part)

I was still repeating the prayer when i suddenly heard a loud voice
It was that of a man but the voice made everyone freeze immediately

“All of you stop it, stop it now. if anyone of you touches her again I will deal with that person. Do you all know that júngle justice is a serious crimé?

Everywhere became quiet.

“Shun sir..” somebody greeted the man with a salute
“Welcome sir..” another said

“Ah officer, welcome sir…” That was Malaki’s voice as he began to hail the man.

“What happened here? What did she do to warrant this kind of assâult? The man who appeared like an officer of the law asked

Malaki quickly rush out so that he can stand in front of the man.
He shouted on top of his voice, “..Sir, she is a murdêrër. she k!lled Dan our neighbor. I was the one that caught her while she was trying to escape…”

The officer asked me “young girl did you do that?
I managed to shake my head indicating that I didn’t.

He then asked that someone should get me something to wear so he will take me to the police station.

One of Dan’s neighbor brought a dirty gown which I believe is used as rag in her house for me to wear.
At least it covered my nakedness.

The officer gave instructions that no one should touch me again and then he went into Dan’s room to inspect his çorpse.
Few minutes later he made some calls and an ambulance came and took Dan’s corpse away.

He called his driver to bring his vehicle and I was taken to the police station.
At the station, I was questioned about what happened and I narrated everything and my statement was taken.

The officer that took me to the station told me not to worry, that if I am innocent he was going to do everything to unveil Dan’s murderer.

I heard him make some calls and few minutes later two nurses came in and gave me a pack of food, jollof rice with meat to eat and thereafter I was given injection first because my body was badly damaged from the beatings, before they started attending to my injuries.

The officer gave instructions that no police man should harass me and I should be allowed to stay behind the counter and not in the cell. He finally left around 1:30am.

I sat there at the station and was thinking about how my life has suddenly turned to a nightmare.
My family don’t know what has happened to me. My phone was taken from me. None of my friends knew what has happened.
What if they suddenly saw my video on Facebook being beaten up and s+ripped naked???
I kept crying till there was no tears to cry anymore.

By 10:30am the following nmorning, I heard a serious commotion outside the police station.

I wasn’t interested cos I was drowned in my own worries.
By the time the people causing the commotion came inside the station, I was shocked to see that it was Malaki, Dan’s neighbor and his friend that was being dragged into the police station with two other guys.

I could hardly recognize all of them because some soldiers had seriously dealt with him and his friends.

The officer that took me to the station the previous night was now wearing an army uniform and he is a general in the army.

He came to me and asked how I was doing and I told him I was holding up gradually.
At this point his driver came and gave me food to eat and also some change of clothing.

When I was done eating and had changed my clothes he took me to where Malaki and his friends were kept.
He told me that he had promised me that he will unravel the person behind Dan’s dèãth, and has kept his promise.
He then pointed at Malaki and his friends and said,
“This heartless boys killed Dan, unfortunately you went there to look for Dan and they framed you up, you became the scape goat that they’ve been waiting for unknowingly.”

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t utter a word other than let tears keep running down my face.

The officer told me that while we were coming to the station that night, he had sent a message to his subordinates that specializes in investigation to get to Dan’s house immediately and to make sure they do a thorough check on the house to unravel any hidden things and even do fingerprints swab.

It was while doing this that they stumbled on Dan’s other phone that was hidden in-between his bed frame and the matrass.
They checked the phone and realized that Dan had a CCTV camera installed in the room and was connected to the phone he was hiding.
He never used this other recording phone for calls but only for monitoring.

Within me I was wondering what will someone living in a self con apartment be doing with CCTV?
My army rescuer was about to give me the shock of my life.

It turns out that Dan was a psycho. He installed this CCTV camera and he brings different girls to have sex in that room while recording them. Later he will then share his escapades with his fellow psychopaths just for the fun of it.

It was while going through the phone that they saw the scene where Malaki and his friends murdered Dan.

When Malaki was asked why he killed Dan, he confessed that Dan slept with his sister that came to spend her holiday break with him and recorded her.
Not only did he do that but Dan also shared the videos with his friends until someone saw the video and sent it to him.
He was angered and then hired those his friends to come help him get the job done.

Such a messy situation I got myself tangled up in.

Dan was a Banker, he works in a Bank close to my school.
Very cool guy and a spec for most ladies

Who would’ve believed that he was a demón?

The officer who became my friend is a citizen of United States of America, he decided to fly me out of the country to the US.

he knew that I will not be able to face the shame and scandal that was awaiting me, so he took me to my parents and made a deal with them to take over my schooling and well being from then onward.

I was traumatized and depressed for a long time.
But I’m healing gradually now.
That’s why I’m able to share this.

The End