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Episode Forty Three
“Ohhhh” Veronica said smiling.

“Mrs Veronica Olayemi Phillips, so glad to meet you in person, never knew I could meet a rich, wealthy and beautiful celebrity woman here” Becca said over joyously.

“Am flattered”

“Am serious Ma” Becca said to the smiling Veronica.

“Awwwnnn, thanks, so what is your name Wonder woman” Veronica said and they both laughed.

“Adams Rebecca Ma, popularly called Becca” Becca replied.

“You mean Becca the queen of the Street” Veronica said and immediately Becca remembered Michael because he has also said this exact words.

“Yes ma” She answered smiling.

“I have to go now but put in your phone number here” Veronica said as she went to her car brought out her phone and gave it to Becca who took it and typed in her number, gave it back to Veronica. “Here” She said giving Becca an envelop “Please accept it” She pleaded, Becca nodded and collected it “Bye and thanks”

“Same here ma” Becca answered, and Veronica drove off, leaving Becca with her mouth opened as she checked the envelop which contained new bales of money “Thanks alot God, and please bless her for me” She said as she looked around and placed her the envelop in her pocket and returned back to where she was eating.


“Are you sure about this???” Barr. Kunle asked the smiling Jimi.

“Yes, I am super sure” Jimi answered.

“Okay, I will transfer all your companies in her name, pending the time justice is served but I will do a thorough check on this woman you are head over heels with” Barr. Kunle said and Jimi laughed.

“Okay, no problem, and thanks again for everything you have done for me” Jimi said sadly.

“Am sure you or late Martins would have done the same for me, so don’t worry, am getting you out of here soon and I will save our baby to from that cunning Man” Barr. Kunle said angrily.

“Amen to that and I know you will succeed, I know” Jimi said smiling.

“Seriously, you haven’t changed, still as before, smiling, smiling, smiling, even in prison, seriously I love your nature” Barr. Kunle said baffled.

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“Best antidote ever” Jimi answered smiling wildly, Barr. Kunle shook his head and stood up from the bench which was opposite Jimi, as he wanted to turned and exist, a very beautiful woman came in with a big basket.

“Good afternoon Sir” Veronica greeted, Barr. Kunle looked at her for a while.

“Wait!!! Veronica Olayemi Philip, You…. Oh my…!!!” Barr. Kunle said amazed, he looked at Jimi who was smiling like a demon possessed person, he shook his head “I understand, you have soft spot for light skinned and beautiful.. hmm.. hmmm..” He said clearing his throat, Veronica was just looking, Jimi kept suppressing his laughter.


must be Barr. Kunle” Veronica said and they both shook hands “So nice to see you” She added with a smile, as he replied with ‘Same here’ He beckoned on Jimi who stood up and walked to him while Veronica went to sit down and started to dish out different types of food on the table.

“Oh seriously!! You are something else” Barr. Kunle said in a whisper “You are enjoying more than a free citizen” He said and Jimi laughed. “No wonder you are growing fresh and fat”

“You are not serious” Jimi said “So???” He said nudging his head at Veronica who is busy with dishing out the food she brought.

“Are you still asking me??? Approved, stamed and even sealed, she is a strong woman and I admire her for that, she was unfortunate to end up in the hands of that beast of a late husband but now that she is with you, approved, I will get all done ASAP” Barr. Kunle said staring at Veronica at intervals.

“Thanks” Jimi replied smiling.

“I will get going, bye”

“Bye, extend my greetings to your family when next you visit the Philippines” Jimi said while Barr. Kunle who was some distance away from him nodded. After Barr. Kunle left, he sat down beside Veronica.

“That was your Barr. Kunle who married a Filipino lady right??” She asked.

“Yep” He answered

“He was so shocked to see me, does he you know like me for you??” She asked nervously playing with her fingers.

“Ofcourse, he does, who wouldn’t” He said chuckling and kissed her hands.

“Am happy” She said smiling.

“Am having the feeling, I will be getting out of here soon” He said.

“Ofcourse, you will”

“So I can be with my love forever right??”


Veronica said happily. “Let’s eat” She said and he motioned for her to feed him “Something happened today……” She started as she narrated how she was saved from being robbed, the two continued to talk and play like teens.


“Good morning godfather!!” The kids chorused, as they entered into the kitchen to see Michael cooking.

“Morning at what time, maybe you should all go back to sleep” Michael said laughing at the kids who screamed when they saw the time.

“It’s Five in the evening” Alexa said

“That what we all get for doing a vigil over cartoons” Adrian said rolling his eyes.

“It was so much fun” Ashley said giggling.

“Yep” Michael answered as he began to serve the food on the table, the kids sat down around the table, Michael joined them later and they all began to eat.

“godfather, just relax okay, he will come around” Alexa said to Michael who nodded slowly, Michael smiled sadly as he remembered what happened somedays ago.


“She is your Mom, isn’t it??”George asked as he was standing together with the kids while Michael was sitting.

“godfather have a mother???” Adrian asked with a shocked expression, Michael just stared at them. They waited for him to talk but he didn’t, this got George angry.

“Answer the goddamn question, Michael!!, is she your mother?!!” George yelled at Michael, who nodded slowly.

“Oh my!!!, so your Mom didn’t die, for how long have you known this???” Goerge asked.

“Since when we were still in America” Michael answered slowly, the kids looked on, George was shocked.

“Damn!!! You been in contact with her and never told me, you also met a girl who by the look of things you like and you never told me, why??!!! We are brothers for crying out loud, to say I told you everything about myself but you……” George said and stopped, he was too shocked to his bone.

“Why didn’t you tell us???” Alexa asked.

“I…..” Michael was saying when George cuts in sharply.

“Oh baby don’t ask him that, isn’t it obvious, he didn’t tell us because we can’t be trusted, because we will go out there and begin to tell people, because we have a running mouth, he doesn’t trust us -” George was saying bitterly when Michael cut in.

“No that’s not true, please let me explain, don’t say that, let me just explain” Michael pleaded, Ashley who has been looking at what has been happening since was already crying, She ran to her room.

“Ashy!!!” Both Adrian and Alexa called her but she didn’t answer so they ran after her.

“Am disappointed in you” George said and left, Michael bowed his head, took his phone, switched it off and went to his room.

For a week, George didn’t talk to him or eat whatever he prepared for them, They both went to the office separately because George has required for a new car. They both took the kids to school when it their turn to take them. Although the kids wanted an explanation from their godfather but they decided to wait for him to explain to them by himself with pressuring him. So at a convenient time, Ashley focused everyone into a vigil of watching cartoons but sadly on their part, George turned down the invitation.


“Back to earth, godfather!!!” Ashley yelled playfully hitting Michael gently in his hand, He looked at her and smiled.

“You zoomed out again” Adrian said sadly.

“Am sorry” He apologized.

“godfather, you should put on your phone because am sure they would have been worried sick” Alexa said worriedly as Michael hasn’t put on his phone since over a week.

“I will do that later but for now let’s eat and obey table manners” Michael said smiling.

“Who still obeys table manners???, when the world is changing” Adrian said.

“You are not serious, so because the world is changing, table manners shouldn’t be obeyed” Michael said laughing.

“That’s exactly my point” Adrian said holding his cutlery up.

“Just let’s eat” Michael said and they all began to eat. When they were through, Alexa and Michael were washing the plates, Adrian is drying them with a cloth while Ashley is putting them in the rack, she is standing on a stool.

“So????” Ashley said twisting her mouth and smiling mischievously, Michael looked at her suspiciously.

“So what??” Adrian asked.

“Queen Becca is the future Mrs godfather right???” Ashley said and they all burst out laughing.

“Mrs godfather????, seriously Ashley” Adrian said laughing.

“She will go by my name not what you’ve just mentioned” Michael said and Ashley nodded.

“So how did she shake your heart??? Or as she stolen it just like Dad’s ????” Ashley asked and winked at Michael, Michael on hearing about Becca forgot himself and didn’t know that he was grining wildly.

“Oh my!!! godfather!!!!” The kids called suddenly that Michael jumped and almost broke a plate.

“Hmm.. You guys were saying what???” He asked, looking at the kids who were smiling and winking at him.

“When I say who rule the world, you say..” Ashley said with laughter.

“Girls!!!!” Alexa yelled.

“When I said who blocks people’s ear, you say……” Adrian said rolling his eyes.

“Girls???” Michael asked laughing.

“Ofcourse” Adrian said hit his head playingfully “Your girls have started again, how do you rule the world???” He asked.

“You want to know???” Ashley said as she dropped the last plate into the rack, she stepped down from her stood and stood in the doorway of the kitchen “Because it takes a lady to make a man lose his sense and begin to smile like a child given candy” She answered.

“What????” Both Adrian and Michael screamed.

“For example godfather and Father” Alexa said.

“And even Adrian when he sees that light skinned girl in his class” Ashley said, Adrian and Michael began to chase the girls around the house.

“Bad energy, my legs are aching” Michael said as he sat on the couch, including Adrian.

“Girls are always right” Alexa said while Ashley nodded.

“So I haven’t got time to ask you all about school, how was school this last week” Michael said and they all shouted excited except Alexa “Alexa what’s wrong???” He asked.

“Just that Aliyah has been avoiding me” She answered.

“You mean the girl from the other time, who had a seizure” Adrian asked.


“Have you try asking her what the problem is??” Ashley asked.

“Not really”

“Then ask her” Ashley said “Right?? godfather” She added.

“Yes, Ashley is right” Michael answered.

“I too” Adrian said.

“I three” Goerge said, everyone turned back shocked to see him.

“Dad????” The kids called, as Goerge walked up to them and sat down.

“George???” Michael called looking at him.

“Who miss me???” George asked laughing.

“OK, pinch me Alexa” Ashley said as she rubs her eyes with her hands “Ouch!!!” Ashley screamed “what was that??” She asked.

“You told her to pinch you, didn’t you??” Adrian said laughing.

“Are you sure this is our Dad??” Ashley asked as she goes to her Dad, checking him over and over.

“Seriously Ashley! Stop acting like 35 when you are just five” George said as he put Ashley on his laps.

“Michael….” George said and stopped, he looked at Michael.

“Am really sorry about everything, I can explain” Michael said.

“Seriously godfather, haven’t you noticed that, that’s what we all want” Alexa said with an eyes roll.

“Why I didn’t tell you about my mom is because of my Dad” He said and paused.

“You had a father” Adrian asked.

“No he didn’t” Alexa responded with sarcasm, Ashley chuckled.

“My father was the head of a dangerous group…..” Michael explained everything about his father and the group he belonged to, the kids were surprised, he even googled about his father and showed the kids who were amazed “I don’t know if the group is still as before but I am not sure and also don’t wanna take chances, that’s why I didn’t tell anyone, I was still going to tell you guys but at the right time” he explained.

“That’s sad and horrible” Ashley said crying, Goerge pets her.

“Ohhhh” Was all Adrian said.

“That’s saddening” Alexa said sadly.

“Am really sorry about my outburst and actions” George said looking at Michael.

“Am sorry too” Michael said.

“And we are back to normal” Adrian said.

“A group hug!!” Ashley said as she jumped from George’s laps, they all came together and hugged each other.

“So godfather, put on your phone” Ashley said.

“You switched off your phone??” George asked with surprise.

“Isn’t obviously obvious, like seriously, Queen Becca with a love emoji has not called and also godfather has stopped smiling as a demon possessed person” Alexa said and the kids giggling including George, Michael rubs his fore head smiling widely.

“That reminds me, Dad, what about the lady that stole your heart” Ashley said touching her father’s chest.

“She hasn’t called me yet, am still hoping” George answered.

“Don’t worry she will, she can’t resist your charms” Adrian said winking.

“Right!!” Ashley and Alexa said throwing their fits in the air.

“Please help us get our laptops and tablets” George said and the kids went to bring what they were told to.

“Am really sorry” George said and Michael nodded.

“Same here” Michael responded, as he put on his phone and his Internet connection and messages, voice mails and messages began to flow in.

“So many messages” George said and Michael nodded.

“Don’t leave us out of the fun” Ashley screamed, both George and Michael shook their heads. The kids came with the tabs and laptops.

“Am about to read the messages, let’s listen” Michael said, as the kids sat down together on the couch, George smiled and was operating his laptop.

“Dad???” Ashley called, George looked up at his frowning daughter.

“Baby please, I can hear him, I just wanna attend to some things” George pleaded.

“OK” Ashley said.

“Hmmm…. From Nick, Belle and Daniel, they created a group chat, called friends,

From Belle : Boyfriend, where the hell are you???.

Are you still alive???

Answer me!!!!!!!

Am so gonna kill you

OK, I won’t kill you, please answer us, we are worried sick

From Daniel : Dude where the hell are you…. ”

“godfather, we know they miss you and all that but you know whose messages we wanna hear” Alexa said stylishly,her siblings nodded, George laughed including Michael.

“Sometimes, I wonder if you guys are kids” George said.

“But what if their messages are PG rated” Adrian said, all eyes turned to Michael who choked and began to cough.

“What????? C’mon” Michael said and they burst out laughing after seeing the funny expression Michael gave.

“What’s a PG rated???” Ashley asked and everyone began to look at each other. George gave Michael ‘get us out of this situation’ look.

“godfather……” Ashley was cut short as a very beautiful voice began to speak.

“Ademi, what happened, I have been trying to reach you but to no avail, I hope you are OK, I miss you alot and I also hope George, Alexa, Adrian and baby Ashley are doing good, pls do give me a call soon” The voice note ended.

“Who was that???” George asked before anyone could.

“My mother” Michael answered and they were all surprised.

“She know about us??” Adrian asked.

“Ofcourse and yes, she likes you all” Michael said to the anxious faces staring at him, and they all became relied, Michael chuckled.

“Are you sure??” Alexa asked.

“Ofcourse and….” Michael was said when gestulating with his hands and suddenly a shout filled the room, it was from his phone, it was a voice note.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh……. I will kill you, so you have the nerves to steal his phone right, how dare you!!!!!” The voice screamed ” Which street are you from???, if I lay my hands on you, what am I even saying if I lay only my finger, just one of it on you, ahhhh.. Your body will be disfigured as if you were crushed by an oncoming big truck, if you know you are a smart and an intelligent thief come face me!!!!!! If you are bold and confident enough just come to me and face me, you better return the phone because if not I will find you and deal with you!!!!!” The voice yelled angrily.

“Who the fvck-” Before George could finish what he was saying the voice yelled again.

“Wanna know who this is, I AM REBECCA BUT BECCA THE QUEEN OF THE STREET and to tell you what loser I RULE THE DAMN STREET!!!!!” The voice yelled with anger, vigour and authority and with that the voice note ended.

“What??????” The kids screamed with disbelief, George just looked with awe and his mouth wide opened, Micheal was so shocked to even think or blink as he stared at the phone in his hand.


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