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My life in royal hill high school episode 54


My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 54
Written by Humble Smith
George’s POV continues
I couldn’t say a word, my heart was heavy with pain, rage surged through my veins, i clenched my fist as I recalled that night that made me an orphan.. We were all in the sitting room chatting happily as we watched the movie series going on the TV..
I was the only child my parent bore so I was really showered care and attention.. Just like every other day, we had sat there in the sitting room to gist, my father and mother was really making gist that makes me smile, I could see the love they have for themselves although I knew little of what love is but I saw how they were happy with each other..
I would not go to bed alone, I’d wait till my mom cuddles me to sleep..
We were still there in the sitting room when the door sprang open..
Five hefty men rushed in..
I was confused…
“Dad why didn’t they knock? They are also covering their face why??” I asked innocently..
My father was trembling and didn’t give me a reply..
I couldn’t even understand what my dad was saying to them.. My mom was lying flatly on the floor facing the floor,
Without wasting any time, these men brought out knives and other sharp object and started shredding my parent, I cried, i weeped, I pleaded but no one noticed me..
I tried helping but was given a knockout blow that left me unconscious..
I woke up to find myself in yhe hospital with my parent corpse no where to be found..the cops couldn’t help because there wasn’t any trace to catch the culprit.. That night was really terrible, it was there in my memory as I grew up, I kept on thinking on who exactly killed my parent but now my search is over..Jaden killed my parent and left me to die in hunger and suffering..
“George I never knew that was your father” Lara said in an emotional tone that shows she was about to cry..
“Jaden had left the both of us orphan, he had shattered our lives, fate wants is to avenge their death, that’s we meet at this time” she said and I took a deep breath..
“As I grew up in suffering, I keep telling myself that I’m gonna kill my parent’s killer even when I had no idea who he was, now I know the man, I would fight him with the last drop of my blood, I don’t mind dying after that, Jaden must feel pain, he must suffer for all the evil he had done, he must pay heavily for the pain he had caused me!!” I stated with grim..
“That picture was given to me by that same woman I told you about..I don’t know the reason for killing your parent, I guess your mother was just killed to cover the tracks, its your father they came for” she said..
“My father was a doctor who works different hospital, I don’t know how he got into the hand of Jaden, I don’t know how they met and what conspired..” I said bitterly
“Something must have happened? There must be a reason?” She said
“I had wanted to just release Anne and Steve from your grasp, but now I’m also taking your life with me!!” I gnashed my teeth in anger breathing heavily..
💖Micheal’s POV💖
“Hey Rose I’m a changed man now, just accept me and you’d not regret it, you are my match, let’s build our future together..” I pleaded for the umpteenth time..
She gawked at me and walked over to the window..
“I hate you for that lie, how could you tell Anne that her father was Richard when you know it was a lie!” She bawled and I sagged my head downward in regret, I don’t know why I did that, i was desperate to swindle money from him..I’m really feeling guilt now.. it just seem like all I did would backfire..
I lied to every one, I lied to Rose, I lied to Anne, I lied to Richard..
Anne was bore by Hannah, she paid me to to change the baby..
“I don’t want to see Anne as my child, I don’t want to set my eyes on her because seeing her makes me feel guilty, please just find a way to keep her far away from me” that was the words of Hannah, she had told me that one fateful morning when she was still heavily pregnant, I and Hannah had been a very tight friend when we were still kids, we lost communication and couldn’t talk to each other, just one day we met again and our friendship started.. It was on one of her visit that she pleaded I help her with the changing of the baby..I couldn’t agree at first but hearing her story melted my heart, she was raped in america where she went for business trip..
I agreed and she gave me a huge sum of money, I did it successfully and took Anne away..
I handed her to Rose telling her that my wife left me leaving the child behind, she had agreed to take care of the child while I pay her.. Rose was one of my side chick, she never knew I was married when we met, I met her when my wife was alive, but she died not long after.. That was when I started developing the strong feeling toward Rose who was also a widow but can never be classified as one if not told, she is too beautiful and curved..
“I’m sorry, please let’s forget the past” I pleaded
“When you lie, it becomes part of your future but when you say the truth, it becomes your past, your lie would still hunt yiu after when you did not expect it” she said rolling her eyes..
“What should I have done?…I needed money, that was why I gave Anne to Richard as his daughter” I said
“What was Hannah’s reaction?” She asked
“Nothing suspicious, she acted like a mother, she made it seem like she was shocked, I guess she never wants Richard to notice anything..” I replied
“You have to tell Richard this, the young man would really think Anne is his daughter, don’t you think he would die of heart break if he later finds out in the future” she said and I took a deep breath..
“That would be really bad, Anne has gone through a lot, she has to enjoy life a little, Richard is not ready to take that blow, we can just sweep all this under the carpet” I said slowly..
“What about Lisa, what if she comes to you as her father, remember you told Richard you are her father??” She said and I shuddered, I had never thought of that,
“I would tell her the truth” I said
“Then I’m sure you would end in jail, you just played with many people now, make sure you count me out from all these.. Infact start going home..” She said bluntly..
“Are you pushing me away from your house?” I asked surprisedly
“What if I do? Leave let me rest, your lies is smelling” she said
“Watch how I would tell Lisa that you are my wife and we are her real parent ” I said with a smirk making her eyes bulge in shock.
“You must be mad, don’t ever try that you punk!!” She squealed while i walked away…
I drove home feeling disturbed..
What if Lisa comes to me as her father??
Oh gosh!!!
I reached home and found a car parked in front of my house..
My heart skipped a bit..
I quickly hopped down and walked slowly the car, just immediately the car door was opened and Lisa and a man came down..
I felt shudder run down my spine as I stared at lisa who was also staring at me..
I was confused at that moment, I don’t know if to run to her and hug her as a father who lost his daughter, she look rich and I know she wouldn’t hesitate to arrest me if she finds out that I took her away from her mother at birth..
“Lisa my daughter” I called with the words sounding awkward to me, I looked stupid..
“Are you my father?” She asked with am arched brow..
Her question made me cringe..
“Why do you ask? Do you know how much I had longed to meet you..” I said walking closer..
She was just sneering at me making me feel hot..
What if she already knew I am not her father..
“Why do you hate me?” She asked and I halted my track..
“Me?? Hate you??.. How can I??” I stuttered.
“You gave Anne to Richard and refused to take me, Richard had a reunion with her the father but you never wanted me to come to you, you said you don’t want me, you just needed the money” she said with a cracked voice like she was about to cry..
Omg! What have i put myself into??
“Hey you must be a heartleas father!!” The young man with her scoffed as he cuddle Lisa on his chest..
I took a deep breath before reaching out to Lisa..
“Let go inside” I said holding her hand, we all went inside and she kept looking around searching for what i don’t know..
“What are you looking for?” I asked
“Where is my mother?” She asked..
“Aish..Michael you are finished” I muttered and stood up scratching my head.. The only option was to call Rose, she has to pretend like the mother,
“I have to call her and tell you are here” I breathed and put a call to Rose..
“Hello, Lisa your daughter is here, come right away” I said into the phone..
“You must be…” I cut the call immediately because they were both staring at me..
“What can I serve you?” I asked
“As a visitor or as a daughter?? Are you really my father?” She asked making me flinch..
“I’m sorry” I managed to say because I was just too confused..
“Sorry for what actually?” She asked and I breathed..
“If you see your father would you know?” I asked and she shook her head sideways
“I only knew Richard as my dad since childbirth” she replied
“Feel at home, I’m your father” I said
“But you don’t act like one!!” She squeaked
“How I’m I supposed to act???” I questioned
“Ask that to the gods!! Tell me who my real parent is!!!” She half yelled and fear shook me..
“What do you mean??” I asked
“Don’t think I’m stupid, there is no way I can be your daughter!! Its clear that you are hiding something!” She scowled
“Your mother would be here soon, tell her that if you can” I said with grim praying Rose would play along..
“Why did you say you don’t need me?” She asked
“I’m sorry for that” I muttered
“Did mom also say she don’t need me?” She questioned
“Oh God what kind of girl is this???” I mused
“Ohh is this our Lisa??” The voice of Rose was heard and we all turned to her direction..
“Jesus!!! Aren’t you Anne’s step mother????” Lisa asked in shock and we all flinched..
“So she knows Rose, that means I’m already in jail..” I mumbled..
“Do you know me??” Rose asked and Lisa sprung up..
“Are you the one claiming to be my mother, you were the one the called just now right??” Lisa questioned and Rose shook her head immediately..
“No oo..I..I..” She stuttered..
“Hey, Michael or what ever is your name, I don’t have much time on my side, I give you one week to tell me who my parent are, I have to leave!!” She said and walked away with the guy..
I flopped down the couch with Rose’s eyes on me..
“Who is her parent?” She asked
“I don’t know” I never cared to check that, I was in a rush that day..
“Brace up yourself for everlasting jail..bye” she said and dashed away before I could even call her back..
I picked my phone and called Hannah praying it would go through this time but I was left disappointed again as it informed the line being switched off..
Are you sure she is still using this line??
💖Richard’s POV💖
It was evening, I reclined on the chaise lounge staring at the swimming pool which was very calm..
I just wish my heart would be calm as that, How would it looks like for Anne to be missing out when every other student would be going..what would I tell the student, what would be my excuse??
I picked up my phone to call someone who just crossed my mind..
Hannah my wife, she doesn’t know Anne is being abducted, i had not told her all these while because I feel it would be useless as she doesn’t even put much attention on her..
“Hello Hannah!!” I called immediately she picked the call..
“Hello baby, you don’t seem happy, what is it? Are you missing me badly?” She asjee with a shirt laughter..
“Is Anne your daughter??” I asked exasperated
“What do you mean by that question??” She asked
“Do you know her state now? Do you even care to know??” I scoffed..
“I’m sorry, I was just about asking you of her” she said and I hissed
“Anne could have act that scene with Jeremy but I don’t think if would work, Anne is being held captive” I said and she flinched
“Omg! Really?!!!Why? Who dared to do that!!!” She thundered..
💕Hannah’s POV💕
“I never knew you would be concerned” he said.
“What does it mean?” I asked
“You don’t seem to be happy seeing your daughter, it seen like there is something pushing you away from Anne” he stated and my heart skipped
“It isn’t wrong if you think that way, I think I’m allowing my work shift my attention from my only daughter” I said in a meek voice
“You know of isn’t right, the young girl needs a mother love” he said
“I promise to change, I would also come to see my daughter act that scene here in America” I said with a smile
“I just told you she is being abducted!!” He squeaked and I shuddered
“I thought you were joking?” I asked in shock
“Guess who took her?” He said
“I’m not good in guessing, please tell me!” I said anxiously..
“Jaden” he replied and my blood freeze immediately, the phone fell off my hand and I made to attempt to pick it up, Jaden..the name really sent shiver down my spine, that night I was raped by him came replaying in my memory, that night when he told me to abort or keep the baby to myself came afresh in my sense, Jade. Is someone I dread so much…
“Are you still there?” Ibheard Richard’s voice sound in my phone which was lying on that floor..
“Is Anne safe in the hand of Jaden?” I asked with fear
“The last time we talked, he showed me Anne and she doesn’t look hurt, I don’t think he is hurting her, he said he doesn’t want her to destroy his plan of Sophia his daughter acting the scene with Jeremy” he explained and I felt drained..
“Anne is his daughter but he won’t know..” I mused
“What did you say?” I heard Richard’s voice sound in the phone,
“Nothing, just praying Anne won’t be harmed” I said
“I pray so” he said and I quickly hung the call and switched off my phone, tears rolled down my eyes as I pictured Richard in my mind, he had been the best man in my life, meeting him changed me, I really loved him and would never want him to feel sad, we had not been able to have our child born alive but he still loves me like mad, I had never thought of ever cheating on him bit Jaden changed it all, he took me to stay with him for days on one of my visit here in America, I don’t know how he even saw me, I was taken by his men and forced to stay with him, he made me his s£x mate not minding that I was a married woman, it was really terrible, I found out I was pregnant, I told Jaden but he gave me two options which shattered my heart, I couldn’t keep the baby, I couldn’t kill the baby, I left for Nigeria with a heavy heart, carrying the pregnancy made me aggressive because I knew it wasn’t for Richard, I would always see Richard at night praying for the child not to die after birth like the other, if only he knew the baby was not for him, if only he knew the baby was a result of rape, if only knew..he would pray the child should die in the belly..
The pain of keeping Jaden’s baby made me instruct Michael to make an arrangement for the child to be changed..I knew the child would not die because the doctor had already told me that but I made Richard believe it would die as it started convulsing,
The babu was changed and I felt happy once more, i just prayed the child does not survive, I thought Michael had killed the baby not until he came back saying Anne was the girl, I was very sad but decided to cover it up to avoid question..
Richard had suggested we go for DNA to be sure Anne was the child that was changed but I was able to convince him to forget about it and be happy he was able to see his daughter again, I did that because he wasn’t the father and would know it if he goes for the test..
I couldn’t say any word to Michael, I was even ashamed…
I lay on the bed in distress, it is just a matter of time and Richard would know the truth..
💖Jaden’s POV💖
I felt glee as Jeremy and Sophia entered the airplane which would take them to America, I can’t just wait for tomorrow.. They had to go today so as to register, I made sure my men was with them, I would not want any mistake now that everything is going well..
I drove back home with smile all over my face..
I reached home and the door was opened for me as I stepped out,
I walked to the house only to be given a message that left me transfixed with shock..
It was a message sent to my email..
What I saw made me freeze, I couldn’t believe my eyes..
It was a rape done by me past years ago..
I had barely finished watching it when another message came in..
‘That video would go viral in the next 24 hours if you don’t meet me right away in the address I would send’ I read..
“Track this email address!” I ordered
“Sir we had tried but it couldn’t go through, the sender had it protected..” One of the engineer replied and I furiously grabbed his collar..
“If he dares to post that video I would kill you!!!” I growled leaving him trembling..
I pushed him away and turned to my guards..
“That’s the address, you can come with you best men to fight, I’m also prepared with much men” I read the message sent again, I breathed heavily in anger feeling insulted..
“Who are you? How did you got that video?” I typed and send..
“Give me your number so we can talk, I just need money, just some money and I would delete the videotape, I know you really need to have a good reputation” another message popped in..
I gnashed my teeth and turned to my men..
“Arrange my men, the best of all, they would follow me to this address tomorrow at exact 6;00!” I shouted in frustration before stomping away..
To be continued
Time for Jaden to pay is near!!
I can’t wait..

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