A Guy Named Available

A Guy Named Available Episode 11 – 13


A Guy Named Available Episode 11 – 13

“Babe I hope you’re ready” I heard Ndaweni say as he walked into my living room.

“Yes… honey.. honey please come” I called out to him.
“Babe we have the bedroom rule.. I hope you are dressed” he said
“I am” I giggled
See, Ndaweni and I had a bedroom rule. I couldn’t enter his room unless he was fully dressed and
he couldn’t enter mine for the exact same reason.
“ok but we are out of time.. whats wrong?” he asked as I heard his footsteps get closer to my door.
I was on my bed trying on the perfect shoes and Ndaweni stood for a minute taking in my beauty.
“You look gorgeous babe.. its about the shoes right? I’ve noticed you always have a hard time
picking out shoes” he said.
“honey honestly I know these will look good but..”
“but you won’t be comfortable” he interrupted.

“yes honey..” I said as I held the jimmy choo’s he had got me from Dubai.
“So what do you decide?” he asked.
“I think the best is I should go for these… my dress is long enough to cover them anyway” I said.
“Great then pick those and lets get going..” he said.

“will you offer a hand please?”
Ndaweni got to his knees on my bedside rag and tightened my shoes before helping me up. He
looked gorgeous in his Pierre Cardin black suit while I was in long satin blue elegant mermaid
dress; the dress fit my curves perfectly and accentuated my curves. It was a b00b tube dress and
because of that I had a three layer necklace piece which had blue crystals. I managed to comb my
hair out perfectly making sure I got the bangs just right.
“lets go baby” he said as he helped me up and dusted his trousers.
I was hurt that I didn’t get to wear the shoes I really wanted but the black stilletos were actually
gorgeous too, just that they didn’t do much to compliment the dress.
“honey…. My handbag.. please hold it I need to hold this dress in position” I said as I adjusted the
bottom of my dress.


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gorgeous.. my workmates will be jealous but that’s exactly what I want” he giggled.
“really? It’s about making them jealous? Aren’t we just supposed to have fun and all?” I asked.
“yes of course.. But they will envy I know.. who wouldn’t envy a beautiful lady like you.. I chose
well now.. I need to flaunt you my queen” he said.


felt that was displaced but we hurried on anyway and got to the Radisson blu hotel. I thought it
would be a cocktail arrangement but to my surprise that was only going to be at the very end, the
beginning was formal arrangement in the diner where food was served and we sat on a table of
ten. When Ndaweni and I walked in eyes turned, and I mean every beautiful lady in that room
looked at me like “how lucky is she?”
“My love.. the looks.. I don’t feel too comfortable” I whispered in Ndaweni’s ears as we found a
spot to sit next to each other.
“don’t worry.. observe proper etiquette and we are good” he said.
I noticed a lot of people took time to come and greet us and I was wondering if Ndaweni was the
boss, well he wasn’t. He had already told me he wasn’t.


why so many people according us so much respect?” I whispered.
“Honey I am the assistant financial director” he whispered back while maintaining a steady smile.
I swallowed hard and finally relaxed when Angela Nyirenda started performing, so many high
profile people were present and many speeches were read but finally it was music time before the
“honey.. what are you taking?” Ndaweni asked as I pressed my phone. It was then that I realised
the waiter was waiting on me.
“oh.. I will have…”
“Give her champagne please” Ndaweni quickly interrupted.
My eyes were focussed on the lady who was right opposite me on the round table. The other
workers on the table were busy enjoying some conversation but she kept stealing glances at me
as she took her champagne. I wondered why.
“honey…” I whispered.
“yes boo..”
“this lady.. what does she do in your company?” I asked.

I must admit she was superfine and she had a flawless light skin and a perfectly styled masai
hairstyle. The up-do looked great on her and it accentuated her beautiful face.
“she is an accounts clerk..” he responded as he focussed on angela nyirenda and sang along.
“ok.. she looks weird though, she doesn’t stop looking at me even when I focus on this huge flower
centrepiece..” I said
“don’t mind her.. many people are looking at you .. you look gorgeous baby” he said
unconcernedly as he clapped to the rhythm.



I decided not to keep my focus on this lady and I enjoyed my champagne while constantly
checking my whatsapp messages. My friends and I had not been together in a while and they
were planning a Christmas get together. It was going to be nice and epic. We just didn’t have a
location.as we went on chatting, my friends suggested we probably have it from my place since I
was now in a new place that could accommodate them. I was excited at the thought of being a
host and soon I was deep into the chats until it was time for the awards.
“honey.. where is your attention?” I heard Ndaweni whisper.
“its here.. sorry.. just chatting with friends” I said.
“this place is boring for your I guess” he said.
“no on the contrary I just wanted to check on my friends” I whispered back.
There was a fine looking gentleman who I believe was the MC holding the microphone and
explaining the next thing on the agenda.
“wow.. the awards” I smiled at Ndaweni who seemed not too pleased about that.
“honey.. aren’t you excited?” I asked.
“Yeah.. a little nervous… I always receive an award every year.. I am hoping this year isn’t
different” he said.

“your work place should have some serious nepotism though.. every name I hear is…”
“Do you think the auditing department will receive awards this year? I doubt it” The weird lady from
across the table said to Ndaweni. She had the nerve to interrupt me.
“Well we’ll have to wait and see” he smiled.
I was a little surprised that she actually held normal conversations with Ndaweni. I wondered then
why she was staring at me like a ghost.
“so you actually talk?” I found myself asking.

“Yes she is my workmate…” Ndaweni interrupted in response, the lady herself said nothing.
The awards went on, all was going perfectly and Ndaweni got the most motivated employee
award. I was so impressed and I really couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. I really needed a
man like that, hardworking in all aspects.
“honey I’m proud of you..” I said as he got back to the table.
Ndaweni gave me a hug and then gave the mysterious lady a high-five from across the table.
“We did it.. another award for the accounting team” she said.
In my mind I was thinking “what nonsense is this this?” But like the modest lady that I was, I
decided not to stir a scene.
Well the dinner went great and now what was left was the cocktail lounge for everyone to chill.
“Honey.. I need to drop you home now..” he said.

“no.. by no means.. have fun if you need to.. I don’t mind being here.. its nice actually” I said.
“yes but I really don’t want to be here I’m tired. Let’s just go and rest” he said.
I adhered to his words and we headed home. he dropped me home and told me he was calling it a
night quickly. He was exhausted, the week had been stressful and so was everything else.
“well.. ok.. goodnight.. not used to having such early nights though” I whined.
Ndaweni was always staying up late with me and then he would go much later and especially on
days like this one.

“I will see you first thing tomorrow honey and then maybe we can have some outing..” he said.
“ok my love goodnight” I said as I gave him a short kiss and waved.
Ndaweni was always calling when he got home and i was accustomed to that but this time he
didn’t. I attempted to call just to make sure he arrived safely but he wasn’t picking up. I figured he
had slept immediately.. well… let me just be honest. I figured he wasn’t even home anyway. Bored
with nothing else to do I changed into comfortable skinny’s and a peplum top. I know this would
not settle well with Ndaweni the fact that I chose to step out after he dropped me home but I left
home anyway. My friend Khetiwe had been updating her whatsapp status constantly about
Capones and I let her know I was on my way. She was excitedly waiting for me.
I drove off after making sure I had locked well and I headed to East Park for just an hour two
before heading back home. I hated to drive the benz at night just for fear of attracting thieves so I
carried my car. As I was entering my car I noticed my next door neighbour was pulling over and he
lowered his window to say hai. We had never met. I knew a guy lived next door but I had no idea
who he was. On several occasion he played music and sung along.
“halo..” he greeted.
“hai..” I smiled.
“Finally get to meet the neighbour.. it’s not good that I didn’t even welcome you.. that’s what
neighbours do” he said.
‘yes… but at least we’ve met though.. just heading to a party” I said.
“oh ok..” He mumbled.
” Thandiwe is the name..” I said.
“henry” he replied
“ok see you later Henry” I said before driving off.

Immediately I got to east park I rushed to the bathroom first, I was suddenly pressed and I needed
to pee. As usual the lady thing to do is look at your face after using the loo. I took a moment to
retouch my lipstick and it was then that I looked over in the mirror at the far end. The mysterious
lady from Ndaweni’s work place was standing fixing her makeup.
I was wondering for a moment, was she alone? I quickly left before she could see me and I
instead waited at a hidden distance to see where she was heading. For some crazy reason I
thought she might tell Ndaweni seeing that she already didn’t seem to like me from her looks. I
had texted Khetiwe letting her know that I was just calculating my moves before I could join her.

The mysterious lady walked out and I noticed she was actually with another lady who looked her
age. The girl called her Muzamose. So at last I knew her name, she was Muzamose. The two
headed to the keg direction while I slowly tiptoed at a distance, I took a deep sigh and finally
decided to head my direction. I was already uncomfortable with the arrangement and I just wanted
to leave.
“boyi are you listening to what I am saying?” I said to Khetiwe who seemed to be taken by the
track the dj was playing.
I shook her roughly and told her I was leaving her.
“iwe you just came whats your problem? This your boyfriend will not spoil my night.. just because
you saw his workmate so what?” she said angrily.

“First of all we are by the bar counter,. Can’t we sit somewhere hidden? Awe come on mama.. this
is not saving me any good” I whined.
“boyi nakupapata.. we are past that stage already.. the stage of running away from home and
secretly going to chill. We did that kind of thing in our parents’ homes, not now.. awe boyi natu
kula. If your boyfriend can’t understand that you drink and party then you are with a wrong guy”
she said
I don’t think she understood what that would mean, it would obviously be very embarrassing and
actually Ndaweni would be very disappointed in me if he learnt that I chose to go out. Just one
night of him asking me to stay home and I chose to disobey? What would he think of me? I mean
that would really upset him and he would probably wonder what the urgency was for me to just go
Khetiwe noticed my unpleasant look meant I was serious and I was seriously going to leave if she
didn’t get up.
“So where do you want us to go then?” she asked tiredly.
“Even manda hill is ok… just not here” I said.

“What’s at manda hill?”
“Well we can go to legendz or maybe drama night club” I said.
“Are you serious? Can you please take me somewhere better..” she whined.
“like where?’ that’s all I know… ok fine lets go to ohagans..” I said.
“anyway ya.. maybe ohagans.. but I am leaving my car here… we go with yours. I have no gas..”
I shook my head “you have been taking cocktails worth k60 and you have no money for gas?” I
asked her.
“iwe don’t judge me.. ba blesser was supposed to have shown up but he is busy”
I kept everything I wanted to say for a much later time. Khetiwe and i headed to my car while I
helped her with her purse.
“so, let me just assume that your boyfriend lied to you.. he dropped you home early and you were
happy but you don’t know that he is too smart for you and he is probably out” Khetiwe said.

“not now Khetiwe, we had an event and he just wanted to rest after. We’ve actually been doing
these outings way too many times”
“there you go .. getting comfortable.. it starts with accepting one excuse to another and finally you
will be the trash bin to accept all nonsense” she said
I somewhat thought through what Khetiwe said but it was too early to feel that way. Ndaweni had
been trying.. he was really a good man and I trusted him a lot. As we drove to ohagans I sung
along to some music while Khetiwe kept pressing her phone. When we pulled over in the car park
Khetiwe asked if I was willing to listen to some advice.
“ Yes If only you will listen to mine also” I said.

“cool no problem..” she replied
“Khetiwe turned to face me and she looked me straight in the eyes. “boyi I know the drama we
have been through and if you feel this guy is the one then go ahead but I am only asking one thing
of you.. eat and save.. these rich guys are not really people to trust. You told me he is 37, my dear
open your eyes.. no well settled 37year old man would deliberately choose to be playing. Hear me
when I say that this guy needs to be watched.. don’t even lay down your life thinking you have
found it all.. open your eyes. Thandiwe you have changed. Hanging out with you now is a miracle,
this guy is even guarding your shadow. You are always with him, you are basically defining your
life around him. You are losing yourself. Boyi such guys leave you cursing the day you were born.
Ala open your eyes my friend”
When Khetiwe got done talking I had nothing to say. She was right to some extent. I needed not
lose myself but truth is.. I had already started losing myself. When Ndaweni was too quiet I was
mourning my loneliness. I wanted to talk to him and be around him always. I was so glad I met
Khetiwe. She opened my eyes.

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