A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 6)

© Oby Chinyere

Sarah came over to Oscar’s place the next day, Oscar was at home expecting her, Oscar told Melinda he won’t be able to make it to the movie with her because he was expecting a visitor, Melinda decided to come over to his house, she stopped at a fast food and bought some food for Oscar and whoever his visitor will be,

When Melinda came, Sarah who was still on her way has not arrived yet, she stayed and watched TV with Oscar who was so happy that Melinda got food for him, not just for him but also for Sarah, he has being thinking of what to offer Sarah aside drinks, and Melinda came with packs of food, Oscar likes Melinda, she has helped him to forget about Sarah, and now Sarah was coming probably with a troubled tail about Ryan, he will try to remain focus and not derail, as much as he has loved Sarah and has wished for Sarah to love him back even if is just little, but she was down for Ryan, her Mr perfect, who was an angel in wolf clothing, Sarah was blinded with love and couldn’t listen or see through him.
Oscar thought within him not really listening to Melinda’s funny gist, he just kept smiling while trying to seem interested in the gist but his mind was distract with Sarah, he knows that Melinda likes him and he likes her too but not so deeply like what he once has and feel for Sarah, he tried to remain cool with Melinda and she has being a good girl ever since they met.
The door bell rang and Melinda rushed to open it, she already knows that Oscar was expecting a female friend of his, she likes Oscar a lot and wish he can get serious with her, Oscar is most women’s dream, women like her that respect disciplined men greatly, and Oscar was one of the few, she kind of feel jealous on seeing Sarah but she quickly wave off the feeling, as she smiled and ushered Sarah in.


Sarah saw the beautiful lady with a cute smile that came to open the door for her, she thought within her that is probably Oscar’s girlfriend, she was sad that Oscar quickly move on without trying h-rder to win her over or even waiting maybe she will leave Ryan, but he just moved on and is already dating another girl, who got a beautiful smile, she knew Oscar was not just intelligent or handsome but he was also caring and lots of ladies like him immediately they see’s him because he carried a calm nature.
which was very attractive, she wondered why she didn’t pay him attention when he came to her, she was so much into Ryan and thought that Ryan has really repented, she even told Ryan all the things that Oscar said to her, which caused a fight between the two friends, and Oscar finally left and nobody hærd of him ever since, she will apologies to him for causing such trouble between him and Ryan, although she was happy that Oscar left Ryan’s place, Ryan was not a good influence, Oscar seem to be mostly on his own, he never allowed Ryan’s negative lifestyle to affect him, Ryan was not truly a good person counting from all the bad things he has being doing to her, especially the constant cheating and lies, she has wanted to call Oscar so many times but her pride will not give way, she couldn’t just call until the last struck from Ryan which broke her into pieces, she can’t still believe that the man she loved with all her heart will do such a thing to her.


Oscar was happy to see Sarah, who was looking so worn out, she looked tired and worried. he greeted her warmly and she sat beside him, Melinda offered her drink and some of the food she bought, Sarah thanked her although she was not in the mood for food but she was hungry, she has not being able to eat since she finds out about Ryan, looking at the food her stomach was already opening up, she gradually started eating and Oscar allowed her to finish eating before saying anything, Melinda later excused them, she told Oscar that she was going to pick up something in a supermarket, so she left, leaving Oscar and Sarah alone to talk, Sarah was done with the food and was ready to say why she wanted to see Oscar.
“first, before I say why I came, I want to sincerely apologise, I know I wronged you Oscar, I even thought you will not want to see me again, I am deeply sorry for everything… I’m sorry, can you forgive me for not believing you and for treating you the way I did…
“You need not apologise Sarah, is in the past now, you didn’t offend, you were only in love, and it was clear for me to understand, I’m more concerned about you, what is eating you up…hope is not Ryan again…
“he is, is Ryan, who else will make me feel so much tensed…is…is just so sad, I caught him again cheating with another girl not same girl of the last time, but the one that came with her that day, whom I thought was her friend, but Ryan was with her and then that girl slapped me and walked me out and Ryan was just standing there, he never bother to stop her, and after some time he came begging and with same empty promises, he assured me that it will never happen again, I so much loved Ryan, I don’t know how to start all over again without him, to start loving another person will be difficult, so I thought, and after sometime I forgave him and we continued, then this last one that happened, I was sick for days, I have being crying for weeks, I have not really eating much ever since, just after a month of the previous one another happened again, more heavy than the last ones, I was at his place and this same girl came again, her name is Clara, she saw me and engaged me in a serious fight, she tore my cloth and almost unclad me, she told me she was already pregnant for Ryan and they were already preparing for their wedding, she warned and asked me to stay off from her man or she will kill me…yes, she said that, she actually threatened my life and she meant it Oscar, with the look from her eyes, she was a very dangerous girl, I wonder why Ryan will get entangled with that kind of lady, even Ryan is scared of her, because he couldn’t utter a word as Clara was displaying all that madness that day, she was more fierce than Becca, Oscar, I went home half unclad that day, and that was the end between me and Ryan, he knew better and had stayed off ever since, I so much hate Ryan right now for everything he did to me, I trusted him, I believed him, I loved him so dearly, more than I even love myself, how can he do that to me…how could he play with my feeling as if is a toy, now he has got another girl pregnant, how do I move pass that, how…I regret not listening to you Oscar, I thought Ryan was what he claimed to be, and I also thought he will change…. I thought…i..
“is okay, don’t cry Sarah…enough of the one you have cried already…I’m sorry you have to go through such humiliation, is never late for you to start all over, you can free your heart from Ryan if you haven’t done that yet…he was never a man for somebody like you…I’m sorry for everything, I know is better you learn your lesson this way, because nobody could have convinced you to stop seeing Ryan, I’m not justifying what Ryan or Clara did to you, I’m just glad you are finally free from him…do not cry Sarah..
She went close to Ryan and relaxed in his arm as she cry, Ryan comforted her, and his emotion was rising as he watch Sarah sob in his arm, he knew he still love her, and was not going to let her down, now that she was free from Ryan, he thought of Melinda, and a frown crossed his face, he knew he has planned to start a real relationsh¡p with Melinda who was deeply into him, and he likes her alot, but with Sarah finally breaking free with Ryan and coming back to him he was confuse, but he has always loved Sarah, he was only trying to see if a relationsh¡p with Melinda will work out but he has almost giving all himself to Melinda, until this moment, Oscar knew Melinda will be hurt but she will understand at the end.
Clara was with Becca in her place as they talk.
“we were cool and suddenly he started avoiding me, I wonder what I did to him again, he told me to always call before coming ever since that first incident and I have not ever went to his place without calling to inform him first, sometime he will say he was busy I shouldn’t come, he will come over to me when he is free and sometimes he never comes, he just started treating me this way since last month, I just hope is not another woman that’s keeping him off…Clara what do you think is wrong with Ryan…because I don’t understand, you told me how your boyfriend treats you so well, and doesn’t joke with you…you go over to meet him unannounced and he doesn’t complain, although I’m yet to meet him but he is a very nice guy…not like Ryan who has suddenly changed, you told me that your man was even happy for the baby, he asked you not to abort, that you should keep the baby, unlike Ryan, anytime I fall pregnant for Ryan he will always ask me to take it off, that’s why I’m always careful before my womb will be taken off, whenever I’m with him, I always have different drugs with me, to take just in case, I need to be careful, I can’t afford to be pregnant and then he will ask me to abort like his usual way. babe you are so lucky just few months into your relationsh¡p, everything is favoring you, I just hope that your man will not change, because Ryan use to be nice but suddenly changed, but the way you talk about your own man he look responsible and caring too, by asking you to keep the baby makes him a nice guy, I like that kind of men, that takes responsibility for their actions, I will love to meet your man someday… seriously, invite him sometime or arrange let’s hang out with him, like I usually do with Ryan, I can’t wait to meet him. I’m just so tired of Ryan behaving like this to me, and I don’t want to go there uninvited, I don’t want to provoke him, I still love him very much but I don’t know why he is acting this way…I seriously don’t understand…
“you will meet my prince charming someday…very soon…but Becca What if there’s another woman, what will you do…what if Ryan is cheating on you…
“that woman is so dead, I will so deal with her with everything I got, Ryan too is not exception, after dealing with both of them they will come to know the kind of person I am, i hate to be messed around with, after several abortion and putting many fine guys off because of him then he will come and cheat, noo…no way…that will never happen babe, my main target will be the woman he is cheating with, after I handle her she will never near him again…I’m very serious Clara, no one mess with me and goes free…
Clara smiled, she knew is just a matter of time and Becca will come to know who her man and the father of her unborn child is, Clara will be waiting for Becca to display her madness the day she will come to know the real truth, because she has already got her on craziness ready and waiting, she has dealt with Sarah, and kicked her off, and she has gone into hiding, she will do much more to Becca when the time comes.
Clara robbed her tummy while smiling as Becca rage for any woman that will take Ryan from her, Clara knew that at the end she will be the winner, because her plans were working out gradually, even Ryan is afraid of her, so she doesn’t care about Becca, she was a winner, she will use Ryan to her satisfaction and dump him when she decides, and she doesn’t think she was getting tired anytime soon, she will frustrate Ryan’s life and any woman that smells near him. she was the boss and no one tampers with her.
Clara suddenly boast out laughing, Becca was even surprise at her sudden outburst, Becca thought Clara was laughing because of the way she was raging not knowing that Clara was gradually taking over her territory.
Oscar was thinking of how he will dismiss Melinda without hurting her feeling, because he still love Sarah and wouldn’t want to loose her again.
while Clara was having the best moment of her life, she was already ruling Ryan, who she put in a very tight corner. Ryan can’t go to anywhere without Clara’s approval. Clara was so happy to be on top of her game.

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