After Midnight (Short Story)

After Midnight -Episode 1

episode 1

A story by william series
(fairytale book)

 it was some minutes to 12 at midnight,my family have slept but i couldn’t catch any sleep rolling from the left handside to the right side of the bed so i decided to take some breeze at the corridor
 i went there and i began to sing,i was so elated in the spirit and i decided to sing.i was distracted with a figure i saw in the moon,when the figure became clearer it had a human shape so i quickly ran into the room but i was unable to do that because my leg couldn’t move just as if a spell was casted,when the human figure came nearer they were three then the one that looked like a prince cleared his throat and spoke

“sorry for casting a spell on you young lady”he began

“undo it and set me free”i bark

 he asked for my name but i refused and he said some strange words that looks magical and i confessed my name

“my name is laura ivy”

“that nice,my name is charmer from the world of stars and am a prince”he introduced

“hmmmm,that cool.can we meet at a tea shop tomorrow”i exclaimed

“am only permitted to come out at midnight…….”

 he was interrupted by another figure it was time for them to go.the prince k-ssed my hands and promise to come the next midnight.

**at charmers’s kingdom**

“why are you mingling with the human,you know they can be very dangerous”the king barked

“father,don’t think that way she might be different from other humans”charmer suggested

“don’t dare go with human they are nothing but animals”the queen shouted

“father,mother,whether you like it or not she will be my friend.may you excuse me now”charmer said

(charmer exits)

“hmmmm,look the portal to the world tonight,charmer is going nowhere”the king signaled one of the guards

“yes my lord”

**the world**
“laura get up and let make breakfast”laura’s mother scre-med

“oh mom,i didn’t catch any sleep last night”laura complained

 laura stood up from bed grudgingly and went to make breakfast with her mom
 when they through they went on with their daily life
 laura came back very active at night and laid down on her bed expecting the prince after midnight then she decided to catch a little rest,when she woke up it was already after midnight

“the prince should be here by now”laura thought to herself

she waited for a very long time but no sign of the prince

**charmer’s world**
 charmer tried opening the portal that leads to the world but all in vain.he tried many spells to opened the portal but all proved abortive.

 when charmer tried all the spells he knew he had no other option than to steal a strong spell from his mom magical books,as he sneaked into the room with seath,easily he found the book and quickly checked for a spell,luckily he got one and he went back to the portal.
 when he got to the portal,without any stress the portal opened using the spell and he flew out

**the world**

**laura’s pov**
 why is the prince not here?,this almost 2 o clock and no sign of him,let me just go to bed probably he is not coming today.
 i was about to open the door to my room,when someone shouted my name.behold it was the prince

“am glad you are here,i have been worried about you

 charmer sighted and explained what had been happening in their kingdom because of her,and when charmer finished his story tears began to drop from laura’s face.

“worry not laura,i’ve settled everything” the prince assured

“let just take a walk around i want to show you a great secret anybody has ever know”charmer added

“sure”laura obliged

“but,i can’t fly”laura complained

 the prince shook his head and brought out pixie dust and spray on her after that laura began to float like a baloon in the air,the prince took laura’s hand and flew awayp

as they were flying like love birds they began to sing and chatter

“do you know what i really want to tell you”charmer began

“no”laura replied

*~charmer’s kingdom~*
 The king had a terrible night nightmare about charmer being traped in the world so he stood up and decided to check up on him.when he got to charmer’s room,he knocked severally there was no reply then he opened the door,to the king’s greatest dismay charmer was nowhere to be found he was furious and called all the guards including the queen but none was able to find charmer,then the king decided to try using his spell to find him,but the spell failed meaning charmer was not in the kingdom’s vincinity

“hmmm,charmer has gone to meet those humans again”the king lamented

“omg,please don’t be furious”the queen pleaded

**the world**
“do you know you can get into our world as humans”charmer questioned

“no” laura replied

 the prince brought out a mirror and a stone then gave it to laura

“you can use the mirror to talk to me anytime you wish,just call my name 7 times and it done”charmer said

“wish on the stone to get in and out of my world in case you want see me cuz i feel this might be the last time you would hear of me”charmer added

 the prince interrupted laura by saying it time for him to go


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