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Agent Brynx – Episode 8


Agent BrynX – Episode 8
Die for it

By Brian Ngoma

“No one disrespects me,” Noob stood confidently.

I looked at his henchmen and could see fear in their eyes. The two looked at each other nodding their heads. Noob had instilled fear in them and the rest of us except for Floyd. He didn’t look shaken.

“Now where is the Agency’s headquarters?” he asked. “I want to bring this whole Agency down,” he said proudly. “The cops cannot even touch us and you people want to meddle in our business. Rubbish,” he spat on James’s feet. “Where is the headquarters?”

James looked at me and then Olivia. “You will never know!” he answered.

“OH don’t test me,” Noob said. “You have seen what has happened to your friend here,” he pointed at Mrs. Vimbuzi’s body with his gun. “I did her a favour, she was too ugly.” he laughed. “How about we kill a beautiful young lady now?” he looked at Olivia.

“Don’t you even dare?” James said almost getting up. He was dragged down by the henchman.

“Ohhh so you two are in love?” Noob said looking at James and Olivia. He walked to Olivia and stood her up. “Let’s see how powerful love is,” he pointed the gun at her.

“Don’t tell him James,” Olivia cried.

I watched everything as if I was front row in the cinema. James was really angry I could feel his anger. If a man had a gun to my wife’s head, I would equally be angry. I needed to do something but what and how? Floyd had his eyes on me. His stare somewhat made me even more nervous. Was I going to die in my brother in laws hands while he knew my wife was due any day?

“Speak up!” Noob shouted. “Where is the headquarters? Or you are going to watch your woman die.”

“You are an agent before love,” Olivia said softly. “Let me die honouring our oath.”

“Let’s tell them baby,” James said. It was obvious he wanted to help Olivia but she couldn’t let him. “We don’t have anything to lose,” he said.

“No James, we cannot please don’t,” Olivia wept.

“I can’t let you die for the Agency while i can save you,” James said.

“What makes you so sure that he won’t get rid of us after we tell him?” Olivia asked James.

James didn’t answer.

What nonsense was I hearing? Where was the agency while we stuck our necks out? Three people had died and Olivia was acting like she was in some sort of romantic movie. I decided to speak but before I could, James made probably one of the worst mistakes of his life. He quickly got out of the henchman’s grip. He punched the henchmen on the face temporary blinding him. Getting his chance, he tried to jump Noob but Noob swiftly got out of the way and James landed on the floor hurting his ankle. Not having enough, James got to his feet and charged against Noob. Noob’s moves were of that of a professional. He ducked James punches with little effort. Seeing that James was tiring out, Noob kicked James on the face and he got to his knees. James got up again and with his mighty, he threw himself in the air at Noob but Noob got out of the way and before James could reach the ground, Noob pulled the trigger sending James falling like a bag of cement on the floor.

“James!” Olivia screamed.

Noob turned to me breathing heavily. “These love birds make me sick,” he looked me direct in the eyes. “I believe you are also an agent, isn’t it right?” he asked touching my shoulder. “I can see you are seeing some sense in this.”

My mind was still figuring out the fight i had just witnessed. I couldn’t believe James was defeated. I looked up to him and that was a let down. While feeling Noobs hand on my shoulder, I watched Olivia crawl to James who was squealing in pain. Why did he have to do that? He could have just told them what they wanted. As simple and as swift as that. Was love that strong that a person was willing to put his life on the line?

“I didn’t get your name,” Noob said. “Mind telling me?”

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I didn’t answer.

“Come on man, we are wasting time here,” he looked at his watch. “Love birds are busy comforting each other. I can’t make them talk. Help me out here, let’s end this.Tell me where the Headquarters is located and I’ll leave the three of you all fine,” he paused. “Oh except for James, he probably needs some medical attention. ”

I could feel myself stiffening with Noobs hand on my shoulder.

“Hello,” Noob waved his hand in my face. “Are we together?” he asked looking at the others.

Seeing Mrs. Vimbuzi’s body on the floor and James squealing in pain, I realized how much this work of an agent meant to everyone. If someone was willing to kill for it because they feared to be exposed, it sure was a good thing to do. It meant putting bad people away for doing bad things like these people called ‘The blackmailers’. I had lost a mother figure because of them. I even lost a former boss I loathed so much but didn’t deserve to die that way. Despite not being my friend, i pitied the way James had to go down. Johnson had also lost his life. And for what? All because they carried the name Agent and an X on them.

“My name?” I asked raising my head.

“Yes,” Noob answered smiling.

“Agent BrynX.”

“I figured.”

I looked at Olivia. She had a face like that of a child who didn’t have anything up her sleeves. She was hopeless and I had never seen her like that.

Noob pointed his gun at me.I could see some smoke on the muzzle of the gun coming out. I even smelt the ammonia. “One last time, where is the headquarters?”

“You will have to kill us but be assured that others like us will come for you,” I said confidently. I saw Floyd having a blank face as if telling me to tell him and get this over with.

“Well,” Noob reached for the trigger and I closed my eyes. At least I would die a hero. My child and wife would remember me as one if at all they would be told exactly what happened. I was ready for anything.

“Freeze!” Floyd shouted. I recognized his voice instantly. I opened my eyes and he was pointing the gun at Noob. “Drop the gun Noob,” Floyd said.

What the heck was happening? I looked at Floyd surprised.

“Bryn move away from him!” he ordered me whilst ensuring his hand gun had covered all the three thugs. He slowly walked to where i was. “What stupidity was that?” he whispered to me.

“I don’t know what got to me,” I answered.

“Willing to die for it Huh,” he nodded. “Sure means a lot to you.”

“What is this?” Noob asked looking at his other two henchmen. They were looking at him equally shocked. “Is this a game Floyd?”

“I’m a detective you idiot,” Floyd said.

Noob laughed. “You are kidding, right?”

“Detective?” I looked at Floyd. “What detective?”

“We’ll talk about that later Bryn,” He answered. “Get the gun from him.”

Shocked and surprised. How could Floyd be a detective? How did I not know?

“You are going to rot in jail,” Floyd said. “I don’t have much on you but i have something to put you away for good. It’s high time i get my payback. I let you push me around for too long.”

Noob kept laughing.

“What’s funny?” Floyd asked.

“I thought your mystery was something to be worried about but I ignored my instincts. Stupid me. I saw all the signs. I even told Mr. Imp about my suspicions,” Noob bursted.

“Well that’s stupid of you,” Floyd said. “Next time, trust your guts if at all you’ll have a next time.”

“The mystery calls, the disappearances Oh s***,” Noob could not hide his surprise.

“Get the gun Bryn,” Floyd said.

There was a sudden moment of silence. Noobs henchmen were all looking at me i could hear their teeth grinding. Noobs eyes were fixed on Floyd.

“I know her name,” Noob said glancing at Floyd.

“Bryn!” Floyd shouted ignoring what Noob had said.

“You heard me,” Noob said. “Let’s see. The other day she came at the Bordello and you guys had a fight outside. I got curious and dag a little.”

Floyd stiffened.

“Her name,” Noob said thoughtful. “Tiza?” he looked at Floyd. “Oh! not Tiza but Triza, yes?”

“Don’t start what you won’t finish Noob, it’s over for you,” Floyd said his voice shaking. “Bryn, he called my name again.

“Her name is Triza. If anything happens to me, Mr. Imp and Marie will get to her,” Noob smiled. “I hate surprises. You just don’t know how much i hate you right now Floyd. I feel like blowing off your head.”

“For crying out loud Bryn, grab the gun from him!” Floyd shouted angrily.

“Okay, Okay,” I said walking towards Noob who stared at me with anger in his eyes. “Hand me the gun!” I said my voice betraying me. It sounded awful. I had planned for it to come out strong but it came out like a child’s. “Give me the gun now,” I said again ensuring it sounded burly but it didn’t. I was very nervous and sweating profusely.

Noob stared at me like a joke. It was obvious he had recognized a chicken i was that’s why he didn’t move. Not even an inch. I wondered what he was thinking about in that moment. “Or what?” he asked.

I felt a spasm in my legs. It felt like a tremor had just passed on the ground. Not knowing what to do, I looked back at Floyd and felt my chin almost falling off my face. It happened so fast. I was hit with the barrel of the gun on my face. I fell to the floor hitting my head. My body was a temple of injuries that night; The ear, now the chin. I had even bit myself. I could see blood coming out and that stiffened me. The sounds of gunshots brought me back to where i was. I laid on the floor covering my ears. The gunshots went on for about thirty seconds and silence dawned. The silence was deadly. Not even James could be heard squealing from his gun wound. I figured him and Olivia had tightly held on to another. I couldn’t raise my head afraid of it being blown off my neck. I didn’t know who was still alive but whoever was left alive, our fate laid in his hands.

To be continued

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