Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 7

Agent BrynX – Episode 7
Shut up!

By Brian Ngoma

My heart could be felt pounding as fast as it could. My l-ips were dry despite the cold of the night. It was as if death was the highlight of the night. Whatever was behind the squeaking door knob was what all the four of us were thinking about in that moment. James stepped back and looked at Olivia as if assuring her that he would do anything to protect her. Mrs. Vimbuzi was sweating i could see from where she was standing and Olivia’s eyes were fixed on James.

The door opened and an old man came in. He looked at the four of us with our jaws almost dropping. “Is everything alright madam?” he looked at Mrs. Vimbuzi.

“Johnson!” Cold toilet gro-ned angrily. “You gave us a scare. Whats with the sneaking?” she asked.

“I thought i heard something and thought of checking out on you,” Johnson answered expressionless. “Who are these people madam?” he looked at the three strange faces standing uneasily.

“Workmates,” she answered. “You don’t have to worry about anything, I’m alright Johnson, you can go back to your quarters.”

“Okay madam,” answered Johnson suspiciously looking at us.

“You can go Johnson, we have something to discuss here,” I said.

“Shut up,” Mrs. Vimbuzi yelled at me. “You don’t tell my worker what to do.”

“What wrong have i done Cold toilet?” I asked looking at her.

“What did you just call me?” She asked stepping forward.

“Nothing,” I raised my hands in the air surrendering.

“Johnson!” Mrs. Vimbuzi called Johnson. “It’s alright, go back now.”

Johnson was very fond of Mrs. Vimbuzi and it was obvious our strange faces bothered and nerved him. He carefully studied the three of us. He saw how uneasy James was, how scared i was and How nervous Olivia had been since he opened the door. He didn’t want to inquire more because his boss had told him she was alright, so she was alright. No need of playing detective now. “Alright madam, I’ll go back to my quarters. If anything don’t hesitate to call me,” off he went out of the room.

We all breathed in and out in relief. We sat down looking at each other not knowing what to say to one another after that scary moment. “What is this all about?” I asked breaking the silence.

“It’s none of your business,” Olivia responded. “You are no longer part of Agency X Corps.”

“Then why did you take me with you?” I asked. “You refused to take me home saying it’s not safe and here you are, telling me I’m not part of the Agency. Don’t tell me you just got me for my car.”

Olivia was stricken by my sarcasm. She looked at James and Mrs. Vimbuzi In defeat. One of them had to tell me what was going on because I was fade up. I had it up to my throat.

“Sit down!” Mrs. Vimbuzi ordered me.

I wasn’t going to be taking any one’s orders. I no longer worked for her. “How would you feel if my boss hear you giving me orders?” I looked at her. “I don’t work for you and just like you don’t like other people to order your workers around, my boss doesn’t like that either. ”

“Which boss?” she rolled her eyes. “You don’t have a job.”

“I’ll find one and i know he or she will be a million times better than you,” I said.

“Do you ever shut up?” she asked irritated.

“It seems like you don’t either. Someone has to shut you up forever,” I said stepping aside.

She looked at me defeated. She knew we would be just moving in circles. She sighed and said, “So those people who are after you,” she paused. “After us. Those people are the most wanted blackmailers in the country.”

“Is that even a thing?” I asked.

“Just shut up and listen,” Olivia said.

“Enough with the shut ups, it’s boring now,” I said.

“As I was saying, these people even call themselves the Blackmailers and their leader is Noob but we are not entirely sure he runs the team but according to our resources so far, he’s in charge of The Bordello. We have been after them for a while now till you blew our cover.”

“I didn’t blow anyone’s cover, excuse me!”

“You did,” James joined in.

“So who do they blackmail?” I asked.

“You were at the brothel, right? Someone leads important people from all walks of life to that brothel and when they have information on how loaded he is; they sneakily blackmail that person. They usually scare them with the old trick of publishing a story on them and their private life,” Olivia answered.

It then struck me that that was the reason I was a threat when I got at the brothel. I felt sorry for those old men. But what bothered me was Floyd. Was he also working for the Blackmailers? “But don’t these men who are blackmailed report to the police?”

“Why do you think we have been working on the case?” Mrs. Vimbuzi asked. “Agency X Corp stands in for where the legal authorities fall short. We work in the shadows.”

“Stop bluffing,” I interrupted curtly.

“Can someone get this boy out of my house?”

Funny thing about people who are rude to you is that once you reciprocate their rudeness, they get offended. Such a funny world, who told them they can only be rude and not others? “I’m not going anywhere,” I said firmly. “Continue I have more questions.”

She looked at me disgustingly. There was nothing she could do to me.

“Why no police?”

“Because some of the blackmailed are the police,” James answered.

“Wow, the irony,” I said. “Who could have thought? I thought Agency X Corp only dealt in handling low life cheats and the likes.”

“There is so much you don’t know Bryn,” Olivia said.

“So what next?” I asked.

“We stay low,” Mrs. Vimbuzi said. “They followed you to the Agency and I’m sure they have their eyes everywhere. You have to stay here for a while.”

“If the Agency is capable of dealing with thugs like that, can’t they send protection?”

“You think this is James Bond?” Mrs. Vimbuzi asked.

“You are making it look like it,” I responded. “Who could protect us better than the agency? I almost got shot and Mrs. Dakas body is laying back at the agency. OH Leah!” I exclaimed.

s***! It was two in the morning and I hadn’t called Leah to let her know how I had gone. I reached for my phone in my pocket and it wasn’t there. I searched myself but my phone was not with me. “Where is my phone?” I looked at Olivia.

She shrugged.

“Come on, where is it?”

“How am I supposed to know?” she answered irritated.

“Check the car,” James said. “It must have slipped while you were unconscious,” he threw me the keys.

I needed to talk to my wife. I left the house and went to where the car was parked. It was dark cold and scary outside. I ran to the car and quickly unlocked the doors. I thoroughly checked the car and couldn’t find it. There must be a phone I could use in the house, I thought to myself. I quickly closed the car door and went round the other way. I sprinted and hit into something and I fell on the ground. The fall brought back the hurting feeling on the ear. It stung and reminded me of the h0le in my ear. Whilst checking myself, I felt something on my legs. It was too dark to see. I stretched my right hand to feel what it was and directly touched a face. Staying in the dark for a while improved my vision, i could now clearly see the person. It was Johnson with his eyes wide open. I shook him but he didn’t budge. Fear creeped in. I looked around to see if there was anything or anyone in the dark. I shouted for help but the silence kept getting louder and scarier. I slowly got up feeling my body hairs er-cting. Something moved on the other side of my car. I don’t know if i had started imagining things but i couldn’t take a chance, i had to get out of here. I quickly got up and ran like Usain Bolt to the house and closed the doors behind me. “There is a body outside, I think Johnson has been killed,” I said stepping backwards.

“Thank you for joining us,” A familiar voice said behind me.

“OH snap,” I exhaled.

“Turn around with your hands where I can see them.”

I turned with my hands in the air. It was the gang at the brothel and Floyd was there too. His face wrote shock all over it when he saw me. He fidgeted nervously. We were the only two people in the room who knew about us.

“Why did you come back?” James asked looking at me. “I figured you ran away.”

How can I run away when I saw a body outside? James was crazy. But I regretted ever coming back. I could have just gotten into my car and drove off.

“Well I heard so much about you people,” Noob said. “That thing you do, dealing with people like us” he laughed. “Does that even pay off?”

“It does,” Mrs. Vimbuzi answered.

“I guess it does,” Noob looked around. “You are living hefty,” he stood her up. “Now it seems like you are the boss here that’s why these puppies ran to you. How unfortunate that we followed you,” he crookedly smiled.

“You are not getting anything from me, you son of a b#*,” She spat on his face. “You killed Mr. Johnson,” she defiantly looked at him as if she could rip out his throat.

“You wench,” he shouted slapping her sending her to the ground. “You know how bad have been looking for this Agency X Corp?” he asked agitated. “If it wasn’t for him,” he looked at me. “We wouldn’t have known. Him mentioning Agent JamesX raised all the suspicions we’ve had about James here. He was playing undercover,” he nodded. “And i grew to like him because of his swiftness. Now you,” he looked down on Mrs. Vimbuzi,” Stand up so that we have a talk!”

“Go to hell!” Mrs. Vimbuzi shouted. Her courage and Zeal astonished me. She showed no feeling of horror. “Low life,” she spat on his shoes.

Noob looked at everyone. He was irritated by Mrs. Vimbuzi it could be seen from his eyes. His henchmen looked at him being disrespected. I saw Floyd stepping backwards as if aware of what was about to happen. One henchman laughed.

“Kill us if you want,” she shouted.

What was she talking about? Kill who? I wasn’t going to die because of her stubborness. If there was something i could do to save myself, i needed to do it before cold toilet gets everyone killed. I looked at Floyd and the others. “Can i say….”

“Talk to your bosses and tell them you are not getting anything from us,” Mrs. Vimbuzi interrupted me making Noob go into fury mode.

“Shut up!” he pulled the trigger and shot Mrs. Vimbuzi sending her body to the floor shaking the room.

With everyone’s mouth wide open, we all turned our heads to Noob. Could this night get any sicker? Olivia wanted to run to her but she was stopped. “Dare move an inch and you are next,” Noob warned her looking at the three of us. “We have so much to talk about,” he grinned. “I need to know more about Agency X Corp, believe you me, we have been after you the same way you have been after us.”

To be continued

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