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Anjiala episode 15


ANJIÁLA – Episode 15
© Bunmi B Gabriel
I screamed as I fell down the black hole, my hair was all over my face, my body drenched with sweat. Another hole opened at the bottom and I fell through it
‘Oomph,’ I grunted when I made contact with the ground, I moaned in pain. ‘That hurt.’ I pushed myself up and knelt on all four. I studied my surrounding, I was underground, alone in a dark place. I stood up and flexed my arm. I walked forward and followed the single path in front, the place was eerily quiet
I was still walking when I heard my mom’s voice, she was crying and calling my dad’s name. I ran to the direction of the voice, I found a wooden door at the end of the hall. I opened it and screamed, it was my father beating up my mother mercilessly. I ran into the room and tried to separate them but he turned on me, beating me too
‘Leave my daughter alone!’ Mom cried, trying to get him off. He turned on her, he removed his belt and flogged her.
‘Leave my mother, dad please,’ I cried going on my knees and holding his leg. ‘Please leave her alone.’
‘Useless mother and daughter, I’m going to kill you now!!!!’ He roared and pinned my mother down by her neck, he was strangling her. I tried to remove him but he pushed me, I hit my head on the nearby wall. I felt a pang of pain surge through my head to my entire body. I gasped for breath and tried to stand to save my mom but I couldn’t. She stopped jerking and he left her.
‘Mom!’ I sobbed, I crawled to her and shook her body. ‘Mommy, please wake up.’ I said crying on her chest, I always feared that she would die because of him, I wanted her to leave him but she won’t listen.
‘Get up.’ He groaned and pulled my hair up, I kicked and trashed, he moved back until he pinned me to a wall. He was strangling me too, my eyes were closing, I was dying.
‘The royal castle
The griffins flies
Beware of their cries
And don’t fall for the lies
True test is laid
Trust yourself to scale
Pay no sign to the illusion
And you’ll be fine’ I heard a strange voice in my head.
‘Don’t fall for the lies….’ I repeated, it then came to me that everything might be an illusion. I mean what the hell are they doing here? I looked at him and pushed him off. ‘You’re an illusion, you’re not real.’ I said coldly, he slowly faded away. The door opened, I ran out straight ahead until I saw myself in Zino’s room. ‘What thy….’
He was by the window, making a phone call. I moved closer and listened.
‘….I know right, she’s a fool,’ he said and laughed. ‘She really thinks I’ll choose her over Martina, she’s just a plain wrinkled girl I’m gonna use and dump at once. Martina is way hotter…’ My heart skipped, is he talking about me? ‘Abbie is not my type, she’s too nerdy and plain.’ Whaaaat? Tears ran down my cheeks
‘Zino….’ I choked between my tears. He turned
‘What are you….you are really using me?’ He sighed
‘I’m sorry.’
‘Why! Why will you use me!!!!’ I screamed stomping to him, he moved back until he was pressed on the window.
‘I’m sorry.’
‘Why! What did I ever do you?! All I did was love you, what did I ever do!!!’
‘I’m sorry.’
‘Shut up!!!’ I roared pushing his chest. ‘He-goat! Fool! Maniac! I hate you! I hate you! Why! Liar!’ I cried beating his chest, ‘why!’ I slumped, he caught me.
‘I’m sorry.’
‘I hate you…’
‘Look, you’re just not good enough.’
‘What?’ I breathe in shock. ‘Not good enough?’
‘Yeah,’ he said lowly. ‘I only wanted to use you, I don’t mind having you right now.’ I gave him a slap, a loud one. I stood up, he scoffed and stood up. ‘You wanna know who’s more worth it, Anji, she’s sexy, hot, intelligent and more lively than you. You’re ugly, boring and you kiss like crap. You’re lame.’ I cried more bitterly, that was harsh
I moved back
This can’t be Zino, this can’t be my love….wait, what he is…how did I…lies! Another illusion. I smirked and wiped my tears
‘And you wanna know a secret? I ****ed Mateo, and I liked it,’ his mouth fell open. ‘He made me cum endlessly and I moaned his name over and over and over again.’ I lied and sucked in air between my teeth. ‘I do like you but that doesn’t stop me from having cool sex with your best friend, he’s better than you.’ I sang walking closer to him, I secretly carried the bat at the foot of the bed. ‘If you still want me, you can have me now and prove you’re better than him….’
‘The Abbie I know will never say this.’ He shook his head with disbelief.
‘And the Zino I know will never say the trash you did. b******!’ I smashed the bat on his head, I hit it repeatedly until he bled to death.
Do you know how hard it is to kill the man you love? It’s not him but his face.
I look around as the room faded away, I was in a throne room now. A man sat on the throne, his hair was as dark as his eyes.
‘Sit and wait for your friends – if they pass the test that is.’ He said warmly, a yellow chair appeared behind my back. I sat down and waited hopefully.
I paced around the room anxiously, I had been locked in a room for too long. I sighed and sat on the floor, a mirror appeared on the wall. I furrowed my brows, stood up and walked to it. My reflection in the mirror was breathtaking
‘Always so beautiful, are we now Ariana?’ My reflection asked smirking evilly. I composed myself and folded my arms. ‘You always see yourself as the exalted most royal majesty but the truth is that you are just like every other daughter of Jezebel.’ She spat, I snorted.
‘In case you don’t know, we are the same. If I’m Jezebel’s, then you are also one. You wanna know what? **** you and your stupid magic trying to make me feel like crap, I don’t give a s*** what anyone thinks about me, as long as I know who I am, then I don’t care what anyone else thinks.’ She eyed me and slowly faded away to normal. I sighed. ‘That was s***.’ I murmured, my eyes widened as my hair started falling.
I touched my face, I was getting old! I don’t want to get old! I hate it! I burst into tears, all my hair had fallen and I was a wrinkled ugly mess, I heard laughter behind me. I turned and saw some mushrooms dancing in a circle
‘Mushrooms!!!’ I screamed, I hate them, they terrify me. I ran to the corner, sank to the floor, and hugged my knees. I cried as they mocked me
‘Ariana is an old meat
La la la la la la
Ariana is all wrinkled
No one will love her….’ They sang, I cried convulsively and covered my ears. I then saw Abbie and Mateo laughing at me, they held hands
‘She’s so ugly now, do you still want her?’ She asked laughingly, I sniffed
‘Not in my next life. You’re the one I love Abbie…’ She smirked
‘You see Arie, I’ll always be the one your guy wants, no one else….’ I scoffed and stood up
This makes no sense
Abbie might have betrayed me the first time….she didn’t anyway, but she will never go for Matt. She had always seen him as a brother all her life so what the hell
‘Nice try castle!!!’ I shouted. ‘I might have lost my hair and skin but I’m no fool! Try using a better illusion to deceive me! Abbiana is my sister and she loves Zino, **** you.’ I sat down and crossed my legs. ‘I’m not ugly and she will never betray me.’ I glared at the dancing mushrooms. ‘I’ll fix you…’ I stood up again and stomped to them, I attacked the mushrooms, stomping them to death. ‘**** you castle!!!’
The place faded away, I was in a throne room
‘Ariana!’ Abbie shouted, I ran to her and hugged her tight.
‘I hate this place, I’m ugly now,’ I sobbed. ‘Look at my hair, I’m going to be the queen of Bald ville. An insult to my fabulousness.’
‘It was an illusion.’
I stared at the scene before me calmly, the day my dad left us and how mom suffered was replaying. Tears were streaming down but I was calm, his voice never stopped telling me to. My mother going through heartbreak all over again was my greatest fear, my personal night terror. I was dying slowly in pain but I had to remain calm
I inhaled and stood up, I shoved my hands into the pockets of my pants and walked around the room
My old living room
‘You know, when I was a kid, I used to believe that life was a bed of roses, life was all cupcakes and rainbow. I thought that anything could be solved with magic and true love… What I’m saying makes no sense, I know.’ I sat down on the couch and removed my right hand from my pocket
They both stopped and stared at me
‘Remember this couch dad? Every night we would sit on it and play video games together. We also played board games. Mom would come in and yell that I go to sleep but you’d tell her off,’ I smiled and licked my lips. ‘Those memories haunted me all my life so far, it made me sad and belligerent. I let what you did make me redrawn, in fact, I always let things easily make me back off but no more, I won’t let that happen no matter what. You might have broken me, but I will survive and I know you can never hurt my mother again, and even if she foolishly let you do, that’s her own s***.’
They slowly faded away
‘You guys should know that illusion only reminds me of what has been but I’m too logical to believe in it. Now show me where I can find the gem.’ I commanded. I appeared in a throne room, I was still on the couch. I looked to my side and saw the girls
‘Very impressive Anjiála Delgado, now I know why White chose you to wield his powers, you are wise…’
‘What are you talking about?’ I cut him off. He stood up, he was surprisingly tall, almost fifteen feet. He climbed down the stairs. He knelt down in front of me and slowly reduce to my size, he stared into my eyes
‘The test was to make you pass your greatest fear, to see if you can all stand strong in the deepest and bad situation. It was a simple test that would have killed you.’
‘If we had failed, we would have died?’ Abbie asked shakily.
‘I can see White in you, he knows his master and what to do. The king will be free soon and you have the mark of Nephaledia on you….’ He was confusing me. ‘Don’t stress yourself,’ he touched my forehead. ‘Receive the full powers of White, Lion of Nephaledia, soul of The Peace Bearer and set your master free.’ His cold hand burnt into my skull, I groaned and shook violently. I slumped on the couch, I was conscious and not conscious
I heard a voice in my head, a very deep voice that terrified me.
‘You are pure Anji, a pure soul. For the next clue, you shall go to  the place it all began, memories all around. Find the oldest tree, but wait! It’s not what you think.’ He said, I sighed and felt the gem in my hand before it disappeared. ‘I’ll be here to guide you dear, know that.’
I closed my eyes and let sleep take me.
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