Great Readers and supporters of toriperi, we are very sorry to inform you that this website is nearly not free to read anymore as you can see. The only source of income (advertisement) has been blocked and we need money to maintain the site to keep it running. Therefore, we strongly plead you pay a token as subscription to continue enyoying our stories.

Monthly subscription is #500
Quarterly (3 months) is #1400

Kindly help us and we will serve you the very best.
Toriperi must not fall!!! 🙏 🙏 🙏

To register

Kindly navigate to menu or open any episode, select “join” and choose your preferred plan – one month or 3 months. Scroll down to Checkout with paystack, and select your pay method. (Pls note here, pay with card is the most fastest, easiest and best option). Now fill in your details and Pay.

You’ll immediately become member of the site and free to read any of our stories.

In relation to the above, you can reach out to us on [email protected] if there’s any question or help.


  1. Pls what can i do again,am tired of this it’s stressing me i am already feeling like reading the story

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