Bad boy’s crush episode 26 – 27


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Bella’s POV

Five years ago,

“Nicc who is a player? ”
He looked up to my face trying to get my question
“Player? Like a basket ball player? Football player or which one? ”
He asked back and I was even confused about the kinda player I wanted him to explain to me

“Normal around guys I think… Never mind I just heard a few guys speaking about it”
I waved it off when I read the expression on his face indicating how confused he was

He smirked
“Oh… Player! where did you hear that from? “He asked again and I was too shy to say whom I heard those words from for a while until he pressured me to tell him

“From Billy, you and that black guy from Chicago”
I replied hiding my face and he smirked again
“You heard pretty well, you wanna get spoiled huh! “He teased pinching my cheeks playfully

“Stop it! “I said half laughing as I beat his hands off my face
“You wanna know what that kinda player is? “… I nodded my head
He cleared his throat

“Do you know gamers play? ”
“Gamers? “I asked confused at that word
“Yeah like Basket ball, footbal and even handball”

I nodded my head, it was getting broader in my mindset
“How do they play “I asked him and he sighed in frustration

“I thought you said you knew how gamers play?… Now listen
When you hold a ball, what’s your goal? To either play into the net or to lose out right? ”
I nodded my head fixing my mind into an imaginary football field

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He continued ;
“Players like Ronaldo, Messi don’t just play for fun, they play with passion and determination else they will lose the ball, but…. If the ball gets into the net… His goal is achieved ”

Confusing… I kept my mind straight to understand what he was heading at
“You don’t understand still? “He asked and I nodded
He hissed

“Lemme put it this way… “He cleared his throat before speaking up again
“Guys and bitches can be players alike
Players are soft, mostly handsome, very pleasant and knows how to be nice, they are calm and kind too but they’re green snakes ”

“Green snakes?? “I asked and he nodded
“Yes, they pretend to be good and make you believe that they love only you while their only goal on you is your pu$$y, once that’s achieved, the ball is dropped… That means you’re done for! ”

I got it! I was scared at first, how do you know them when you see them?
“They’re mostly bad guys too,remember… Be careful in the future if you’re ever gonna date”he adviced patting my shoulder

“How do you know them? “I asked and he started laughing
“There’s no way you can know them, just be careful! “He warned again
“Don’t get entangled with them no matter what, heard me? else you will get hurt in the end”he added and I nodded my head really terrified on how you can identify players when you see them

Present 😏

Pamela, Aurora and Stacey kept mumuring as I stepped forward to talk to Chloe who was standing infront of me
“Look at Audrey, “I heard Pamela speak when Audrey walked past

“Hmmm, “Aurora mumbled
“She’s clearly dumped by Chloe now, I remember when she was the apple of his eyes “Pamela rattled

Audrey? She is one of Chloe’s girlfriend? I see why she kept asking me about Chloe if I knew him before or not! Damn! I just identified this player!!

“Pam, won’t you shut up, can’t you see Chloe infront of us and you’re still speaking”Stacey cautioned but I heard her hiss at her

“Bella need to know the truth, she’s more perfect with Nicc by her side than this pervert who is a bad guy”she spoke again to my hearing

I gulped hard,

Chloe’s POV

They kept murmuring and murmuring until they dispersed remaining only Bella and I
I stepped closer to her with a smile on my face

I wanted to tell her now how I feel about her, I want to tell her to be my girlfriend
I wanted to tell her that I won’t make her cry and I will always be there for her, running to her whenever she needs me and to always be behind her incase she wanted to look back

“Bella”I called softly but the look on her face wasn’t encouraging enough
I stepped closer again and she cried out
“Don’t step closer any more! Stay there!! ”

I was puzzled by her behavior, do I smell?? Do I reek of the alcohol I took a while ago? Oh my bad! I told Zayn I don’t want to drink
Look what it have caused to me now

“Bella”I repeated
“I want to tell you something “I said bracing up myself for what I had to say
“Something like you being a player? Right?? I thought am your friend? I thought Nicc was worst not knowing you’re even a snake “she busted up and I my jaw dropped

Everything I wanted to say disappeared from my mind
“Uhm… Bella its not… ”
“Not what? You drink right? You smoke too?… “She stopped talking for a second

All my body was shaking and for moment I thought I was daydreaming
“I’m sorry but I don’t think I will be a friend to someone like you”
My legs seized at those words she just uttered before brushing past me…

I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out
I remembered Nicc’s exact words to me earlier

*You won’t win, Bella loved me from childhood, you think that would change cuz you came in? Know your place Chloe*

I sighed heavily as a sharp pain came in and out of my heart making me feel so shattered and broken
I called one of my girlfriends

📲Yeah baby, its been long… I kinda missed you so much

And who cared??
📲let’s break up now
I cut in

📲what! Why? Did I do something wrong?
She sobered making me more angrier

📲I’ve broken up with you now! I’ve never loved you Suzy. I’m sorry
I hung up before she would utter another word that might make me pity her

I dialed another number
📲Hey Angie

📲Darling, you missed me already

I scoffed
📲Let’s break up, I don’t love you anymore
I hung up after I said that dialing another number again


She hissed before speaking
📲you remembered me today? You got rejected?

I bit hard at her statement
📲Let’s break up Audrey, I don’t love you anymore

📲I knew that already the way you’ve been hovering around that nerd. I’m just waiting for you to tell me that you don’t love me anymore like you’re doing now

Why the long words then? I hissed
📲It was fun with you Audrey but now, I’m done with you

I hung up dialing another number again

📲Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t sleep over at…

📲I’ve broken up with you just now so don’t bother about sleeping over again

📲Oh no! Are you that angry with me? I’m sorry….
I hung up on her, no need for long words please
I dialed another number


📲jeez! You called me today?

📲yes, that’s because I want to break up with you

📲why? Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry…

📲Don’t bother, I just stopped loving you
I hung up again dialing yet another number


📲Hey boy, I missed you. I told my friends in school about you and they’re looking forward to meeting you

📲oh really? Let’s break up then
📲what! Why?
📲Cuz you shouldn’t have told your friends about us, bye!
I hung up again dialing another and another till I was tired but I didn’t stop there

*Something like you being a player? Right?? I thought am your friend? I thought Nicc was worst not knowing you’re even a snake*

She called me a green snake! A fuvking snake! I wasn’t gonna be that way to her! Ayish!! This is killing me! I won’t rest till I’ve broken up with all my girlfriends…

Bella’s POV

Come to think of it Bella…. My subconscious said to me
Why was I harsh that way towards him? What is my business if he was a player or not?
I just hate players, they get me scared… I assured myself

But, it is not my business still, I even compared him with Nicc who broke my heart
Damn! Am I that nerdie?? Oh no!
Nicc was plain with me but he’s using his games on me…. Something said from inside me

Oh no! No one goes out into the rain no matter how much he wanted to play, he was cold the next day cuz of me… Oh! Don’t believe that! Remember what Nicc thought you

I’m as confused as ever
“Bella! “Nicc’s voiced called out my name
Hearing Nicc call out my name made me stumble and fall flat on the ground
I was embarrassed, I couldn’t even stand on my feet

Eyes followed me before laughters
My friends rushed to my side but backed away when Nicc stretched out his palm to me
“Here, get up”he said

I looked away immediately, why did I fall? Am I that clumsy around him? Why?
“Go away Nicc”

“Until you stand on your toes, am not leaving your side”he replied making my heart pound harder than normal
“I told you earlier that I need a span away from you”

“It won’t work on me Bella, cuz I think I love you”

Everything stopped moving around me for a while…


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Nicole’s POV

She won’t resist me, she loves me
She wants me by her side and she didn’t want me to be only a childhood best friend which she can look up to but also a boyfriend who will be there for her

And I think I like her too, maybe I do
“I told you to stay away from me? “She repeated after a moment of silent as she stood on her own without my help

“And I said that I love you”I repeated too and I saw those eyes of hers roll in happiness even though she tried to hide it, she can’t hide those blush which were on her cheeks

She couldn’t speak, it was all stares and stares at me,
“Date me Bella, we suit each other, I know you want to date me, I know you love me… ”

“No, we can’t date. Am done with you, forget about the love I have for you Nicc, I will never be yours!! ”
What the heck!… Is she being serious?

I stepped closer to her and she pulled back
“Bella you don’t mean that do you? “I asked when I saw the seriousness on her face

“I mean Bella, you’re a nerd, a scary nerd.. Look at how you look like
Do you even look at a mirror? I don’t think you do
You’re very scary, you never changed for a bit since I knew you… “She repeated my exact words not omitting any little alphabet which I said to her weeks ago

“Have I stopped being a nerd now? I’m still that nerd who is scary and not your type! “She half yelled at me with all the strength she could muster

She was dead serious, she wasn’t as I thought she would be
“Bella… ”
“Don’t Bella me at all Nicc, don’t make me hate you! Stop using the advantage of me loving you! I told you not to pity me
Fuck!! “She ran off leaving me dazed

Chloe’s POV

📲Look Daniela stop crying! There’s nothing that will make me not to break up with you
I said coldly

Zayn barged in on me
“Chloe! What got into you! Mabel just called me crying that you broke up with her!! “He ranted

I hung up my call hissing, it was the perfect time to tell him my new love story
I’ve been keeping him out of my escapades off late

I pointed to an empty seat beside me so he would sit down
“Look, Zayn… “I began watching him staring at me with rapt attention
“Huh okay lemme put it this way
Do you know that new girl called Bella? ”

“That nerd? ”
I got pissed off
“Stop calling her a nerd okay?! “I warned him and he had a surprise look on his face

“Did you just side her? ”
He asked and I snapped
“Are you ready to hear me out or will you keep on talking like a pu$$y! ”

He calmed down again
“What happened to her? ”
He asked me with a kinda feeling that urged me to say more
“I like her, so much… I mean I have a crush on her”

He didn’t seem surprised at all
“… And how’s that got to do with your girlfriends”
He asked again

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“She called me a player, I mean… She said am a green snake! “I complained with all the pain in my voice but he gave me a fuvking smirk as an answer to what I’ve been saying

“So?? You decided to get rid of those chunks of pretty girls! Jeez! You’re so unbelievable… Are you sure you didn’t eat something wrong? “He asked putting his palm accross my forehead

I slapped his hand off
“What’s that supposed to mean? “I frowned at him

“You’re not okay at all! You’re fuvking not okay!! Just tell her you like her and a date has started and the next thing is a bang! You bang her and that’s all ”

I scoffed at his words, he wasn’t even helping matters at all
“You know what Zayn, they’re my girlfriends and not yours
So fucking fuvk off my relationship status! ”

He was baffled seeing me speak to him like that
“Chloe what the fuck happened to you!! ”
“So… Who didn’t understand the algebra I solved on the board? “Our maths teacher asked as he finished solving some kinda weird maths on the board

My mind wasn’t on that, I was looking out for Bella who wasn’t even in the class, I wonder where she was

I opened my backpack to see that my packs of cigarettes were still in there, oh fuck me! I mumbled trying to get an idea on how I’m gonna discard it

“Chloe! “The maths teacher called my name
“Yeah teacher! “I replied standing up from my seat
“Help Nicc solve this formula on the board”he ordered and it was then I knew I had been absent minded all these while

I didn’t even notice when a formula was laid out and Nicc even solved too!!
I bit my lower lips rolling my eyes at Nicc… How dumb he is! He can’t even solve a formula on the board

Sheesh! So useless! I dragged my feet to the front of the class, collected the marker and made the question on the board worst than what Nicc solved earlier :

Damn! This question is not correct at all, I wonder if he knows what he’s teaching at all
“Chloe “the teacher called my name as I stood rooted infront of the board thinking of a way I could solve that correctly

“Get out “he ordered and I thanked heavens having finally left the board…

Bella’s POV

I sighed happily watching the cool breeze penetrate into my hair and come out again fanning my whole face
I crossed my legs on the grassy field listening to the cool wind

It was one of the most favorite thing I loved and it makes me happy and makes my worries go away for a while whenever am with the wind

“Alone? “Chloe said and I jerked cuz I didn’t hear his footsteps come closer to where I was
“You startled me”
“I’m sorry uhmm.. About earlier… ”

“I’m sorry I said all that, it isnt my business if you’re dating girls or not, smoking or not, drinking or not too… I’m sorry I was just angry cuz my close friend is a player ”
I apologized and he nodded his head at me

“You’re right but I still have something to say”
I gave him a *go-on*kinda nod and he became nervous

“Look it might sound stupid to you but … But…. I like you”he confessed and it felt like I was gripped by a powerful force

Brad was right!
“… I mean I like you so much right from the first time I saw you… “He continued

“You have girlfriends”I cut him short
“I’ve broken up with them all”he snapped at me with all the seriousness in his eyes and face
Why would he break girl’s heart like that?

I sighed again
“You smoke”
“I stopped that a while ago”
“You drink too”
“I will never drink again”
“You are bad”I added and he smirked before replying
“Make me a good guy then”

I shook my head, he’s a green snake, I must beware of him
He will hurt me the way he hurt his girls too, he will find another person someday and love her!

And to crown it all, my heart doesn’t beat for him!
“Chloe… I’m sorry”….


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