Bad boy’s crush episode 28 – 29

. 🌹BAD

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Chloe’s POV

“I’m sorry Chloe, I don’t love you and I don’t think I will “she replied me with all sincerity and my heart tore apart, it began to bleed

She stood up to leave after she said that but I stood up after her grabbing her by her arm
“I know you don’t love me, I know you love Nicc… “I stopped to take a deep breath which made her stare at me to say more

“I know that but allow me to do the loving huh, afterall two couples dating sometimes don’t always love each other, one is loving and the other is either playing or just being a couple”I paused again to make her get my point

“Bella, I really love you and I promise that I won’t hurt you, make you cry or even play you… ”
“I don’t love you! “She cut in sharply trying to get her hand out of my firm grip on her

I didn’t want her to leave, I drew her into myself and hugged her against her will
“Feel my heart beat… Stop struggling and feel my heartbeat! “I yelled and she stopped struggling to free herself , she was calm for a while

I stopped hugging her, I held her chin up to my face so she could look at my eyes
“Look am going mad about you Bella! You heard my heart! It beats for you! So much that it hurts me”I sobered as tears gathered around my eyes

She shouldn’t refuse me, I don’t think I will live with it if am gonna be seeing her everyday
“Its not it Chloe, I don’t love you
I don’t care if you’re a player or not but… I just can’t… I can’t love you… ”

“Look, who said you should love me? Huh! Just be by my side and forget about loving me! I will do all the loving and all the caring huh!! “I pleaded

“Chloe…. I will talk to you later”she said getting out of my hold and running away maybe she’s going to Nicc
I bit hard at my lower lips, watching her hair dangle behind her as she ran….
School dismissed for the day and I went home alone by foot, I didn’t want to take the bus so I would have enough time to think and meditate on my broken heart

For the first time I felt the pain of loving someone who won’t love you, I felt the pain all my girlfriends felt when I broke up with them
I felt the pain of being rejected just like the way I rejected all those girls who had a crush on me

I’d smack them, hit them and even make jest of them for having a crush on me
So this is how the feeling is like? Its terrible! She won’t love me but I’m not complaining?!! Did I?

I will do all the loving myself! So this is how it was for Lucia when she had a hit on me pleading with me to be her boyfriend :
*I will do all the loving, I will be good to you and I will stay by your side*
*Cheat on me, love other girls but just stay with me, I won’t get angry*she had pleaded with me but what did I do?* I scoffed pushing her down and blowing the smoke which was in my mouth to her face! *

And now? Is this a payback? Maybe it is a payback for me for all the broken heart I caused other girls
Isn’t it too much for me? It hurts like hell! I held my chest at the spot where my heart is located

It hurts!!!

🎶Don’t have to leave this town to see the world

🎶Cuz its something that I gotta do

🎶I don’t wanna look back in thirty years and wonder whom you’re married to

🎶wanna say it now
wanna make it clear

🎶for only you gotta hear, when you love someone they say you set him free

🎶But that its gonna work for me

🎶I don’t wanna leave without you

🎶I don’t wanna leave you please

🎶I don’t wanna dream about you wanna wake up with you next to me!

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Next day,

Bella’s POV

“Hey! Bella! “Mom woke me up from sleep,
“I don’t want to go school today mom”I grumbled still lying on the bed

I don’t want to see Chloe in school and tell him to his face again that I can’t be his girlfriend and I don’t want to see Nicc pester me about too

“Why? Get up now!! “She barked at me and I sprang up from the bed,
“Mom, get me a transfer please, I don’t like that school anymore ”
She scoffed at me

“Why? Huh! How many transfers now? “She nagged at me
“Nicc… “She was saying when I interrupted by just the mention of his name
“Did what? Is he here? No! Tell him to go! I don’t want to see him… “I rattled on and on without realizing that my mom was there

She gave me a keen look
“What’s wrong? You’re so bothered nowadays… What’s really wrong? “She asked me and I was tempted to talk

For more than twenty minutes, I explained to my mom what have been happening to me and she didn’t help but feel sorry for me
I finished narrating to her and she sighed

“That’s bad… “She muttered and I nodded
“But… Whom do you think you wanna date? Nicc who slapped your love to your face or Chloe who is nice? ”

“Chloe is a player! “I snapped thinking she didn’t get the point
“Are you worried about him being a player or that you don’t love him? “She asked me a tactical question

I was confused about the question, yes! What am I worried about
“Mom I love Nicc”
“No! Most relationships shouldn’t be based on love, to Chloe you’re princess but to Nicc you’re a best friend and a nerd! ”

She gripped my shoulders
“Look Bella, Love is luck likewise relationships, you can’t tell who is playing you or who is not but do you know who will speak for you? “She asked me after a nice lecture which I think am falling in love with


“Your heart tells it all, love isn’t what you think it is, always give it a chance no matter how hurting it can be”

“I don’t love him”
She smiled or rather smirked
“You will love him ”
“How?? ”
“Nicc should stay away from you”
“He won’t, he claims to love me now! ”

There was a moment of silence between us
“Well, “she shrugged
“Nicc is trying to get into a fight with his step-brother cuz of you
That doesn’t mean he really cares else he won’t have treated you so cheaply ”

She made sense, I loved what she was saying
I felt convinced and at the same time I felt guilty for pushing Chloe away

I recalled how he had piggy-backed me twice, how he had ran out in the rain to get me something I wanted the most for the moment
How he had been of comfort to me without complaining

I shouldn’t have rejected him like that even though that I don’t feel anything for him
“How do you feel now? “Mom asked me after reading my expression
“Guilty ”
She nodded
“That’s it, there is a huge difference between a childhood love and a love of today ”

I looked up to her eyes, why haven’t I confided in her all these while I seemed to have wanted it?
“What’s the difference? ”
I asked wanting more lecture from her

“A childhood love remains childish while a second love you might say molds your heart and makes you a real girl or woman”
She’s right! I can’t wait to meet Chloe
Another fear struck me

“What about his lifestyle? What about his girlfriends?? ”
“That shouldn’t bother you ”
I nodded my head before hugging her passionately
She’s really my mom!
“But… Be careful”she cautioned before smacking me to go wash up and dress for school

Chloe’s POV

I sluggishly came to school,my eyes first set on Bella, she was coming towards me making me panic terribly
I didn’t smile, I shouldn’t cuz she might not be coming for me but for someone behind me

I struggled so hard to keep up with my firm face till she stood infront of me
“Chloe”she called my name which made me want to smile at her

“I don’t care about your lifestyle since you love me… I know I don’t love you but since you will do all the loving… I will date you”

My mind stopped working when I heard her say so
She came closer to me till she was almost a step away from me
“Teach me how to love you Chloe and I swear I will never love someone else again”she continued which made my heart flatter the more

“Let me be your girlfriend, I… “She stopped talking staring at my face
“Bella… “I mumbled her name really surprised
What got into her? Yesterday, she vehemently refused me and today she’s different!

“What? You don’t love me anymore? “She asked and I shook my head
“I do love you so much Bella ”
“Then make me your girlfriend ”
She snapped at me
The only thing I could do was just hold her head and then kiss her forehead cuz I couldn’t really believe she was Bella speaking to me this way

Maybe am daydreaming, I thought this is not real until she stood on her toes gripping my shoulders and fixing her lips into mine
My heart stopped…..

. 🌹BAD

(A nerd🙎stole his heart❤…. Mr. Grumpy loves me😳!)


(Deep kiss💋👄😏)

🎶I’m looking for a love and not a friend

🎶 Somebody who can be there when I need someone to talk to

🎶I’m looking for someone who won’t pretend

🎶Somebody not afraid to say the way they feel about you

🎶And I’m looking for someone who understands how I feel

🎶 somebody who keep me railing….

Niccole’s POV

🗣Look! Isn’t that Chloe and Bella!

🗣Whoa! Chloe got this one too!

🗣Damn! She has no shame! Even kissing him in school!

🗣Oh my bad! Some girls are just a$$holes!! So useless!!

🗣Oh my! Isn’t that our nerdie

🗣They look so good together!!

🗣She’s such a flirt! Why would she be so flirty with that bad guy!

🗣She will soon transfer by the time he breaks her heart

🗣Oh my bad! That’s gross! In school!!

The murmurs around me didn’t get at me, what got me was that Bella kissed him first
I began shivering watching Chloe wrap his arms around her waist loosely kissing her like they were at a party

I bit hard, I remembered his words to me
*Nicc, don’t be too ambitious… You just gave me a reason to be her boyfriend*
I grinned badly staring at them non-stop
If someone ever told me that Bella would leave me for another, I won’t have believed that

Shivers ran down my spine, anger burned and churned inside of me, I lifted my steps so I would separate them from each other but a teacher came out

My steps seized…

Chloe’s POV

It took me quite sometime to return her kisses to a point that I felt too intoxicated by her lips
Lips that I so much wanted to even touch is now in mine pleading for my warm touch on it

I became warmer and more relaxed around her, I held the back of her hair with my left hand while my second hand rested on her slim waist
Soon it wasn’t enough too, maybe I needed her more

I brought out my hand from the back of her hair and then placed it on the left side of her neck feeling the warm and soft touch of her blonde hair
I kissed her more, maybe I needed more time to explore her lips incase they take her away from me before I could realize it

Even though its a fairy tale or a dream, I should enjoy it before I woke up from slumber
Soon, she pulled her lips away from mine trying to catch some breath

I couldn’t still believe it, is she really the one speaking to me?
I wasn’t sure if it was her, so I held her warm soft cheeks trying to be sure if it was her
“Bella”I called her name softly counting my breath with my gaze deep into her eyes

She hugged me, her soft body touched mine giving me another feeling of want for her
She had no bones!…I had thought when I felt her softness
I hesitated before hugging her back
“Its me Chloe”she said softly and my body was calm for a while even though my heart was beating violently for her

She pulled off from the hug and smiled at me
I hungered again for her lips, I didn’t care if this was school or not

I just needed those lips again, I drew her to myself once more and was about going for a second kiss when a teacher’s voice ranted as he rushed towards us

I panicked when I recognized him to be Mr. Smith, my eyes almost popped out when he closed in at us
I held her hand dragging her along with me
“Run!! “I half yelled and we started running together with him chasing after us

It was the most warmest feeling ever, holding hands with the one you love and breaking into a wild run with the both of you responding to the cool wind which came in and out through you

She looked back when we reached the gate
“He’s still running after us Chloe! “She shouted to my hearing giggling and I looked back to see the poor half-sized man running with all his strength with his stomach taking the lead

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I nearly choked with laughter looking at the man
Or maybe I laughed cuz I saw that she was laughing too with her hair flying about from her face to her back as we ran
She’s too beautiful!

🎶What will I do without your smart mouth

🎶Drawing me and you kicking me out

🎶U got my head spinning, no kidding that I can’t pin you down

🎶What’s going on in that beautiful mind?

🎶Am on your magical mystery ride

🎶Am so dizzy, dont know what hit me but I will be alright….

We stopped running when he stopped following us and we panted for breath
“Wow! That was the best feeling ever “she said laughing and catching her breath at the same time
“Really? “I smirked

She nodded her head
“Let’s go back to school now”she suggested but I shook my head
“You wanna be in detention? Well, Mr. Smith will get that for you when we go back”I explained to her and she flapped her eyelashes twice forcing me to drool at her

“What are we gonna do then “she asked and I smiled
“Come here, I will take you to somewhere beautiful! “I said grabbing her arm and making her run with me once again

Three months ago,

Niccole’s POV

“What’s between you and Sandra? “Bella had asked me one day when we were going to school together
I hissed
“So?? Why do you ask? “I replied with a question
“I’m sorry if I hurt you with my question but… ”

“What! ”
“Are you angry with me? You sound harsh”
I sighed watching my temper around her

“I’m sorry, I’m just angry with myself that’s all”she nodded at my stupid explanation not knowing that her appearance and her being around me was pissing me off

“What’s that? Can I solve it for you? ”
“Its nothing am fine”
I almost told her to stop being around me, she shouldn’t even stay where I am cux she pisses me off anytime I see her

But I couldn’t tell her that, it will be so cruel of me
But now, its different! Why do I feel so bad cuz I saw her kissing Chloe? Are they dating?
Well, from the look of things now I think they’re dating

Or is she merely trying to get me love her or make me jealous? I bet if she really loves Chloe and there’s only one way to find out…

Bella’s POV

“Aren’t we there yet? “I asked when we ran unending to a very long but happy journey
I was tired, I don’t think I will run one more time again else I will faint

“You’re tired? “He asked and I nodded which made him stop running
“I’m sorry”he apologized for what am not sure or know what he did that will make him say such

“What for? “I asked and he smirked
“For making you run so hard like this, you’re so tired out ”
I smiled seeing him care for me, seeing him be so sober over nothing

I felt loved even though I didn’t love him, I felt happy and nice. I wasn’t all that bad looking at all
“Thanks Chloe ”
His eyes lit up immediately when I said that before his question followed

“Why? ”
“For loving me even though I don’t love you back ”
He smiled bringing my head closer to his face until he pecked me on my forehead
“I never said something to you ”

“Something like what? ”
He shuffled my hair
“You’re very beautiful, so beautiful that it makes my heart flutter so much”
I was surprised, first time someone said am beautiful

“I mean why are you so beautiful? Huh! God can be cruel sometimes to make some girls to have it all while others don’t!”
I smiled hearing him speak to me like that but he frowned

“Don’t smile so easily like that “he nagged
“Why? ”
“I don’t want other guys to see your beautiful smile”
I chuckled, he’s warm to be with
I wish someday, i will be the one running to him and not him running to me

He dressed my hair making it cover my shoulders
“Whoa! I’m such a jealous boyfriend, I don’t want them to see your beautiful neck-line”
Huh! Has he been looking at my neck too!

He smiled at me
“I can’t believe I’m with Bella”he mumbled covering his face like a kid which made me give a short laugh
He’s making me feel like a princess, like I don’t walk on the ground but in the sky

“Bella what will I do with you now? Kiss you? Hug you? Piggy-back you? Smile… ”
“You talk too much Chloe”I cut him up when his noise became too much

“Am I really talking too much, how much? Tell me… ”
He stopped talking when a call pulled into my phone and I panicked when I read the caller ID


I stared at the phone as it kept vibrating in my palms
I didn’t want to get Chloe angry, we just started dating and its sad to make him feel really bad all in the name of that I don’t love him

The call pulled off and started ringing again
I was confused on what I had to do
Maybe he’s in danger or maybe he’s… Come off it! Bella!! Come off it!! Remember you said a span away from him

Yeah! A span! The call pulled off again
I turned to Chloe and I noticed the unusual expression on his face
“Are you okay? “I asked him and he nodded his head forcing out a smile which I knew he never meant

“I won’t… “I was saying when a text message pulled into my phone
💬I’m sick Bella and I need someone by my side😭😔
I panicked, he’s sick!!

“Chloe I will see you later! Bye!! “I pulled out running back to school to go meet Nicc….


Nicc oo😕😕😕

I’m swearing for you🙄🙄 egungun will catch you👀👀👀

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