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Beauty and the beast episode 17

ins××t 17
“Hello everyone, I am Lady Bella Ramirez. Chairman Kim’s daughter in law and I would be representing him in this meeting” she said and I almost died of an heart attack.
This is Amber. Amber is the daughter in law of chairman Kim?
what is even going on here?
she’s supposed to be dead. I killed her. I watched the building explode. could it be possible that she survived?
She can’t survive. she was literally unconscious when I left her to die. is my mind playing games with me now!
why is Amber here?
here of all places? she’s supposed to be six feet underneath the surface of the earth not here.
I glance at my mother and it feels like she’s going to slump any minute. she can’t even believe that Amber of all people is seated here.
“On behalf of my grandfather, I oppose to the motion of Chad being the president of this company” she said with courage and so much boldness that I’ve ever witnessed before.
The room was filled with applause as everyone was happy that it worked in their favour. He counted the scores and it was 70-30 which means that we’ve lost.
I stare at Chad but he wasn’t even bothered as he continued to stare at the lady in front of us.
She got up quickly and headed outside the door and I followed her.
“Amber! Amber!!” I called but she didn’t respond.
I tried to catch up with her but she beat me to it. she got into her car.
OMG who is this woman.
she rides a limousine too?
Her driver quickly sped off leaving me to deal with my own thoughts.
I am frustrated that I didn’t get a chance to talk to her.
my thoughts are scattered as it is.
I got a call from mother and rushed in,side the company as I headed to her office.
she was with Chad.
Her hands were shaking as she gulped down the glass of water.
“Hey how is she?” I asked Chad but he doesn’t respond. the secretary was quick to say something though.
“She’s been like this ever since the meeting ended”
“Leave us alone” I tell him and he walked out shutting the door behind him.
“Mother calm down” I say trying to console her but she won’t take any of it.
“Who is she? She’s supposed to be dead right? How did she survive?” mom asked but I remained quiet.
I was lost in my own thoughts as well.
Chad quickly left us and headed outside.
I didn’t bother to ask where he was going cause that was the least of my problems right now.
“Are you sure she died in that explosion?” mom asked
“Shhh” I shushed her “Even the walls have ears.” I whispered
“but how can she look so much like Amber?”
“Even I don’t understand. They look so much alike. is she who she says she is or that Amber in disguise” I ask no one in particular.
God my head is spinning right now.
“I’m calling Kim right now” mom says as she picked up her phone.
She dialled his number and he picks up after the first ring.
she puts the phone on loudspeaker.
“Hello Chairman Kim”
“Good day to you president Tasha. I don’t mean to be rude but I’m not supposed to take business calls during my leave” he tells mom and she sighs
“yes I know but your grand daughter—” mom was saying but he cuts her short
“You mean Bella? did she do something wrong?”
“No I mean, she strikes a lot of resemblance to late Amber Myers”
“I was shocked too but I did a background check on her and I was surprised that she’s not Amber as well. she grew up in Canada and met my grandson in college. they fell in love and got married. and it has always been her dream to work in our company so I made it happen cause she’s my daughter in law and she’s very good” he tells mom
“And you didn’t bother to tell me?”
“I didn’t think it was necessary. and besides, if she was Amber, don’t you think I would’ve told you about it?” he asks
“It’s alright Kim I understand”
“Please go through her profile and see if she’s good enough for the job”
“I will give her a call later”
“thanks Tasha”
“But Kim, why didn’t you support my son in law being the president. I thought we were on the same side”
“of course we are but there’s a lot of people in the company plotting to take that seat which would put Chad in grave danger and plus the company is going through difficult times so I didn’t think it was a good time to propose something with great importance at a time like this” he says and mom nods.
“I understand. you know the company better than I do so you think it’s right then I support your decision”
“that’s good and please take care of my grand daughter. I trust she’s in good hands”he says almost like a question
” Sure. enjoy your leave. bye” I say and disconnect the call.
Mom and I both stare at each other.
Could it be possible that what chairman Kim is saying is the truth?
is she really just a look alike or is there something more to it?
I can’t just believe something like this without doing my own background check on her. I’ll see if this so called Bella is really Amber posing as Bella.
I got a call from Miguel that they were in the country.
I’ve missed my baby so much.
I arrive at our new house. Actually it was grandpa’s house and surprisingly, everything was in order.
The driver drove in,side the gate and parked the car.
I quickly hop down as I made my way into the house.
“Baby Girl” I call and she runs into my arms earning a big hug from me.
“I’ve missed you mummy”
“I’ve missed you more. have you been good?”I ask
” Yes I have.”
I look around hoping to catch a glimpse of Miguel but he was no where to be seen.
“Is mommy perhaps looking for daddy?” Genie asks taking me by surprise
“you are just too much” I say giving her cheeks a light squeeze.
“You’re missing him aren’t you?”
I blink
“You are way too young to talk about things like these but anyway where is your father?” I finally manage to ask
“He stepped out for a while but he promised to be back soon. I was with Christie” she tells me and I nod OK
“Mom can you please call daddy on the phone? I want to talk to him” Genie says and I nod OK.
“alright but first, I need to change. I had a hectic day today OK”
“that’s my wish granting Genie” I tease before heading upstairs.
Thanks to Genie, I was able to locate our bedroom.
I stripped off my clothes and had a nice warm shower.
then wore a light gown and flip flops before dialling Miguel’s number.
I immediately gave it to Genie.
“Hi daddy” she giggled and put it on loud speaker.
“Hello baby. are you okay?” he asks and she nods as if he could see her.
I smile as I see how happy she looks.
Genie and Miguel has a very strong bond that one would think he was her real father. Sometimes their closeness always makes me Jealous.
He’s very caring and sensitive to Genie’s request and needs Although I can’t say the same for both of us.
Miguel has been a great dad but I am scared of fulling committing myself to him. The first guy I did that for almost killed me so I’m not taking any chances. As long as Genie is happy then I am happy.
“I’m very fine thank you” she replies
“Is your mother back yet?” he asks and I pretend to be busy going through my things.
“Yes she is. she’s with me right now” she tells him and I listen to what he says next.
“Have you had your meal love”
“Sure daddy but don’t forget to get me an extra large marshmallow Pizza” she orders
“Of course baby. I will”
“Oh and daddy?” she calls like she’s forgotten something
“Please come back quickly. I think mom is missing you a lot.” she says and my eyes flew open in an instant. I turn to face her but she ignores my numerous stares.
“She’s a mess without you here” she tells him and I quickly grab the phone from her and placed it on my ear.
she giggled.
I coughed “Hello”
“Hi Bella”
“Please don’t mind what she says, she’s just a little child and doesn’t know what she’s saying” I tell him and felt him smile from the other side.
“Are you sure about that cause it almost sounds like you did” he said and I felt my stomach churning.
Oh dear Lord.
“No.. yes.. when will you be back?” I slutter changing the question.
“let’s not get ahead of ourselves. how was the meeting?”
“we’ll discuss about it when you come home” I tell him and sit down on the bed.
Just then, I heard the the door bell.
“I’ll get it” Christie yelled rushing to the door and I followed.
“Daddy” I heard Genie squeal followed by unending chuckles.
My phone still plastered on my ears.
“Hey I’m home” he tells me and I disconnect the call. I walk down the stairs to join them.
He walks up to me and place a k-ss on my cheeks.
I felt my cheeks burning but tried to hide it. This guy has a way of getting to me and I thinks he knows that.
. Good evening and Good night
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