Belina 2

Belina 2 – batch 9

Season 2


I felt nervous. Very nervous.
I stood in front of the
mirror adjusting every
adjustable. It had been
wonderful ever since I
found out I was pregnant.

spent each passing day
happy, knowing that a life is
growing in me. Richard
made my days fun and
exciting with his numerous
pampering. After I had sent
that message over a week
ago, he had replied albeit
an hour later, explaining
how he had been thinking
the same thing. He said he
might have forgotten to
wash some parts of my
body and that he was on
his way. He came almost
immediately he sent it and
the rest is history. I leave
you to your imaginations…
Everyday had been spent at
home – something that
became increasingly
frustrating but the joy of
being an expectant mother
held me back. I spent
everyday day-dreaming
about the child I would
have in less than nine
months; watching movies
and sleeping. I did not do
much of sleeping though.
Richard’s plan to stay at
home with me for as long
as I was ill was thwarted
when the hospital received
emergency patients. An
entire family had been
involved in an accident and
had been rushed to the
hospital. Richard had had to
spend days in the hospital,
personally monitoring the
patients, even though it
was not his job to heal; God
does the healing. Knowing
this, it is permanently a
custom in BRH to have a
general prayer of staff
members, 7 am every
morning. They pray for all
the patients in the hospital
and also those that might
be brought in. Richard had
spent more than a week,
ensuring that the patients
are stable and recovering
and now wants to make up
for his absence.
I was standing in front of
the mirror in a chiffon
purple mini dress, a silver
shoe and purse. I looked
exceedingly dashing but I
was still looking for
question marks. I was as
nervous as a teenager
going to her first date. I
heard him drive in and my
heart skipped. Am I the only
married woman who still
feels very nervous when
expecting her husband
after close to three years of
I stepped out of the room
and stood a few steps from
the door. He opened and
entered. Even after working
for hours, he still looked
gorgeous. I let out a slow
breath as he turned. He
froze immediately he saw
me. My heart was racing.
“Welcome” I managed to
“Urh… ehm…” he stuttered,
slowly tracing every bit of
me with his eyes. I became
more nervous and started
playing with my fingers.
*coughs* “You look… erm…
you look ravishing” he
finally breathed. He looked
at me again. “That is an
muttered under his breath.
Seeing his speechless state,
I finally summoned courage.
I walked gingerly towards
him and his arms circled my
wa-ist, unconsciously. I
placed a k-ss on his cheeks.
“Do we still have our date?”
I whispered into his ear,
making him more nervous
with my closeness.
“You bet we do” he
responded. He stepped
back. “Shall we?” he asked,
bowing slightly and
presenting his arm like a
knight in shinning Armour.
I placed my arm against in
his elbow.

Oyinade moved from one
end of the sitting room to
the other, deep in thought.
It is just two days to the
deadline she was given by
Ronke and she hadn’t even
come up with two million
naira, not to mention Five.
She had slept with highly
influential people but they
hadn’t been able to give her
much. She resented Belina
for being a stumbling block
but she would deal with her
later; she needed to solve a
problem. She had thought
Ronke was bluffing until
she sent her some proof
which could definitely
incriminate her. The
pressure was making her
go lean. She sat down with
a thud, finally accepting to
do the only thing that came
to her mind as the solution
to this crisis.
She picked her phone and
dialed a number. It was
answered after the second
“Hello Tikes… it is Oyin… you
don’t know Oyin again?…
Ok, there is something I
need you to do for me…”


Richard and I ran into the
house laughing and
pursuing each other like
two teenagers. He was
pursuing and I was
running. I stopped
immediately I entered the
sitting room and he almost
ran me over but held me for
support, due my condition.
If it had been just a month
ago, he would have run me
over and we would have
fallen on the deep rug, him
beneath and me on top of
him. He held on to me as we
tried hard to control our
The dinner date had been
so rom-ntic and awesome.
It was a candle light dinner
in the open veranda of a
beautifully decorated eatery.
The smell of the flowers
flowed into my nostrils as
the cool breeze made me
feel totally awesome. The
music was just right and I
could not fault anything at
all, the place was simply
divine. My loss of appetite
vanished immediately I
perceived the aroma of the
delicacy in placed in front of
me. It was a french dish
and the taste teased my
taste buds as I savored it in
my mouth. We talked,
laughed and talked more as
we ate, forgetting our table
manners. The event on the
past week was not
mentioned at all, it was as
though he did not want to
remember it at all. It was
good because I also did not
want something so sore to
affect our dinner. He came
back from BRH obviously
after reading my message
but I still felt there was
something else that
propelled his leaving.
The laughter vanished and
we became silent. I held on
to Richard’s hand, trying to
remove the heels I had on.
The comfortable feel of the
rug greeted my feet making
me relax fully, though I was
still standing. The
penetrating gaze from
Richard was making me
very uneasy as I looked
everywhere but his eyes.
After browsing virtually
everything in the sitting
room, my gaze finally
landed on his. The deep
desire I saw there did not
surprise me, it only made
my heartbeat race faster
than usual – that is what I
get for putting on an
extremely sed-ctive cloth.
“You have the habit of
making me very nervous,
don’t you?” I said
sarcastically, trying to
lighten up the mood.
He smiled, making me feel
more uneasy.

“I am just
repaying the favour. You
had the prologue, I have the
epilogue” he whispered.
I shuddered visibly as he
inched closer, so close that
our bodies touched and his
breath was felt on my skin.
My knees were weak and
on the verge of giving way
as I stared into his desire
clouded eyes with equal
desire. His soft manly
perfume teased my nostrils.
He placed his hands on my
sides, moving them
downwards to come to a
halt on my hips slowly.

breathing became ragged
and his voice husky.
did you put on this dress?
You should know that no
good would come from you
sed-cing me, you might just
get more than you seek”
I breathed, trying very hard
unsuccessfully to draw a
descent breath.

“I don’t
know what you are talking
about” I feigned innocence.
He wanted to laugh but the
laughter came out more like
a gro-n. The evidence of his
desire made my breath
vanish totally as my leg
brushed against his
hardness. He gro-ned,
pulling me to him roughly.
He bit the arc between my
neck and my shoulder softly
causing me to mo-n softly.
He k-ssed my eyes, nose but
stopped just a breath away
from my mouth. I raised my
head, standing on tip-toes
but he maintained the slim
distance, making me go
crazy with need.
“You want me to k-ss you?
Ask for it.” He said; his
mouth just an inch away. I
was stupefied. I did not
want to give him the victory
but his torment was
making it increasingly
difficult to keep a straight
“Please” I whispered
He smiled slightly.

what?” he asked.
I gro-ned. “k-ss me d–n
you” I yelled frustrated
slamming my fist softly
against his chest. He did not
wait a second longer. He
covered my mouth in a
fierce hungry k-ss which I
returned in like manner.

was like the first time; every
time is like the first time but
more so now. All the
material barriers were
removed as we basked in
love, right there in the
sitting room.


Ronke stood up from the
bed, trying to dress up. The
idiotic pig had used her and
used her over again to his
satisfaction. Can she blame
him? She had made herself
available. She looked over
her shoulders at the
snoring pot-bellied man
and had the instant urge to
throw up. She wanted to
kick him in the butt and yell
for him to give her her
money so she could leave
but she wanted to be
dressed when she wakes
him. She could not allow
this despicable man to stare
at her uncladness like he
owns her. She decided a
little shower would be
great; to wash away the
hands of the filthy man
before it sticks to her body.
Confident that the chief
would not be roused from
his sleep, she arranged her
clothes on the bed and
made for the bathroom.
She had her hand on the
door handle as she was
closing the bathroom door
when her eyes fell on the
brief case under the bed.
She closed the door,
dismissing the briefcase for
a mere doc-ments box and
slipped into the bathroom,
closing the door behind
her. As the water hit her
body, she shuddered and
relaxed. The box still tugged
at her brain though. She put
off the shower and dried
her body hurriedly in order
to satisfy her curiosity. She
would shower later, she
thought, sneaking out of
the bathroom carefully in
order not to rouse the
sleeping man.
She pulled put the briefcase
and tip-toed back into the
bathroom. Sitting on the
toilet seat, she tried to pry
the locks open. She tried
everything she could ever
think of but the box just
would not give way. She
gro-ned softly. She
remembered that he had
once told her the password
to unlock his phone and
she turned the locks. ‘2552’.
The box gave way and she
heaved a huge sigh but the
sigh immediately turned to
a quick gasp when her eyes
caught a glimpse of what
laid in the box. She pulled
up the cover slowly and her
eyes widened. Saliva was
threatening to escape her
mouth and a tiny ounze
dropped before she could
think of closing her mouth.
Staring at her was a box full
of pounds sterling bundles.
She could not even imagine
how much the money
would be. She closed the
box in a hurry, dropped it
carefully on the floor,
peeped to be sure the chief
was still asleep, then tip-
toed out of the bathroom.
She gathered her clothes,
went back into the
bathroom, and wore
everything in a record-
breaking speed limit; the
bath she had planned to
have did not even cross her
mind. She picked up the
box and left the bathroom,
picked up her shoes and
slipped the briefcase into
her extra-large handbag –
thank God for big ladies’
bag. Shoes in hand, she got
out. Wore the shoe in a
hurry and hurried out.
‘Oyinade can go to hell as
far as I am concerned. This
money is the koko’ she
thought, flagging down a
bike outside the hotel, with
plans to elope on her head.
Oyinade had cornflakes in
her mouth as she watched
a Yoruba movie in African
magic. She watched as
funke akindele entered the
house of an herbalist and a
thought occurred to her.
Maybe she would have to
visit one herself, she
thought. The pressure she
had been feeling had been
lifted immediately she made
the phone call. It is just a
day to the two weeks
deadline and she was
feeling perfectly at ease. She
laughed at the hilarious
display on the TV and
focused her attention on
the movie.
The ringing of her phone
diverted her attention and
she picked it with her eyes
still glued to the TV. One
glance at the caller’s ID
made her loose total
interest in the movie. Tikes
had promised to call
yesterday in order to get
descriptions but he hadn’t
“Hello”… “I have one”…
“Alright, I would send both
to you now”…
She rose to her feet,
heading towards the
kitchen. She dropped her
empty plate in the zinc and
rinsed her hands with the
water from the zinc tap.
After drying her hands with
a towel, she went back to
the sitting room, picked up
her phone and started
pressing her phone. After
typing for about a minute,
she paused and stopped to
inspect what she had typed
before sending it. When she
got the delivery report, she
dropped the phone with a
smile. No matter what
happened, nothing could be
traced to her because she
had ensured that her ID
was hidden, everytime she
either called or sent a
message. She relaxed fully,
resuming her movie.


Ronke spent nothing more than ten minutes in her house. She had spent five minutes taking out anything that had her name on it, her pictures, her files, international passports, ID cards and so on. All her
clothes were left where they were.

She removed the briefcase and stuffed all her
findings in her bag. The other five was spent confirming that she had indeed picked everything. Carrying everything, she left
the house in a hurry.

She flagged down a bike and
mentioned an address. Without negotiating, she
climbed the bike, looking as calm as possible in order
not to rouse any suspicion. When she got there, she
paid the bike man, asking him to keep the change. The hail of the bike man
followed her as she walked away.
She took out her phone as
she walked and dialed a number. ‘Hey Jim, whats up
nw… I need a favour ooo… I want to put my house in
another person’s name, can you do that for me as soon
as possible?… ahn ahn… no ooo I need it in an hour nooowww… don’t worry, I
would settle you, you trust me now… Ok… I am coming
over” she smiled
After thinking for about a minute, she dialed another
“Ajokybaby” she said immediately she phone was picked. She laughed
heartily at the response.
“Bawo ni?… don’t mind that
one jare… Everyone dey do hin own runs now… na so…
as to the real matter, how would you like to live in my
house?…” she laughed at the response. She had expected it. She went ahead to explain everything she had planned on saying,
enjoying the excited
squeals she was receiving.
I knelt down beside my bed, talking to my Father. The discussions I always have with my father in prayer are
always as if I am talking to a
physical being. It helps me to see God, not just as my
God and creator, but also as my father. I noticed the
difference it makes: when you pray the normal routine-like prayer, you
tend to forget that God is actually your father and you
pray amiss. The true
meaning and relevance of
‘The Lord’s prayer’ which starts with ‘Our Father who
art in Heaven’ had become more real to me when I decided to turn every prayer into a conversation
with God. It gives you the
feel that God is listening to
what you are saying as a
father listens to his child
and it makes prayer more
exciting and appealing.
After about thirty minutes, I
stood up. Richard had
already gone to the
hospital. We already had
our family prayer before he
left but since I have been
signed to stay put at home,
I decided a lengthy prayer
would be wonderful. I have
not stopped thanking God
for the miracle happening
in my tommy and I would
continue to thank Him for
as long as I have the
strength to.
I showered and combed my
hair tenderly after
m-ssaging enough oil and
cream into it. I was fully
dressed and was standing
right in front of the mirror,
checking myself out and
combing my hair to
perfection. I still could not
figure out why I had to stay
at home. I miss my office
terribly. I am not yet heavy
for crying out loud.
Yesternight had been so
wonderful, simply mind-
blowing. I had even
forgotten to ask about the
hospital, about Kelvin, his
assistant – the little w—e
and many others. I was just
contented having my love
with me. The hospital has
not been discussed at all
since last week, it was as if
he was avoiding the
subject, like something
would upsetting him if he
as much as talked about it. I
wanted to bridge the topic
yesterday but something
stopped me – it was the
desire to have my husband
to myself without any work
related talk.
My phone beeped and I
smiled when I stared at the
“Hey Pric…” I  laughed at the
long sermon Prisca was
ranting due to my not
calling her for three days.

am sorry ma… No, don’t. I
am coming over… Cmon
now, what is wrong with
everyone these days? I am
pregnant not crippled… my
being pregnant does not
stop me from moving
now… stay right there, I am
coming over and that is
that.” I dropped the phone.
Now, everyone wants to
take Richard’s stance? I
would not allow that. I
laughed as I remembered
the words Prisca had said,
trying to convince me to
stay at home. The baby is in
my tummy for God’s sake,
not on my legs. I shook my
head with a smile and
picked up my purse, phone
and car keys.


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