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Killer prostitute episode 9


(s£xy 😍 but dangerous 😈)
Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚
Chapter 9
I felt so happy as we drove, finally we will be free from this useless job.
Babe I am so happy! We are finally leaving this place.” I said smiling.
“Yes we are baby. Thanks to you, if not for you I will still be trapped under Uncle Ronnie.” She said placing her hand on my thighs.
“I love you Babe.” I said looking at her.
“I love you too.” She replied.
Suddenly a car stopped in front of us making us halt abruptly. I looked up and I saw three cars in front of us.
“Ronnie is here.” Babe said picking up the guns at the back seat.
They began to come out from the car, they were nothing less than 10. Then Ronnie came down from the car with a gun in his hand.
The headlight of the car was on him and we could see him clearly.
“Babe I need you out here now!” He yelled and I could see fear all over Babe.
“Babe you love me right?” I askrd looking at her.
She nodded looking at me too.
“Then stay here.” I said picking up a gun and opening the door.
“Mark!” Babe called but I ignored her.
I walked to the front of the headlight and stood a little far away from where Ronnie was.
“Mark if you know what is good for you, just step aside and tell Babe to come out here.” He said with a hoarse voice.
“Uncle Ronnie, since I have known you I have never for once disobeyed your order, but now I don’t think I can keep up anymore.”
“I love Babe and I know what is good for her. She is done with this killing nonsense, she also has a life to live.” I yelled.
The men corked their guns ready to shoot but Ronnie stopped them.
“You know, I can’t blame you Mark. I blame the day I accepted you to come into that factory. I should have known you are a lowlife.” He yelled angrily.
“Babe come out now, or I gun down your Mark.” He added pointing his gun at me.
“Please don’t.” I heard Babe say as she ran out with the gun around her neck.
“Babe go back inside that car.” I said within gritted teeth.
“I am not, he could kill you.” She said before facing Ronnie.
“Please stop Ronnie, I am no more interested in all these. I have done enough revenge and I know my parents doesn’t want this for me. Please let me be.” She said tearily.
“You know nothing about your parents wish!! This is what they want for you!” He yelled.
“I don’t care! All I want is to live a peaceful life!” She smacked.
“I know this is because of Mark!” He yelled as he pulled the trigger, hitting me right on my tummy.
I staggered to the back and fell feeling pains.
“Mark!” I heard Babe yell.
I fell to the ground immediately, holding mark in my hands.
“Mark!!” I yelled again, with anger and pain this time around.
“Babe he is gone, forget about him and come with me.” Uncle Ronnie said making me more furious.
“Mark is not gone!” I yelled corking my gun.
I started shooting everybody without targeting anyone.
Tears rolled down my eyes as I moved closer to them not stopping the shootings.
Suddenly, I felt a bullet Pierce my arm but I couldn’t feel the pain that much, I was blinded with anger already.
Uncle Ronnie was covered with the guards so I couldn’t get to him. But in no time all the men were down.
Then I was left with only Uncle Ronnie’s head to blow off.
We both pointed our guns to each other and I could see fear on his face.
I corked my gun for the very last time and then I noticed I had only a bullet left.
“Babe don’t act stupid. Remember I took care of you right from your parents death.” He said moving his hand gradually to the trigger.
Tears rushed down my cheeks as I kept moving close to him.
“Truly you took care of me, but you don’t have the right to kill that one very person that truly loved me!.” I yelled.
“Babe!” He yelled pulling the trigger but fortunately for me there was no bullet in it.
“Shit!” He yelled running away.
I then target his head and shot, the bullet hit the back of the head and immediately it scattered. I dropped my gun in tears as I ran back to where Mark was.
I carried him into the car ignoring my own injured arm. I ignited the engine and zoomed out if town leaving the road a mess.

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