Betrothed to a playboy episode 16 – 17

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.


Leonard entered an empty space with Mariana before releasing her hand,Mariana wiped her tears,waiting for him to tell her the reason why they are here.

“I see you broke up with your boyfriend,you can continue crying here. Nobody will see you” Leonard said and Mariana glared

“I should have known you never have anything good to say” She hissed and immediately turned to go out

“Is that why you gave me those sh*ts as nicknames?” Leonard asked and she faced him

“What nickname?” She asked

“Ugly Jerk….Arrogant Celebrity” Leonard said,walking closer to her

“How did you find out?” Mariana raised her brows

“You don’t have to know,but you really don’t have the right to call me names” Leonard said and Mariana scoffed

“I gave you the names because they suit you perfectly,and why would you call me your fiancΓ©e in front of your friend? I thought I am nothing to you” She raised her brows

“Absolutely nothing,to me we are just two people living in the same house okay?? Don’t think about what I said,I only wanted to save myself from her” Leonard scoffed and walked out

“Is he crazy?” Mariana turned immediately

“He used me to save himself from Winter?” Mariana frowned and also walked out

She returned to the lecture hall and met the whole hall in chaos

“What’s going on?” Mariana asked Octavia and Charlotte

“There’s going to be a sleepover party at Alexa’s place on Saturday” Octavia grinned

“I can’t wait!” Charlotte said excitedly

Mariana looked and took a glance at Alexa

“Don’t tell me you won’t be there” Octavia frowned

“Why not? It’s going to be fun” Mariana smiled

“I’m sure,Ricardo and Leonard will be there” Octavia said

“Really?” Mariana immediately asked

“Of course,Alexa is Winter’s cousin so obviously she’s gonna make them come” Charlotte grinned

“Wow,now I can see why everyone sounds so crazy because of a sleepover” Mariana nodded

“Of course” Octavia laughed

“We should talk about our team assignment” Charlotte said

“I was about to ask,we need to submit on monday” Mariana said

“We still have one hour until our next class starts,let’s go to the cafeteria and eat some snacks. We can talk about the assignment there” Charlotte said and they walked out of the hall

They got to the cafeteria and got snacks

“I wonder why you like pineapple drinks” Octavia said

“It’s sweet” Mariana said like a child

They were about sitting down when someone grabbed Mariana’s hand

They all looked up to see Nico

“Oh…Nico” Mariana called

“Are you okay now?” He asked and Mariana nodded slowly

“Would you like to sit with me? You promised to have a drink with me” Nico said and Mariana looked at her friends

“Actually,we wanted to talk about something. How about Saturday? I’m going to buy you a drink,that will be better right?” Mariana smiled

“Okay,I’m glad you’re fine now” Nico winked at her before walking away

Mariana’s eyes followed him

“Wow..what was that?” Octavia touched her chest

“Seriously,he winked at Mari J and I got goosebumps instead. Why me!” Charlotte screamed and all eyes fell on her

Mariana sat down quietly,she could sworn her heartbeat just raced,but in a weird way.

She ignored the feeling and unwrapped her hamburger

“Do you like Nico?” Charlotte suddenly asked and Mariana choked

She grabbed her pineapple juice and sipped from it

“I see,you like him” Charlotte grinned

“No I don’t!” Mariana snapped

Octavia and Charlotte exchanged glances

“Well,you shouldn’t. Tessa is only gonna hate you more” Charlotte said

“Who cares about Tessa? I didn’t say that because I’m scared of her or something” Mariana scoffed

“Yeah right,that’s my girl. You said you have something to tell us right?” Octavia said and Mariana stopped eating


“Girls!” Alexa called and rushed to join them,interrupting Mariana

“Wow,Alexa?” Octavia smiled

“Hi Mariana,I don’t think we’ve ever talked” Alexa smiled

“Yeah I guess” Mariana muttered

“Let’s talk from now on” Alexa said and Mariana raised her brows

‘Does she even know that her dear cousin hates me?’ She thought

“Of course sure” She answered and Alexa smiled

“Me too” Mary joined them

“Holy Mary?” Octavia and Charlotte laughed

Mary smiled

“You’re welcome” Octavia said,still laughing

Jeremy came into the cafeteria with Louis and the girls started murmuring

“That crazy guy” Alexa chuckled as Jeremy started walking toward them

“I think he’s coming for me” Octavia started arranging her hair

“Are you seriously crushing on every guy?” Mariana groaned and Octavia bashed her lashes innocently

“Finally you’re back” Jeremy said and took Alexa pictures

“That’s not nice Jeremy,you shouldn’t take my pictures without my permission” Alexa said

“Permission?” Jeremy chuckled before sitting down beside her

“Wait,are you two…..”

“No!!” Alexa and Jeremy shouted and Mariana flinched

“Wow,you get scared so easily. We are absolutely nothing,I’m just doing my job as the future world wide Reporter” Jeremy smiled and got up

“Dude,can you calm down,you’re not even a reporter yet” Charlotte roll her eyes

Jeremy snapped a picture of hers

“Face captured,hashtag the only tomboy in Diamonds University,you will become popular trust me” Jeremy nodded and started leaving

“You idiot!! Come here!” Charlotte yelled and followed him

Jeremy ran out and she ran after him

“Two crazy beings” Alexa chuckled


“Please stop it,please” Delaney cried as Tessa and her friends kicked her repeatedly

“You should have just said that word first!” Daisy kicked her tummy

“Ouch!!” Delaney screamed

“What did I do to you!!!” Delaney shouted

“Seriously? You don’t know?” Tessa grinned

“No I don’t,tell me” Delaney said

“Because you’re poor and I just hate your existence” Tessa said and grabbed Delaney’s hair


“Just withdraw if you love your face” She said while Delaney tried getting away from her grip

“Let her go right now!” Someone yelled from the back and they all turned

Daisy’s eyes widened when she saw Jace glaring at them angrily

Tessa released Delaney

“And who are you to stop us?” She asked

Jace ignored her and walked to Delaney,pushing Daisy and Bella out of the way

He stared at Delaney who was bleeding on her lips,different bruises all over her face.

Her knees were bruised too

He sighed and pulled her up before facing them

“The next time you lay your hands on her,I swear I’m going to kill you. Mark my words,I will kill you!” He yelled and dragged Delaney away

“No….no……he….just took her away…..My crush just hold another girl’s hand” Daisy stuttered,tears almost rolling down her eyes

Tessa roll her eyes and walked away,Bella followed

“No!!! Jace is mine!!! No!!!” Daisy continue screaming as she went after them



“I’m so tired!!” Dior groaned loudly as she entered with Winter

Winter sat down quietly,she still couldn’t get over the scene from her head.

“I thought Leonard doesn’t like her” She faced Dior

“Who? Mariana?” Dior asked

“Of course,he clearly told us” Winter said

“Well,I don’t think he does. But I wish they get along because she’s cute” Dior smiled

Winter hissed and Dior frowned

“What the h*ll is wrong with you?? I don’t understand,do you know Mariana somewhere? You always sound so angry when it comes to anything about her. You should at least respect the fact that she might get married to our friend…..”

“So what? Just because she might,I should start kissing her @ss?” Winter snapped

“Come on Winter,why do you hate her so much? She’s done nothing to you” Dior said

Winter roll her eyes and got up,she walked to the cellar. She grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass

Ricardo and Leonard came in together,laughing

“Are you talking about a slut again?” Dior stood up

“Seriously? You think that’s all we have to talk about?” Ricardo asked and rough her hair

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Dior frowned and bite him..

“Ouch!!” Ricardo screamed and immediately let go of her

“Seriously?” Leonard chuckled and went to sit down

Winter was staring from where she was sitting in the cellar

“Honestly,baby face this is not fair” Ricardo pouted

“I know,life isn’t fair either” Dior scoffed and went into the inner room

Ricardo followed her

Winter left the cellar and walked to Leonard

Leonard looked up

“So,now do you have my time?” She asked

“What do you want Winter” Leonard asked

“You,isn’t it obvious?” Winter asked

“Aren’t you gonna give up?” He asked

“You know I don’t give up easily” She sat down

“I guess you’re getting along with your so called Fiancee” Winter roll her eyes

“Don’t pass your aggression on her,I won’t allow that” Leonard said and Winter frowned

“Seriously? Are you falling for her already?” She asked

“I don’t have to answer that either,just stay away from her” Leonard replied

Ricardo and Dior came in

“Who else can’t wait for tomorrow’s party?” Dior bursted out excitedly

“Leo is not gonna be there” Ricardo sat down

“Me too” Winter said

“I will be there though” Leonard looked up and his eyes met with Winters

“Finally!! So Winter,you must attend. It’s three against one now” Dior blinked cutely

“Fine” Winter muttered and roll her eyes

The fact that she will be Watching Mariana tomorrow annoy her even more



Mariana sighed as she arranged her hair properly while staring at the mirror.

They just had their final class and she was crazily pressed

After she was done,she walked out of the restroom.

Tessa was waiting right at the door,Mariana stopped

“What do you want Tessa” She asked

“You should stay away from Nico,He’s mine. Do you understand?” Tessa said and Mariana scoffed

“I don’t think Nico is a kid,why don’t you go and tell how you feel and stop acting like a castrated dog?”

“How dare you call me that……”

“How dare you stop me to say this sh*t? Get the f**k away from my sight,dummy” Mariana hissed and pushed her out of the way before leaving

She met Octavia and Charlotte

“That was quite long” Octavia said

“Yeah I met with a crazy person in there” Mariana replied

“Tessa?” Octavia asked

“Yeah” Mariana replied

“So,are we leaving now?” Charlotte asked

“I’m gonna wait for practice, Tomorrow is Friday” Mariana Said

“Oh,that’s right. Can’t wait” Octavia flaunt her hair



Jace entered the house and walked straight to Delaney’s room,she was on the bed staring into the empty space

“Hey sis” Jace called and Delaney rolled her eyes

She faced the other side,ignoring him

“Seriously? How long are you gonna do this? Are you saying I shouldn’t save you from being bullied?” Jace asked

“I told you not to……”

“Why the h*ll should I do that! Why the f**k do we have to act like we don’t know each other in school?? Why should I ignore you while they keep on bullying you? I’m your twin brother Delaney,you think it’s easy watching them? I just can’t keep doing that anymore,so just let me protect you…..”

“I just….I don’t want anyone to bully you If they find out that you’re also on scholarship…..I’m afraid they might hate you too” Delaney broke into tears

“No one is going to bully me,I can fight for myself” Jace said

“Exactly,I don’t want you to fight anyone. They are not like us,they are rich and we are not. What if they terminate our scholarship?? Our parents are going to be disappointed in us….”

“Then they should have just made enough money before they died!” Jace Snapped angrily

“You think pretending will solve the problem? Do you want to die? Huh? Like I said,I won’t keep quiet anymore,anyone who hurt you,I don’t mind killing them.” Jace said and sat down beside Delaney who was still In tears

“I hate seeing these bruises on your face,so please just let me protect you” Jace muttered,wiping her tears

Delaney nodded and Jace pulled her into a hug

“I’m sorry for bringing the idea of ignoring each other In school” Delaney sniffed

“It’s okay,just stop crying” Jace muttered,rubbing her hair

Soon,she fell asleep on his shoulder and he simply dropped her on the bed. He got up and his eyes went to her tattered sneakers

He sighed and immediately walked out of the room,he went to his own room and went to his study table,he opened one of the books in there and brought out the little cash in there. He just got a part time job and it’s his first pay.

He grabbed a hoodie and left the house

He walked to the nearest mall and met alot of crowds outside

‘What’s going on?’ He thought but ignored it and went in.

He started searching,he was planning to get her two different shoes but seems his money won’t be enough. He got a more beautiful pair of sneakers eventually


Dior was getting some clothes from the mall,she was taking longer than usual because she wanted to escape from the fans outside.

She kept giving the clothes to the attendant following her,Even the ones she doesn’t need.

“I’m sorry,the clothes are two much right?” She faced the attendant

“Of course not,you don’t have to worry about me”

Dior smiled and turned again only to bump into a body

She immediately looked up and she gasped when she saw Jace

“Oh…..I’m sorry” She muttered

Jace nodded and made to leave

“Wait!” Dior immediately called and Jace turned back

Dior gave the attendant a sign to leave and she walked away

“You attend Diamonds right?” She asked

“Yeah” Jace replied and Dior smiled

“Do you know me? I’m Dior” She said

Jace nodded,looking uninterested

Dior bite her lips

“Actually,I’m looking for a way to escape without those people seeing me. Can you help?” She asked

“I’m sure your bodyguards can do that…..”

“I came with none,I seriously had no idea I was gonna meet any fans here. Please help me” She pouted and hold his hand

Jace kept quiet for a second before he sighed and nodded

“Fine” He muttered

“Thank you” Dior said happily

They both went to pay for the stuffs they got,Jace paid for the only sneakers he got and Dior also paid for the countless clothes.

Jace pulled off his hoodie and covered her head with it,the hoodie also covered half of her face too.

“Where is your car?” He asked

“Luckily,I parked somewhere far from them” Dior replied

“Don’t raise your head till we get to your car” Jace said and Dior nodded obediently as that started walking out.



Leonard stopped typing on the laptop,he just finished writing a song which he only started about few minutes ago.

He got up and walked out of the studio,he stopped in front of Mariana’s room

“Wait…seriously she’s not home yet?” He asked no one in particular

He checked the time and it’s almost 10pm

“What the f**k? Why is she so late?? He almost brought out his phone to call her but then remembered that he doesn’t even have her contact

“Do I even care?” He scoffed and almost went into his room but then he went downstairs instead.

“Is she still In school? Should I go? No I shouldn’t…..but what if she’s in danger?” He groaned and was about going out when Mariana entered

Leonard stopped

“Where are you coming from this late?” He asked and Mariana glared at him

“I don’t understand,why are you asking me?” She asked and Leonard looked at her with a serious gaze

“Are you kidding me? Did you even check your time?” He asked

“So what? I still don’t understand why you care,because the last time I checked,we only stay in this house together. We are meant to stay out of each other’s business Mr Briggs,but since you wanna know,I went on a date” Mariana said

Leonard raised his brows and chuckled

“Wow,I see you already replaced your ex boyfriend,,you must have lot of options” he said

“Absolutely,so stay out of my business. I won’t ever butt into your business again okay?” Mariana rolled her eyes and left his sight

“Seriously?” Leonard muttered

He walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge,he took a bottle of water and gulped down everything at once

He Finished it and groaned,

“Does she even know I was worried?? Does she??” He muttered,squeezing the bottle in his hand

‘I went on a date’ her voice rang in his head again and he squeezed the bottle even harder