November 29, 2021

Black angel episode 35


(A New Tale of an angel of love)

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‘I told you to send this file to Mr Kapoor didn’t i?’ I asked as i sat down on the chair

‘Yes madam ,am really sorry, it just skipped my mind ‘ The manager pleaded

‘Well it okay,but the next time you try this you will just have to submit your resignation letter ‘ i warned as i went through the piles of file on my table

‘Yes ma’m ,i understand . A girl is waiting outside for an interview should i send her in ?’ My office manager asked

‘Yes do that immediately ‘

‘Okay ma’m ‘

‘Come in ‘i gave an answer to whoever it was that just knocked on my door .
Everyone in this office are so annoying ,irritating and useless. I just feel like i should fire everyone here .This is nonsense what is that ?’ I mentally complained while going through my file as i bit my lips in fraustration .

‘Good afternoon ma’m ‘ a voice i recognize clearly greeted with so much politeness. I raised my head to see who it was and i was so shocked and at the same time not that suprised

‘Well look who it is ,the all powerful Zoya ..please have your seat ‘i offered her a seat as i mischievously smiled at her

‘Phoebe ‘

‘Phoebe?’i asked as i raised my brow

‘I am sorry, i mean ma’m, am here to apply for the job of being a secretary’


quite ironic you know .The most powerful girl in our office back then ,my former boss is here applying for a job in my office. Is that because your company went bankrupt and now you are penniless?’ I asked still going through my files on the table

‘Look Phoebe i know you hate me,so much’

‘Hate you ..why should i hate you ,you know me don’t you Zoya . Yes i am a bit offended and maybe the sight of you irritates me but trust me I do not hate you ,at all’

‘Am really grateful for that’

‘Well what makes you think you deserve this job’

‘Because i know i am competent and i have a feeling that i will try my best to be a good secretary ‘

‘Waw Zoya you have changed so much, you not even bragging about yourself ,it like you a changed person but why do i feel like there is more to your story.. the Zoya i know has so much ego and maybe she would rather die than work under me ‘


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was the former Zoya ,i need this job more than anything .i need this job cause my grandfather is Currently very ill ,he is all i have and i do not want him to die ,i really do not want him to die ‘

‘Enough with your story, you are hired .You can start your work tomorrow ‘

‘Thank you very much ‘ she said as she stood on her feet and walked away . Life is quite strange ,the zoya who loves ordering me around is now my secretary, working under me .This is so strange

‘Ma’m ,everything is ready ‘ my personal assistant informed me while i was standing on my mansion balcony with a glass of wine in my hand

‘Oh that great, that is very great,you know what to do next right?’

‘Yes ma’m’

‘Great ,now go get everything ready, tonight is going to be a long night ‘

I sat down at my VIP center in the school cafeteria as the girls couldn’t take their eyes off me, it normal cas i am the hottest guy in school anyway,guys want to be like me and girls want to date me .Any girl will literally do anything for me except the new girl in school . And it getting really annoying . I mean why won’t she notice me and be all over me like other girls in school.


was walking on the empty hallway on my way to class ,when the girl stormed out of class and bumped into me by mistake

‘Can’t you watch where you going?’ I asked rudely

‘Sorry ‘ she apologized in a very cold way as she walked away

“Like sorry can fix everything ‘ i said in a way,loud enough for her to hear me. She immediately stopped walking and turned to face me

‘I already said sorry,if you not contented with that, i can give you a one way ticket to hell ‘ she smirked and walked away immediately. Like what the heck was that ?
How dare that girl talk to me like that. I mean she is just a scholarship student here ,she has no right. I will just have to teach her a lesson.

Zoya started her work the next day and she had been keeping it very official and also really hardworking
‘Well ma’m , you have a very important meeting today with your new business partner ‘

‘A new business partner?’i asked with a puzzled look

‘Yes, Miss Alfred remember?’

‘Oh yea,that true,it skipped my mind actually I will go get ready’ i said ‘oh where’s my coffee?’

‘It over here ma’m’

‘Thanks ‘ i said as i collected the coffee from her ‘ and where are we having this meeting ‘

‘Oh she will be in your office in thirty minutes ‘

‘Okay that great ,just lead her to the conference room when she is here ‘

‘I will do that right away ma’m ‘she said as she walked away

Thirty minutes later,i was called to my conference room since my new business partner is around

‘Hello miss Alfred ‘ i greeted the woman sitting on the chair as i walked towards my own chair .i didn’t bother to look at her face ,instead i sat down on my chair and started going through the file ‘so let start this meeting already ‘

‘I can’t believe how much you have changed Phoebe’ a voice i recognize very well said as i raise my head to see who it is ‘you!’ I exclaimed

‘Hello dear sister, did you miss me ?’she said with a simper . Deep down i was happy to see my sister again after all this years ,but i haven’t really forgiven her for that little stunt she pulled all those years back .

I smiled sheepishly and rest my back on the chair and rolled my pen between my fingers ‘ well if this isn’t my dear sister Catherine, you didn’t tell me you were Miss Alfred, maybe i would have rolled a red carpet for you ‘

‘Ahhh i see. I mean what i have done in the doesn’t really deserve a red carpet am i right dear sister?’she asked as she slightly tapped the bottom of her pen on the table

‘It been five years and judging from the way you speak i will say you still feel that same resentment towards me ‘

‘Oh trust me Phoebe, that a part of me that will never change till i die ‘

‘If you continue to harbor such resentment towards me ,you won’t be able to move on with life ‘

‘Are you done ?’ She asked rudely

I smiled and folded my arms ‘i believe we are here for business, so can we get to that it is ,i really do not like wasting my time ‘

‘Oh phoebe, you speak with so much confidence, you are so proud of yourself and your petty achievement ‘she sighed and continued her little speech ‘but very soon ,i will cut you to size, trust me on that’


threat, am sick of it already’

‘You should know by now that i do not give empty threats at all ,and when i finally succeed in putting you in your place,do not come crying to me ‘

What the heck is she talking about, i really wonder what this woman is up to this time

‘This time around i came back with a full proof plan and i also plan to hurt you not physically cause that just way too easy ,i want to hurt your soul ‘ she pushed her chair back and stood on her feet ‘ i organized a small get together for us tomorrow evening, it just a little get together, to congratulate us on being business partners ‘

‘And what if i do not come ?” I asked as i arched my brow

She looked at me and smiled ‘ dear sister, you will just have to come ..i mean you own one of the world best cosmetics company and i own one of the world’s best fashion company..ofcourse the press will be there to capture every moment. Imagine you not showing up ,that a one way ticket to ruin your company ‘

This woman is such a conniving creature, i see she is still the same and i will just have to show her her place this time around

She turns her back to leave but stopped and turned to face me again ” and before i forget, this is a really special party. I want you to look your best ,who knows long lost lovers might reunite ‘

‘What ?’

‘See you tonight sister ‘ she said as she walked out of my office

Just what the hell does she mean by that

Long Lost lovers might reunite

So guys what do you think is going to happen now

Well just seat back and relax cause black Angels season 2 drama is about to start

You won’t wanna miss it

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