Blind Desire


Episode 45.
I closed the door behind me breathing faster. I was looking messy, my hair was rough and my clothes was rumpled.

I had run out of Ralph’s grasp thereby hitting his head in the process. I had run out of the room, flagged down a cab and had gotten home.
I couldnt exactly tell why i was running away from Ralph, whether it was because i believed he was a dead man or because of what happened in the past. But i knew that i was better off staying away from him. He was trouble and he was going to ruin my life again if i let him.

I sighed and fell on the bed tiredly.

‘you’re back?’

I jerked at the sound of the familiar voice. I looked up only to see Chief standing by the entrance to the bathroom with a towel on his neck.

‘Eh…Chief…’ i forced a smile.

‘you’re late, where have you been?’

Then i began to stammer ‘i…i..i…aunt Chime, i…aunt Chime called, my daughter wasnt feeling well so i was with her’

‘your aunt?’ he looked confused.

‘yes my aunt, any problem?’

‘but…well, forget it’ he said approaching the bed ‘just dont stay out late again’

‘i’m sorry’

He sat beside me and pulled me into his arms, he sniffed my hair and asked ‘why are you sweaty?’

‘i..i knew i was late so i ran up the stairs, i thought you’d be mad’

‘i am mad…’ he said slowly ‘i’m just trying to understand, please dont stay out late again, it looks very suspicious. I dont want to suspect anything that i know you are not capable of’ he said looking away.

‘i’m sorry Chief’ i snuggled closer to him ‘i promise that it wont happen again’

‘are you telling me the truth?’

‘of course Chief, it wont happen again’

‘what i mean is, were you really with your aunt and daughter?’

‘of course Chief! You think i’m lying?’

‘i never said so’

‘i was with Ifeanyi, i swear it’

‘please dont lie to me Ivyy’

‘Chief, whats all this for?’ i asked softly feigning annoyance ‘you think i’d lie to you using my daughter’s health?’

‘i never said so’

‘forget it Chief, i know i was wrong for coming late and i’m sorry, it wont happen again but its okay if you really dont want to forgive me’ I said trying to stand up but he held me closer to himself.

‘i’m sorry, i didnt mean for it to come out that way. I love you’ he reached for a k-ss but i backed away.

‘sorry Chief, i’m not in the mood for this. I want to sleep, i’m very tired’ I said wonderinng why a matured man like this loved s€× to the extent he could have it everyday.

I stood up and dragged myself to the bathroom.


I handed aunt Chime the cheque. She looked at it and hissed, picked up her handbag and made to leave without a word.

‘aunt’ i called softly.

She stopped but didnt turn back.

‘i’m sorry’ i said ‘i’m so sorry’

‘sorry for yourself!’ she snapped and reached for the door knob.

‘aunt please’ i said and walked to her hugging her from behind ‘please forgive me, i know you’re angry at me, i beg you’

She released a breath ‘okay, no problem, just promise it wont happen again’

‘it wont’

‘fine i forgive you. But i have to leave now, i have something very important to take care of’

I released her and she left without turning her back to me. I was supposed to tell her about Ralph but something held me back.

I just turned and headed back to my seat.

My phone rang.


‘madam, job carried out’

I laughed satisfactorily ‘alright, i’ll send your balance over to you’

I hung up and laughed heartily.

Yes, i knew i was becoming heartless but one had to do what he had to in order to survive. All i needed was the money, nothing else.

I picked up my phone and car keys, i needed to celebrate and Rain was the best person to celebrate with.


I was chatting and laughing with Rain when my phone rang, it was Chief.

‘hello Chief’

‘Ivyy, where are you?’ he sounded stressed and it looked like he was crying.

‘i’m at the Chief, whats the matter?’ i asked pretending to be alarmed.

‘Oge…Oge is dead!’

‘what?!’ i scre-med.

‘she died in an automobile accident few hours ago. Come home right now Ivyy’ he said and hung up.

I dropped the phone and smiled inwardly.

There are so many ways to kill a rat.

Episode 46.
I held Chief tightly as he wailed like a baby ‘Chief, you have to take it easy’ i said tears falling from my eyes ‘its not the end of the world’

‘i loved her’ he cried like a baby. Have you ever seen a fifty eight year old man weep like a baby? It was a sight to behold ‘i loved her so much. I never treated her well, i wanted to use the opportunity to make up for all my mistakes but fate had a different plan’

Rina was weeping at a corner and Rooney was all alone staring into space with unshed tears in his eyes.

Chief’s brother, Elder Conrad came to his side and i moved away to Rina’s side. I knew we were not on good terms but i just felt like consoling someone. Didnt the bible say mourn with those that mourn?
I agree, madam Oge was a nice woman and a mother to all, but in order to achieve my aim, i had to get her out of the way, and surprisingly, i didnt feel guilty like i thought i’ll feel, meaning i could do this again and again. I could get rid of anyone who tries to stand in my way of success.

‘Rina’ i called softly.

She looked at me and started crying again.

I hugged her wiping the fake tears from my eyes.

‘i miss her. I miss my mum’ she said relaxing in my arms ‘she was the most understanding mum ever’

‘i know. We all miss her. She was a very nice and understanding woman’ I meant that.

‘why did she have to leave for Abuja today? Why? Oh God, why my mum? How do i cope without my mum?’ she wept.

‘dont cry anymore Rina. We might be agemates but i want you to know that i’ll always be there for you. I’m sorry about everything that happened in the past. I want us to become friends, we would conquer the world together’

She wept aloud.

‘how did it happen? I only heard she was involved in an accident but i didnt get more details’

‘she was on her way to the airport, she wasnt driving, the driver was, then they were involved in a motor crash, the car was checked and it was discovered that the brakes of the car were cut off. Its obvious someone did it on purpose, someone tried to kill my mum, my mum who would never hurt anyone’

‘Jesus!’ i exclaimed ‘why on earth would anyone try to kill madam Oge? Why are humans this wicked?’ i cursed crying ‘God will punish the culprit, that person will never go scot free’

In my mind i was like, God was going to punish Rina and her entire family and not me.

‘do you have anybody in mind as a suspect?’

‘no, i cant think of anyone that would want to hurt my mum’

‘what about Hilda?’

She looked at me surprisingly then shook her head ‘Hilda would never do that’

‘never say never Rina. Remember she was never in good terms with your mum, and she would have been jealous of your mum, just look at her…’ i said pointing towards Hilda who was seated at one corner, her hands on her cheek, nothing like a pained expression on her face, her face was indeed plain and void of emotions.

She looked shocked.

‘look at Didi. Look at Chisom, look at Wanne, are they not all crying? Why then is she not crying? Even the most heartless demons would weep at this terrible and sorrowful sight. Is her heart made of stone? Check it out na Rina, Hilda is the one responsible for your  mother’s death!’

Her face changed instantly.

Episode 47.
Rina quickly jumped up from her seat like one possessed by an evil spirit.
Before i could try to stop her, she had already rushed to Hilda and pounced on her.

The women around her held her quickly.

‘you demonic woman! You killed my mother. You killed my mother! Let me go! Let me go, let me show this woman that she cannot kill my mother and go scot free!’ She ranted.

Everyone was shocked. Hilda stared at her like she had suddenly gone mad.

All of a sudden, someone scre-med. We all turned to see Chief on the floor. He had collapsed.


‘Ivyy, where are you? Why did you suddenly rush out of the office without letting me know? I was worried about you’ Rain stated over the phone.

I moved away from Chief’s ward ‘heyy Rainn, take a chill pill, nothing happened to me, i’m fine. Something came up that i had to handle’

‘hope its not a serious issue?’

‘no its not. Just that i we just lost one of my cowives and my husband is currently at the hospital suffering from shock. But he will be fine. We’ve got it covered’

‘i’m so sorry. Are you okay?’

I laughed a little ‘of course i’m fine. God gives and takes life. Who am i to dictate for God?’

‘thats true. I’m really sorry about the woman’s death. Take care of yourself dear. Dont let it weigh you down’

Weigh me down? Indeed! ‘i wont, though i’m a little bit terrified right now, i believe i will be fine. She was a nice woman’ I noticed Rina walking towards me with puffy eyes.


‘bye Rain, i’ll speak to you later. I might not be at the office tomorrow, just help me tell Cherrie to reschedule all my meetings for tomorrow’

‘okay i will, take care of yourself. I’m really sorry about what happened’

‘there’s no point being sorry. Bye for now’ i said and quickly hung up.

Rina was by my side by now and she hugged me immediately i dropped the call.

She started crying again ‘i dont want to be an orpan Ivyy, please do something. I dont want to lose my father too’

I released her and held her cheeks ‘calm down Rina, you wont lose anyone again, not when i’m here…’ Like i was a saviour or something ‘what did the doctor say?’

‘father is hypertensive’ she cried ‘he has always been hypertensive but he never told anyone. He has a high blood pressure too. The doctor said there’s very little chance for him to survive. Ivyy, my father might die’

My heart sunk a little at the thought of that.

Yes, i’d always wanted Chief out of the way so i could inherit all his properties but hearing that he was going to die this made me a bit sad.

I knew i was becoming heartless but i was equally a human being with emotions and conscience.

Suddenly a thought creeped into my head. Though it was a very heartless thing to do and it was going to p—k my conscience badly but i just had to do what i had to. A woman needs to survive.

I forced tears out of my eyes and hugged Rina as though i wanted to tap strength from her. We held each other and cried.

‘i dont want to be an orphan Ivyy’ she cried ‘i love my dad. Hilda will pay for this!’

I laughed within me. You are going to become an orphan dearies, very soon, i though.


Everyone went back home in the night but Rina refused to leave her dad’s side and it was very bad for my plans.

I had already texted someone to bring some stuff to the hospital for me but Rina’s presence was about to ruin everything. I had to look for a way.

‘Rina, you need to rest. You are stressed. Dont worry about your dad, i’ll take care of him. I care about him as much as you do’ i said.

She shook her head ‘i dont want to leave his side. I just want to hold his hands and pray all night’

I rolled my eyes ‘you can equally pray for him at home. Rina, you have to go home, you must, you need good food and a nice sound sleep’

She started crying again ‘i want to die too Ivyy, i’m tired of life!’

I sighed and cursed inwardly ‘in that case i wont force you. But i should at lease get you something to drink. Maybe an alcoholic drink ot something. You need to relax’

She nodded and smiled at me ‘thanks’

‘no biggie’

I stepped out of the ward and inhaled fresh breeze ‘stupid girl’

I started walking when another idea came into my head ‘poison her drink, poison her drink!’ The voice said to me.

I shook my head negatively. It was going to be very suspicious, couple with the fact that i was going to inject something dangerous into Chief’s drip that would kill him once and for all.

If Rina dies too, all fingers will point at me.

My phone rang that instant

‘hello madam, we have the stuff you asked for. We are outside the hospital now’ the baritone voice said and i smiled.

‘did you get the sleeping medicine as well?’ i asked.

‘we did’

I smiled. The dangerous liquid that was to be injected into Chief’s drip together with the  sleeping medicine for Rina were ready.

My plans can now work out perfectly.

I smiled inwardly.

Episode 48.
I smiled wryly as Rina started dozing off. Though she was trying hærd to remain awake.

‘Rin?’ i called ‘you should just sleep, dont fight it’

She shook her head and reached for her father’s hand.

I reached for her free hand and helped her up. She stood up weakly, the medicine wasnt just going to make her feel sleepy, it was going to make her weak.

‘come here..’ i said leading her to a long couch at the end of the room.

‘sleep. I’ll take care of Chief. If he wakes up, i’ll wake you up’

She smiled weakly at me ‘thanks alot Ivyy, what would i have done without you?’

I just smiled and she turned her back to me and before long, she was snoring away.

‘Gosh! She snores, yuck!’ I hissed.

I reached for my b-ra and brought out the injection and the red liquid. It was in a small transparent nylon. I injected the needle into the nylon and injected the liquid.

I smiled devilishly.

I walked towards Chief’s drip.

I glanced at Rina once more and she was snoring away.

On a second thought, i walked back to the door and securely locked it.

Then i walked back to Chief’s side. I smiled and k-ssed his forehead.

I carressed his arms. This man had done so much for me.

Ever since i stepped foot into that town five years ago with a baby without money or a house or a job and a quality education, he had been there for me. He didnt know us yet he took us in, sent me to school,provided a good house for us. He took care of my baby and i. He was so nice to me.

But today, he would have to get out of my way.

It was
no fault of mine, it wasnt my intention, but i never wanted to return to where i came from, abject poverty, one had to do what she had to.

In order to survive.

I k-ssed his forehead again rubbing his arm ‘oh Chief, i’m going to miss you believe me…’ i said staring into his closed eyes ‘and i’m going to mourn so dont feel bad. Since you really love your beloved wife so much, wy not just join her. You’ve been rich for a very long time, its time to go so people can enjoy your wealth. You’re fifty eight afterally’ i shrugged and wiped my left eye ‘my oh my! I cant believe i’m tearing up even when you’re not dead. What about when you die?’ I laughed wickedly.

I stood up, and held his drip, car-ssing with my hand.

I laughed again.

As i raised the injection in my hand, my phone rang.

I cursed in my mind, who the hell was calling me for goodness sake!!!

I hissed angrily and walked up to where i dropped my phone.

It was an unknown number calling.


‘Ivyy, what you are about to do right now shouldnt be done now’ the very familiar voice said.

I panicked. How did he…how did he get my number? How did he know about what i was doing?


‘killing Chief right now will only make people point fingers at you. You’re not making a smart move at all. I expected you to be smarter than that’

My hands shook.

‘lets meet tomorrow. I already have laid down plans on how you achieve your goal. Dont ask me how i found out about your plans. I know about everything. Everything’

I hung up in fear.

I looked around the room scared as if someone was watching me.

I quickly switched off my phone.

But when i sat down to reason all Ralph had said, i realised he was right. Killing Chief at this point wasnt at all a smart move. Fingers would point at me and i would be a suspect. And that was the last thing i wanted.

I let out air.

I ran my hands through my weave and stared at Chief..

Then i cursed again.

I tried to think of something but nothing came to my head.

I decided to take the risk. I picked my phone and typed a quick message.

“London cafe,  1pm tomorrow. Be prompt”

I sent it to Ralph.

To be continued

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