Called By Jesus

Called By Jesus – episode 15

Episode 15
I drove home feeling exhausted, I quickly brought the things I bought from the market out from my car, I wanted to ask him to bring it in,side but like you know his a mind reader sometimes I’m thankful I didn’t have to say everything with my mouth. I walked into the living room just holding my jacket and hand bag, not long he brought everything in,side and straight to the kitchen ” wow his really learning ” I thought he would keep them in the living room where I was sitting but he didn’t. I went upstairs to have a change of clothes I probably couldn’t cook in my office wear that has been l sweaty since morning could I? I changed into a short p-nt (trouser as you guys like to call it) and an over size long top tied my hair in a ponytail to avoid it covering my face when cooking. I went downstairs Michael wasn’t there ” where on earth could he be” I thought
Earth in your home
I turn to face him, he was also upstairs before but what was he doing there? He stare at me strangely before he spoke again
Since you went to change I decided to change too .
Yeah that’s true he was actually wearing a short p-nt beneath his knees and a red top (if I’m not being over dramatic?) He really looked handsome in those wear, I stare at him for to long that he had to clear his throat to get my attention.
Nice outfit Michael.
(He smiled) thank you
Wait a minutes did he just blush? I could swear his cheeks turn pink from blushing I moved closer and stare at his eyes and repeated ” nice outfit Michael ” and yes it was confirm he was really blushing (wow) do angels blush? I never knew. I stepped back from him a little.
I will just cook something for us okay? (I started walking into the kitchen)
Can I come? (I turn to face him and d–n he was still blushing) I want to help
Sure you can
We entered the kitchen together, I asked him to open all the bags we brought and upload all the things in the fridge, which he gladly did. I was making fried rice for us, it was when I brought out the already sliced carrot to use that my mind went back to what Michael said at the market ” the woman you bought that red thing from” are you kidding me? He was actually talking about carrots? I tried not to laugh at him but trust me I couldn’t it was really funny, he stopped what he was doing to stare at me, he waited for the laugh to die down but it kept on increasing and increasing.
You are beautiful when you laugh that hærd
I choked on the laugh, who could have believed an Angel will admire or notice someone like me, my laughter had turn to serious coughing he opened the fridge where I kept water and brought one for me.
Drink this (his one hand was holding my head tenderly, while the other hand was putting water in my mouth) sorry teresita
It was warm having someone care for me that close, he could see my chain, stars and not freak out because he knows who I am but what’s the point feeling warm and happy for what can never be?
Thanks (I said the moment I felt better)
You look sad all of a sudden teresita.
You could read my mind, even if I control it so why not read it.
I turned my back on him, the tears threatening to fall I won’t let it fall, my purpose on earth is to help others just like my blood maker did, I know it’s difficult but I will try, the more I tried to control the tears the more my eyes burns and they threatening to fall, I felt his hand touch my shoulder from the back, he pulled me over and took me into his arm.
You don’t have to try so hærd hiding the way you feel teresita, its natural for human to get attracted to things like this.
I wrapped my hands and him too and cried like a baby, all those feeling for never having any looked at me like a woman or even try to woe me made all my emotions break.

To be continued

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