Clash Of Interest

Clash Of Interest – episode 10



The three some, where in the armory browsing through the weapons presented in the armory sections. Frank and Jane were chattering excitedly, with no care in the world, on Jack’s part he was lost in the world of his own, he stood absent minded, rotating a flick knife in his hands with no vigor or vim. “Hey Whats eating you up, what is the problem? You look downcast” Frank asked. “Its nothing bro, just having a difficult time digesting some issues.” Jack replied with no enthusiasm. “Issues like what Jack? For crying out loud you have been in isolation since this issue pertaining to this mission.” Jane said quite angry and irritated by Jack’s dumb attitude. “Do you see that guy in the video that was played?” Jack asked. “Of course who didn’t? If otherwise the person really needs the attention of an ophtamalogist.” Frank said humorously. “Although i didn’t see his face from in the video, but his voice and physique connotes with a particular agent, he bears a sabre as his combat weapon and that rhymes with this guy im talking about. His name is Roy, i met him during the mission i went to in Algeria, in the “OPERATION KILL ALL” i barely managed to escape with my life, as he nearly nabbed me but for the shelling of the CID, I would have been long dead, all credit to this guy by name Roy. His combat skill and his mastery of his weapon leaves one mourning their inadequacy, since my contact with agents of all kind, he is the only agent i remain wary of and his brutal attitude makes it more complicated, he doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone who offends humor crossed his path during the long run.” Jack explained with mixed feelings. “Hmm!! Someone is afraid here.” Frank said in a bid to provoke Jack. “Frank mind how you make jokes out of serious issues.” Jane snapped. “Sweetheart that’s enough, that’s not reason enough for you to twist your expression”. “ok sweetie, that’s cool, i have all long been a d*ck, you guys are sure helpers.” Jack said smiling. “Always there for you my dear,.” Jane said as she and Jack k-ssed quite passionately. “Someone is jealous here, but seriously, don’t you think i and Jane can make a perfect couple right?” trying to piss frank off. “I know you are all trying to piss Frank off.” Frank said totally over looking Jack’s impulsive question. “But serious , Frank isn’t it high Time you have a rethink on your stand on matters about girls and your play boy attitude.. i hope you you would take a little of the advise i give.” Jane said with all seriousness. Ermm!! Don’t forget we have the CCTV AND RECORDER, monitoring our discussions un here so mind your words, here is not your father’s house.” Frank said with a smile.. Ohh!! That, i disconnected the gadgets immediately, we came in, i did that while you guys were chattering and banterring.” Jack said. “i love this Jane yelled. Displaying a ring with an explosive device, it can automatically explode, immediately the control bezel of the ring is twisted, it can only perform in close range with the enemy. “enough for me, i got to leave now, have had enough collections.” Frank said. “yea we got to go, time is no more on our side, we have to plan up our strategy and we are heading for the place in a fortnight.” Jack said. They carried their bag pack and suitcases, hanging carelessly in the room.

 THE MISSION ITSELF STARTS HERE.” Jack said and pressed a button and the whirling of a power bike could be heard. Leaving their respective cars. To be driven by the org-nisations chauffeur.


The high pitch of a moving bike could be heard as three bike came to a halt at the packing lot of, the QUEENEZZA HOTEL, they simultaneously removed their helmet and placed at the handle of the bike and parked it at an available space, they headed for the reception’s room. “Welcome to “Queenezza hotel.” The receptionist said flashing them a charming smile. “Hi!! Please we need a room to pass the night.” Jane said returning the smile. The receptionist wrote down, some few things into the ledger in her forefront. “Here is the key, your room is room 228, it is the last room, when you turn to your left upstairs.” She said still wearing her smile. “Thanks dear. Thanks for your kind gestures.” Jane said and made to leave, but swiftly turned and said. “please we don’t need any disturbance up their, we are doing nothing but we had a hectic day, no room service please.” She said smiling. “A your service ma.” the receptionist said. It was at this moment that Frank who had surprisingly kept mute chose to speak, since all this while, he had been observing and it didn’t escape the notice of the receptionist. “Hi pretty! Whats your name?” Frank said flashing his most alluring smile at the receptionist. “I Eva.” She replied equally smiling. “Wow!! What an angel with a lovely look and beautiful name , the name Eva is just an understatement to your alluring beauty.” Frank said bringing his play boy attitude to a new level. Jane quickly pulled Frank by the hand as she smiled at the receptionist and said. “Please don’t mind him, he is always like that, appreciating good things. You know?” Jane said trying to settle things.. The receptionist smiled and said nothing. Jack pressed his back to a corner and was just grinning from ear to ear at Frank’s reality. Jack knew Frank, who he was and what he could do. Frank is a typical symbol of a guy who, who can’t just stay with one lady, he can waste his wh0le months salary trying to please a lady, but that is if you match his taste. Frank was once a guy who loved a lady so deeply that he lay down his life for her and so was it with the lady, but time accompanies changes and so trouble crept in due to Frank’s continuous absence and not giving her much of his time due to the nature of his job, he tried making out time for her when he was chanced, but she still complained about how uncaring and negligent he was towards her. She broke the ice and told him she was no longer interested with the hide and seek they call relationsh¡p. Frank was downcasted and tried all possible means to draw her back, but all to no avail, he received the last blow, when he saw a text message from her two weeks later that, she would be getting married in a months time and he should try forgetting her and equally invited him to her wedding because of what they shared in the past. Frank was dumbstruck, discombobulated and nearly went gaga from the pains and trauma he went through. When he recovered, he locked his heart towards any affair that might relate to emotion or love game…

The three sat down in the hotel room as they went through the map present, that was placed on a side stool in the room.

“According to the map, the name of the forest in question was known as the “CAPE OF DEATH” and Nigeria and Cameroon shares the same boundary with the forest.” Jack said displaying his speech through pointing at each s₱0t that was in display. “Then i suggest we make our way through the Cameroon’s side of the boundary, because their main target lies in Nigeria. And they won’t be much on alert towards Cameroon.” Frank suggested. “Yea i think Frank has a point there, i like his suggestion.” Jane said. “Yea i like the idea too. But we should weigh the prons and cons, because infiltration through Cameroon might be tactical, but if we misfire and lose our main goal, Cameroon might be under siege by those guys.” Jack said ” I agree too that, but that’s our best way, no other way man.” Frank said. “Then we call the boss and inform him of our pla………..” Jack was cut short when he heard a knock on the door. “Shit i thought i made it clear that no one should be here.” Jane went to the door and opened it, while Jack and Frank hid away their tools.

To be continued

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