Count the stars with me episode 43 – 44

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CHAPTER 43 💞 44



*** dessert ***zarl pov

I found himself in a dessert ,where am I ? “i murmur and continue looking around and walking but the journey was just like an endless journey.

suddenly i look forward and sighted Carl ,i rushed towards Carl but couldn’t get that close something was pushing me not to,i look closely and found out that Carl was crying.

Carl what’s wrong with you ? why are you crying ? “I ask.

zarl please come Back back home ,I beg you zarl please don’t leave me please come back. “he yelled sobbing loudly the echo in his voice was so loud

Carl !, “I called but didn’t see him again I continue calling his name but he suddenly disappeared come back ? was I far away before ?

son !, ” someone said behind me and I turn and saw a very beautiful woman.

good day ma ,did you just call me your son ? “I ask staring at her I feel so drawn to her she looks like me.

son please go back don’t come to this place is not yet your time ,I’m your late mother please listen to me “she said with tears in her eyes.

come if you’re tired dear the world is filled of evil and your step brother and step mother hates and maltreats you come with me. “I heard someone said and I look at my left side and saw an old man his kinda ugly.

who are you? ” I ask staring at back at the woman who was at my right side she’s on wearing white while the other black.

I’m a grim reaper I’m here to take you on another journey. ” the man said.

no son please look at me ,see you love Carl so much ,you love your dad do you want to see them cry for you please you’re dead son but you can save yourself agree and go back please. “the woman cried out.

I pitied her and sigh ,I look down and saw Carl and my dad In tears telling me to please come back.

how will I come back to them mum. “I called.

thanks son .”she said and coming closer pushing me down with full force.

*** At the hospital *** inside the morgue ***
*** zarl pov ***

I opened my eye and found myself in a strange place I stood up immediately and met with a dead body and I let out a scream .

arrrg ! ,

suddenly some one came in with cane and stare at me in weird manner.

sir please why I’m I here ? “I ask.

you’re dead but how come you’re alive now ? “he asked.

dead ? please take me out this place is scary where is Carl and my dad I need to see them please take me out I’m scared. ” I cried out I. disgust.

the man lead the way and I followed immediately and we came out of the morgue.

can you remember your ward room nor the operation room ? ” the man asked.

I sigh and nodded Walking away angrily thou I’m still scared I need to shower I can’t believe I slept in between corpses I’ll “I screamed mentally.

I walk into the passage the way leading to my ward but I have to pass by the treatment room. and operation room and then many wards too, I was walking people were staring at me somehow.

??what !, ” I scoff and contain Walking suddenly I bumped into someone.

i look up and it turns out to be jack , immediately he saw my face he shifted back in fear with full force and kneel down with red and teary eyes

please brother don’t kill me I’m sorry I already apologized please, please I beg you ,you don’t want to see dad and mum stay together in sorrow because they had no child anymore please I’m sorry. “he cried out moving back with his knee.

jack what is wrong with you ? so I really do died ? I can’t believe this hilarious thanks to my mom and Carl, where is Carl ? ” I ask staring at him .

he look up and stare at me in a weird way.

why are you staring at me in that manner I said where is Carl and dad ? “I asked.

they both fainted when they heard you’re dead I’m surprised that I saw you here. “jack mutter fearfully.

I’m not dead ,come show me there ward immediately let me see them before bathing the morgue smells are all over me. ” I said and walk pass him while he flinched back in tears and I laugh mentally.

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he followed me we walk few steps and he said Is the next door.

I open the door and walk in ,the right bed was my dad the left was Carl ,what !, this is serious “I thought and rushed to my dad first I checked him out his Still breathing I rush to Carl his also breathing his face and lips are pale I guess he cried so much to have fainted.

alright look after them left me manage and freshen up in my own ward then later I will meet the doctor ,then mom and come back here okay .” I said and jack nodded still wouldn’t let me come any closet to him.

anyways is mom here before ,I mean did she know what happened ? “I ask. ……

yes she …….

but he got interrupted when someone came in ,it’s mom she look pale she was crying her head was bowed.

jack come show me zarl corpse I can’t believe you try to kill him now he dead for real .”she cried out coming in but immediately she looked up and saw me she moved back In fear.

mom what’s up stop crying I’m not dead I’m here now I was about to come see you ,”I said trying to come closer to her but she moved back .

stop !, don’t come closer to me ,ghost !, please zarl I’m still you mom don’t kill me ,I swear I wasn’t part of people that want you dead I knew nothing about this please let me go don’t hurt me. “she cried out .

mom ,you know what jack tell mom I’m not a ghost. “I said staring at jack ,she also saw jack and immediately ran to jacks back in fear.

hmmm ! ” I sighed

none of them believed me , suddenly I heard my name.

I turn and found out it’s coming from Carl I rushed to his bed.

he opened his eye and it met mine ,he smiled at me and then tears follows.

zarl ! ,he murmured lifting his hand slowing to my cheeks as he touch them with his fingers, immediately his hands met it he stood up immediately like a flash even Making Me to flinch.

zarl you’re not dead ? or was I dreaming ” he spoke loudly.

yes I was once dead but you ,my biological mom and dad never want me dead you guys saved me. “I said to Carl

really so my dreams was real and true thank God,thank my stars I will surely count them with you all the time. Carl’s said with a smile which I returned.

his the only one that believed I’m still alive when has our closeness gotten to this. ” I thought with a smile.

suddenly the door opened ,I look it’s Mr and Mrs Rupert .

huh ? how come they are here.

good evening uncle and aunt .” I greeted them ,Carl turn and was shocked. .

dad ,mom you guys are back oooh my goodness you didn’t tell me. ” Carl said and be Mrs Rupert smiled and rushed to him.

the hidden security agent we hired for you since we left told us about what happened in today we took our private jet and hurried back immediately.

son who dares do that to you. !, “, Mr Rupert said coming closer to Carl’s bed.

wait ,you both mean you knew that I got into an accident ? ” I asked.

sure ,we also heard about mr kinn and Mrs kinn problems so we came back to help ,we didn’t check on you when you had an accident forgive us ,we got notified immediately that you’re fine. “Mrs Rupert said touching Carl’s cheek.

it’s him. ” Carl pointed at jack angrily.

we know that already ,calm down son,dear Mrs kinn thanks for taking care of our son ,how is your injury ? “Mr Rupert asked mom .

imm…..I’m getting better thanks. “she mutter.

good. ” Mr Rupert smirked and stare at jack for a while.

how dare you ! ” Mr Rupert said to jack who flinched back.

sir please let Him be ,I forgive him. “I said trying my best to hold the scene I don’t want to see.

I can see indeed he was the true definition of his mother,kind heart and forgiving heart absolute nonsense ,since Carl loves you so much you have to be strong. “Mrs Rupert said glaring hard at me.

this dramatic couples again ,well something you don’t know about this couples is that they’re both dramatic,mischievous,heartless but what surprises me is that they’re not Mafia’s I wonder why they’re so mean,what does she mean by since Carl loves me

what are you thinking ,you idiot what are you thinking ,your mother and I were close friends we love each other so much until she died I almost lost my life because she was my everything always there for me if not because of Carl’s dad here I would have died ,so Carl and you are also like that ,sworn brothers if you dare try to die next time I will slap the hell out of your head. “Mrs Rupert yelled hugging his son who was mocking me with his tongue.

sh*t what a dramatic scene. I thought and shook my head before nodding.

good boy ,my dear carl you have suffered Alot don’t worry i will deal with them for you. ” Mr Rupert said with a smirk.

trouble has come .”I thought.


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