November 29, 2021

Crazy orphan episode 28 – 29


Crazy Orphan 🙆🌺

( His weakness)

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 28

Authoress p.o.v

. “Mr Cole the doctor asked you to see him in his office the result is out” A nurse said. “can I come with him” Tonia asked. “No Mr Cole only” the nurse replied. and Tonia roll her eyes.


“You said you wanna see me?” Sandra asked. “yes I want to see you, I just wanna beg you please give me a chance I really love I am not joking” Andrew said.

“but I and your brother” Andrew didn’t let her complete her word before he cut in. “that doesn’t matter my heart knew you and my brother once have a thing together before he choose you. I love you I really do” Andrew said.

“what about your parents cause your mother saw me the last time I came to your house with Xander” Sandra said.

“my mum is a very nice person she will understand” Andrew said. “are you sure I don’t want to hear my mother didn’t want me to marry you cause you have s*x with Xander” Sandra said.

“trust me she can’t say anything” Andrew said. “okay” Sandra said. “does that mean you have agree to be my girlfriend?” Andrew asked.

“I Didn’t say that” Sandra replied with a blush. “you don’t need to talk it’s written all over your face” Andrew said and Sandra smile. “so what are we?” Sandra asked.

“Enemy” Andrew replied with a smirk. “you’re not serious” Sandra said. “only for you baby” Andrew replied and Sandra smile.

“Awww I have finally gotten myself a girlfriend mum will be happy with me” Andrew said. “I have not even say yes to your request” Sandra said.


you sure you haven’t say yes?” Andrew asked and carry her. “drop me you pervert” Sandra said smiling.


“good afternoon Mr Cole” the doctor greet. “Afternoon Mr” Xander replied.

“we are happy to see you” the doctor said. “go straight to the point Mr I am not here for chit chat” Xander said.

“alright sir congratulations the son is yours” the doctor said smiling and stretched his hand forward for hand shake. Xander glare at the hand angrily.

“No this is not possible are you sure this result is mine?” Xander asked.

“yes sir you can check another hospital if you’re doubting us, you know am your family doctor and this is your family hospital we have know each other for long so I can’t possibly lie to you” the doctor said.

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“Thank you Mr John” Xander said and went out. “how is it” Alora asked.

“it’s not fine at all” Xander replied. “what did you mean that’s not fine?” Alora asked and Xander handover the result to her. “I don’t know if I should be happy or sad” Alora said.

Tonia collected the paper from her and read she laughed and a little dance. “congratulations my son” Tonia said and hug her son.

Everett was speechless. “why is he hugging me, she has never hug me before” Everett thought.

“when is our wedding” Tonia asked Xander. and Alora burst out laughing. you make me laugh hard at has been long I laughed like this, you think Xander can get married to someone like you? you must be joking Xander can never get married to someone like you” Alora said and went out with Xander and Everett. “where are you talking my son to?” Tonia asked.

“we are talking him to where he belong” Alora replied. “Am very sorry” Xander said. “Keep it we don’t need it here” Alora said. They get to the house and Alora prepare food for Everett.

Everett eat to his satisfaction and smile to Alora. “you’re very nice, why are you taking care of me like your own son?” Everett asked Alora.

“because you’re a very lovely boy, God won’t forgive me if I don’t take good care of you” Alora replied him.

“Everett smile. it has been long I smile like this my mum always make me sad I wish you are my mum” Everett said.


worry all will be fine I promise you” Alora replied. “where’s my mum is she not coming back to the house?” Everett asked. “she will soon be here” Alora replied him.

“What did you wanna do now that Everett is your son” Alora asked.

“there’s nothing I can do I will have to conduct another test and if it come out positive again I will send her and her son out.

I don’t need them” Xander said. “you dare not send the boy out, you wanna send your first child out because of me, look here let me advise you, women can decide to go anytime she wants but your son is your family he will always be there for you. we aren’t even married, our relationship isn’t up to a month and you’re planning on send your first child your future out because of me.

I love you and I will always stand by you. the only advice I have for you is to look for a way and send Tonia or what’s her name without going with the child.

that child need you, he have suffered alot in the hand of the beast he calls a mother” Alora said.

Xander does some thinking. “you’re a very strong and understanding. you’re not even angry I thanks l God for giving you to me am sorry for all the pains I cause you cause I knew you are going through Alot you just don’t wanna show it” Xander said and hug her.

“go out there and makes Everett happy let him know you loves him” Alora said. “Alright thank you for being there for me” Xander said and rushed out.

Alora Lock the door and burst into fresh tears. “why me? I acted strong but am not strong what am I even saying am strong, strong people don’t use to cry right” she said and burst into laughter.


“Why will they leave me here, I didn’t even come with my car so bad. she said. it not bad if I say hi to my father and mother inlaw to be” Tonia said and board a cab to Xander parent house.


“Tonia is this you?” Mrs Cole asked and hug Tonia happily. “yes mum I have missed you, I missed you guys Alot where’s dad?” Tonia asked. “he is in the room he will soon join us” Mrs Cole said.

“I heard you have given birth?” Mrs Cole asked.

“yes mum who told you?” Tonia asked. “someone that came across you in Singapore told me” Mrs Cole said.

“that’s nice am happy you knew about your grandson” Tonia said.

“Yeah he’s my grandson how’s the father doing am sure you will have get married without our consent” Mrs Cole said and Tonia smile.

“I came back to fix things right with my baby father” Tonia said.

“oh that’s nice, who’s your baby father and where’s your baby?” Mrs Cole asked.

” Xander is my baby father, and my son is fine” Tonia replied.

“Oh Xander did your friend knew about it?” Mrs Cole asked.

“yeah he’s the father of my baby and we are planning our marriage” Tonia said.

“What!!!!!! Xander, Am very sure you’re joking it is not my Xander” Mrs Cole said.

“he is yours” Tonia replied.

Crazy Orphan 🙆🌺

( His weakness)

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

Episode 29

Authoress p.o.v

“What!!!!!! Xander, Am very sure you’re joking it is not my Xander” Mrs Cole said.

“he is yours” Tonia replied. “Am not sure is my own Xander” Mr Cole said coming down from his room.


morning Dad” Tonia greet smiling. “morning hope what you said earlier is a joke?” Mr Cole asked.

“dad isn’t a joke” Xander is my baby father” Tonia replied.

“Did you realize Xander has a girlfriend now?” Mr Cole asked. and Tonia smile. “yes I knew and that’s not a problem because you just said girlfriend and not wife” Tonia said sitting comfortable on the sofa.

“That’s the type of girl I want my son to get married to not someone like you” Mr Cole said.

“But am a good girl and you have know me for long I am your friend daughter, you should be supporting me not that poor brat” Tonia said.

“Tonia I won’t watch you insult my daughter in-law to be” Mrs Tonia said.

“Did you just said daughter in-law? I am your daughter in-law and I have given you your grandson already” Tonia said.

“Tonia I Know how greedy and wicked your family is, so I don’t believe that boy you called Xander son is his” Mr Cole said.

“Your wish dad cause I have come to stay I won’t hesitate to eliminate who tried to stop me not even you” Tonia said to Mr Cole.

“There’s nothing you can do” Mr Cole replied. “Let watch and see, I will show you I am the true daughter of Collins” Tonia said.

“like father like daughter” Mrs Cole said. “good day my father and mother inlaw to be” Tonia said and went out.

“Can you see what your son cause” Mr Cole said.

“you don’t dare blame my son you made him who he is before that girl change him so tell me how is his fault?” Mrs Cole asked anger written on her face.

“Am sorry that was in the past I said that cause am concerned about the poor girl our family doesn’t deserve her.

we need to check on her to see how she’s doing cause Tonia is a devil” Mr Cole said.

“As if you’re different from her” Mrs Cole said. “we need to go and check on her” Mr Cole said.

“For my plan to work I need to act cool” Tonia said to herself.

“She’s a very nice lady she loves Everett already I think I know what to do Everett will help me Alot” Tonia said and smile to herself.

“What happen why are you looking at me like that?” Sandra asked Andrew.

“what don’t shake there’s something on your lips” Andrew said standing up from his seat.

“what’s it” Sandra asked panicking. Andrew move closer to her and kiss her on the lips and Sandra blushed.

“you’re so beautiful when you panicked and blushed” Andrew said.

“you’re not serious” Sandra said. “yeah I know, that’s my second name” Andrew replied.

Andrew check the time and gasped “I need to get going” Andrew said.

“But why?” Sandra asked pouting. “Am sorry I need to be in the house now they will have come back from the hospital” Andrew said.

“Hospital I don’t understand you?” Sandra asked. “I will explain to you later am sorry I will see you tomorrow let me drop you off at your house” Andrew said.

“alright thanks for making me happy today you really make my day” Sandra said.

“I should be thanking you for accepting me” Andrea replied. “let go we will talk later in phone” Andrew said and carry her bag for her.

Xander and Alora, with Everett sleeping peacefully on Alora lap in the sitting room. watching movie.

“and what’s my son doing on your lap” Tonia asked? “who is talking? is anyone here?” Alora asked looking around the sitting room pretending as if she didn’t see her.

“are you crazy?” Tonia asked. ‘ “how dare you insult her?” xander asked and stand up.

“cause she don’t have any right over my son” Tonia said. “she has right over him like you do, Everett is my son, and she’s my fiances so she has right over him” Xander shout.

“why are you shouting at me, you know I love you and will always do, this woman here is just a gold digger” Tonia said.

“shut up lady”, if you say anymore words I will throw you out right now” Xander yelled.

“you can’t throw me out cause am the mother of your child” Tonia said.

“And who’s shouting like a mad person in this house?” Andrew said coming inside.

“I knew it you you have always been a bitch, this house is peaceful before you came in, you come back and ruin everything” Andrew said.

“just shut up your mouth you don’t have the right to insult me I am your brother wife to be you need to give me some respect because I deserve it” Tonia said fuming in Anger.

“you’re fighting because of the child you don’t love, why are you so selfish?” Alora asked.

“And who told you I didn’t love my son. you need to mind your business and stop trespassing” “Tonia said.

“you are the one trespassing here cause you are not wanted here” Andrew said.

“And why is this place noisy like this?” Mr cole asked coming inside. “what are you doing in my house?” Xander asked.

“why can’t he come to your house he is your father Mrs Cole said.

Xander was about to reply his mother Alora pitched him and glare at him not to say a word.

“good evening sir and ma,you are welcome” Alora greet.

“how are you my daughter? Mr Cole asked. “am fine sir” Alora said. “Alora why was this place noisy before we come in? Mrs cole asked.

“mum it was a dog that came to my brother house uninvited that was barking” Andrew said.

“and why will you allow a dog to enter you should have tell the guards to chase it out, and where is the dog? Mrs Cole asked looking around despite knowing it was Tonia Andrew was referring to as a dog.

“Tonia or what ever you call you name vacate this environment right now” Mr Cole said.

“I won’t leave and if am leaving I will go with my son “Tonia said.

“you dare not come closer to him or else I will tear you apart” Alora said. “are you threatening me and precise am not going anywhere, am here for good and no one can send me out” Tonia said sitting down.

” I think this lady here need to be hospitalized” Andrew said. “I don’t think we need to start worrying ourself over a simpleton like a her” Alora said.

“Am I the one you referred to as a simpleton?” Tonia asked.

“what’s sort of question is that, oh I forget you have short memory ,cause when you always asked me for answer even being my senior back then in highschool, Alora there is no need to waste your strength because of this fool” Andrew said.

“I will let you know what am capable of doing” Tonia said and goes to her room.

“finally we can talk about something more reasonable” Mrs Cole said.

they all sit down to discuss. “Alora we never got a chance since this days to ask about your parent so I want you to tell us about your parent” Mr Cole said. “My parents are dead” Alora said. “Oh may there soul rest in perfect peace” Mr Cole said. “what’s your father name?” Mr Cole asked. “My father name is Jack George” Alora said. “Jack George” can I see his picture please?” Mr Cole asked. “I will be right back” Alora went inside the room she share with Xander to bring her phone. she checked Tonia room and see she was about coming out. “What’s this b*tch up to” she thought. she came back with her phone and showed my Cole her father. “What!!!!!!!!!!!!! you mean George is your father?” Mr Cole said and he find it difficult to breathe. Tonia come down from her room and burst into laughter.


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