November 29, 2021

Crazy orphan episode 8


Crazy Orphan๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ™†

( His Weakness)

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 8

Authoress p.o.v

“Xander used to be a very happy and cheerful guy, he is more funnier than Andrew.

Xander is nothing like his father, yeah. my two child inherit my character. but something happens when Xander was nineteen years of age. the person Xander love and trust most, killed innocent person in his presence.

Xander change since then, he became arrongant and so much more. I believe you can make Xander go back to his whole self” Mrs Cole said.

“but how can I make him go back to his old self Alora asked.

“you can do that with your craziness” Mrs Cole said.

“and are you sure I can do that” Alora asked.

“I trust you, you will do it, forget his look or how he talks, Xander is very soft inside, he can’t hurt a fly. and he is a very caring person.

he might pretend as if he doesn’t care, but he’s the realest person I have ever known.

please do this for me. remember you promised to grant my wish” Mrs Cole said.

“alright ma’am I will try my best” Alora said. “thank you very much my daughter, I will be very happy, if I see Xander smile again” Mrs Cole said.

“I have an offer for you” Sandra said.

“really am listening” Xander replied.

“you summit some files to one of my father company for a contract right? Sandra asked.

“yes how did you know about that” Xander asked.

“are you asking me that? anyway I can help you win the contract” Sandra said smiling seductively.


I will be very happy, cause that contract means Alot to me” Xander replied.

“I will help you, but on one condition” Sandra said giving Xander a seductive glare.

“so what condition is it” Xander asked keeping straight face.

“I want you to be my lover, I want to prove to my dad I can do better than my sister’s” Sandra said.

“lover am sure this lady doesn’t know what she’s putting herself into, it seems you don’t know who you’re talking to, I don’t do love stuff cause I don’t have a heart” Xander said.

“I know I don’t need your love, I just need a man to call mine. I need a relationship, please do this for me” Sandra said giving Xander her best puppy eyes.

“Sandra or what did you call yourselves I don’t do relationship stuff” Xander said firmly.


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stands up ready to leave, but Sandra stop him. “I don’t mind if you later broke my heart, I need you please” Sandra said”.

“Xander think about it for a moment. I think I should consider her, it trade by barter I will have the contract and free pvssy to f*ck and I have been dieing to know how her p*ssy taste like. fine I agree” Xander said and Sandra jump on him immediately.

“hey come down” Xander order her.

“am sorry” she said cleaning xander cloth with her hand.

“So what next can I follow your to house, cause I can’t wait to have your full d*ck inside me” Sandra said smiling.

“yeah let go Xander replied firmly.


Alora p.o.v๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ’•

I looked at the time for the untenth time and this idiot that calls himself my boss haven’t come back by this time.

who does he even thinks he is. you guys shouldn’t think am waiting for him as he said. no I can never wait for him. actual am doing some online that’s why I haven’t sleep.

few minutes later the door open and my so called boss enter the sitting room with a very beautiful lady. and look around, his eyes land on me and he chuckled.

did he just chuckled I thought.

“Thank your star you waited” he said.

“don’t bring your hopes up I am not waiting for you” I replied him.

“baby who’s this” the pretty lady asked him.


a nobody” he replied. “did you just refer to me as a nobody”.

I asked moving closer to him.”hey move back I don’t wanna container disease from you, you’re too ugly,the beautiful lady said.

what am I even saying. did I say she’s beautiful I take it back she’s the most ugliest person I have ever seen. she lack manners.


my boss and his mannerless bitch keep disturbing me with there silly m0ans.

does this girl wanna bring the roof of this building down with her silly m0an I asked myself.

the m0an goes on and on for about an hour. and I didn’t hear the m0an again.

since this people disrupt my beautiful sleep.

they will not also sleep tonight.

I opened my bag and brought out the cockroaches I put inside a container earlier.

I knew something like this will happen.

I sneak into his room and empty the cockroach on there body. i went inside the sitting room to wait for the results. three main later, they both jump out of the room [email protected]

I took my phone and snap there [email protected] body.

boss what happen why aren’t you sleeping I ask with my leg cross.

“cockroaches is in my room” he shouted.

“why are you running away from your family members they came to visit you now” I said.

“are you crazy how dare you called those things my family, go in now and pack them out of my room he said moving closer to me.

I never knew your D*ck is as small as a needle. young lady i can’t believe this chewing stick is the one that makes you m0an like a mad woman I said pointing to his d*ck.

“how dare you refer to my joystick as a chewing stick’ he said moving closer to me.

one more word from you and I will post your nude to the whole world I said and he stop on his track.

I have gotten him.

“Jesus how did you get this” the lady asked pointing to my phone.

“why are you calling Jesus name in vain, did Jesus followed you to the room” I asked.

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