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🌺Suzette’s Trials🌺



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↖️ chapter 24↗️ 📍 .

💛Kim’s POV💛

After say!ng that, h£ rem©v£d h¡s [email protected] from m!ne and left. $h£esh! I was only try!ng to be friendly. Besides, I am not even crush!ng on h¡m, it’s Lucas I like. I only wanted to br!ng h¡m and Trevor togeth£r but h£’s ₱|@y!ng [email protected] to get.

Th£ rest of th£ day went smoothly because we did ©vtdoor activities all through. We didn’t even have chance to study our projects.

After that, we were dismissed from school and we all h£aded home. Lucas offered me a ride !n h¡s and I agreed if course.

🖤Amber’s POV🖤

Later !n th£ even!ng, I took my project and tried writ!ng some th!ngs d©wΠ but I j√$t couldn’t. Th£ [email protected] I tried to th!nk, th£ m©r£ I get an h£adach£. I threw th£ paper to one side and took my phone th£n surfed th£ !nternet for a while before pick!ng it up aga!n.

Why am I even both£r!ng myself wh£n Suzette can do it.

I stood up and hurried to h£r room, $h£ j√$t returned from school and was try!ng to rem©v£ h£r cloth£s wh£n I entered.

“Can’t you knock?” $h£ asked.

“Th¡s is my house so I have th£ right to barge !nto any room of my choice.” I answered h£r.

“Remember not to barge !nto my own room next time because I won’t take it likely with you.” $h£ said and I bl!nked.

What guts! Who gave h£r th£ right to talk to me !n such manner?

“I won’t do anyth!ng to you, I’ll j√$t wait till mum comes [email protected]¢k. $h£’ll deal with you for me.”

“What are you do!ng h£re?” $h£ asked nonchalantly.

“Well, I brought my group project so you’ll write m!ne for me. I’m too tired to write.” I said and put th£ paper on th£ b£d.

$h£ glared at me before pick!ng th£ paper up.

I smiled and left th£ room.

Later that even!ng, dad called Suzette to th£ liv!ng room to sign th£ do¢vments but $h£ was prov!ng too stubborn.

“Suzette [email protected]! I won’t repeat myself. Sign th£se papers.” Dad yelled at h£r but $h£ was unm©v£d.

“I won’t sign th£ papers if I don’t read it sir because I am not sure if what is th£re will favor me or not.” Suzette replied and mum gave h£r a dirty slap.

“Awesome!” I yelled.

“Sign th£se papers you fool.” Mum said.

“I’m sorry, I can’t till I read th£ contents. How am I sure if you’re not plann!ng to sell me as a slave to a brutal master or someth!ng worse than that. I won’t sign th£se papers and you know why, because I don’t trust you people.” $h£ said and stormed upstairs th£n locked h£r room.

“What has th¡s girl turned to?” Mum was frustrated.

“Let’s j√$t forge h£r signatures, I can copy h£r signature.” I said.

“Brilliant idea, that’s why you’re my daughter.” Dad smiled and I could see my h£ad swell!ng like a balloon now.


I woke up th£ next morn!ng and saw that everyth!ng was already prepared. My bath and th£ cloth£s I would be wear!ng that day. I guess $h£ f!nally accepted th£ fact that $h£ is noth!ng but a housemaid.

I took my bath and wore my cloth£s. I ru$h£d to h£r room and barged !n on h£r. $h£ was hang!ng h£r school bag.

“Wh£re is th£ project I asked you to write?” I said.

$h£ dropped th£ paper on th£ b£d and walked ©vt.

“F**k you!” I yelled but $h£ ignored.

I picked up th£ paper and it was written neatly. I’m sure gonna get th£ complete mark.

I ru$h£d ©vt and made th£ driver carry h£r !n th£ car today. $h£ didn’t even talk to me, it’s not like I wanna talk with h£r eith£r.

We arrived at school and I hurriedly gave it to my partner Lawrence, so h£ could read it. Wh£n h£ f!ni$h£d h£ h¡ssed and threw th£ paper at my face.

“We were asked to write ab©vt th£ movie !ndustry and you’re expla!n!ng Culture to me? Are you foolish or you’re j√$t dumb?” h£ glared at me and walked away.

I h£ld th£ paper and clench£d it t!ght. I will so deal with Suzette today.

💜K!ngsley’s POV💜

Yup! I came school today and to my surprise, most of my cla$$mates welcomed me especially my angel, Suzette. I wonder why everyone is suddenly !nterested !n talk!ng to me. Could it be because of Kim?

We had our first period th£n we h£aded to th£ school field to talk ab©vt th£ project because Suzette said $h£ wouldn’t make it to my house today.

“Okay, so what are th£ types of relationships?” Suzette asked.

“We have !nterpersonal relationships.” I answered.

“Expla!n.” $h£ requested and Trevor snickered.

“It’s a relationship b£tweeΠ two or m©r£ people. It could eith£r be a short term or long term one.” I expla!ned and $h£ clapped.

“h£ wasn’t that good, must you clap so loud for h¡m?” Trevor rolled h¡s eyes.

“At least I said someth!ng, what did you say huh? Noth!ng.” I glared at h¡m.

“Seriously speak!ng, I don’t know why Mrs Bella had to do th¡s to me. Why must I be !n same group with you? $h£ should have j√$t ditch£d you somewh£re.” h£ said.

“That’s also applicable to you as well dummy.” I sa$$ed.

“I hate you.”h£ snapped at me.

“Th£ feel!ng is mutual.” I replied nonchalantly.

“Guys!” Suzette yelled we kept quiet. “What’s go!ng on b£tweeΠ you two?” $h£ asked.

“I prefer not to speak.” Trevor glared at me.

“It’s complicated.” I replied calmly and $h£ sigh£d.

“Whatever it is that’s mak!ng you guys rush each oth£r like wolves after meat should be put aside so we can do th¡s project and get A’s please.” $h£ pleaded.

“Anyth!ng for you.” I smiled at h£r.

Trevor h¡ssed and looked away. I can’t even understand h¡m, first h£ called me on phone th£ oth£r day, now h£’s act!ng rude aga!n.

💚Suzette’s POV💚

I f!ni$h£d th£ discussion with th£m and we arrived at a conv!nc!ng conclusion. We’ll be meet!ng !n K!ngsley’s house so as to practice th£ pres£ntation tomorrow.

I sigh£d wh£n I remembered th£ir bicker!ng earlier. What is really go!ng on b£tweeΠ th£ two of th£m? Why do th£y hate each oth£r so much?


I looked [email protected]¢k and Lucas ran to me.

“Hi.” I smiled.

“Didn’t see you today, what’s up?” h£ asked.

“j√$t work!ng on our project. How’s yours com!ng up?” I asked.

“Good. Kim is very brilliant to work with.” h£ said, mak!ng a dreamy expression.

“Okay lover boy, I get you.” I smiled and h£ laugh£d.

“Have you taken your drugs today?” h£ asked.

“Yes, thanks.”

“I bought you fruits and it’s your favorite.” h£ w!nked.

“Watermelon?” I asked.

“Yeah.” h£ said and ran !nto th£ cla$$.

“h£y! Come [email protected]¢k and tell me wh£re it is.” I yelled and ran after h¡m.

We got to cla$$ and h£ brought it ©vt. It was already diced !nto a takeaway so h£ gave me a fork.

“Thank you.” I hugged h¡m and went to sit d©wΠ, enjoy!ng myself.

I was almost done eat!ng wh£n Amber ru$h£d to me and ₱0ured th£ watermelon from my [email protected] th£n stepped on it. I guess $h£ must have found ©vt what I did. That’s m©r£ like it, $h£ th!nks $h£ can treat me like a piece of rag forever. I won’t agree to that. I will make sure I deal with h£r so that even if I die, I won’t regret it.

“What is th£ mean!ng of what you j√$t did?” I asked.

“I’ll do that and m©r£ you fool! I gave you a simple task to carry ©vt but you ended up do!ng rubbish for me. Why?” $h£ asked.

I stood up and looked h£r directly !n th£ eyes.

“Because, I am not your puppet. If you’re too dumb to do th£ project yourself, th£re are numerous bus!ness centres ©vt th£re or better still, Google it on your phone and stop mak!ng me do everyth!ng for you.” I replied and th£ cla$$ [email protected]

Th£y all gath£red to see what would happen and I was m©r£ than ready to give th£m what th£y wanted. K!ngsley, Trevor, Kim,Pearl and Lucas were @r0vnd as well.

“Do I look like someone you’ll mess with? Wait till we get home, I’ll deal with you.” $h£ said.

“Why not deal with me h£re? Is it only at home you have powers?” I asked and th£ students jeered.

“You’re a bi*ch Suzette! To h£ll with you. You’re a poor wretch£d brat who can’t even afford a pencil.” $h£ yelled.

“At least I’m responsible and can do th!ngs myself. You come to school act!ng like you know everyth!ng but you’re j√$t a lazy a$$ with a nose for trouble.” I sa$$ed at h£r.

I was fed up of all th£se nons£nse. I can’t cont!nue to make th£m treat me like an animal. All th£se has to stop! It must stop!

“At least my parents are alive. What happened to yours huh? Th£y were too poor to afford a brake for th£ir car lead!ng to th£ir stupid deaths.” $h£ said but I was not m©v£d. It didn’t even hurt a bit because see!ng h£r parents made me appreciate m!ne for br!ng!ng me up well.

“Well, my parents were not good for noth!ngs.” I said.

“Are you say!ng that my parents are good for noth!ngs?” $h£ asked.

“I didn’t, you did.” I smirked and th£ students started laugh!ng at h£r.

$h£ raised h£r [email protected] to slap me but I h£ld it and gave h£r two resound!ng slaps, s£nd!ng h£r to th£ floor immediately. $h£ stood up and was ab©vt b**t!ng me but I dragged h£r hair and slapped h£r aga!n th£n fell h£r on th£ floor and started b**t!ng h£r, transferr!ng all my aggression on h£r face and b©dy. I took th£ watermelon $h£ ₱0ured and forced h£r to eat and swallow it. No one dared to stop us or report to th£ Pr!ncipal because th£y wanted h£r to be puni$h£d.

Pearl was ab©vt go!ng but K!ngsley dragged h£r [email protected]¢k and made h£r sit d©wΠ while I cont!nued deal!ng with Amber. $h£ kept cry!ng and begg!ng me but I turned deaf ears to h£r pleas. I made sure I b**t h£r to my [email protected]!$faction before allow!ng K!ngsley to ₱v|| me up. Th£ students started clapp!ng and ch£er!ng for me while glar!ng at Amber.

“Let me give you my last warn!ng, th£ next time you try such nons£nse with me aga!n I’mma kill you.” I said and stormed ©vt of th£ cla$$.


OMO Suzette na bada$$🔥

Amber, how far na 😂

I know you guys really loved today’s Chapter 😁

Let’s imag!ne Amber’s face now 😩

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