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defiled chapter 7

Defiled (episode 7)

Everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house. You can successfully run from anything under the sun but can never run from karma. It might take a little while for your cup to full but it will surely overflow one day and justice will be served. Not in a thousand years did Sam ever believed he would come face to face with the gang leader of the robbers that robbed his house and raped his wife ‘Belinda’. Meeting the rapist again was a prayer Sam never thought God would answer and at that moment, the only thing in his mind was to beat the rapist till he takes his last breath. There was fire on the mountain but no one was running yet.

“You bastard! I will kill you today” Sam furiously said as he landed several punches on the suspects face. The alleged rapist was too confused and shocked as to why he was being beaten by a man he had never met before. However, every puzzle came together when he sighted Belinda sitting few steps away from the scene. She was crying when he caught a sight of her and instantly, he remembered her. “Oh No!!” The rapist exclaimed as he tried to wedge the punches Sam was throwing at him.

As the fight got more intense, the restaurant’s security personnels came running to the scene to stop the flight but it was impossible to take Sam’s grip off the rapist. Sam held on to the guy so tight to the extent that it would take only God to loosened his grip. Despite all efforts from the security personnels to separate the two fighters, it all proved fruitless because Sam wasn’t ready to let go of the man that caused his family so much pain in the last couple of months. He was never letting go of the man that ganged raped his newly wedded wife right in front of him. The pain came alive again with every punch he gave to the rapist. That day would forever be fresh in the mind of the rapist due to the beatings he received from Sam.

Shortly afterwards, the police arrived and as God may have it, the rapist was still present. When Belinda saw the police drive into the restaurant’s parking lot, she took a deep breath as she tried to wipe the tears on her eyes. It was such a relief for her to know that help had arrived and the rapist wasn’t going to escape this time around.

Immediately the police officers walked into the restaurant, they first separated the ongoing fight before handcuffing the rapist. Sam and Belinda were requested to follow the officers to the station for further investigations. Without hesitating, Sam went to where his wife sat and held her hands. He could see she was crying so he removed a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped her tears away. “It’s ok babe, please don’t cry. Let’s follow the officers to the station for further investigations” he calmly said as he held her hands. Without hesitating, Belinda followed him to the car and they drove behind the police van.

All through the ride down to the police station, Belinda couldn’t stop crying. Sam kept consoling her as much as he could but it wasn’t working. Belinda was crying due to the trauma she felt after seeing her rapist again. It felt as though she re-lived the rape experience all over again. It felt awful and unfair to see the man that put her through so much pain, living his best life in a restaurant with his date. It’s sad to think he could do a thing like that to her and move on easily while she paid the price dearly.

When everyone arrived at the police station, further investigation and query began. At first, the rapist tried to deny every accusation levied against him by the couple but finally confessed to committing the crime after too many evidence pointed back at him. Firstly, his tattoos gave him away and secondly, he matched the exact description Belinda gave the police at the hospital the day she was raped. After the allegations were confirmed to be true, the rapist was detained and asked to provide the other gang members which he was able to reveal after an intense interrogation.

It’s such a relief to know that the couple had finally gotten the justice they deserved. Despite having such an amazing breakthrough in the robbery case, Belinda wasn’t in a good mood, unlike Sam who was a bit relieved. As the couple drove back home that evening, Sam tried to inquire why his wife wasn’t happy after their worst nightmare had been brought to book but wasn’t getting any tangible reply. He figured she might be feeling traumatized due to the fight that occurred at the restaurant. He tried apologizing for letting his rage get the best of him and that was when she revealed the reason behind her pain.

“Baby, I know this is a big win for us after all we have been through but for some strange reasons, I don’t feel as happy as I know I should be. Maybe it’s because I have moved on from this nightmare, only to be dragged back into it today. Don’t get me wrong, I want those robbers and rapist to pay for everything they put us through, but at the same time, I don’t want to be a part of that story anymore. It hurts to see you in so much rage today after I felt we had healed from this. I want to just be happy and move on with my life without getting constantly reminded of my haunting past by the police or anyone. I just want all this to go away and leave me alone. I have been through a lot already and deserve peace at the expense of any victory or breakthrough in this case” Belinda sadly said.

When Belinda was done taking, Sam finally understood where she was coming from but was quick to correct every error he s₱0tted in her explanation. “Babe, I know how you feel about being reminded of something we have worked so hærd to move on from, but you have to understand that justice ought to be served irregardless of how we feel towards this. No evil and wicked person such as these criminals deserves to roam this earth freely after doing such an abominable thing to a married woman. Bear in mind that if you let them go scotfree, they would probably do it to another happy couple. Most things are bigger than our feelings and shouldn’t be treated based on how we feel but rather based on the law and what is right. Stop feeling bad for a man that raped you without thinking twice about how his actions would haunt or ruin your life. Babe, let the police do their job and be happy that our offenders has been brought to book and justice served to us. Cheer up and be grateful to God that they didn’t go scotfree” he calmly said. Everything Sam said made so much sense too and it didn’t take long before Belinda’s mood began to Lit up.

Few weeks later, the other 3 gang members were caught and they were all charged to court. They were given over 20 years jail terms with hærd labour. Finally, Belinda and Sam could completely move on from the tragic incident that happened several months back. The fact that their offenders were now serving jail terms made the ending such a happy one.

Days, weeks and months passed and it’s been a year since the couple got married. They celebrated their one year anniversary in style by lodging in a hotel to have a good time away from home. Few weeks after their anniversary, Belinda fell sick and was rushed to the hospital only for series of tests to confirm her pregnant. That day was probably one of the happiest day of her life because they had been expecting the fruit of the womb for such a long time. When Belinda broke the good news to Sam that evening, he almost collapsed due to happiness. He k-ssed and hugged her severally due to the joy he felt within. That day was probably one of the best days of their lives but their happiness was cut short a few weeks later.

It happened one morning that Belinda was feeling feverish. She kept tossing to and fro on the bed only for Sam to find her bleeding when he woke up from sleep. Scared that something could be wrong with their baby, he quickly carried her into the car and drove to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Belinda was rushed to the emergency ward were she was attended to swiftly. Sam stood at the corridor waiting for good news but that wasn’t the case. About 30 minutes later, a doctor walked up to him and broke the saddest news ever. “Your wife had a miscarriage due to an infection we found in her womb, we are so sorry” the doctor sadly revealed.

Shocked and dumbfounded, Sam scre-med “What!”.

End of episode 7 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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