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Doctor Cutie episode 48

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[Love cures All]

Episode 48.

By: Rach£al Dennis||

|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

After much grunt!ng and struggl!ng, I successfvlly crawled to th£ door, I turn to ch£ck if someone’s com!ng but thankfvlly no one is.

I managed to sit up with so much struggle. I [email protected] quietly wh£n I saw trail of my blood on th£ ground, th£ wound on my leg is still fresh, h£nce th£ blood.

I gotta leave before th£y come [email protected]¢k. I turn and hold th£ door to support myself, I stand up but fell [email protected]¢k d©wΠ and land on my face. My legs are weak and I’m feel!ng pa!ns all over, I wanted to cry, but th¡s is not th£ time to cry.

Quickly, I sat up aga!n and try if I can reach for th£ keyh0l£ while sitt!ng and thankfvlly I do. I try to unlock th£ door as f*st as possible, but I keep fail!ng at it because I couldn’t use my [email protected] properly. My arms are broken h£nce I can’t raise th£m.

I b¡t£ d©wΠ on my lower l¡p and muster all th£ strength I have and f!nally opened th£ door. A weak smile appears on my face wh£n I saw that it’s true, th£ door really led to th£ ©vtside.

Though th£re’s a narrow gate but it’s open.

*Th¡s is my only chance!*

I ru$h£d to th£ gate and saw a note on th£ wall.

*Close th£ gate beh!nd you. Run as f*st as you can and get ©vtta h£re: Nathan*

I frown. So h£ was tryna h£lp me? h£ purposely dropped th£ key. I’ll thank h¡m later, right now I must leave at ©vt. I step ©vt and close th£ gate and it closed automatically.

I turned and discovered th£ tall gra$$es !n front of me, now I understand what h£ meant by “it’s th£ only way h£ can pa$$ with©vt be!ng notice by nob©dy” th£re’s a narrow footpath, that must be th£ exit.

Hav!ng no oth£r choice, I followed th£ path. Though I got tired of walk!ng halfway, so I fell on my knees and crawl.


40 m!nutes later…..

I smile weakly wh£n I notice I’ve made it ©vt of th£ tall gra$$es. Right now, I don’t even know wh£re I am, but I can see few people walk!ng by.

Dizzy, I feel so dizzy as if th£ earth is rotat!ng. Please Lord, don’t let me fa!nt yet.

Soon vision beg!n to blur. A shadow stops !n front of me and grab my shoulder, I w!nce.

“Miss Aurora!” Brandon?

No, my ears might be h£ar!ng th!ngs.

“Miss Aurora, it’s really you!” Oh no, th¡s is real.

I sigh and smile.

“Brandon! You are really h£re, I’m not imag!n!ng right?”

“Miss, th£ General has been go!ng crazy, f!nally I found you”

I grab h¡s arm and put my weight on h¡m, my eyes closed on th£ir own accord and I don’t know what happened next,,,,,,, darkness took over.


|| Ian/Dean ||

I pretend to focus on th£ file !n front of me, but I’m actually wait!ng for Brandon’s [email protected]¢k.

Th£ imposter sits !n front of me eat!ng popcorn, that’s all $h£’s been do!ng s!nce yesterday; eat and sleep. Such a waste!

“Ian, I’m bored. I wanna go ©vt for a walk”

“No, I told you. You’re grounded”

“But, Ian,,,, ”

I narrowed my eyes at h£r.

“Eat your popcorn!” That shut h£r up immediately.

I glared at h£r. Wh£n I f!nd My Phoebe I will make h£r pay for try!ng to impersonate h£r.

My phone beep and I quickly reach for it, th£re’s a message from Brandon. With©vt wast!ng time I open th£ conversation.

*General, we’ve found h£r! We’ve taken h£r to your safehouse and doc Lee is work!ng on h£r. $h£ is badly b**ten up*

I bang my [email protected] on my desk and gr!nd my teeth aga!nst each oth£r. I stand up and faced th£ imposter.

“Go [email protected]¢k to our room and wait for me, I’ll jo!n you later!”

“Wh£re are you go!ng?”

“I’m go!ng ©vt to for some bus!ness, don’t leave th£ room until I get [email protected]¢k!”


I watch h£r get up and leave.

“Travis! Scott!”

Th£y both come !n.


“Guard my room, don’t let that lady ©vt and don’t let nob©dy !n!!”

“Yes, sir!” Th£y both ru$h£d ©vt.

I took my car keys and h£ad ©vt hurriedly.


“Brandon!” I called as I enter my safehouse.


“Wh£re is My Phoebe? How is $h£ do!ng?”

“Doc Lee said we should wait !n th£ liv!ng room, h£’s still work!ng on h£r” h£ reports.

“What ab©vt th£ kidnappers?” I asked.

“Th£ boys have arrested th£m, th£y are !n th£ dungeon as we speak”

I fist my [email protected] and gritt my teeth, I nod.


“One m©r£ th!ng, sir! Th£ build!ng blew up suddenly”

Bastards, so th£y !ntended to b!0w up th£ build!ng with my Phoebe |ns!de. I’m so gonna enjoy tortur!ng th£m.

j√$t th£n Lee comes !n. I ru$h£d towards h¡m and studied h¡s expression, h£ look so d©wΠ which is so unusual of h¡m.

Th¡s only means one th!ng; My Phoebe is not !n a good condition.

“Lee, how is my Phoebe do!ng? Is $h£ ©vt of danger? Tell me it’s noth!ng serious!”

“General, it’s bad, very bad”

“What do you mean?! Make it clear to me!!”

h£ wipes h¡s face with h¡s [email protected] and sigh deeply.

“General, $h£’s a fighter. It’s a miracle $h£ survived”

“fv¢k!ng tell me what happened to h£r!!” I growled at h¡m.

“h£r b©dy is severely dehydrated, h£r sk!n is badly broken and h£r arms are broken too but $h£ can still use th£m as th£y are gonna h£al soon. Th£ !njury on h£r leg is gonna take some time to h£al and it’s gonna leave a deep scar.

But not to worry, I have someth!ng for th£ scar, even if it doesn’t wipe completely it’ll still h£lp” h£ expla!ned.

I release a long breath that I didn’t know I was hold!ng.

“Th£n ab©vt th£ baby,,,,,,,” h£ trails off.

My shoulders tensed and I h£ld my breath aga!n.

“What ab©vt th£ baby?”

“Accord!ng to my test, $h£ was raped brutally,,,, ”

“$h£ was raped?!” I roared.

Those bastards! Th£y have th£ guts to hurt my woman!! Th£y have th£ guts to force th£mselves on my woman!! I will so make th£m pay!

I will cut off th£ir balls and feed it to th£m!!

“Th£ baby is f!ne and $h£ can birth h¡m but,,, th£re are gonna be some complications dur!ng delivery and $h£ might not be able to conceive ever aga!n after giv!ng birth to th¡s baby”

My breath quickens as anger erupt |ns!de me, like a rag!ng vocalno.

“I’m gonna kill th£m all!! I swear I’ll kill th£m!!”

“General, please calm d©wΠ” Brandon said. h£ gestures Lee to cont!nue.

“Thankfvlly, $h£ was able to escape or $h£’d have died. $h£’s ©vt of danger now but $h£ went !nto coma and wh£n $h£’ll wake is not certa!n yet”

I don’t wanna h£ar anym©r£,, h£ar!ng h¡m speak only multiply my anger.

“Leave! Brandon see h¡m off!!”

“Yes, general” th£y both replied and h£ad towards th£ door.

I’ll make th£m confess who s£nt th£m and teach th£m a lesson for temper!ng with my woman, th£n I’ll s£nd th£m to h£ll.

!n th£ir next life, th£y’ll never molest any woman! But first I must ch£ck on my Phoebe, I rush through th£ stairs, tak!ng two at a time.



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