Dream chapter 38 – 39

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Summer Gold R.


“I still don’t understand why you suddenly want us to leave,I was just beginning to enjoy the party” Nancy complained on getting into the car with Jocelyn.

“I’m not enjoying it at all Nancy” Jocelyn said and Nancy glanced at her

“You’re not serious are you? I saw you with one of the twins earlier,is it Xavier or Oliver? You both seems to be having some sweet conversation so what happened?” She questioned

“I just…..ion know why they…gosh Nancy I don’t wanna talk about it,let’s just leave,please” Jocelyn said and tucked her hair behind her ears before crossing her arms against each other.

Nancy watched her for a complete one minutes and then started the car,she drove out of the island.

They were both silent all through,not without Nancy glancing at Jocelyn every second but she was so lost in thought and after some minutes of driving,Nancy pulled over in their parking lot.

“Goodnight” Jocelyn said as soon as she alighted from the car

“Don’t tell me you’re going in without a word to me” Nancy said,quite pissed

Jocelyn turned back

“Can we just postpone this conversation? I will tell you when I can,I’m sorry” Jocelyn muttered and went in

“Seriously?” Nancy scoffed and closed the car door.

She got to her apartment doorstep only to find Tyler leaning against the wall with his arms crossed

“Hey” She smiled

Tyler moved from the wall,his cute eyes staring right into hers

“Did something happened? She’s quite sad and angry” He said,walking closer to Nancy

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“I have no idea either,she refused to tell me what happened” Nancy replied and unlocked the door,they went in together.

“I guess you had a lot of fun” Tyler said and Nancy faced him

“Somehow” She nodded

Tyler sat down quietly and Nancy looked at him

“Is something wrong? Wanna talk about it?” She asked and sat next to him

“No,I just wanted to hear your voice…I should start going anyway” Tyler said and almost got up but Nancy immediately pulled him back

He faced her

“Do you really just see me as your sister? That’s all?” Nancy threw the question and they both maintained eye contacts,staring into each other’s souls silently

“I’m afraid I might do crazy things at this moment,I’m trying too much to forget about you and I might get into some sh*ts I don’t want to get in. But what can I do? Not like I have a choice,I should do whatever it takes to get over you….including flirting” She muttered,looking down at her fingers

Tyler was quiet and she looked up again.

“I’m just a sister to you,is that it?” She questioned again

“Even if you’re not just that…..You think it’s ever going to happen?” Tyler asked and Nancy shook her head

“I know…..it can’t” She blinked out tears and fondled her fingers

“You don’t wanna date a twenty two years old lady” She sniffs

“Jocelyn…..my best friend wouldn’t want that for her kid brother either” She said and immediately wiped the ball of tears rolling down her eyes

“Honestly I think I’m a fool,I’m so silly,I don’t know how it started but I should have tried my best to control it before getting so worse like this…..it’s killing me but I can’t tell anyone else ,just you……..” She was cut off when Tyler’s lips landed on hers

Her eyes widened immediately and Tyler moved back

“I’m sorry…..” He muttered but Nancy pulled him back and again kissed him,deeply.

The kiss was so crazily deep and hot,taking some minutes before breaking it,their eyes on each other

“I think….I like you too” Tyler muttered and Nancy was shocked

“You do??….”

“Yes I do,but just like you,I’m going to try my best to get rid of it” Tyler

“Why? Why should we get rid of…..”

“I don’t want to feel this way” Tyler cut in and Nancy stopped

“I don’t want to,I just don’t want it. These days,my brain is dividing into silly things I don’t want,I can’t even concentrate without thinking about them and it’s driving me nut” He muttered

“So you are saying??” Nancy asked

“Let’s just…..”

“If you want us to avoid each other,I’m not in.” Nancy said immediately and Tyler looked at her

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“I will get over this,I promise Tyler,I already told you I’m gonna do anything to get rid of my feelings okay? So we don’t need to stay away from each other” Nancy said with a soft smile

“Are you sure?” Tyler asked and Nancy nodded

“I’m just glad….it’s not one sided,you don’t know how I was dying inwardly since I confessed to you” She mumbled and Tyler smiled

“If you finally have a boyfriend,I’m going to be jealous. You’re so amazing Nancy” Tyler said and Nancy pushed his forehead

“Am I?” She asked

“Of course,but cooking? Nope?” Tyler shook his head and they both laughed

“Don’t worry Tyler,trust me I’m learning okay?”

“Good luck” Tyler smiled,revealing his dimples.

Nancy checked the time

“Wow,it’s almost 12am” she said

“What?! Gosh,I’m gonna be late for school tomorrow….goodnight” Tyler said and immediately rushed out

Nancy smiled and also got up

“Why do I suddenly feel so good?” She chuckled and went into her room



As Jocelyn applied the lip gloss,all she could think of was last night. The feelings of twin brothers fighting because of her is something she doesn’t want to think about but she couldn’t stop herself. She doesn’t understand if it’s just the sadness alone or guilt eating her up.

‘Should I just quit the job?’ She asked herself

At that minute,Tyler came in and she could see him through the mirror so she didn’t turn

“I’m off to school” He muttered and Jocelyn sighed

‘I can’t let them take you away from me,I can’t’ she said inwardly

“Who’s taking me away?” Tyler asked and Jocelyn gasped

“Did I….said that out?” She asked and turned

“What are you talking about? Who’s taking me away?” Tyler asked more loudly this time and Jocelyn faced him

“I wasn’t talking about you…..”

“Is anyone threatening you?” Tyler snapped

“Tyler no,you should go to school okay? I wasn’t talking to you…..”

“Seriously? I was beginning to wonder what was going on the moment you got stabbed and now thinking about what you said….is it because of me??….”

“I said no!” Jocelyn yelled and Tyler looked at her blankly

“I’m…sorry for yelling but….”

Tyler walked out of the room before she could finish

Jocelyn sighed and didn’t think twice before wiping the lip gloss from her lips

She sighed out loudly again but was interrupted when her phone buzzed,she took it from the table and rolled her eyes.

The shooting of TIMELESS LOVE,starts today and as said,she will be going with Oliver. Maybe if what happened last night didn’t happen,she would be smiling here happily but no,she doesn’t even want to see him or talk to him,if only she could turn invisible.

Nevertheless,she carried her bag and walked out of the room



“Good morning ma’am” The so called house keeper greeted as Jocelyn came in

“Morning” Jocelyn replied

“He’s in his…..”

“No,I will wait in the living room,please tell him I’m here” Jocelyn immediately said

“Alright” The lady said and left

Jocelyn heaved out a loud sigh and sat down gently on one of the couches

“You two…….can we just…stop talking to each other?”

That was her last night,talking to both Xavier and Oliver after their fight.

‘It’s okay Jocelyn,you made the right decision’ she said to herself.

The slow steps coming close to her made her come back to reality and she looked up to see Oliver,he was dressing so casually,maybe because they are not going to the office right?

Jocelyn stood up,Oliver’s eyes on her

“Good morning sir” She said and bowed shortly

“Morning” Oliver muttered and even though she was avoiding his gaze,he couldn’t take his eyes off her

“Let’s go” He finally muttered and led the way immediately

Jocelyn carried her bag and went after him

He almost opened the car door for her but instantly,Jocelyn entered through the back door. Oliver looked at her but she didn’t look up.

He dropped his hand and also entered the car,driving out of the mansion.

Thirty minutes later,they stopped in front of a small house,but one could see countless cars parked in front of it. They both stepped down from the car and Jocelyn made to go in first

“Jocelyn” Oliver called and she turned

“Sir?” She answered and Oliver kept quiet,he only stared at her. Nobody said more until Kath came closer

“Welcome boss,you really made it,the first scene is about to start” She said,handing the one of the scripts in her hand to him

“So this place…Is supposed to be the female lead’s house?” Oliver asked and Jocelyn checked out the small house poorly built

“Yes boss” Kath nodded

‘The female lead is like me….she’s poor’ Jocelyn thought

‘But at least she’s got parents right??’ She asked herself

“She’s an orphan?” Oliver asked Kath and Jocelyn faced them immediately

“Yes boss” Kath responded,she smiled shortly At Jocelyn before walking away.

Jocelyn was lost In thought and didn’t know when her eyes got teary

“Jocelyn” Oliver called and she looked at him

He was surprised to see her tears and he tried wiping it but she moved back

“I will just go in and join others” She muttered and immediately went in.

Oliver sighed and rough his hair

It’s barely twelve hours and it’s killing him already.

“Boss!!’ Some staffs saw him and quickly ran to him



Xavier pushed his hands into his pocket as he stared at the empty seat of Jocelyn,he knew she wouldn’t be here but crazily he found himself leaving his office just to check. He turned back and left for his office again.

The moment he say down,her image came to his mind again and he brought out his phone,he would have dialed her number but

“Can we just stop talking to each other?” Her voice would ring in his head again and he dropped his phone,sighing out loudly.

His head fell on the desk

“Sir..” Leah came in and he raised his head up

“You have a meeting with the editors in five minutes,They are all waiting” Leah said and Xavier checked the time before getting up

“Do you have the novel saved already? You will be doing the introduction” Xavier said as he walked out of the office and Leah smiled

“Sure boss,I have everything in order” She said,walking beside him.



Tyler opened the door to the Office which is the first lady’s office,she hardly come to school but surprisingly she’s here and even called for him and he’s wondering if something happened.

When Tyler entered,Dorothy was talking to Monroe. They both stopped when he came in

“Oh,you’re here” Dorothy smiled

Tyler bowed and took a glance at Monroe who was smiling shyly as she stared at him.

“Tyler right?” Dorothy asked

“Yes” Tyler replied

“Take a seat” Dorothy gestured and Tyler sat down beside Monroe

“So…..I’m sure you’re surprised that I called for you” Dorothy said

“Yeah” Tyler muttered

“As you know,Monroe is my daughter” Dorothy said and Tyler nodded curiously

“And I’ve really never seen her so determined to study,even when I got her some perfect teachers,there was no changes…but recently she told me she really wanted to study…and that’s because of you” She said and Tyler looked up

“Huh?” He looked at Monroe

“I guess you still don’t understand…..I’m saying she want you to become her tutor” Dorothy finally said

“Oh” Tyler mumbled

“Don’t worry,I’m going to pay you…..”

“No,you don’t have to” Tyler immediately said

“You don’t have to be shy Tyler,if you’re going to help my daughter then I have to appreciate that at least…..”

“You don’t have to pay,she’s my friend” Tyler said and a blush appeared on Monroe’s cheek

“I told you mom,He’s my friend” she said

Dorothy nodded

“Then,that’s okay. What time is convenient for you to start?” She asked

“Today” Monroe immediately said

“I’m asking Tyler not you Monroe” Dorothy said

“I don’t mind either,today is okay” Tyler said

“Thank you so much Tyler” Dorothy said

“You’re welcome” Tyler said

“You can leave,and you too Monroe” Dorothy said and immediately both Tyler and Monroe got up

They left the office together

“You really don’t have to reject the money” Monroe said

“I don’t need your money” Tyler said and Monroe grabbed his hand

“What do you mean?” She asked

“Are you doing this on purpose? I just don’t understand why you want me to be your tutor all of a sudden…..”

“Because I like you….and because I want you to like me….maybe if I’m a little bit as brilliant as her you might notice me” Monroe said

“Her? Who?” Tyler asked

“Ariana” Monroe muttered

“Wow,you’re such a straight forward person Monroe” Tyler scoffed

“Well now,you can’t get away from me again. We will spend more time together from now on” Monroe smiled and walked away

Tyler sighed out loudly

“What’s up?” Ariana asked from the back and Tyler turned

“Oh Ana” He said

“What happened? You look quite troubled” Ariana crossed her arms

“I’m fine” Tyler said and left

Ariana stared at him until he was out of sight



The rain was pouring so heavily outside,it was so silent and quiet in the house. Jocelyn opened her eyes only to find herself still in the location house,she immediately got up and checked the time

“9pm” she gasped our

The last thing she remembered was getting tired and taking a nap

“Can’t believe they all left me here” She muttered and immediately rushed out of the room

“Gosh” She groaned as the rain beat her like crazy and she immediately moved back to the house shield.

She took her phone with the hope to dial Nancy’s number but her phone has switched off

“Oh no” She muttered and ruffled her hair in frustration.

She was still standing when a familia car stopped right in front of her,she didn’t move,just then the car door opened and a figure came out of it with an umbrella

“Xavier” she called in just a whisper

She watched as Xavier walked closer to her till he was standing right in front of her

“What are you doing here?” She asked

“I was worried about you all day” He muttered,staring at her

“You don’t have to worry about me,I will find my way home” Jocelyn muttered and tried walking away but Xavier grabbed her hand

“Can’t we just leave this place first? Even if you’re mad at me” He said and Jocelyn rolled her eyes

“Not like I have a choice” She said and Xavier smiled as she started walking toward the car,he followed her,covering her with the umbrella. He opened the car door for her and she entered

Meanwhile,Oliver just got down from his own car with an umbrella in his hand when he saw Jocelyn entering Xavier’s car and then the car leaving right in front of him.

The umbrella in his hand dropped and the heavy rain began pouring on him,the fact that he’s been waiting all along while she was sleeping,he was right beside her without her knowledge and he left the house just ten minutes ago just to get an umbrella for her only to find them leaving.

He didn’t know when tears rolled down his eyes combining with the rain falling on him endlessly.

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