Betrothed to a playboy episode 42 – 43

{ Falling For You… }


Summer Gold R.



It was dark and silent in the street,Lonely and quiet. Nico sat on the bike waiting patiently for the unlucky person he’s sent to kill this time. He has a mask on,gloves which covered his full hand and a silent pistol in his hand.

Soon a car showed up,Nico immediately read the car plate number 12-ABS,it’s exactly what he’s waiting for.

He immediately stepped on the road and the car stopped,a man was inside alongside his wife. They started shivering in fear the moment they saw him.

“Please don’t hurt us Please” The woman pleaded in tears

“I will give you any amount,spare our lives” The man said

“I’m sorry” Nico muttered and without waiting,he shot the man twice in the head and then the woman too.

His hand started shaking,he groaned and held his hand with his second hand before walking to the bike,he hid his gun and rode off roughly.



“You’ve been smiling ever since you came back from wherever you went to,can you at least tell us what happened?” Bella asked as she poured herself a drink

Tessa chuckled and sat on the kitchen table

“Apple please” She stretched her hand to Daisy

“Seriously?” Daisy rolled her eyes and gave her an apple

“Thanks” Tessa smiled

“The last time I checked,you don’t like apples” Bella said

“Yeah,but I think I like it now” Tessa muttered,thinking about how Jeremy was eating apple after they left the mall together

“He’s cute” She said without thinking

“Is that red cheeks I’m seeing? Did Nico finally noticed you?” Bella asked

“Not Nico” Tessa muttered

“Then who exactly?!” Daisy groaned

Tessa started munching on the apple,smiling at the same time

“Anyway,we sent Mary for the work already,she’s going to get us Jeremy’s phone” Bella said,sipping from her glass

“You think she can do it? Jeremy is smart” Tessa scoffed

“What are you talking about? You told us to do it Tessa” Bella said

“I know” Tessa muttered and got down from the table

“Goodnight girls” She said and went in

“What’s going on?” Bella asked and exchanged glances with Daisy

Tessa got to her room and took her phone,she doesn’t know why but she was expecting to see a message from Jeremy,just to see his face is enough for him

“I think I’m going crazy already” She shook her head and slapped her cheeks

She suddenly frowned when she remembered what they went for in the mall,he actually got some jewelries and no doubt it’s for a girl because he asked her to pick something a girl would love.

“He doesn’t have a girlfriend right??? I doubt that,I’ve never seen him making out with a girl’ she thought and kept rolling on the bed till she fell asleep.



Mariana got out of her room with Blue in her hand,Loki also followed. They never left her since she returned home last night

“I guess you guys missed me so much,well I missed you too” Mariana smiled

She continue talking to them as she went downstairs but when she saw Leonard,she stopped

Leonard was on a call,they both stared at each other without looking away,Leonard hanged up on the call and Mariana looked away. She dropped blue and made to leave but Leonard grabbed her hand and pulled her back

“I told you to stay away from me” Mariana said softly,avoiding his eyes

“Are we seriously doing this?” Leonard asked in a mutter and Mariana looked up

“You started it and you know that,I’m just returning the same energy” She replied

“I never said we shouldn’t talk to each other Riana” Leonard groaned

Mariana rolled her eyes

“So are you happy I’m back?” She asked and Leonard smiled

“Yeah” he replied and Mariana almost smiled but she kept it

“You should stop trying to avoid me…..”

“Why? You don’t care do you?”

“Of course I care” Leonard said and touched her cheek

Mariana swallowed and looked at him

‘Is he trying to kiss me now?’ She thought

“Good job for making me want you so badly” he said and she could feel butterflies in her tummy when he said that

Leonard pulled her into a hug,she closed her eyes,inhaling his fresh scent and warmness.

The hug lasted for a minute and then Leonard broke it,he cupped her cheeks

“Are we good now?” He asked and Mariana nodded,staring into his eyes

‘Somehow he make me feel good,Even if he’s not in love with me,it feels great to be with him’ she thought

“Are you coming to school??” Mariana asked and Leonard shook his head

“I have a lot of things to do at the company,how about going out for dinner tonight??” He asked and Mariana’s eyes widened

“You want to take me out??” She asked and Leonard nodded

‘Okay that’s new’ she thought

“I want to make it up to you” Leonard said and she smiled


“See you tonight hot legs” Leonard winked and kissed her head before going out

Mariana touched her flushed cheeks

“Gosh,what is wrong with me?? I’m supposed to be mad at him right??” She muttered

She kept on thinking and suddenly checked the time

“Oh f**k!” She gasped and ran out of the house

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Few minutes later,she got to school. She rushed out of the car,she’s five minutes late already so she started running. She climbed the stairs to the hallway leading to her major in rush but in the end,she ran into Winter.

Winter looked at her and stopped in front of her

“Can you excuse me,I have a class” Mariana said

“So I heard you left Leonard’s place,is that true?” Winter asked

“Why do you care? Are you planning to pack in with him?” Mariana smirked

“I wouldn’t mind” Winter smiled

“Well sorry,he already apologized and I am back” Mariana said and Winter’s eyes widned

“He apologized?”she asked in shock

“Well yes,why are you shocked?…”

“Coz the Leonard I know will never apologize!” Winter snapped

“Well I’m different you know? I’m his fiancee” Mariana smirked and flaunt her hair before walking out of her sight

As expected,the lecture was going on already,she eye searched for Nico but no sight of him in the hall.

She sighed and sat down



“F**k,I’m totally exhausted!!” Charlotte groaned as they finally walked out of class after hours of lecture

“I’m starving like h*ll” Alexa touched her tummy

Mariana was trying to call Nico but he’s not answering her calls

‘Is he angry with me? Is he in a bad mood??’ She thought worriedly

“Mariana!” Alexa called,snapping her back to reality

“Oh sorry” Mariana muttered

“So you’ve settled things with Leonard?” Charlotte asked

“Yeah I guess,we are just housemates anyway” Mariana rolled her eyes

“I don’t Think Leonard is ready for a relationship yet,He’s a playboy” Alexa scoffed

‘I don’t think he is anymore’ Mariana said inwardly

They saw Mary walking alone

“Isn’t that Mary?” Octavia asked

“Yeah,she’s been distant these days. Is something wrong with her?” Alexa asked

“Who knows?” Mariana muttered

“Mary!! Octavia called and Mary stopped

She turned back but almost immediately Daisy and Bella showed up and dragged her away

“What’s that?” Mariana asked in surprise

“I don’t understand either” Charlotte shook her head

They walked to the cafeteria

“Can you get my order together with yours please?” Mariana said as she went to sit down

She immediately texted Nico to call her back when he’s less busy,she wouldn’t deny the fact that she’s totally worried about him,he has never skipped school.

The girls joined her

“Have you guys heard?” Octavia asked dropping the food she ordered for Mariana in front of her

“Heard what?” Alexa asked

“The anonymous killer killed a couple in Dax street last night” Octavia said and Mariana’s heart skipped a beat

“What?!” She shouted

“You don’t know? It’s all over the news” Charlotte said and Mariana sprang up without thinking

“Where are you going?” Alexa askes

“I will talk to you girls later” Mariana replied and ran out of the cafeteria

She doesn’t even care if Nico isn’t living in that street but this news only made her more scared,as she ran,she was dialing Nico’s number

“Pick your call Nico please” Mariana said in fear

“Hey watch out” Ricardo voice made her look up

“Oh Ricardo” She muttered

“Is something wrong?” Ricardo asked

“Can you take me somewhere? Please” She said

“Where?” Ricardo asked

“I will tell you please come with me” She immediately grabbed his hand and they both walked away together.


“Where’s this?” Ricardo asked when he stopped the car in front of Nico’s place

“A friend’s house” Mariana replied

“A guy?” Ricardo asked and Mariana nodded

“I’m coming in with you” Ricardo said and Mariana nodded

They both went in together,Mariana tapped the door alarm but never got a response

“I don’t think he’s home” Ricardo spoke up after a while

“Oh no” Mariana mumbled almost in tears

“Is he that important to you?” Ricardo asked

“He’s a good friend of mine,you know Nico right?”

“You two seems close” Ricardo muttered and Mariana nodded sadly

They both turned back and left,they got into the car.

“Do you wanna go back to school?” Ricardo asked and Mariana shook her head

“Wanna have some fun??” Ricardo asked,she shook her head

“I want to be alone,can you take me home?” She asked and Ricardo sighed

“Fine” He muttered and reversed to the direction

Mariana exhaled and rest her head on the seat



“I wonder what Mariana is up to” Alexa sighed loudly as they walked to the lecture hall

“If she won’t be available for tonight outing,then let’s postpone it till tomorrow” Octavia said

“Yeah obviously” Charlotte said

They saw Jeremy coming and Alexa immediately smiled but the smile disappeared when Tessa ran to Jeremy with smiles on her

“What’s going on?” Alexa asked and fold her fist jealously as she stared at them

“Is she flirting with Jeremy right now?” Octavia scoffed

“He should shove her off but he’s not doing any f**king thing” Alexa snapped

“I’m going to kill that b*tch” she muttered and started walking toward them


“What do you want?” Jeremy asked

“Is there anything you want me to do?” Tessa asker

“What?” Jeremy asked looking surprised

Tessa nodded

“No,there’s nothing to do.” Jeremy immediately said and made to leave but Tessa hold his hand and he faced her back

“What the h*ll are you doing?” He frowned

“Would you eat with me?” Tessa asked

“No I’m not interested Tessa,can you just stay away anytime I don’t need you?” He asked but almost immediately Alexa showed up

“Take your hand off him b*tch” She said and Tessa looked up

Jeremy immediately Faced Alexa


“Don’t call my name!! You’re only going to lie again,what the f**k is going on between you two?!” Alexa yelled

“It’s not what you’re thinking Alexa,trust me” Jeremy said

Alexa glared at Tessa before grabbing Jeremy,she slammed her lips on his own and Tessa swallowed

Alexa broke the kiss and Jeremy stared at her unbelievably as she faced Tessa

“He’s mine okay? So you better stay away from him if you love your head” She rolled her eyes and walked away

Jeremy followed her

“Am I really yours?” He asked behind her

“Leave me alone” Alexa scoffed

“You just called me yours!!” Jeremy said out loudly and Alexa faced him

“That was just acting,you’re not mine” She said

“Stop messing with my head” Jeremy chuckled

“But seriously,why are you suddenly close with her?” Alexa asked ,jealousy obvious in her eyes

“It’s nothing much” Jeremy muttered and hugged her

“Don’t be jealous,I’m all yours” he said and she hit his chest

“Shut up” She muttered and Jeremy chuckled.

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Mariana’s room look so scattered,she was searching for the perfect dress for the date.

“I need to look hot” She smiled,checking out the dresses one after the other till she settled for a red lace gown,

“Perfect” She smiled and immediately put it on,she checked herself out and smiled

“He’s never going to take his eyes off me tonight” she said with red cheeks.

She started working on her hair and few minutes later she was all done.

She checked the time

“He will be back soon” She smiled and decided to wait


Mariana sighed for the umpteenth time,she’s been waiting for almost two hours but still no sight of Leonard.

“He forgot about the date” she muttered sadly and sat on the bed

“I guess I’m expecting too much from him” She sighed and lay her back on the bed.

It’s almost 10pm and there’s no assurance going on a date by this time right??

She hugged the pillow to herself feeling so down and disappointed


Leonard stopped the car and rushed out,he was on his way home two hours ago when suddenly he got a message from him,yeah his old friend who is a threat to his life.

He suddenly got a message from him that he want them to meet,Leonard felt so scared wondering why he suddenly came to new York and now want them to meet??

He walked from his car to where they are to meet,it seems like a long distance and for once,He’s not scared of whatever he’s planning to do to him.

Finally Leonard saw him,the figure was turning his back on him. Even though he doesn’t seem to know what his face actually looks like,he would have changed a lot right?? Or maybe not??

It’s been seven years since they saw each other and this is their first time meeting in seven years.

“I’m here” Leonard said when he got close and slowly he turned until he faced Leonard completely.

Just like Leonard,he’s a complete demigod,looking as handsome as ever.

“Hey,ex best friend” he let out a fake smile

“Why are you here Francisco” Leonard muttered

“Oh,you still remember my name?? I don’t seem to remember yours” Francisco said and Leonard fold his fist

“And why am I here?? I’m totally back” he smiled again,his usual unfaithful smile

“Back?? Why?” Leonard asked

Francisco moved closer

“I’m here because of your fiancee,her name is Mariana Julius from what I found out” He said and Leonard’s eyes widened

He grabbed his collar immediately

“If you think I’m going to let you hurt her like others then you’re mistaken,I don’t care whatever happens,I’m going to kill you if you ever touch her again!!” Leonard yelled angrily,his eyes turned red

“Really?” Francisco asked softly

“You’ve f**king done enough Francisco,why can’t you just leave me alone?!!! Why!!!” Leonard yelled

“Seriously?? You think I’m here because I want to kill her?” Francisco asked

“Then…….why??” Leonard asked

“Because I seems to have fallen in love with her at first sight and I’m here to make her mine” Francisco smirked and Leonard’s shoulders dropped.


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