Dream chapter 42 – 43

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Summer Gold R.


Oliver stopped kissing her neck and she opened her eyes,both staring at each other. Oliver caress her cheek and almost lean closer for a kiss again when they heard a sound from the office.

“I think someone is here” Jocelyn said with a nervous look on her face.

Oliver walked out and she immediately followed him,they met Kath in the office and she gave Jocelyn a questioning look but she didn’t say a word. Jocelyn walked out of the office and Kath stood In front of Oliver who was already sitting down.

After she was done with what she came for,she left the office and went straight to the cafeteria.

“Finally you’re here” Jennifer said as Kath sat down

“Guess what I saw” Kath grinned

“What,did something happened?” Cynthia asked curiously

“I think there’s something between the boss and Jocelyn” Kath said and their eyes widened

“Are you joking? Why would you think of such?” Jennifer asked almost in a whisper

“I saw them both coming out of the office room together,Jocelyn’s cheeks were so pink from blushes” Kath grinned

“So,you mean they are dating?” Cynthia asked

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“Yeah,I can’t wait to ask from Jocelyn” Kath chuckled and started eating

Wyatt who was listening behind them dropped the spoon in his hand and fold his fist angrily



Nancy was sitting alone in the office,the others left for lunch but she decided to Skip it.

She was on her phone when suddenly a shadow covered her up and she raised her head to see Gustavo smiling at her

“Gus!” She called and immediately stood up

“You look happy to see me” Gustavo chuckled and Nancy smiled

“I guess” She said

“Are you here for Doctor? He’s in the…..”

“I’m here for you not him” Gustavo said and Nancy blinked


“Yeah right,do you wanna go out with me?? For lunch?” Gustavo asked

“Sure I……”

“We have alot of work to do right now Nancy,have you forgotten?” Gary’s voice came from the back and they both turned

“Oh Doc…I don’t think we…..”

“Of course there is,leave and wait in my office,go” Gary said,cutting her off

Nancy gave Gustavo a sorry look

“Don’t worry,there’s gonna be a next time” Gustavo smiled

Nancy waved at him before leaving and Gary scoffed

Gustavo faced Gary

“That was a lie right?” He asked and Gary chuckled

“Wow,you really know me so much best friend,my intern can’t leave the hospital during the day” Gary tapped Gustavo’s shoulder before walking away

Gustavo chuckled and bit his bottom lip,he turned back and left.

Gary got to his office and met Nancy staring at nothing in particular but turned when Gary Came in


“Seriously? If I didn’t show up,you would have followed him out??” Gary cut her off immediately before she even started

“For lunch…..”

“You should have told me if you’re hungry” Gary snapped and Nancy raised her brows

“I mean….actually I want us to have lunch together” Gary said

“Ohhhhh” Nancy mumbled and Gary smiled

“Come with me” he said and led the way to the made up dinning room

Nancy gasped when they entered,the table was filled with different delicacies

“Wow” She muttered and turned to Gary

“Are you celebrating something?” She asked with a cute smile

“No….I just…..The errand boy bought more than usual so I wanted to share with you” He said

“You got the right person,trust me” Nancy touched her chest and they both sat down

Gary couldn’t even concentrate,,he stared at Nancy all through. She ate so much before she raised her head to see him

“You’re not eating?” She asked

“Just eat up,go on” Gary smiled and Nancy chuckled

“You’re the best Doctor in the world” She gave him a thumb up and Gary smiled



“What do you mean by you’re not coming with me?” Rowan asked Ariana when they got to the car

“I have somewhere else to go” Ariana replied

“Where? I will come with you then” Rowan said but instantaneously,Tyler appeared and Ariana smiled before facing Rowan again

“You can go,I will call mom” She said and Rowan frowned

“Don’t tell me you’re going with him” he asked,pointing at Tyler who was already on the bike

“See you later” Ariana said,ignoring his question. She walked over to Tyler and he handed her the extra helmet before she got on the bike. Tyler and Rowan exchanged glances,Rowan’s eyes filled with Anger and jealousy,Tyler let out a silly smirk even though he already had the helmet on so Rowan couldn’t see his face.

“Ready?” He asked Ariana

“Yeah” She replied and he sped off immediately

“Your boyfriend looked angry” Tyler said when they hit the street

“I’m going to kill you if you call him my boyfriend again” Ariana said and Tyler giggled

“We still have up to one hour before the lecture time,do you wanna eat?” He asked

“Yes,I’m starving anyway” Ariana replied and Tyler stepped on the speed

“You jerk!” Ariana screamed and held him tightly while he laughed inwardly



“Gosh finally!” Ariana groaned as she removed the helmet from her head,she combed her hair down with her fingers while Tyler stared at her patiently.

She looked up and caught him staring

“What,you almost got me killed with your silly speed” She glared

“You almost choked my breath with the way you held me so tight” Tyler said

“That was because of you” Ariana snapped

“Fine fine,Accusations accepted,let’s go in” Tyler said

They were allowed in by one of the countless guards in the mansion. A guard also followed them till they got to the main living room which was empty when they got there,only the maids could be seen walking around

“Pretty cool” Ariana scoffed,looking around

“You also have a mansion,different from me” Tyler said

“Having a mansion doesn’t mean happiness okay? See? She’s the one chasing after you,annoying brat” Ariana rolled her eyes and Tyler chuckled

One of the maids came to them

“Please come with me” She said and Tyler almost followed but Ariana grabbed Tyler’s arm so he turned back,giving her a questioning look

“Where are we going?” Ariana asked

“Her room” Tyler replied and Ariana blinked

“Her room? You mean you two were together all alone in her room yesterday? All through?” She asked and Tyler nodded

“Gosh,I feel like smacking her” Ariana said

“We are not here to fight Ana,breathe in and out,you’re overreacting” Tyler said and rub her hair but she snapped his hand off

“Of course you won’t care since you’re a pervert” She rolled her eyes and followed the maid

Tyler chuckled and went after them also

They finally entered Monroe’s room and the maid left,it’s a suite so they stayed in the living room.

“Tyler?” Monroe’s voice came from the room and Ariana squinch her nose which almost made Tyler laugh

“Come out” Tyler said and Monroe ran out with a happy Face.

She was hardly covering up,she was just in a crazy bum short and tank top.

Monroe stopped smiling the moment she saw Ariana

“What is she doing here?” She asked Tyler

“Well,as a student and not a professional…….”

“Rather than getting an expert for the job coz obviously you need experts on your brainwork,but since you insisted on getting a student instead,I’m here to help and…..” Tyler looked at Ariana and she rolled her eyes before she stopped talking

“She’s here to assist me,you know I have my own school works to face too right? She’s here to make things easier for you and I” Tyler smiled

“You should just get someone else not her!” Monroe snapped

“If he’s going to get someone else then I won’t allow him come here anymore” Ariana stepped forward

“And who do you think you are to stop him from coming here?” Monroe

“Ariana James” Ariana smirked

Tyler pulled Ariana back and held Monroe’s hand,Ariana frowned immediately

“Just focus on me okay? She’s only here for assist me like I said,so don’t worry about her” Tyler said and Monroe broke into fake tears

“I want just you,you alone” She said and hugged him

Ariana let out a scoff and run her fingers through her hair,she breathe out

Tyler broke the hug

“Let’s start,we have no time left” He said and Monroe nodded,leading the way to the study room.

Tyler turned to Ariana

“You don’t have to be so harsh,please” He said

“Fine,wherever” Ariana rolled her eyes



Jocelyn stepped out of the elevator and almost immediately she heard Oliver’s voice behind her,she turned and waited for him.

“I thought you aren’t leaving right away” She said

“No,I’m done” Oliver replied and they began walking together

“Remember I owe you two meals?” Oliver asked and Jocelyn chuckled

“You still remember that?” She asked

“So……” Oliver stepped in front of her

“Wanna come with me right now?” He asked

“No,I need to go home” Jocelyn immediately said and Oliver sighed sadly

“Was just joking,I will come with you” Jocelyn said and his face brightened up again

Jocelyn laughed

“Gosh,you got me” Oliver smiled

“I’ve always does,I have a lot of charms” Jocelyn boasted

They got to the parking lot and both entered the car

The moment he drove off,Xavier appeared,his eyes followed Oliver’s car.

He sure saw Jocelyn going into the car,he got into his own car and drove off.



“Whoa!! You’re really amazing” Jocelyn clapped,watching as Oliver chopped the onion like an expert

Oliver removed the scuba mask from his face and faced her

“You’re making me loose focus” He muttered

“Oh,I guess I should stop cheering you up” Jocelyn muttered

“No,don’t stop. I’m just saying,your voice is cute” Oliver said and Jocelyn looked at him,he smiled handsomely before wearing the mask again.

Jocelyn moved closer to him

“I’ve never chopped onions this way,can I give it a try?” She asked and Oliver looked up

“Really?” He questioned and Jocelyn nodded

Oliver removed the scuba mask and wear it on her Face

She smiled and took the knife

“Be careful with the knife” Oliver warned gently as she started chopping the onion

“Ouch!” She let out a painful scream as the knife sliced through her finger

“Sh*t” Oliver immediately held her finger which was already bleeding

“I told you to be careful” He said and Jocelyn pouted as he dragged her to the Sink

He opened the tap on the finger

“Ouch that stings like h*ll” Jocelyn moaned and Oliver looked at her

“You should have been careful rather than making sounds like that” He said

“I was careful,I know I was” Jocelyn said

“But it wasn’t enough,are you sure you can cook?” Oliver asked

“What do you mean? I love cooking okay? I just don’t care about the looks of my onions after chopping them,not my fault that you made the onions look so fine and I wanna try it out,don’t scold me” Jocelyn muttered and rolled her eyes like a kid

“I’m not scolding you,I’m just worried” Oliver said after leaving the Sink

“Wait here,I will be back shortly” He said and Jocelyn nodded while staring at her finger which was beginning to bleed again

“Gosh,I hate cuts like this” She bit her bottom lip

Shortly after,Oliver returned with a small bandage plaster,he covered the cut with it

“Thank you” Jocelyn said and Oliver nodded

“Just stay here and watch” He said

“Yes Mr James” Jocelyn grinned and Oliver chuckled



“Where’s everyone?” Henry asked as he joined Gustavo In the game room.

Gustavo threw the last dart in his hand into the bullseye

“Who knows,everyone’s been acting strange lately,including me” He muttered and walked to the bullseye,he removed all the darts he had thrown and walked back to his spot where he began throwing again

“Acting strange? How?” Henry sat down

“Oliver hardly come here,Xavier doesn’t talk to anyone and Gary is acting crazy” Gustavo replied

“I don’t know about Gary but…..Xavier and Oliver,are in love with Jocelyn” Henry said and Gustavo turned immediately

“What?!” His eyes widened and Henry nodded

“What the f**k?” Gustavo spat

“I heard them during the pool party,they even went physical….”

“That’s not possible” Gustavo said

“I’m serious dude,it’s my first time seeing them that way also,it’s kinda creepy.” Henry muttered

“Xavier? Oliver? In love with…Jocelyn? Maybe I saw that coming but I thought Oliver wasn’t interested in her” Gustavo muttered

“Me too,Xavier sure had something for her from the start,but Oliver…..I don’t know how it started,he clearly said he doesn’t care about her” Henry said

“I wish she fall in love Xavier with instead” Gustavo chuckled

“Why?” Henry asked

“I’m just saying…..It’s the first time Xavier ever get serious about a girl. And he never talked about f**king her,that’s rare you know?” Gustavo said

“I know,but I don’t think Oliver will ever let her go” Henry said and Gustavo sighed,throwing the darts again

“And what about Gary?” Henry asked

“I don’t wanna talk about it” Gustavo muttered



Oliver’s car stopped in front of the house and immediately Jocelyn came out,she waved at him and almost made her way in when she saw Xavier leaning on his car,obviously waiting for her.

“Xavier” She called,looking surprised

Oliver came down of the car and walked closer,he looked at Xavier and then Jocelyn whose eyes were on Xavier still looking surprised.

Xavier left the car and moved closer to Jocelyn,his eyes filled with sadness as he stared at her

“What are you doing here?” Jocelyn asked

“I thought I promised to bring you home everyday” Xavier said

“That was….because.” Jocelyn sighed not knowing what to say exactly

Xavier moved more closer and Oliver was almost forced to pull Jocelyn from there but he didn’t move.

“You don’t know what type of crazy effects you have on me” Xavier held Jocelyn’s hands and she looked up,into his eyes

“Isn’t it obvious enough?” He asked

“Huh?” Jocelyn asked

“My heart is so heavy and might explode any f**king time” Xavier muttered and Oliver tried moving closer

“I’m in love with you JoJo” Xavier dropped the shell and Oliver stopped

Jocelyn’s eyes grew wide while Xavier’s eyes never left hers.

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