Dusk till dawn episode 6




🌻 James POV 🌻

“Andrea!” I called as I quickly followed her out of the classroom

“Andrea! Wait!” I yelled as I ran after her and she looked back at me and started running too

I finally caught up with her and I held her hand

“Andrea? Are you my Andrea?” I asked as tears welled up in my eyes

“Come on Mr Whistler, I get the fact that you are angry with me but do you really have to all weird and start calling me Andrea again?”

“You….you can’t be her right? Andrea died right in my arms but why do you remind me so much of her?” I asked staring into her eyes

“I don’t know!” She yelled “I have no idea what you are talking about, my name is Julia and not Andrea! It seems you really do have a mental problem but please stay away from and when I mean away, I mean literally” she said as she jerked her hands away from me and moved back “You are crossing your boundaries and I don’t like that, I wonder where the Principal got such a nut job like you from” she said and walked away while I just stood stranded, watching her…..

I got back home and I slumped on the chair
I can’t seem to forget what happened at the school this morning

There was suddenly a knock on the door and I wondered who it was

Rachel is the only one that visits me and she never knocks since she has a key

I stood up and went to open the door



“Missed me” he said as he walked in and I closed the door

“How are you here? I mean did you get a vacation from your working place at Washington?” I asked

“No, I got transferred back here” he said and I looked at him surprised

“Seriously? That’s great news, you’ve always wanted to come back here” I said and he nodded

“Yeah, it’s so good to be back and yeah, I have a major time gossip, guess who I bumped into while I was in Washington?”


“Tyler” he said

“Tyler? Who’s Tyler?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Tyler, our friend in highschool”

“Oh my God! You mean Tyler?! How’s things with him? Didn’t you say he just disappeared after highschool?” I asked

“Yeah but he’s totally changed now, I mean when I saw him and tried to talk to him, he totally gave me a cold shoulder and that’s not all, I met him coming out of our top designer’s office in the Interior design company I work for so I asked around and I found out he was there to sign a contract with our company for an estate that his company is building in Washington and guess which company is building an estate in Washington?” He asked and I raised my brows

“Whistlers Enterprise”

“What?!” I exclaimed

“He’s working for your father James, Tyler is Mr Whistler’s secretary” Stefan said

“Well….. Though am surprised but he hasn’t really done anything wrong has he? He’s just living his life and working”

“But he knows….”

“He was my friend and he knows the relationship between my father and I, yes but I can’t expect him to not live his life just because of my feud with my father so let’s just forget about that” I said

“Fine, if you say so”

“So, how did you find my house?” I asked

“From Rachel of course, she was so excited when I told her about my transfer, she’ll be coming here soon, we’ll hold a small celebration for my arrival here” Stefan said

“Am sorry Stefan, am happy you are back, I really am but you guys should change the venue of your celebration, am not in the mood for such a thing right now”

“Oh yeah, you are back to being moody again, Rachel told me everything, how you are still loner, come on man for how long are you going to continue like this?! Andrea is dead man get over it”

“Stefan” I called calmly

“I think I saw Andrea today” I said and his mouth fell wide open

“What do you mean you saw Andrea? Have you started seeing ghosts James!” Stefan exclaimed

“No no, not a ghost, a real person, she looked so much like Andrea” I said and he heaved a sigh

“That’s not something surprising, I mean lots of people have doppelgangers all over the world so you just met someone that looks like Andrea, it’s totally normal and not freaky”

“But her utterances, she sometimes remind of Andrea” I said

“So what are you thinking?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know what to think” I said

“Did you talk to this Andrea’s lookalike?”

“Kinda and she keeps saying she doesn’t know who Andrea is, her name is Julia, Juliana Campbell and she has a family of her own, she has parents” I said

“Then forget about it, Andrea died 12 years ago in your arms, we attended her funeral together remember? And she has no relatives so am sure this Julia of a girl is just a lookalike” he said and I nodded

“You are probably right” I said and the suddenly opened and Rachel came in with bags full of foods and drinks

“Are you guys catching up without me?” She said as she dropped the bags

“What’s all this?” I asked

“Didn’t Stefan tell you we’ll be having a mini party?”

“You can have the party amongst yourselves, am not really in the mood” I said as I stood up

“Welcome back Stefan” I said as I started walking to my room but Rachel held me back

“For God sake James, am seriously getting tired of all this, your best friend whom you haven’t seen in a long while came back home and you can’t even celebrate with him, why are you throwing everything away just because of that little girl, she’s dead James, you have mourned her for 12 good years, isn’t that enough? I mean you only knew her for barely a year so why are you ruining your life so much because of her?!”

“You won’t understand Rachel, I agree I only knew Andrea for just a year but even one second with the right person can feel like more than a lifetime” I said and I walked into my bedroom

🌻 Rachel’s POV 🌻

“You should’ve just let him be” Stefan said and I turned to him

“Aren’t you going to talk to him? Like how long is he gonna continue this way? He’s ruining his life! Why is he so obsessed over Andrea?!”

“Are you concerned about the fact that he’s ruining his life or about the fact that he’s still obsessed over Andrea?” Stefan asked

“What do you mean?”

“You still love him don’t you?” He asked and I sighed

“Foolish me right? I mean he’s not even looking at me at all”

“James appreciate your presence Rachel, am sure you know that, Andrea is dead, sooner or later he’ll get over her and he’ll be all yours”

“But it’s already being 12 years, 12 years of playing the calm supportive friend but I see no result, I’ve had a big crush on James ever since our highschool days and you know that, I don’t understand why just won’t look at me” I said with a cracking voice as I tried to fight back the tears

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“You’ve done alot for James and I understand that he’s still trapped in his feelings for Andrea but am here now right? I’ll bring you two together Rachel, I promise you that because I see no better lady for James but you and I only want the best for him” Stefan said and I managed to smile

“It’s my first day back and you guys are already dragging me into this emotional drama, come on let’s have a drink, who cares if Mr loner doesn’t want to celebrate” he said and I chuckled…

🌻 Michael’s POV 🌻

“I hope for a long term relationship with your company Mr Michael Whistler”

“I hope so too Mr Williams Anderson” I said as we shooked hands and he left

“Congratulations on signing up another deal for the company Michael” Tyler, my Dad’s secretary said as he walked up to me and I smiled slightly

“Actually, Mr Whistler sent me here, he wants you in his office right away” Tyler said and I nodded


We went to my Dad’s office and he was just getting off the phone

“You called for me Dad” I greeted and he looked at me

“We are in the office so it’s Sir, learn to separate your personal relationship from your business ones” he said

“Yes Sir”

“I just got off the call with Mr Anderson, he said you guys just signed the contract for the deal” he said and I nodded

“Yes Sir”

“Good, now I have another project for you”

“What project?”

“We’ve been increasing our branches alot recently and all we’ve been focusing on is business so now I want us to do something that will raise our image in the public, something like a charity event” he said and I nodded

“So I should organize a charity event?”

“No, no need to make it so glamorous, if we do such a thing then people will be able to decipher our aim, that we are just using the charity event to raise our marketing standards, we need something of the charts, something off the camera but not hidden from the public” he explained

“What about giving students scholarships or rather empowering schools, there won’t be any cameras but the public will definitely know about it” I said

“We are finally thinking alike” he said with a nod and I smiled

It’s the first time he’s complimenting me

“I was thinking the same thing actually, empowering a school and it’s students and I actually have a school in mind”

“Which is?” I asked

“Westview High School” he said and I nodded

“No problem then, I’ll go meet their Principal and see what way we can be of help to the school” I said and I turned to leave

“I heard your brother is working their as a teacher” he said and I stopped on my tracks

“James?! How did you know?” I asked and he smiled

“I know alot of things, am a businessman” he said “But you don’t seem affected by the information I just gave you”

“You said I should learn to separate my personal relationship from business and am going to Westview High for business, am not concerned about anything else” I said and he nodded

“That is good, Tyler will go with you, both of you will handle this together”

“Okay Sir”….

🌻 Julia’s POV 🌻

“Come on Dad, why aren’t you saying anything!” I yelled

“What else should I say?”

“So you just gonna let Mom lock me inside the house just because she has a bad feeling about letting me go to school today?”

“My instincts are usually right and you know that Julia, I had a bad dream about you last night and I can definitely feel that something’s off, I just don’t feel like letting you go to school today so you aren’t going anywhere” Mom said with a tone of finality as she sat on the couch

“I had no idea when you become a fortune teller Mom but come on, you and Dad are educated, there’s nothing like fate or destiny or fortune, our future are determined by us and us alone and I promise you Mom, I won’t ever do anything to put myself in danger” I said

“She’s right sweetheart, I get that you trust your instincts alot but I think you should trust Julia to be safe and to stay away from trouble” Dad said and I nodded in agreement

“Trust Julia to stay away from trouble?” Mom scoffed “She’s like a walking bag of troubles herself, if she’s not in trouble herself then she’s putting other people in trouble”

“Oh come on Mom, you know who I am? Am Juliana Campbell, I don’t get hurt that easily so trust me Mom, I don’t know what your instincts is telling you but I’ll be fine, I promise me” I said and she sighed

“Thank you for letting go, goodbye, I love you both” I said as I quickly ran out of the house

“Be careful!” Mom yelled as I ran out

“Oh God, am so late” I muttered as I ran to the bus stop

The bus came and I entered
I noticed a girl wearing the same uniform as me seated at the back of the bus and I went to meet her

“Linda” I called as I noticed her face

Linda is my friend in school, people call us the two main bullies in Westview High

“Thank God I met you, am so late Linda, you need to see how my Mom made a scene at home this morning to stop me from coming to school just because she has a bad feeling that something’s gonna happen” I said and she quickly cleaned her face

“Are you…..are you crying?”

“No, no something just entered my eyes” she said and I shrugged

“Anyway, why are you also late?”

“I woke up late” she said and I nodded….

🌻 James POV 🌻

“You didn’t have to drive me to work today” I said to Stefan

“Am not doing you a favor, I just want to see the girl you said looks like Andrea” he said as he parked the car in the school’s parking lot and we both came down from the car

“Fine, you will see her but you won’t talk to her, she already thinks am weird enough” I said and he nodded

We walked into the school and Stefan suddenly stopped

“I left my phone in the car and am expecting an important business call, I better go get it” he said as he turned to go

“Tyler?!” He said

“Why are you suddenly calling Tyler?” I asked as I turned to see Michael and Tyler standing right in front of us


“Hello brother” he said with a straight face

“Being a long time James” Tyler said “How have you being?”

“You ask like you care when you’re the one suddenly went off the radar immediately we finished highschool and you totally ignored me when I saw you in Washington” Stefan said

“I didn’t ignored you, I just didn’t see you”

“Yeah right, you didn’t see me though I was right in front of you, never knew you were that blind” Stefan said and I sighed and faced Michael

“You’ve gotten thinner than the last time I saw you, you’ve lost some weight” I said

“Which is totally none of your concern” he said and I smiled

“What are you doing here? Come to greet your dear elder brother?” I asked and he scoffed

“Not everything is about you James, am here on a business”

“What kind of business do you have with a small highschool?”

“The kind that doesn’t concern you, now excuse me” he said as he made to pass but I held his hand

“Dad sent you here didn’t he? For how long are going continue running his errands? For how long are going to let your be used by him?”

“For as long as I need to, I’ll continue doing all this till I completely win his trust and he hands over the company to me, we don’t need you James no one does” Michael said and I sighed

“Dad doesn’t deserve this loyalty that you are giving him”

“And who are you to decide who deserves my loyalty or not, you of all people don’t get to make that decision, I was once loyal to you, I was so fond of you, I was so foolish enough to love and trust you and what good did that do me? When I needed you the most you didn’t come and you left me for death”

“Am sorry Michael I…..”

“Let’s say I understand that the kid you love was dying in front of you and that’s why you ignored my call for help but what about the next day? we You came back home but you never asked of me, you never cared about me!!” He yelled and then heaved a sigh

“Look James, am here on a business visit not a personal one so let’s stop this trip down memory lane” he said as he started walking away

“You want the company right?” I said and he stopped and looked at back “Well you don’t have to act like a servant of Dad for you to get it, I’ll hand you the company myself” I said and he laughed

“Am serious Michael, I have a plan” I said and he looked at me

“And how are you executing this plan of yours? By being a common highschool teacher?”

“As a matter of fact yes, working in this school is part of my plan, just give me 3 months, 3 months and the company will be yours, I don’t want to see you so miserable anymore just to get the company, you can rely on your elder brother Michael, I’ll get the company for you and I won’t fail you this time” I said and he quietly stared at me

“Coming through, coming through, I don’t know why some people so much like standing around in the middle of the hallway” Julia suddenly said as she passed through midst with another girl

“Oh my God! James you were right, she totally looks like an older version of Andrea!” Stefan exclaimed and Michael looked at me and then scoffed

“This was is it right? You teaching here was never about me, it was about Andrea, it has always being about Andrea, you are only here because Andrea’s lookalike schools here not because of some stupid made-up plan to help me” Michael said

“No Michael, I never knew that….”

“Enough! Enough of this emotional blackmail okay? Each time I try to understand you or give you another chance but you always managed to mess things up, what hurt me that night was not because you left me for death, I kept telling myself when I woke that James cannot just abandon me like that, he promised to be there for me when am falling, there must have being a good reason that he wasn’t able to come and when he comes back in the morning, he’s gonna come running to me and give me an explanation but I couldn’t be more wrong, you did come back home but you totally forgot that I existed, I never mattered to you, you never cared about me!”

“I’ve always cared about you Michael and am really not lying this time around” I said

“Am I joke to you? Do I look so weak to you that you think you can always play my emotions? What did you say few minutes ago? You won’t fail me this time? Well you’ve failed me and you’ve always failed me!!” He yelled


“You’ve being the one making promises and failing but let me make you one promise today and I assure you I won’t fail, 12 years ago Dad took Andrea away from you and now you’ve managed to find her lookalike so this time, I will be the one to take Andrea’s lookalike away from you, I promise you that, Michael Whistler promises you that” he said and walked away and Tyler followed him…..

…….to be continued……..