Fancy Ballerina episode 37 – 38



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻

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Did I hear him say perfect?

So all these time that I’ve been with him… I wasn’t perfect?

He never saw me as someone he can look up to.

His hardest times…. I was someone who was always there for him!

His guitar skills all came from me!

Without me,

He won’t have learnt guitar, piano and violin.

That he’s getting money now is because of me!!

And I wasn’t perfect?

And he never looked up to me for once?

He never did!

He never saw me but Riley?

What does he see in her that he can’t see in me?

If its because am fixed with his brother…. We can fight and be together.

He shouldn’t do this to me at all.

He shouldn’t even tell me about whom is perfect cuz the last time I checked,

She can’t even dance!!

I grinned.

“Get out!! “I yelled again at the lecturer who gathered his things and left the class.

🗣What’s wrong with her?

🗣Is she okay at all?

🗣Whoo! That was massive.

🗣Everyone is just going crazy in this class.

🗣If she has problems, why don’t she solve it outside but disturbing the whole class.

🗣Even embarrassing that old lecturer like that.

🗣That was gross.

“Now you! “I pointed at Carson who sighed looking at me.

“What’s all this about? “He asked and I smirked.

“Why? ”

“Why what? ”

“Why don’t you like me?

What do you hate so much about me? …. tell me”I asked and he heaved turning to Riley’s direction.

I saw her stand and step out of the class.

I ran after her almost immediately,

This is about the three of us and she dares step out.

“Hey stop there! “I grabbed her arm as I managed to catch up with her outside the class.

“What is it Riele? “She asked me in a sighing voice,

“Why you? ”

She smirked.

“Why what? ”

I looked at her from her head to her toe,

“Why must it be you that he likes? ”

She cackled.

“He doesn’t like me… He loves me ”

“And that’s why I’m asking why it has to be you”

She gave a loud laughter,

“Why it has to be me?

You really want to know?… Because I’m not like you who hurt people just because… ”

“Stop referring to that Riley! “I interrupted as she tried making a rewine to the past.

“I’m trying to tell you why he loves me and not you!! “She snapped into my throat.

Our eyes glued to each other.

How much I hate this figure standing in front of me.

“Why don’t you just go to hell and leave Carson to me”I gritted and she smirked.

“Really? “She whispered coming close to me in a way of hugging me.

“Really? I should go to hell?…. Riele, even if I go to hell… I’m afraid that he’s going to follow me to hell”she began to laugh.

I wanted to squeeze her face.

“Riley “I called softly.

“Let him go, ”

“I won’t… Without you asking, I won’t ever let him go”she replied and I grinned badly.

“I will give you everything you want,

I will make everything possible for you if only you let him go”

She gave a short laugh.

“What do you think you can give me if not to take away from me? ”

“Let him go and I will make you famous again,

I will make you dance again,

You won’t be a fancy ballerina… ”

“I won’t let him go… Not for you! “She snapped hissing as she made to walk away but I pulled her back.

“Don’t try walking out on me like that!

You see him?

I like him and you’re the only obstacle I have in having him… Let him go and… ”

“I won’t ever let him go Mrs. Riele,

He’s all I’ve got!

He’s all I’ve left!! “She screamed into my ears almost deafening my ears.

“Have you ever cared about his feelings Riele? “She asked me and I smirked.

“I care!

More than you do Riley!! “I replied raging so madly.

“You care?

Then you must know that he loves me and not you, ”

I smirked.

“You think so? “I asked and she nodded with confidence.

“Yes and if you think am lying… Try taking him away from me”she dared me.

“What did you just say? ”

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“I will only let him go if you are able to take him away from me”she repeated and I gave a small smile.

She’s yet to know that I know so much about Carson more than she does.

I’m really going to take him away from her because she asked and dared me to.

“Watch me Riley and don’t come begging me to give him back”

She scoffed.

“He’s not an object and he clearly knows what he wants ”

I nodded.

She’s trying to play smart.

“Really? ”

“Exactly and good day Mrs. Riele”she smirked devilishly turning her back on me as she cat walked out of my sight.

Carson is mine……


She really thinks she can win over me?

On my own man?

What that is mine?

This is so weird!

Fighting with someone’s boyfriend?

I won’t let her win over me no matter what!

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She’s going to pull out all those soft cards on Carson and he won’t be able to resist it just like the way I caught them kissing.

She’s going to be that way until she takes Carson away from me and that’s not going to happen at all.

Not when I’m still breathing and with my two eyes.

He’s all I’ve got now.

After him… I have nothing!

I won’t let anyone take him away from me… I’m afraid I will be so broken just like when I lost my aunt.

An idea popped into my head.

I smiled to myself and then dialed a number that I know so well,


📲Its me Riley,

I introduced myself.


📲Can you arrange your *sushi * restaurant for me this evening?

📲Yeah but…

📲I will pay you very well if only you will do it for me please.


📲Send your account details.

I hung up after that heaving as I went to my car,

Soon, I was on my way home…..



“You fucked up real bad Carson”Ben kept blaming me as I sat on my sofar thinking so deep.

Riley haven’t called me all day.

Is she that angry with me?

She haven’t been picking my calls.

I ruffled my blonde hair over and over again.

This is so frustrating!!

“Ben you have to cheer me up and stop making me feel so bad! ”

“Make you feel good? “He smirked sitting down beside me once again with a bowl of pop corn in his hands.

He threw some into his mouth before speaking to me.

“Look, Carson… Forget about Riley ”

I rolled my eyes at him immediately.

“Why? ”

“Cuz she’s definitely going to breakup with you by the time she calls again,

Daniel is rich and he’s an heir to some… Bla bla… You can’t stand a chance with him,

There are some things that he might buy for her and you won’t be able to do it for her. ”

I closed my eyes so frustrated.

What he said made sense.

Now that she’s going to go out with him tonight… I wonder what’s gonna happen after that.

Is this how am going to lose my Riley?

I thought everyday will be like yesterday where we had so much fun,

How she tied my shoe laces and I helped her out by lending her my back.

I gave her a piggy ride!

I really did!

“Why are you smiling? “He asked me nudging my shoulder and I frowned looking at him.


Did I smile? ”

“You did!… You smiled as if… ”

My phone began to ring and I rushed to it immediately,

My heart skipped seeing Riley’s name written on the screen,


Its her! You’re gone!!! “He whispered and my heart beat harder.

What’s she gonna say to me?

That its over between us?

Oh no!… I gulped clicking on the green icon and brought the phone to my ear,


📲Look, Riley.

I’m so sorry about whatever that happened and…

📲Come to Xun Tian Sushi restaurant… I give you five minutes else you’re going to give me five thousand kisses for being late.

She hung up but I was surprised and my mouth fell open at same time.

“What did she say?

Did she say she’s going to break up with you?

I shook my head at his question really lost,

I touched my lips imagining myself giving her five thousand kisses if I come to her late.

“She… She said she’s going to kiss me”I mumbled staring into the space as if she was there,

“What!!! ”



🌻She’s my crazy dancer…he’s all I’ve got🌻



I hung up looking at my phone and smiling at it.

Can’t wait for him to show up!

I sat down sighing and waiting for him to come when;


I know you will be here!! ” I heard Daniel’s voice and I stood up immediately deeply shocked.


What are you doing here?! “I screamed and watched him smirk on seeing me.


You forgot we have a dinner date,

Well… “He sighed sitting down on the chair I arranged for Carson and that got me mad as I tried to get him up from Carson’s seat.

“Get up!!! “I struggled with him but he didn’t get up.

He dug his hand into the sushi bowl and at the little fire(a very little oven mostly found in Asians sushi restaurant for smoking sushi) holding it with the sushi iron sticks.

“Don’t touch that!

Its not for you! ”

“Who owns it then? “He asked pushing a half smoked one into his mouth and munching on it.

“You told me that I’m going to date you this night”

“This is not yet night but evening if am correct! “I reminded and he smirked.

“If this isn’t for me… who then is it for? ”

“For…. ”

“Hey Riley!!! “I heard Carson’s voice as I tried telling Daniel who I reserved this place for.

Oh my gosh!

I tried smiling and covering up for him but he had already seen him.

And his face had changed from the warm expression he had for me to a cold and angry one.

“You asked me to come and… ”

“Oh hey! “Daniel waved cutting him out of what he wanted to say.

Carson heaved and I gave him that expression of I CAN EXPLAIN kind of look but it was too late.

He just found a seat opposite me on the round table and sat down getting himself busy with the sushi, the sticks and then holding it against the fire to smoke.

“Carson… “I called warmly and he gave me those cold looks which made to keep quiet and not speak for a while.

“So, “Daniel began keeping his smoked sushi on my plate.

My eyes went to Carson’s face immediately and I found out that he was looking at Daniel with hatred written all over his face.

He cleared his throat and smoked his carefully while I did mine not without looking at Carson.

I wonder why Daniel is trying to ruin the whole situation for me and for Carson.

How did he even follow me?

Why did he follow me… That’s my fuvking question!

“So I want to know more about you”Daniel said dropping another smoked sushi to my plate.

I smirked.

I picked out one with my fork and sent it to Carson’s plate.

“Eat up “came from my lips smiling as I dropped it on his plate.

He smiled back at me for the first time and then ate from it.

I saw those eyes Daniel gave him and I didn’t stop smiling cuz of it.


More about me? “I asked him and he nodded trying to smile at me.

He was smoking another and I guessed he was going to drop it on my plate again… I need to act fast.

“Well, “I dropped mine on Carson’s plate,

“Eat up… Yummy right? “I asked smiling as he ate it up blowing on his mouth.

“So yummy but hot! “He was warming up for me and that’s exactly what I wanted.

“I will blow the next one… “I kinda apologized and he dropped his on my plate.

“Eat up too”he said dropping it and I ate up.

Oh no!

Its so delicious!!

I nodded my head before giving him a thumbs up.

“That was great “I complimented.

“You like it? “He asked and I nodded my head,

Holding one in between his fork,

He pushed his fork stretching out his hand towards me,

“Here “he was trying to feed me!!

I smiled opening up my lips and that’s exactly when I saw someone I shouldn’t see.

Someone who shouldn’t be here at all,

She was no other than Riele.

How did she come here?

Or did Carson invite her?

“Oh hey Carson!! “She cooed sitting down beside him and I frowned.

I ate up from his fork hurriedly not comfortable about all these anymore.

First its Daniel!

And now its Riele!

“Oh hey!

How did you know I was here? “He asked meaning that he doesn’t know she was coming here and ever had a business with her.

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“Uhm…. I… I was… I came by here… With… “She was stuttering like a goat!

“Your fiancee I presume”I completed the sentence for her and she rolled her eyes at me.


It seems like we are complete here! “She diverted the topic looking at Daniel who had gone silent for a while now.

“Hey Daniel”she cooed at him and he in return looked up to her face.

“Hey Riele,

Came to see your boyfriend “he asked pointing to Carson and I scoffed.

“Boyfriend?? “She looked at Carson giggling,

“Do we seem like one? “She asked holding Carson’s shoulders and I felt like suffocating where I sat.


You guys look so perfect together “he complimented and she wowed.


Not everyone sees that yunno”she said referring to me with her eyes and I scoffed again….


This is bad and sickly!

Why the hell will they all barge in like this?

From Daniel to Riele?!

I bit my lips and then grabbed my iron-like sticks again picking out a sushi from the bowl and began to smoke over the fire.

Everyone did same thing and the whole place was as quiet as ever.

“Who picked out this expensive place that’s got no noise or people inside of it? “Riele asked me staring around and before I could answer,

Someone else did the job for me,

“I did”… It was Riley.

“Wow!! “Daniel came clapping.

“My crush knows what’s so good and sweet for me!

And she hates noise too!

Isn’t she great Riele? “He admired dropping a sushi on Riley’s plate.

“She’s great then “she giggled dropping a sushi on my plate.

“Eat up Carson”she said rubbing my back.

I smiled at her and then held the sushi in to my fork dropping it to Riley’s plate.

“Eat up Riley”I said smiling and she smiled back at me before digging in to it.

“That’s yummy Carson”

“Is it? ”

“Yes so much ”

“Carson”Riele called dropping another on my plate but as I made to transfer it to Riley’s plate,

She stopped me.

“Why don’t you eat it up? ”

“I’m smoking mine to eat “I replied not looking at her eyes just in case she deceive me with those eyes of hers.


Aren’t I good at smoking it?

I’ve never done this before and…. ”

“Eat up” I fed her from my fork to make her stop talking.


Seems there’s love chemistry here “I heard that jerk’s voice saying as he tried doing same feeding to Riley.

My heart skipped staring at him and Riley,

It seems like my heart will explode if she opens her mouth and chew from his fork.

“Eat up”he said to her,

“Leave her alone! “I warned trying to put his hand down but Riele pushed her own fork at me.

“Eat up”she said and I heaved staring from her to Riley who got her gaze at me and then at Daniel and back to Riele.

“Daniel…. He’s my boyfriend and stop match making him with her! “Riley spoke up and I was relieved a bit.

He smirked keeping his hand down,

“I know and am trying to make you know that he’s not the right person for you but me”

“Really? “I cut in facing him squarely,

“You heard her or didn’t you?

She likes me and am her boyfriend!! “I snapped and he smirked.

“Carson… “Riele made to say but I cut her out.


You’re my friend and that’s what you have always been to me!

Don’t try to make it so hard for the both of us”

“Its okay!!!! “Riley yelled shutting everyone up.

Silence fell between us,

“We all are here already… So, let’s drink”she suggested and I shook my head.

“No”I disagreed.

“I agree with her!

Let’s see who will get drunk and let’s see whom Carson will take home between the two of us!!! “Riele seconded it while Riley scoffed crossing her arms below her chest area.

“Riley this is a bad idea”I pressed further,

“I support it!

I want to gladly take my crush home when she gets drunk! “Daniel supported and I was the last person standing.

Oh no!


Sushi game😋😋😋😋

I loved it! 😂😂😂😂

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