My ugly face episode 12

πŸ€β„οΈMY UGLY FACE β„οΈπŸ€




“Dude have you consider taking my advice about that ugly girl wan dey fall for you?
Dan asked.

“She got a name dude!
Charles bursted out.

“Whatever! Have you consider my advice to chop that girl?
He asked again and drank a sip of his stout beer.

“I can’t do that to Catherina,Bro if you hear her story you will weep,her story is so heart broken and touching”
He said and took a sip of his stout.

“Oh because of her story that touches the heart that’s why you don’t want to take my advice?
He asked being surprised Charles has never turned him down in times of taking his decision.

“Yes Bro! I can’t do that she’s a human being like us what she need is friends someone that will be there for her and not someone that will pretend to be on her side with the intention to hurt and bring more sorrow to her life,that girl has been through a lot and I have accepted to be his friend with a good intentions”
He said.

“Wait ooo Charles! You want to make that ugly monster your friend?
Dan asked surprisingly.

“Dan her name is Catherina stop calling her ugly monster,she meant be ugly but she is still a human being I don’t know why some people failed to know the reason behind that monster face before disassociating themselves from her and am willing to be her friend because that’s what she need”
He said.

“So you want to mingle with that ugly thing along side with me? It won’t work for you,Is better we cut off our friendship because I can’t stoop so slow to mingle with that girl”
He shouted.

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“Why are sounding so ridiculously Dan? You want us to end our friendship that started when we were in creche? How could you even think of such?
He shouted so unbelievable.

“Charles you have to choose between me and that your ugly monster friend or consider our friendship cut off”
He shouted.

Charles took a gulps of the stout,he stood up and shouted at him,
“What a ridiculous decision! I will do no such thing I won’t cut of our friendship because of catherina neither will I choose between you and her you know what you are not in your right mind the alcohol is taking control now we will talk when you are in your right mind”
He took his phone and walked out.

“Charles if you still consider our friendship you better unfriend that monster oooo I can’t stood so low to mingle with a monster what will people say seeing us with a monster face? What will my sexy babies say? Won’t they run away because my friend is mingling with a monster? I can’t loose my respect because of your monster friend oooo is better you cut off this friendship or unfriend her”
He shouted at him,Charles sighed and slammed the door.

It has been two weeks,Dan has been avoiding Charles’s calls and messages so he decided to pay him a visit along side with Catherina.

Charles ranged the bell,
“Hold on! Am coming!
Dan dropped his laptop and rushed to opened the door.

He became so shocked when he saw Catherina,
“The monster face girl! What’s she doing in my house?
He shouted.

“Have told you her name is Catherina and not a monster face girl!
Charles warned him.

“I asked what’s she doing in my house or what are you two doing in my house?
He shouted.

“Dan nawa for you oooo! This attitude of yours no fit you at all”
He said to him.

“That have not answer my question! What’s she doing here”
He shouted.

“Why did you……..
Catherina wanted to say something but Charles stopped her.

“Dude came you let us in first?
He asked.

“What for? Why should I let you guys in?
He questioned and blocked the entrance.

Charles pushed him aside and walked in with Catherina.

“I don’t know why you brought this ugly monster face in my house?
He shouted.

Catherina stood up and shouted,
“Have we met before? Have we met in the past? Have we exchanged words before? Did I do something bad to you before? Why did you hate me? Is it because of my face?

“Your face is so disgusting and scary,how can a human being be so ugly like this? half a monster face,what type of planet did you came before?
He shouted.

“So because of me that’s why you want to end your friendship with Charles? That’s so bad of you”
She shouted.

“Did you expect me to have a friend that will mingle around with a monster face like you?
He shouted.

“That’s so bad of you! Your hatred for me is because of my face why haven’t you ask yourself a question why I have this monster face? Was she born with it or a victim of circumstances? Did you know how I hate seeing this monster face of mine? but I can’t kill myself rather I learn to live with it”
She sounded and continued.

“I wasn’t born with this half monster face neither did i belong to the underworld,this face is a result of a fire explosion through car accident that burnt down my parents to ashes because of the accident my family relatives threw me out and took everything from me,they didn’t leave a dime pin nor even consider how I will survive”
She said as Dan became so cool and speechless.

“Because of this face nobody want me I roamed around the street under the hot sun looking for a shelter and searching for job but nobody want to risk their lives by employing a monster like me,it was so heart broken for me to bear people saw me and ran for their lives even children they all believed I was a monster,I was named a monster I struggled to survive and now I have seen that person that actually want befriend me why did you want to deprived him from that? Why did you want to end your friendship that started from a creche? Am I not a human being like you? Please Dan don’t end your friendship with Charles”
She said and her eyes was filled with tears.

Charles held her and said,
“You have said enough please come and have a sit”
He took her to the couch.

Dan was so cool and speechless,he didn’t know what to say he really felt for her,he keep on shooking his head with a pity expression.

“Now you have heard her story and know the reason behind her one side face did you still want to end our friendship or join me to befriend Catherina and give her the love of friendship she need?
Charles asked.

Dan breathed with pity expression on his face,he walked to Catherina and said to her,
“Am so sorry for saying such a hurtful words to you I acted so foolishly I should have ask to know the reason behind your face than ending my friendship with Charles because of you please forgive me Charles and I will be there for you and stand for you we will give you the love of friendship you need and from now I will never judge nor hate people because of their looks”
He pleaded.

Catherina smiled and said to him,
“I have forgiven you and am so happy you now consider me as a human being and want to be my friend”

“You know what Catherina from now on I will take you as my sister I will be there for you”
Dan said to her and even hugged her.

Catherina was not expecting such from him talk more of being a sister to Dan her heart was filled with so much happiness to have friends that will be by her side.

“Thank you such Dan I never knew I will be able to make friends because of my look I thought I will be only in this world then Jackson came into my life and now I have two friends my heart is overwhelmed with joy”
She sounded with tears of joy.

“C’mon don’t do that!
Charles sounded and wiped her tears with his palm.

“I know what I passed through for the past two years it was so unbearable for me but thank God He kept me alive till now”
She sounded with smiles.

“Is okay Catherina! I think we should go out and have lunch how did you see it guys?
Dan suggested with smiles.

“It depends on Catherina if her Madam won’t scold her she stays with her”
Charles said.

“Nothing will happen she traveled and she will be coming back in two weeks now”
She said.

“Heeeee! that’s means you gonna have a lot of fun with us”
Dan shouted happily.

“Mind you not clubbing! We will go out have lunch or dinner take her to some interesting places experience something make sure the two weeks will be a lovely one for her”
Charles said he knows Dan is live of a party he loves clubbing so much.

“Noted but Catherina I think you will love to club with us one day,you will enjoy it ooo”

“Nope she will not like it!
Charles sounded.

“Charles allow her to speak her mind nah! You dey inside her mind?
Dan sounded.

“Yes I dey inside her mind I know she will not like it”
He sounded as Catherina moped at them with smiles.

“Abeg stop being inside her mind and allow to speak for herself so Catherina will you like to club with us one day?
He asked.

She laughed and sounded,
“I will like to experience such of the world”

“No Catherina! You will not like it oooo! Clubbing won’t be good for you ooo it involves with a lot of bad things like sexually stuffs you will see someone people having s*x at the club and I know you will not like to see such”
Charles sounded.

“Don’t mind him ooo! He’s saying that to prevent you from clubbing with us”
Dan shouted.

They started arguing about the club stuffs Charles giving his reasons why she will not go while Dan arguing with reasons why she will go Catherina stood there watching them with smiles ,she felt so happy seeing two guys having an argument because of her.

“Is okay guys! Can we go and have the lunch?
She shouted at them.

“I hope with my reasons you will not go to the club?
Charles asked.

“I have to think about it till Friday I will decide if I should go or not so can we go now and have the lunch before Jackson will be back from school?
She said with smiles.

“We will wait to Friday and see who was able to convince her”
Dan sounded.

They held her hands, Charles right while Dan left as they walked to the car.