Fate of love episode 10


🌺 EPISODE 10 🌺

“Lay a finger on Sharon again and I will make sure you get admitted here in the hospital”. Millet said with all seriousness and Violet looks at her.


Joanna scoffs and said. “Really, is that how you rich people are, you are at fault, and yet you want to claim you are right, my brother is in this hospital thanks to you, and all you could is Defend her”. Joanna yells pointing at Sharon, who couldn’t stop crying, since is all her fault anyway.

“That enough we shouldn’t blame each other here, all we should be doing right now, is pray that nothing bad happens to Jesse”. Janet said cleaning her tears.

Sharon looks at Janet, and knees before her crying. “Am really so sorry ma, I didn’t mean for it to happen”.

“You didn’t mean for it to happen, but Jesse is fighting for his life because of you”. Violet yells at her.

Janet looks at the crying Sharon, and she gently help Sharon to stand up her feet, cleaning Sharon tears.

“That enough dear, you have cried enough, is not your fault dear”. Janet said still cleaning Sharon tears.

“Aunt, you should be scolding her, not consoling her”. Violet said angrily.

“And if I do that, will it change anything, no right,,,, so let not blame each other and pray Jesse get better”. Janet said, and Violet looks at Sharon in anger.

“Thank you so much ma”. Sharon said with the softest voice ever.

“You were also involved in the accident, are you okay, were you hurt anywhere”. Janet asked.

“No ma I wasn’t, am sorry” she apologized again.

“That enough dear”. Janet said and pulls Sharon into a hug, and tears fed Sharon’s cheeks, as she hugs Janet back, here was someone she doesn’t know asking her if she was okay, and yet her own dad couldn’t even ask her that, Sharon thought as she allows her tears to freely flow down her cheeks.

Violet looks at Sharon with so much anger, if eyes could kill, Sharon would have been dead by now.


“Have you inform his family about him”. Don Roman asked lighting up a cigar.

“Yes I have, and they are already in the hospital”.

“And Sharon”

“She is still in the hospital Don Roman”. Jace answer.

“What did you find about the boy”.

“His name is Jesse Williams, he is 22 years old, and he stays in Guryoung”.

“In Guryoung,,,,that means he is poor right”. Don Roman asked, and Jace nods.

“So does be have a job”. Don Roman asked again.

“No he doesn’t Don Roman, but I hear he is into wine making,,,,what are you going to do with him Don Roman”

Don Roman sighs and continue smoking.

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“Here you go Sharon, have something to drink”. Millet said giving her a can of soda.

“Thanks Millet”.

“Aren’t you going to go home, you must be tired”.

“No Millet, am going to stay here in the hospital with his family, I don’t want them to think I neglected them”.

“Speaking of his family, that girl called Violet is she crazy or something, how could she attack you like that, good thing I intervain”. Millet said folding her hands.

“You should have just let her hit me Millet, who won’t be so furious at the person who landed her boyfriend here”.

“And how you sure if Jesse is her boyfriend”.

“Didn’t you hear when she call him, her Jesse”. Sharon said, and she didn’t know why she felt so sad about him having a girlfriend.

“And so what if Jesse is her boyfriend she has no right to hurt you Sharon, she is so violent, just like her name gosh”. Millet said shaking her head.

Sharon sighs without saying a word, she doesn’t know him that well, but why is she so sad that he has a girlfriend, , Sharon thought inwardly.


* A week later *

Jesse got back on his feet, and Sharon joy knew no bounce, and she always paid a visit in the hospital, which Violet didn’t like.

Jesse sits On the hospital bed, he keeps sighing as his eyes never left the door.

“Won’t she be coming today”. Jesse asked no one in particular, as he sighs again looking at the door, and the moment Sharon enters the ward, a huge smile appears on his face, but the moment their eyes met, he quickly hides his smiles and clears his throat.

“Why are you doing here Sharon”. He asked hiding his excitement.

“I came to check up on you, to see how you are doing”.

“You don’t always have to be here you know”.


“I know you are feeling guilty that you are the reason why am here in this hospital, but you have done enough, your dad already covered up the bills, so that enough, you don’t always have to be here”. Jesse said and Sharon could feel her heart breaks into pieces, this was the only opportunity she got to always see him, and now he doesn’t want her to visit him again. She clears her throat and said.

“Am sorry Jesse, if I always make you feel uncomfortable any time am around, I will take my leave now”. She turns to leave, and Jesse quickly held her hand.

“Where are you going”. He asked.

“I thought you wanted me to leave”. Sharon asked, and Jesse looks at her, how was he going to tell her that he was just joking, and that he was always happy Every time, she came to visit him.

He looks around trying to find what he was going to use in making her stay, and a smile appears on his face and he said.

“My head hurts a little, can you help me adjust the bandage, I think it so tight”. Jesse said, which he was just kidding, it wasn’t even that tight,,, Jesse thought inwardly, hoping Sharon believes him.

“Is that so, then I will get a nurse for you”. Sharon said as she realese her hand from his and about to leave, and Jesse held her hand again, and Sharon looks at him.

“I don’t need a nurse Sharon, just do it yourself”.

“But I don’t know……”

“Just give it a try Sharon”. Jesse said.

“Okay fine I will”. Sharon said and Jesse smiles secretly.

Sharon moves closer to Jesse, as she began to untie the bandage, and Jesse could feel Sharon’s breath on his face, as for Sharon, she was trying so hard to untie the bandage since she knows nothing about it, and she could feel her legs shaking, she almost slipped, but Jesse was quick to caught her, and Sharon falls on top of him, with their lips almost touching each other.

“Jesse I got you your……..”Violet paused when she sees the position both were in, and her eyes were wide open in shock.



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