Fate of love episode 7



“I don’t know Violet, all I know is that I want to see her again”. Jesse said.

Violet could feel a pain in her heart, the moment Jesse said that.

“Why Jesse”. She asked in a low tone.

“Why do you want to see her that badly”. She said trying to hide her sadness.

“To give her back her dairy Violet”.

“Really, just that”.

“Of course Violet what else will I want to see her again”.

Violet smiles and Said. “Don’t mind me Jesse”. And Jesse looks at her in dismay.

“Anyway, I will go and take a shower, I have to meet a client who is interested in my wines, and don’t you dare think of reading this dairy okay”.

“I won’t Jesse promise”. Violet said smiling. Jesse rough her hair with a smile before leaving.

Violet sits in the bed and smiles. “I thought he likes whoever that girl is, and that why he wants to see her again, but I was wrong, Jesse likes me and no one else”. Violet said smiling, as she lays in the bed looking at the ceiling, and her smiles never left her face.

Sharon sits in her bed, after having her bath, and she recalls how Jesse saved her, and a smile appears in her face.

“Why were you so shy earlier Sharon, you should have just talked to him”. Sharon said and smiles again, she checked her bag to take her diary, but it was no where to be found.

She quickly got up from the bed, checking around the room including the wall drop, cabinet and under the bed but she couldn’t find it.

“Where could it be”. She said scattering her hair, and Millet enters.

“Sharon I got you your orange juice”.

“Millet, have you seen my diary”.

“No Sharon, you are always with it right”.

“Yes I have, but I can’t find it anywhere”. Sharon said looking so restless.

“Don’t worry Sharon, am going to help you look for it”. Millet said, and both began searching around the room, but couldn’t find it.

“Were was the last place you kept it Sharon”.

“In this bag Millet, when I went out with you”. Sharon said showing her the bag.

Millet looks at the bag and then to Sharon. “Sharon I think your diary fall of somewhere”.

“But where mi………, I think it must have fallen off in that place we went”.

“You mean Guryoung”.

“Yes, maybe it fell of when I almost have that accident, we have to go back there Millet”.

“But is late Sharon, your dad might get mad at you if he comes back and you are not home”.

“I don’t care, that diary is so important to me, I can’t loose it”.

“But Sharon, we can’t go there by foot, Guryoung is so far from here, and is late already”.

“Don’t worry Millet, am going drive us there I don’t care about what my dad will say Millet, let just go please”.

“Okay Sharon, let go”. Millet said and Sharon quickly left the house with her.


Sharon drove to the spot where she was almost hit by the truck, she quickly comes down from the car, and began searching around every corners of the place, but she couldn’t see it.

“I can’t find it Millet, where could it be”. Sharon said between tears.

“I have no idea Sharon”. Millet said looking confused as well.

“I can’t loose that diary, it has always been part of me, is the only best friend I have had who I tell everything to Millet”. Sharon said between tears.

“Stop crying Sharon, let just look around one more time okay”. Millet said and Sharon nods cleaning her tears, they were still looking for the diary, when she got a call from her dad.

“Hello Dad”. She said sobbing in tears.

“Where the hell are you!!!!!!”. He yells inside the phone.

“Am looking for something right now, I can’t…….”

“I want you to come home right now!!!!!!!!”. Don Roman yells and ended the call.

“Was that your dad”.

Sharon nods in tears. “Let just go home Millet”.

“But what about your diary Sharon”.

“I think have lost it for good”. Sharon said as tears fell down her eyes.

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Jesse patiently watch as the man glumps down the wine he made, the moment he drop the glass, Jesse asked.

“So how was it”.

“Is taste good Jesse, is the best I have ever seen, i must say you are really good at wine making”.

“Thanks sir”. Jesse said with a smile.

“So do you have a company of your own”.

“I don’t sir”.

“You don’t so why do you need my help”.

“That exactly why I want to speak to you, to invest on me, once am able to build up my wine company I can pay you back”.

“And why should I trust you Jesse”. The man asked.

“You don’t trust me”.

“Not like that Jesse, your wines are good, but you are never going to make it big”.

“And why did you say so sir”.

“Because they are lot of big companies producing wines Jesse, you can’t compete with them, because you are poor and you live in Guryoung, tell me Jesse, can people who live there afford to buy your wines, investing on you, is like throwing my money to the dust”.

“So you won’t invest”.

“My answer is no Jesse, or if you want I have another idea”.

“Which is”. Jesse said feeling so disappointed, because this man was the last hope he had of making it big.

“How about you sell every wines you make to me, am going to give you any amount you want, but is going to be under my name”.

“Are you being serious right now”. Jesse asked looking so upset.

“Yes I am, so what do you think”.

Jesse looks at him and hits his hand on the table, and the man looks at him with shock.

“You don’t want to invest so I can have my own company, but you want me to sell my wines to you, so you can have it under the name”. Jesse yells.

“And why not Jesse, poor people like you can’t run a business, you just want to get money from the rich people, and yet you don’t do anything with it, tell me how can you run a company when you have Nothing”. The man said.

Jesse looks at him, as his eyes were all red. “Just because you are rich doesn’t mean you can step on poor people like me, am going to prove to you, that poor people like me are Worth something”.

“And how Jesse, you have nothing to give to the county, just your face”. The man said.

Jesse cleans the tears in his eyes and said. “One day, you are going to ask for my help”. And the man laughs so hard and Said.

“Maybe in your next life Jesse as for now, you are nothing, and you are always going to be nothing”.

Jesse felt like punching him so hard in the face, but he hold himself back, Because if he does that, this man will make sure he is lock in jail forever, and he didn’t have the means to go against him in court. He just held his fist looking at the man in front of him with anger.


The moment Sharon enters inside the mansion, Don Roman gave her a slap across the face, which shocked the entire maids and bodyguards including Millet.

“Who gave you the permission to leave the mansion at this hour”. He yells and Sharon looks at her dad in tears.

“I just had to go out to look for something dad, I didn’t wrong why did you have to slap me”. Sharon yells in tears.

“How dare you talk to me in that manner” . Don Roman said and slaps Sharon again.

Sharon falls and hits her head in the chair, she stood up in tears, and blood was already dropping from her fore-head.

“Was this the reason you wanted me to come to Korea, so you can hit me just like you did to mom”. Sharon said between tears.

“Shut that mouth of yours Sharon!!!!!!!”. Don Roman yells.

“I have always done everything you want, I even became your puppet, and yet you still find a reason to hit me, if you really hate me that much then am going to leave”. Sharon yells in tears and runs out of the house.

“Sharon come back here, Sharon!!!!!!!, What are you all stupidly waiting for, go after her”. Don Roman orders his men.

“Yes Don Roman”. The bodyguards said at once and went outside the house, but before they got outside, Sharon has taken one of the cars and drove off.

Sharon keeps riding to know where in particular with great speed, as she continues crying.

“Maybe I should just die, since I have no reason to live, I just hate my life, I should just die, no one loves, I should just end it for good”.She cries in tears, as she increase the speed of the car ready to die.



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