Fate Of Mirabel

Fate of Mirabel season 3 episode 1 – 2


Fate of Mirabel

Season 3, episode 1

Rose was sent back even when she didn’t want to, while Clara and her friends was on thier way to Lagos. The next day The gangs excorted Eve with her two kids to the park well armed, “please take good care of yourself ok, Chris said hugging Eve after hugging his children. ” you know very well i don’t want to leave, Eve said in tears, “it’s necessary now, I hope to meet you again when all this is over, Jay said. ” eihh! Stop Na, we will we see each other again please don’t say that, Eve said. “Don’t worry we will, safe journey, Joe said while Eve waved at them. They stayed back until they saw the bus took off, ” they were my greatest fear you know, Jay said while Joe touched Chris on the shoulder who was already missing them, “let’s go, Joe said leading the way. ” hey! A voice called them and they turned to see the secretary approaching them, “what will we do now? Chris whispered to Jay, ” what else, let’s act as if we don’t know her, he replied while Joe looked confused. “Hi, you recognise me? She asked them while Jay turned to Chris. ” I’m the secretary at that company you asked to see sir Clement, hope you remember now? She asked. “Oh yes yea, what are you doing here? Chris asked. “My junior sister is leaving, so I excorted her here. So did you get to talk with him? She asked as they strolled slowly. ” yea we did, he’s so friendly, Jay said. “Yea that’s true, the secretary said and looked at Joe who was not interested in the discussion in anyway. ” your brother? She asked referring to Joe. “Oh yes, our brother, Chris replied. ” hi I’m Natasha, she said with her hands stretched for an handshake with Joe but he just looked at her without saying anything while Natasha was embarrassed. “Ermmm I’m sorry, he doesn’t understand English, I mean he’s deaf and dumb, Jay came in. ” oh my, I’m so sorry for that. I have to go to work now, hope I’ll see you guys soon again? She asked but they only smiled at her and she left. A loud hit was heard on Jay head and he screamed running holding his head while Chris burst out laughing. “That’s serve you right for calling me deaf and dumb, Joe said, ” it was a joke Na, he murmured.
They arrived home and Andrea called but he ignored it because they were busy keeping the house in order for the visitors coming, “you know it’s better Eve is gone, I’m not sure Clara would have been happy if she should see Eve, can you remember Prisca reaction? Joe said as they were working. ” oh yea, she almost ate Eve, Jay said laughing and Chris threw on him the brush he was holding but jay phone kept ringing. “Pick it Na, maybe it’s important, Joe said and he picked the call. ” hello dearie, Jay said on phone. “You promised to call right and you’re not picking mine too, Andrea said on phone. ” oh no, i’m so so sorry, truly I am. How did it go? I know it went well I can feel it, Jay said playfully and she smiled. “Yea it went well, can we see again? She asked and he turned to his friends who didn’t answer him, ” sure sure, Jay said. “Ok when you’re there just let me know, bye, she said and ended the call. “wawu! I’m going out, Jay shouted. ” if I slap you eh, who are you leaving this work for huh! Joe asked. “Abegi i’m still going for our normal runs Na, Jay said and ran in to change up.
Soon he was out of the house taking his gun fully loaded with him as Joe commanded, he called Andrea on the way when he was close so she won’t waste his time waiting for her to come out. ” let’s sit out right? Jay asked as Andrea met him, “sure, she replied smiling.


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went to a different restaurant entirely and made their orders while Andrea kept talking about what happened that day, how she was so scared and all that, ” that’s nice, so where is your friend? Jay asked. “She went out, so I decided to meet with you, Andrea said. ” really, that’s because you missed me right? Jay asked and Andrea looked up with her mood changed, “don’t be shy, you know I missed you too, Jay said holding her hands but she removed her hands from his, ” I’m only here because I’m lonely and I need someone to talk to that’s all, she said slowly. “You always have me, anytime and anyday, Jay replied and saw two young men entered the restaurant. ” so tell me about yourself, Jay said and Andrea continued talking again while Jay kept feeling the young men eyes on him but he pretended and kept discussing with Andrea. Suddenly Andrea phone started ringing, “huh it’s my friend, Andrea said in fear. ” then pick the call, Jay said to her and she picked. “Hello, she said. ” Andrea are you at home? She asked. “Sure where else, Andrea said. ” ok I’m coming home now, you need to go shopping for me ok, Nora said. “No problem then, Andrea said and the line went dead. ” oh I think we’ll draw the curtain from here, thank you so much for your time, Andrea said to Jay and the guys left the restaurant.

“Don’t mention, so are you set to go? Jay asked and she nodded. Jay drove her and dropped as usual few miles away from the gate, ” thank you, Andrea said and gave him a peck this time which made jay smiled. He waited to see Andrea enter the gate then his phone began to ring, “hello, he answered but there was no response. He hissed and ended the call and saw Andrea got into the gate then he drove off, while driving he saw a car following him and he put in more speed which the car also followed. Soon the car behind started shooting guns at his car, ” shit! Jay said and brought out his gun firing too driving. “The driver is good, he’s just at my back, Jay said afraid on phone. ” what are you talking about! Joe shouted on phone, “I’m attacked right now and they are just behind me, Jay said and ended the call still firing in speed and diverted swiftly to a path where a trailer wanted entering the other lane and his attacker was forced to pull the break and Jay got away.

” oh my! The guys shouted hitting their fist in anger ignoring the people ranting abuses on them for their reckless driving.

Nora saw Andrea with Jay at the restaurant but pretended like she didn’t. That night she tiptoed to Andrea room and checked her phone, she saw the messages and calls from a name prosper, ” hmmm nice one Jay, so you’re now prosper while Chris is Phillip, Nora said laughing happily. She wrote down Jay number and returned her phone still acting cool. She arranged with Francis and Francis called one of his guys who is also best in driving like Jay and Nora pretended to leave the house knowing Andrea will leave too to meet with Jay. They secretly followed them to the restaurant and the guys messaged Nora that they are together, that was when she called Andrea at the restaurant. The guys left and waited for them In front so they will follow at the back to attack when he comes out.

Andrea entered the gate and immediately the guys held her, “what are you doing! She shouted struggling with them and Nora came out laughing clapping her hands, ” oh lover girl, how was the meeting? Nora said and Andrea looked weak. “What are you doing? I only met with a friend, she said. ” a friend? Did you just call him a friend? Don’t you know you’re only used as an insider to get me? Nora said. “I don’t understand, what insider? She asked. “Oh silly girl, that is my enemy, he and his friends were the one who told Clement things about me just so they can destroy me, Nora said. ” no that’s not true, Andrea said. “Andrea why are you like this, why should you let him fool you this way? You are only used girl so wake up, Nora said and Andrea kept looking not believing her ears and Nora phone began to ring, ” do you have him? She asked. “No ma, he luckily escaped, the guys said and Nora ended the call looking at Andrea with anger ” for me to forgive you for almost betraying me, you will give Jay to my hands, is that understood! Nora shouted and Andrea quickly nodded and a tear dropped from her eyes.

Season 3, episode 2

Chris kept calling but he didn’t reply, “let’s go meet him, Chris said. ” meet him where? His not picking our calls and we have no car to trace him, Joe said and they saw Jay drove in. “What happened to you? Joe asked pulling him out of the car, ” tell us what happened Na? Chris begged as they watched him sweating all over. “Some guys were after me, I think they are Nora men, Jay said breathing fast. ” get in get in, Joe said taking him inside. “Was the driver that good? Chris asked, ” I swear he’s so good, I’m afraid for Andrea, Jay said and they looked at him. “You’re talking about Andrea or our life now huh? Joe asked and Jay phone began to ring. ” she’s the one calling, Jay said and picked. “Are you home? Andrea asked. ” yes I just returned, Jay replied. “Ok, I just call to find out, Andrea said.” Is your friend back? Jay asked. “I haven’t seen her yet, are you sure you’re OK? Andrea asked. ” I’m fine, take care of yourself ok, Jay said and Andrea ended the call giving the phone to Nora. “Good, I’ll be the keeper of your phone ok, Nora said smiling at her.

Chris and the guys kept discussing and Joe phone began to ring, ” where una dey now? Joe asked. “We don land Na, we dey….., Eli said. ” ok I dey come, Joe said taking his face cap and his gun, “I’ll go pick them up, Joe said while they nodded and he left. Joe arrived at the place and Embraced his old time friend, ” meet the mother of my pikin, Eli said pointing at Joy. “No mind am, he never marry me o, Joy said in her rugged nature and Joe laughed. ” this must be Clara right? Joe asked pointing at her, “Na true talk, Eli confirmed. ” nice to meet you, Joe said Shaking hands with her. “Seems we go share ourselves oo, make the ladies enter your car while we go follow for back, Eli said and Clara, Tessy and Joy followed Joe while Eli and two other men followed behind. They drove in and Chris and Jay came out and welcomed them in, they discussed and laughed remembered old times and shared how they met Clara. ” so tell me how did you know Nora? Clara asked. Joe turned to his friends, “truth of the matter is, we worked for her before, Jay said and Clara eyes bulged out. ” you say w€tin? Eli asked surprised. “Hope no be trap be this? Joy asked. ” no, problem came in when Eve your maid brought your baby to us and I was given the baby to kill but I didn’t. Eve was tied up after she delivered the Baby because Nora promised her some amount of money to safe her dying mother who was suffering from cancer but Nora killed her instead. Eve was so pained and swore to kill Nora, Nora tried paying her off but Eve didn’t want the money anymore and still promised to expose her, Nora got angry and shot her and commanded Chris here to dispose her body, Chris continue from there, Joe said as every where was so quiet. “Ermmmm I took Eve to a bush to dispose her body which we thought she was dead but she coughed and pleaded I should help her, I took pity and took her home treating her wound. Nora actually found out that Joe didn’t kill the Baby and I rescued Eve so she came after us and ended up killing Joe fiancee and caught us when we escaped from Lagos so she can’t see us. We were taken back to Lagos and in the process Nora shot at me and Joe was beaten almost to death but jay helped us escape, Chris explained. ” so we’re back for revenge, Jay added. “Where is my baby? Clara asked in tears. ” Prisca asked the same thing, Joe said. “Prisca? You mean anuty Prisca? Clara asked getting on her feet. ” yea we saw her and she was here with us for some few days before she returned back to her family, Chris said. ” can I have her number please? Clara asked. “Sure, Joe said picking his phone to get her number.” So where her pikin? Tessy asked. ” I took her to my village to a barren couple, I and Prisca went there but met the woman sister who told us the couple relocated with the baby because they were scared the owner might return. But I gave her my number incase she sees the sister, Joe said. “Oh my God, will I still see my daughter? Clara asked. ” you will, as long as she’s alive, Jay said. “That girl or woman go pay oo, Joy said. ” she almost got Jay today, Chris said. “Ah make she try again Na, we dey here kamkpe, Eli shouted. ” there’s this guy who gives her so much hope and courage, if we can get him then She will powerless, Jay said. “who be the bastard? Eli boy asked. ” you go see am soon, Joe replied. “I think Clara here can get Clem, Chris said. ” how? Joy asked. “I and Jay spoke with Clem few days ago and I saw he his not happy with that witch at home. If Clem sees you I think he will be distracted and he will want to take you back, Chris said. ” una been divorce the marriage? Joy asked Clara. “No, she replied. ” but she can’t just meet with Clem like that, I know Nora is now security concious and she might be secretly having her guys in the company so no one will meet with Clem like we did that day, Jay said. “Then we should have an insider, I know Clem will be so weak when he sees Clara and if Clara should confirm all that Nora did to her, I know Nora will be taught a lesson, Chris said. ” I’m also here for Clem, HD made me suffer, Clara said.

“You shouldn’t blame him all that, he’s just a weakling, Joe said. ” don’t you still love him? Jay asked. “Love who? Clara asked with anger. ” bia take love comot for here, Tessy said angrily. “Sorry sorry, you can also pay him back if you can act cool and pretend like you only want to get what’s rightly yours, Jay said. ” leave matter for Mathias abeg, i don tire, una get room for here? Joy asked. “Sure, wait make I bring una food first Na, Jay said. ” we ate on our way down here not too long, Clara replied. “At least you’ll all will shower, it’s a three room, the ladies will have one, Eli you and your guys will have the other while we go take the one we dey use now, Joe said. ” no wahala Na, they said carrying their bag as Joe led the way. “Can we see tomorrow? It’s important, a text came up in Jay phone and he decided not to tell his friends about it because he knew they won’t accept.

Rose lonely at home decided to have a stroll to Linda place, “hey! Someone called her and she turned to see chi chi approaching her. ” hey where’s your friend? Rose asked. “What a stupid question, is that why you’re here? Chi asked, Rose hissed and Walked away cursing her under her breath. She arrived at Linda place and kept knocking but no one responded, she stood there wondering where Linda has gone to then she decided to ask her Neighbor, ” good afternoon, please where’s Linda? She asked. “She don go her hawking business, the man replied busy with whatever he was doing. “Linda hawking? Rose thought to her self surprised and left. On her way she saw Linda coming back with tray on her head” my God! Linda is this you? Rose asked approaching her and Linda turned and saw her coming. “Wow Rose, Linda said and walked to her smiling, ” what happened to you, why are you hawking? Rose asked still not believing her eyes. “My dear condition kept me this way, Linda said still smiling. ” Linda let’s go, Rose said holding her hands back to the house. She got in and saw the house empty, “you sold your properties? Rose asked looking around the house, ” no the owner took them alongside, Linda said keeping her tray to go get a stool for rose because she knows she won’t sit on the floor, “which owner? Rose asked as she came out.” Hmmm I was only picked by them, they are not my biological parents, Linda said and Rose was shocked. “It’s a lie! Rose exclaimed. ” I didn’t believe it myself but when they found out about my pregnancy, they left me and told me the bitter truth, Linda said. “Oh my God! Who are your biological parents now? Rose asked. ” they picked me on their doorpost so no one knows, Linda replied.

“My God Linda you’ve emaciated, just look at you, why didn’t you abort the pregnancy? Rose asked. ” my baby is the only family I have, have you heard from Donald since then? Linda asked. “I deleted that dude number, I can’t believe he can be that senseless and wicked, Rose said. ” can I give you some peanuts to eat? I used my skill acquisition in school to survive, I’m glad I attended that lecture, Linda said changing the topic. “Nah don’t bother please, I’m sorry I wasn’t a good friend Linda, I promised to be here anytime you need me, I can help you with your business if you want, Rose said. ” Rose you didn’t do anything please, please taste this abeg you can’t go like that, Linda said picking a wrap for her “this is your business Na, ok I’ll buy it, Rose said and Linda laughed. They discussed a little before Rose took here leave and promised to return the next day.

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