Forced mate episode 22

Forced Mate
Married To The Alpha

Chapter 22
Landon’s POV

I closed my eyes in pleasure as I felt her soft and warm lips in between mine
I could hear the fast beating of my own heart
Then I suddenly stopped

“Am……. sorry” I said gruffly


“I shouldn’t have that, I know and am sorry” I said and quickly walked out before she could say anything else

What was I thinking?!!

Jayden’s POV
I woke up to meet an empty bed
First time Luna’s waking up early

I stood up from the bed on saw her seated on the couch with a laptop

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Have you forgotten the deal we made, I have to design an amazing line of lady’s clothings in 2 days remember?” She said still focused on the laptop

“Right” I nodded “Make sure you come up with something great”

I went into the bathroom, took a shower and went downstairs
And I bumped into Brie in the dining room

She made to leave but I held her back

“I was only protecting you Brie” I said

“By trying to kill everyone that I come against?!”

“She hurt you Brie! I can’t believe you are angry with me because of Audrey” I said

“Oh this is much more than Audrey, I want that b.itch dead as much as you do. This is about the fact that you don’t ever let me fight my fight myself, you keep jumping in each time and blowing things out of proportion!” she said

“Because I care about you!”

“Well if that’s your definition of care brother, I do not want it” she said and I sighed

“Owen’s death wasn’t your fault Jayden” she said “You didn’t ask him to go into battle with you, he decided to accompany you himself, so please stop acting like you caused my mate’s death and you have to keep protecting me like a baby to make it up to him”

“I shouldn’t have let him come, I should’ve stayed by his side, I should’ve protected him, but I didn’t and he died, am not about to let that happen to you too” I said

“Am not saying you shouldn’t save me in a critical situation, hell you must cause I don’t want to die, what am just saying is stop going overboard, let me handle the little fights of my life myself, okay?” she said and I nodded

“What’s with the emotional ambiance? Did I miss something yesterday?” Bella said as she walked in and grabbed an apple from the table

“Where did you go Bella? I barely saw you yesterday” Brie asked

“I had a very rough day yesterday Brie, and I certainly do not want to remember it” She said as she munched on the apple

“Did someone hurt you?” I asked

“Why? So you can go all protective brother on me like you always do with Brie?” Bella said and I shook my head

“You all are so ungrateful” I said and walked out

I spent the day training with Landon and the wolves
It was getting late so I retired back to the Mansion

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I went to my room and found Luna exactly where and how I left her in the morning, only she looked weary with her hair all scattered all over her head

“Have you been here since morning?” I asked and she looked up and straightened her neck

“Oh my God, it’s already nightfall” she
said and sighed
“I only have one more day left, I need to complete this design before tomorrow” she said and continued working

“You’ve not stepped out since morning?” I asked and she shook her head

“No, am so hungry but I have to meet your deadline so unfortunately, no break for me” she said

I stared at her for a minute as she worked on
I’ve only been mean to her so why is she working so hard for me?

I walked out and went to the kitchen

“Is there anything you need Alpha?” One of the workers in the kitchen asked

“Ummm….. Is there any….. any food?”

“There’s still some some macaroni and cheese remaining, should I dish out some for you?” The worker asked and I nodded

I took the plate of macaroni and cheese and went back to the room

I dropped the plate in front of Luna and she looked up

“Oh so because I said am hungry, you brought Mac and cheese to eat right in front of me? How can you be so evil?!” she said and I scoffed

“It’s for you” I said and she looked at me surprised

“For me?!”

“Forget it, I knew this was a bad idea” I made to take the food but she held my hand back

“Not so fast big wolf, you can’t take back what you’ve already given” she said as took the plate of food and started eating

I watched as she ate fast with her hair coming down all over her face

“Stupid” I said “Slow down or you’ll end up eating your hair too”

“Am too hungry to stop, help me pack it back, my hairband is on the table” she said mouth filled with Mac and cheese

“You want me to help you pack your hair?” I asked believing that I must have heard it wrong

“Yes, you can’t pack a lady’s hair? Or don’t you think it’s only right to help me too since I’ve been so busy trying to save your company’s image?” she asked still eating

“Just….. shut up and don’t talk to me with food in your mouth” I said as I stood up and grabbed her hairband

I stood behind her and packed all the strands of her hair together

“Easy! You are pulling my hair” she said

“One more word and I’ll really pull your hair”

“Sorry sorry” she quickly said

I packed her hair up into a ponytail

“All done, happy now?!” I said as I sat on the couch

“Not really, I need water” she said


“Well it’s your fault, you brought me food without water and there’s no water in the jug here” she said

“So it’s my fault? You blame me when I was kind enough to bring you food?!!”

“You brought food but no water”

“If you need water then go get it yourself, do not involve me and solve your problem. yourself, that’s the first rule of being strong!” I said with a tone of finality

“But you aren’t keeping to your own rules now are you?” she said


“I mean, you aren’t solving the problem of your company right now, am the one solving them for you” she said

“Only because we made a deal, you solve my company’s problem and I spare Audrey’s life”

“You really think am working my ass off like this just to save Audrey? Come on, she sent people to kill me and I absolutely hate her” she said

“Then why do you not want her dead?” I asked

“It’s not that I don’t want her dead, I just don’t want you to kill her, I don’t like it when you kill people, so am only doing this to stop you from adding another person to your murder list. Am helping your company for you Jayden, and you were wrong about the first rule of being strong thing, first rule of being strong is not solving your problems alone, it’s knowing when to ask for help so am asking for help, will you get me a glass of water please?” she said and I stared at her for a moment

“Am only doing this because you are working on a project for my company” I said as I stood up

“Thank you Jayden, and bring some cookies with you when coming back!” I heard her yell and I scoffed

What does she think I am, her errand boy?!!

I got to the kitchen and got the glass of water
Then the worker I met before walked in

“Do you need anything else Alpha?” she asked and I shook my head

“No” I said as I made to leave but then stopped

“Do you….. Is there any cookies?” I asked

“Yes, I’ll get you some” she said and she quickly got me some cookies in a plate


I went back to the room and drop the glass of water plus cookies in from of her

“Aren’t you the perfect dotting husband” she smiled

“Thank the goddess I need your help right now, else I’ll have made you regret this” I said

“Oh so you finally agreed you need my help?” she asked raising her brows

“Just….. focus on your work!” I said as I went to the bed

“Are you going to sleep?” she asked

“Do you have any problem with that?”

“How can you leave me here to sleep while I stay up and work for your company!” she said

“What on Earth do you want me to do? Stay up all night with you?!!” I yelled

“Yes!!” she yelled and I scoffed

“You’ve got to be kidding me”

“Well it’s your company after all!” she said

“Fine! I’ll stay up with you, but you better come up with an amazing design I’ll be satisfied with else you’ll definitely be sorry, killing people isn’t the only way to make them suffer” I said as I sat beside her on the couch

“Did….. did you just threaten me?” She asked wide-eyed

“Call it whatever you want” I said and she shook her head

“Threaten or not, am still not afraid of you”

“Afraid or not, get back to work!” I said

“Fine but don’t you dare fall asleep before I do” she said and I sighed

Who would’ve thought I’ll ever endure all this just to save my company

I watched as Luna concentrated on the laptop and worked
At least she’s good at something

Then I remembered her words
…….. It’s not that I don’t want her dead, I just don’t want you to kill her, I don’t like it when you kill people, so am only doing this to stop you from adding another person to your murder list. Am helping your company for you Jayden……….

She doesn’t like it when I kill people
I scoffed
Killing is necessary to live
In my world, it’s either to kill or be killed, and I decided not to be killed

I noticed she was slowly dozing off

“Just drop this and go to bed” I said

“No, I need to finish this bit first” she said drowsily and I sighed

She is stubborn

I suddenly felt a head on my shoulder and I cringed
She was fast asleep and her head was on my shoulder

I should push her head away
“Push her head away Jayden!” my brain said but my heart found it difficult to obey as i stared into her face

She has been working all day for me
She looked tired, haggard and unkempt and yet, for the first time, she looked beautiful to me……


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